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Power teacher training

Power teacher training



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    Power teacher training Power teacher training Presentation Transcript

    • Power Teacher & GradeBook Training Purpose of training: Learn how teachers enter, view, and analyze student grades and information using Power Teacher and the Power Teacher GradeBook.
    • Power Teacher • Log-in for 2013-2014 – As of now, your user name/ID will be the same as your McREL/UID # – You will be given a generic password and then reset this to your preference Note: you will be assigned a temporary user name and password for training.
    • Power Teacher • If you select the following Icon, no matter where you are in Power Teacher it will take you back to the Start Page:
    • Power Teacher- Daily Bulletin • Announcements to communicate with fellow teachers, administrators, teachers, and/or students – To post announcement in bulletin • Email to: – Can send links – Can change date – Can limit who sees the announcement (students & parents, teachers, and/or office staff)
    • Power Teacher- Start Page • Attendance – Select the Chair icon for attendance list • • • • • Right now attendance will be single day If chair is greyed out the class is not meeting that day Alerts (i.e. medical) Default is Present Change Attendance Code (A or T) – select who is absent, tardy, etc. • Make Comments if needed- only seen by office and you • Click Submit when done – Green light/bubble means attendance has been taken – Multi-Day- will not have access to edit – Seating Chart • Take attendance by picture/seating chart • Design to aid subs in taking attendance • Printable – Can also get to attendance from inside Gradebook
    • Power Teacher- Start Page • Backpack- Student information – Edit your display preferences in the Personalize tab – Select Student then you can select: • Schedule- displays individual student’s entire schedule • GPA • Demographics • Graduation Progress
    • Power Teacher- Start Page • Backpack Cont. – Select Student then you can select: (cont.) • Meeting Attendance- which classes students have attended, missed, been tardy to throughout the day. • Net Access- tells when parents/students log in • Quick Lookup- attendance, all grades for all classes, etc. • Submit Log Entry – Communicate with front office but after submitted only admin will be able to see. – Possible use = office referrals • Term Grades- final grades
    • Power Teacher- Other Pages • Staff Directory – Only seen by staff at your school – Email addresses are links – If you don’t want your specific info posted, like home phone number, tell admin. • Personalize – Set your preferences, password, etc. • Reports – Print Roster • Recommendation – Recommend Course of Study, Honors, AP, etc.
    • The GradeBook • General Layout – Classes • Remember to Select Current Classes • You can also go back to previous classes and edit – Student Groups • Create, Edit, Filter, and Delete Groups – Categories • Create and filter types of assignments
    • The GradeBook • General Layout Cont. – ScoreSheet • Spreadsheet of names, assignments, and grades – Notifications • Birthdays & Added/Dropped • Log-In (see which administrator logged into your account, administrator can see your Gradebook but cannot save changes) – Lock Gradebook • Under File Tab or Press Ctrl+L
    • The GradeBook • Student Information- View student info – Add custom column • Extra Class Columns=> custom #=> Edit • These are unique only to you • Drag and move columns like MS Excel – Teacher Personal Note (only seen by you)
    • The GradeBook • ScoreSheet – Categories + (add) and – (remove/delete) – Can filter categories to see all homework or all quizzes, etc. – Edit Name Abbreviate Color Code Points- Grades are entered as total points but can be displayed as total points, percentages, or letter grades. Example – Assignment is worth 20 points, a student earned 18 points. You enter 18 as his grade but it can be displayed as 18, 90%, or B. • Score Type (this is what parents see) • Include/Don’t Include in Final Grade- Good to track paperwork • • • • – Click summary to see mean, median, mode for each assignment
    • The GradeBook • Assignment ( + to add and – to remove) – Assignment Tab or Scoresheet On Assignment Tab look for + and – on Bottom of screen If on Scoresheet look for + and – beside assignment titles – Add Content: Name, category, points, score type, weight, due date, comments and links • School Content- Set by School • My Content- Your links – Description of assignment is an excellent way to communicate with parents – Can add assignments ahead of time or as you grade – Publish: set the day that your students/parents are able to see – Standards: assign standards to that assignment
    • The GradeBook • To Copy Assignment • Tools Tab=> Copy Assignment=> Select Assignments to copy=> Next=> Select Classes to copy to=>OK
    • The GradeBook • Enter Grades Options: – Manually type each score – Fill Scores: Right Click – Score inspector: Right Click • • • • Change Student Change Assignment Mark Late, Missing, Collected, Exempt Make Comments – Premade Comments from Bank – Grade codes – Manually change final grades.
    • The Gradebook • Enter Grade Shortcuts – quick entry keys Checkmark = col, ., or click collected Late = lt, *, or click late exempt = ex or click exempt Missing =mi, /, click missing
    • The Gradebook • Notify admin when final grades are ready – Select class, select reporting period, click in progress box, check final grades complete, and enter comment – In progress box will turn green More information will be provided about final grade set-up as well as submitting grades.
    • The GradeBook • Student Groups – Add/Remove Custom Groups (+ or -) 1. Add New Group Set- right click to edit/rename 2. Add New Student Group 3. Add and remove students- select and drag students into each group (also use +/- to add/remove students) – Highlights to see which students are added to each group
    • The GradeBook • Tools Menu • Can import and export scores to and from excel spreadsheet • Email Students/Parents • Preferences – Add Comments: “Comment Bank”– smart text – Mail – adds your mail signature – Score Codes- Codes for grading ex. If a Student Cheated: CH and change % to 0: when you type CH in scoresheet it will automatically calculate a 0 – Section- Determines how courses/days are displayed – Spell Check –automatically defaulted on, can add word to dictionary – Standards – Students
    • The GradeBook • Reports– can print individual student report, all student and all classes reports, and/or just a class report 1. Attendance • Choose your preferences 2. Category Total Report • Compare Assignments/grades 3. Final Grade & Comment Verification 4. Individual Student Report • Choose your preferences • Add Comments
    • The GradeBook • Reports 5. Missing Assignment Report 6. ScoreSheet• Shows all assignments 7. Student MultiSection • Shows all classes 8. Student Roster • • Add Columns Use for fieldtrips, printing rosters for attendance, printing for written gradebook
    • Special Notes • Admin can view your gradebook, but cannot alter your grades. • You will have access to view your spreadsheets from year to year. Storing grades/posting final marks will be addressed in a future training • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers are best to use with Teacher Gradebook.
    • Wrap Up • Parent Portal – Parents can view grades and attendance. – Parents will have 1 login for multiple children – Parents can get email notification, enter settings, and can enter a second email address • Power Source: PowerTeacher Tab, “Mastery in Minutes” & “Distance Learning” – For Questions/Help • PowerSchool & PowerTeacher is international. There are many resources available online.