Online Organizing: Strategy for building your ladder of engagement


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  • Annual supporter surveyQuestionnaire as part of a welcome seriesInclude a question in each action – many supporters that really trust you might not read your emails too carefully so they may not see an extra question if it is not mandatory. Making fields mandatory reduces response rate.What are people saying about you on social media?What are people saying about your issues on social media?What do people respond to?You need to track your data so that you know what people like hearing about and what they don’t want to hear about. You can segment your lists based on proven interest.For example, I created the group “FR 0511 Actions” or a tag that you add to every action having to do with fracking. You could tag 1) community 2)
  • 1) What is the point of sending the email if you’re not providing the end user with something to do?Having multiple actions a) splits the actions so only have half the results and b) lowers action rate when supporters are forced to make a decision
  • Online Organizing: Strategy for building your ladder of engagement

    1. 1. Online Organizing 101FOOD & WATER WATCH Meredith Begin Organizer, Education & Outreach Food & Water Watch p) 202-683-2537 f) 202-683-2538 c) 202-449-0401
    2. 2. Know Your TargetDo they respond to emails?Who answers the phone, when anddo they have a voicemail?Are they on Twitter?Are they on Facebook? How else can you reach them?
    3. 3. Know your audience • Surveys, questionnaire • “Listen” on social media • Track your data • Tag actions • Create groups • Set up queries and reports
    4. 4. Use tags or groups to segment list for more targeted askExample: Why does your supporter ride? • Environment • Recreation • Fitness • Efficiency • Inexpensive Send the email that is most compelling for that supporter
    5. 5. Every email should… • Have an action; and only one • Be trackable • Be compelling, tell a story • Convey Theory of Change • Provide a way to unsubscribe
    6. 6. • Sign a petitionActions! • RSVP to an event • Social media:An action is a • “Like” or “Follow”tactic.Doing what you can with • Sharewhat you have. • Twitter campaign • Facebook blitz • Email your legislator • Tell friends to take action • Make a donation/become a member • Do something offline
    7. 7. Ladder of Engagement Goals: - Increase commitment to organization’s goals and campaigns - Create offline leaders that can organize and build grassroots efforts in their own communities Start with an easy ask, How: then ask the people that do that to do something a little more difficult. Repeat.
    8. 8. Real Life ExampleTools:Email and advocacysoftware:Salsa Labs • Long-term goal: Stop expansion of untested, unlabeled, potentially dangerous genetically engineered foodsText message and phone • Intermediate goal: Stop GE sweet corn fromservice: being planted this springMobile Commonshttp://www.mobilecommons.c • Short-term goal: Grocery stores to agreeom/ that they will not sell GE sweet corn • Target: Walmart, largest grocery store chainFacebook, Twitter in the United States • Our supporters: • Approx. 350,000 email subscribers • Approx. 3,000 text message subscribers • Approx. 30,000 FacebookLikers
    9. 9. Tactics:• Petition (online or offline) • Welcome emails! • Questionnaire• Social media (Walsanto)• Petition delivery• Call-in day• Nationwide Day of Action• Virtual Rally
    10. 10. First Email:Introduction to the campaign Action:Petition to Walmart
    11. 11. Share the online petition!•Facebook•Twitter••Care2•Blogs•Other networks!
    12. 12. Tell-a-friendpages makes iteasy to sharevia email orsocial media
    13. 13. Welcome Emails With new petition signers, send a welcome email! • Questionnaire • Get to know supporter • Supporter feels engaged
    14. 14. Sign up to Host aCall-in Day!•Auto-responses•Toolkit•Flyers•Conference Call•Tags, groups, queries•Regional organizer follow-up
    15. 15. Call Walmart Day of ActionTracking: •Challenges •Solutions 1. Field organizers and volunteers 2. Email alert 3. Coalition partners 4. Facebook 5. Text message
    16. 16. Click to Call Action PageText Message Alert
    17. 17. More actions! Petition Delivery WalmartStore Action Virtual Rally Rule violation: inactives get an option to share, call, attend virtual rally Follow-up: • To hosts • Second and third attempts Last attempt Call-in Day Campaign wrap-up: Did we win?
    18. 18. BenchmarksEmail Rates by Message Type Source:
    19. 19. Online Organizing 101FOOD & WATER WATCH Meredith Begin Organizer, Education & Outreach Food & Water Watch p) 202-683-2537 f) 202-683-2538 c) 202-449-0401
    20. 20. Food & Water Watch• ~52% of list was “active” within the last 6 months Metric FWW 2011 Average M+R Benchmark (Environment) Open rate 18.1% 17% Click-through rate 5.2% 2.7% Unsubscribe rate 2.1% 0.28%