dotAfrica Project - I-Week, Cape town September 2012


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My dotAfrica new gTLD Project Presentation in I-Week Conference which is organized by South Africa's Internet Service Providers Association "ISPA" and Uniforum SA " Registry"

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dotAfrica Project - I-Week, Cape town September 2012

  1. 1. .Africa : Africa’s new Internet Online IdentityMohamed El BashirChair, Steering CommitteedotAFRICAI-Week 2012, Cape Town10-14 September 2012
  2. 2. ICANN & New gTLDsInternet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers “ICANN”Responsible for the coordination of the Internet’s system of unique identifiersEnsure the stability and security of the InternetICANN meeting Singapore 2011– open up the Internet for new Top Level DomainsApplicant Guide Book – stringent guidelines on the application process,infrastructure & financial criteria, etc
  3. 3. New gTLD Applications - .Anything ICANN new gTLD application process January – April 2012 Application fee of $185 000 ZACR handed in only application for .africa on behalf of the AUC & African Continent ICANN received over 1900 applications for new gTLD, i.e. .africa, .mtn, .dstv, .africa magic, .supersport, .music, .movies, .horse …etc 17 applications received from the Africa
  4. 4. What is (.Africa ) ?Continental Top Level Domain (TLD) for Africa for the use by the entire Africancontinent & the worldTo be used by organizations, governments, business & individuals who associatethemselves or their business with AfricaAccess to a huge pan-African customer base using one unique name spaceOnline Branding and Marketing Opportunitiese.g,,,,,,,
  5. 5. Who We Are?
  6. 6. Who We Are? National Governments InterGov. Organizations African Union Registry Provider Steering Committee ccLTD Registries African ICANN Accredited Registrars African Internet Society Chapters
  7. 7. AUC & dot AFRICAOliver Tambo Declaration – “establish dotAfrica as a continental Top LevelDomain for use by organizations, businesses, & individuals with guidance fromInternet agencies”Abudja Declaration – “AUC requested to set up the structure and modalities forthe implementation of the dotAfrica project” African Union Commission “AUC” issued an RFP in December 2011 for theselection of an African entity to apply and manage .Africa new TLD AUC endorsed the proposal of ZA Central Registry ( Uniforum SA) as theselected registry operator for .Africa as a result of it’s tender evaluation process
  8. 8. ICANN GeoTLD Requirements provide a documentation of support or non-objection from relevant government(s) or authority (ies) 60% of Governments Support Required by ICANN Support Letters received from 72% of African countries
  9. 9. Steering Committee Responsibilities:  Project Oversight  Political, Moral and Ethical leadership (Governance)  Strategy  Policy Development  Awareness, Communication and Marketing
  10. 10. Steering Committee Members: Mohamed EL Bashir, Chair• ccTLD Community : – .bi ccTLD – .ml ccTLD – ccTLD – .eg IDN ccTLD• Registrar Community : Hamza Abou Elfeth ( Genious NET )• Technical Community : Adiel Akplogan (AfriNIC )• African Internet Community at-large : oAbraham Djekou ( COTE DIVOIRE ) oMs. Maimouna Diagne Diop ( SENEGAL ) oRachida Fakhri ( MOROCCO ) oTijani Bin Juma ( AfRALO , TUNISA )• AUC : o Moctar Moctar Yedaly, Head of Posts & Telecommunication (AUC) oMoses Bayingana (AUC) • ZACR : Neil Dundas
  11. 11. dot AFRICA Foundation
  12. 12. dot AFRICA Foundation: o Post ICANN new gTLD delegation our objective to establish a non-profit organization “dot African Foundation o Open, Diverse and Multi-stakeholder o dot Africa Foundation objectives :  dot Africa TLD Policy Development;  Setting the policies and procedures for dot Africa projects grants;  Distribute surplus revenues of dot Africa In Internet/ICT Projects  Monitor the progress of dot Africa Projects
  13. 13. Our Focus Areas:
  14. 14. Our Focus Areas:
  15. 15. dot AFRICA Community
  16. 16. Relationship Matrix (Community Level) .AFRICA African Entities : Sponsor Registry Operator Strategic Partner AUC ZACR AFTLD ZACR DotAFRICA SteerCom Foundation OTHER SUPPORTING ORGANISATIONS Individual ccTLDs, African Registrars, Technical Community, Technology Providers, Internet Leaders (individuals) INTERNET COMMUNITY & ICANN
  17. 17. Relationship Matrix (Operational) .AFRICA Delegation Authority ICANN African Entities : Sponsor ZACRRegistry Operator AUC Policy Advisory Group PAG ccTLD Development AFTLD DotAfrica Foundation RAR Development AFRICA Partner Registrars INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY Registrars
  18. 18. Participate. Engage.
  19. 19. Africa in One SpaceoFacebook :facebook/africandomainoTwitter : www.africainonespace.orgoOpen Community mailing list : (subscribe on website)
  20. 20. Thank You ً ‫شكرا جزيال‬ ً Merci Asante DankieAmesegënallô Nagode Abaraka Djere dief Ndiyabulela Enkosi