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Pecha Kucha presentation about the Northern Gateway pipeline

Pecha Kucha presentation about the Northern Gateway pipeline



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Enbridge Enbridge Presentation Transcript

  • 713 spills21, 283,104 liters of oil Good Track Record?
  • Article 25Indigenous peoples have the right tomaintain and strengthen theirdistinctive spiritual relationship withtheir traditionally owned orotherwise occupied and used lands,territories, waters and coastal seasand other resources and to upholdtheir responsibilities to futuregenerations in this regard.
  • Article 261. Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands,territories and resources which they havetraditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used oracquired.2. Indigenous peoples have the right to own, use,develop and control the lands, territories andresources that they possess by reason of traditionalownership or other traditional occupation or use, aswell as those which they have otherwise acquired.
  • 3. States shall give legal recognition and protectionto these lands, territories and resources. Suchrecognition shall be conducted with due respect tothe customs, traditions and land tenure systems ofthe indigenous peoples concerned.Article 321. Indigenous peoples have the right to determineand develop priorities and strategies for thedevelopment or use of their lands or territories andother resources.
  • 2. States shall consult and cooperate in good faithwith the indigenous peoples concerned throughtheir own representative institutions in order toobtain their free and informed consent prior to theapproval of any project affecting their lands orterritories and other resources, particularly inconnection with the development, utilization orexploitation of mineral, water or other resources.3. States shall provide effective mechanisms for justand fair redress for any such activities, andappropriate measures shall be taken to mitigateadverse environmental, economic, social, culturalor spiritual impact.
  • The riversare the lifeblood of the Wet’suwet’en. This is the blood that rushes through our viens everyday. Without our rivers we becomenothing. We have to look after these rivers, we have to make sure that nobody comes and threatens our river, our way of life, our very souls. They cannot do that
  • Snachailya! Enbridge By Michelle BaptisteWanted to acknowledge that all of my images are off of http://www.google.ca/imghp