Italian	  Cheese	  Pilot	                                                      RFID	  -­‐	  From	  Farm	  to	  Fork	      ...
Collabora0on	  Objec0ves	  •  Italian	  cheese	  pilot	  site	  (Mozzarella	  of	  Naples	     producer)	  in	  F2F	  Proj...
What’s	  Value	  Go?	                            	  •  The	   ValueGo®	   project,	   realized	   by	   Penelope	   SpA,	 ...
Value	  Go	  is	  designed	  to	  be	  an	  instrument	  to	  check	  the	  value	  of	  agricultural	  food	  produc0on	 ...
The	  Italian	  cheese	  Pilot	  	  ("Fiordila(e	  di	  Napoli",	  Mozzarella)	  
Technical	  capability	  •             DBMS:	  MySql	  •             Web	  server:	  Tomcat	  •             Agent	  PlaGor...
The	  Repository	  data	  model	  	                                                    Biz                        type of ...
Data	  Set	  to	  be	  shared	  •  ValueGo	  can	  provide	  data	  on:	     –  Suppliers	  of	  the	  milk	     –  date/0...
The	  Italian	  cheese	  Pilot	  	                ("Fiordila(e	  di	  Napoli",	  Mozzarella)	                Traceability	...
The	  Italian	  cheese	  Pilot	  	                   ("Fiordilade	  di	  Napoli",	  Mozzarella)	                   Traceab...
The	  Italian	  cheese	  Pilot	  	               ("Fiordila(e	  di	  Napoli",	  Mozzarella)	               Nutri0onal	  In...
The	  Italian	  cheese	  Pilot	  	  ("Fiordila(e	  di	  Napoli",	  Mozzarella)	  Geographical	  Traceability	  
The	  Italian	  cheese	  Pilot	  	  ("Fiordila(e	  di	  Napoli",	  Mozzarella)	  Monitoring	           Trace of temperatur...
The	  Italian	  cheese	  Pilot	  	                                ("Fiordila(e	  di	  Napoli",	  Mozzarella)	             ...
Milk	  collec0on	                          1. Milk tank arrives at cattle 1                        2. Active tag detects a...
Arrival	  at	  dairy	         1.  Milk tank arrives at dairy       2.  Active tag detects access point       3.  Active ta...
Data	  recording	  	  and	  enrichment	                                                    (B)      •         Arrival data...
Italian	  Cheese	  Pilot	                                                      RFID	  -­‐	  From	  Farm	  to	  Fork	      ...
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F2F cheese pilot in Italy


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F2F cheese pilot in Italy

  1. 1. Italian  Cheese  Pilot   RFID  -­‐  From  Farm  to  Fork   Marzo  2012   Strengthening  SME  compe00ve    advantage  through  RFID  implementa0on  
  2. 2. Collabora0on  Objec0ves  •  Italian  cheese  pilot  site  (Mozzarella  of  Naples   producer)  in  F2F  Project  •  Exploit  the  plaGorm  developed  by  Penelope  S.p.A.   called  Value  Go  for  the  data  capture  in  this  pilot   site  (products  traceability  and  guarantee  from   source  to  consump0on)    
  3. 3. What’s  Value  Go?    •  The   ValueGo®   project,   realized   by   Penelope   SpA,   in   associa0on   with   “Dipar0mento   di   Matema0ca   ed   Informa0ca”   of   University   of   Salerno   and   “Dipar0mento   di   Ingegneria”   of   the   University   of   Sannio,     has   developed  a  tracking  service  plaGorm  that  can  reconcile  the  requirements   expressed   by   the   rules,   the   demands   of   service   to   consumers   and   the   peculiari0es  of  their  specific  field.  •  Primary  objec0ves   –  To   design   and   deliver   services   for   cer0fica0on   and   protec0on   of   the   value   of   produced   good,   able   to   cover  all  its  living  environment  and  its  steps  within  the   logis0cs   chain   as   a   guarantee   for   the   final   consumer   and  as  a  new  compe00ve  asset  for  business;   –  To   ensure   transparency   and   reliability   of   the   actors   that   have   taken   part   in   the   produc0on   of   the   good   that  you  are  buying  /  consuming;     –  To   ensure   the   access   to   informa0on   about   products   and  processes  to  consumers  and  control  agencies  and   government.         –  To   iden0fy   new   areas   of   value   that   are   associated   in   a   transparent   manner   to   the   produced   goods   in   the   agri-­‐food   sector,     seeking   to   create   new   assets   of   value,  marketable  in  reference  market.      
