Salon Vox's Social Media Marketing Strategy


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  • “Salon Vox is Ann Arbor’s premier destination for world-class hair, color, make-up and extensions. Our team of skilled professionals takes pride in passionately providing you with the quality service and experience that you deserve.” Salon Vox is a high-end hair and beauty salon in the small town of Ann Arbor. They pride themselves on bringing the big city salon feel into a cozy small town. They are sophisticated, class, elegant – and they want every client who walks through their doors to feel that way about themselves after time at Salon Vox.
  • A few challenges of the salon is that they are currently a tiny business. They have only been in business for about four years, and I’m sure they’ve created a substantial client base. But they may still be relying on WOM promotion and referrals from current clients. An amazing achievement of being featured in ELLE magazine as one of the “Top 100 Salons in the United States” – a goal should definitely be to continue to be recognized in prominent publications such as ELLE, to increase in the rankings of top 100, and to get their name in other magazines.
  • One of the characteristics of the salon that really drew me to it was its essence of class and sophistication. The salon gives you the feeling of being in a fabulous salon in a big city like New York, but is located in the comfort of a small town of Ann Arbor. In pictures of the salon, everything is very chic, simple and elegant – concepts that I feel should definitely continue to encompass an over-arching theme for Salon Vox.
  • With slide four, I want to cover their website, because I really think they did an excellent job of maintaining their theme of sophistication and class throughout all aspects of their site.
  • Social media sites of Facebook and Twitter, where they are now, where there is room for improvement, etc.
  • One thing that I would love to see them do is create a blog. They have a segment on their site called “vox news” that definitely has the capabilities of a blog, but they just haven’t made that next step yet. I think it’d be really beneficial for them to have that same content in “vox news” in a blog – it’s fun and interesting to read about!
  • One of the first things I’ve started with Salon Vox is setting them up with Google Alerts. I want to be able to gauge what is being said about the salon in all aspects of the web, whether people are giving reviews of the salon, tweeting at or about the salon, what the solon is saying in their messages to their clients through
  • As far as a budget is concerned, using Google Alerts is a free service, so I really appreciate that. I think one of the things Salon Vox could look into is some AdWords advertising with keyword searches of “Première salon in Ann Arbor” or “Luxury salon in Ann Arbor” etc.
    Twitter ‘sponsored tweets”
    Print advertisements in Ann Arbor Area Business Monthly & Ann Arbor Observer
    With seasonal peaks, I think an important time to hit advertising hard is the spring/summer season when weddings occur – as bridal services is one of the things that Salon Vox specializes in.
    They could really hone in on this and advertise in bridal magazines, specifically Michigan bridal magazines. Or they could even submit examples of their work to national bridal magazines and work to be featured there (just like they were in ELLE).
  • Salon Vox's Social Media Marketing Strategy

    1. 1. “I truly believe in our mission.the sophistication you might find in some of the salons and cities in the world along with the sincere attention of a small, passionately business.” -tony director of sales/marketing for salon vox
    2. 2. Facebo ok Pay for clicks (cpc) Twitter Sponsored tweets AdWords “Premiere salon in Ann Arbor” “Luxury salon in Ann Arbor” Google Alerts “Salon Vox” Print Ads Ann Arbor Area Business Monthly, Ann Arbor Observer budget
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