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Harvard Graduation Power Point I
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Harvard Graduation Power Point I


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  • 1. 0 June 7, 2007 – Tim Perzyk’s Graduation from the Harvard Business School
  • 2. The graduate, celebrating with a martini at the hotel bar in the Doubletree. Hmmm, he was in the bar as we arrived at the hotel! 0
  • 3. Time for us all to join in after our flights! It was great to see Tim’s friend Chris Pierce! 0
  • 4. Wednesday evening we enjoyed dinner at Mistral – a wonderful choice! Thanks to Chris for taking the picture. 0
  • 5. 6:30 am in the lobby for ticket hand-off; we don’t think Tim has ever been up this early before 0
  • 6. Karen and Tim in the lobby before Tim headed off to HBS to queue up for his trip across the Charles River. We were fortunate enough to have a ride on the hotel shuttle! Trish and KC were still asleep…on California time…plus we had only two tickets for the general commencement. 0
  • 7. The scholar, photographed from our shuttlebus window, as he hurried from the hotel to the HBS campus at 6:35 am. 0
  • 8. The lines extended for blocks, even with only two tickets per student 0
  • 9. It was chilly waiting in line; the sun was just peeking behind the buildings. 0
  • 10. 0
  • 11. 6:45 am and hundreds were lined up at the Harvard gates to enter the Tercentenary Theatre in hopes of getting seats. 0
  • 12. 0
  • 13. The outdoor theatre quickly filled up but we had time to pose for some pictures among all the flags. 57 degree F! 0
  • 14. 0
  • 15. The sun finally peeks through the trees to shine on the banner-bedecked columns of Widener Library 0
  • 16. The undergraduate houses process in, each with its own music and banners. 0
  • 17. Next came the graduate students, each bearing a sign. In the background is the screen broadcasting the ceremony since the stage was all but invisible from many parts of the outdoor theatre. 0
  • 18. Medical School graduates waved brightly colored rubber gloves. 0
  • 19. School of Design graduates wore yellow caution tape over the hoods and gowns. 0
  • 20. 0
  • 21. Larry Summers, former President of Harvard who resigned after the altercation about his remarks concerning women’s genetic inability to compete with men in the fields of math and science, receives an honorary degree 0
  • 22. Bill Gates received an honorary doctor of laws degree thirty years after he would have graduated from Harvard had he not dropped out in 1975 . 0
  • 23. Luncheon for HBS families in the Kresge tents – KC and Trish saved us seats 0
  • 24. Trish and Karen walking to the Baker Lawn for the diploma ceremony 0
  • 25. Over on the HBS campus following lunch in the Kresge tents, families assembled in front of Baker Library for granting of diplomas. 0
  • 26. Families filed in to be seated before the ceremony began. 0
  • 27. 0
  • 28. Families try to take pictures as the graduates file in. 0
  • 29. Students sat by their sections. Although Tim wasn’t visible in this picture, he belonged to Section C. 0
  • 30. 0 One of the graduate residence buildings on the perimeter of the Baker Library lawn.
  • 31. Tim’s group lines up. He’s somewhere in that line of standing students!  0
  • 32. Getting closer – where is Tim? 0
  • 33.  
  • 34.  
  • 35. 905 graduates in Sections A to J! Whew!
  • 36. The graduate! 3 hours in a black robe in the hot sun!
  • 37.  
  • 38.