  4. 4. Value  Go  is  designed  to  be  an  instrument  to  check  the  value  of  agricultural  food  produc0on  throughout  the  value  chain  
  5. 5. The  Italian  cheese  Pilot    ("Fiordila(e  di  Napoli",  Mozzarella)  
  6. 6. Technical  capability  •  DBMS:  MySql  •  Web  server:  Tomcat  •  Agent  PlaGorm:  Jade  •  VJF,  ValueGo  Java  Framework,  set  of  sw  classes  •  Domain  representa0on:  Ontology  OWL   Technical  Issues     •  Compliance  to  EPCIS  standard   •  The  implementa0on  of  an  EPCIS  repository  is  already  in  progress    
  7. 7. The  Repository  data  model     Biz type of involve in Transaction BizTransaction Type describe EPC involve in Object occur in associate contain occur in status Object Aggregation Event Event status occur at occur at belong occur at occur at EPCIS Event Biz Step Biz Biz ReadPoint Biz Biz TransactionContainer Disposition ReadPoint Step Location Location D Disposition EPC occur at occur at Product Object occur at occur at status Quantity Transact status Event Event occur in produce occur in associate describe describe quantiy of Organisation
  8. 8. Data  Set  to  be  shared  •  ValueGo  can  provide  data  on:   –  Suppliers  of  the  milk   –  date/0mes  of  milk  collec0on   –  Date/0mes  of  milk  arrival  at  dairy   –  Traceability  of  milk  way   –  Producer  of  FiordilaMe   –  Date/0mes  of  FiordilaMe  produc0on   –  Data  results  on  quality  of  FiordilaMe  (output  from   Milkoscan  associated  to  lot  of  milk)   –  Data  on  diets  for  cows  
  9. 9. The  Italian  cheese  Pilot     ("Fiordila(e  di  Napoli",  Mozzarella)   Traceability  Page  •  The  ICCA  SpA  is  a  manufacturer  of  dairy   products  and  meats,  owner  of  several  brands   and  a  direct  sales  network,  which  offers   consumers,  through  an  easily  recognizable   brand,  not  just  products  of  own  produc0on,  but   a  complete  assortment  for  the  provision  of  food   affordable  quality  and  con0nuous  promo0onal   ac0vi0es,  typical  of  a  healthy  modern   distribu0on.  •  The  ICCA  SpA  is  located  in  Pollenatrocchia  (NA)  •  The  turnover  is  60Meuro  •  The  employees  are  about  100  
  10. 10. The  Italian  cheese  Pilot     ("Fiordilade  di  Napoli",  Mozzarella)   Traceability  Page  –  The  Origin  Area    •  The  “Fiordilade  di  Napoli”  is  a   mozzarella  cheese  produced  by   milk  collected  only  in  the   Campania  Region,  namely  the   area  of  Benevento.    •  The  milk  is  transformed  in  the   ICCA’s  plant  in  Cercola  (close  to   Naples)  
  11. 11. The  Italian  cheese  Pilot     ("Fiordila(e  di  Napoli",  Mozzarella)   Nutri0onal  Informa0on  •  Related  to  Fiordilade  of  Naples  
  12. 12. The  Italian  cheese  Pilot    ("Fiordila(e  di  Napoli",  Mozzarella)  Geographical  Traceability  
  13. 13. The  Italian  cheese  Pilot    ("Fiordila(e  di  Napoli",  Mozzarella)  Monitoring   Trace of temperature measurements during milk transport
  14. 14. The  Italian  cheese  Pilot     ("Fiordila(e  di  Napoli",  Mozzarella)   Process  of  Business  Control   Milk collection Arrival 28-03-2011 05:45 28-03-2011 07:18 Analysis 28-03-2011 07:48 Cattles Transport Dairy Lab Draining milk 28-03-2011 10:30 28-03-2011 10:06 28-03-2011 09:43 28-03-2011 08:28 Fiordilatte production DeliveryPoint of Sale Put into envelope and packaging
  15. 15. Milk  collec0on   1. Milk tank arrives at cattle 1 2. Active tag detects access point 3. Active tag records data §  Cattle Id (1) §  Arrival data timeMilk tank is equippedwith active wifi tag Access Point 4. Milk tank leaves cattle 1 5. Active tag loses signal of access point 6. Active tag records data Cattle 1 §  Cattle Id (1) §  Departure data time During transport samples of milk are automatically taken A splitter is installed on tank. It allows drop by drop milk sampling
  16. 16. Arrival  at  dairy   1.  Milk tank arrives at dairy 2.  Active tag detects access point 3.  Active tag records data Access(A) §  Dairy Id Point §  Arrival data time 4.  Active tag downloads recorded data 1.  Milk samples are analysed (B) 2.  Data resuts are stored 1.  Milk is downaoded in deidcated tank (C) 2.  Production starts 1.  Product samples are analysed (D) 2.  Data resuts are stored
  17. 17. Data  recording    and  enrichment   (B) •  Arrival data time •  MilkLot Id(A) •  Origin Area •  Temperature •  Motor Tank Id •  Fat % •  Weight •  Protein •  MilkLot Id •  Ph •  Sh •  Inhibitory substances •  CBT •  Cryoscopic index •  H2O2 •  phosphatase •  Antibiotics •  MilkLot Id •  Cattle Id •  Arrival data time •  Departure data time (C) •  MilkLot Id •  Production start datat time •  Production end data time •  MilkLot Id •  Calories •  Fats •  Carbohydrates •  Protein •  Fibre (D) •  Sugar •  Water •  Ash
  18. 18. Italian  Cheese  Pilot   RFID  -­‐  From  Farm  to  Fork   Marzo  2012   Strengthening  SME  compe00ve    advantage  through  RFID  implementa0on