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  • Another tip that deserves to be mentioned. If Windows Explorer fails to load thumbnails for PDF files, you can force adobe reader or acrobat to make them by using the File - Open command from the menu bar and navigating to the directory with the missing thumbnails. The application will then create the thumbnails in the open dialog that will can be viewed in Windows explorer also.
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  • Computer use is split betweenApplications vs ContentSystem vs DataI’m talking about the latterTo me, this is the important stuffApplications can be reinstalled. Data needs to be re-created
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  • Internal lunchtime-learning--2013 jan22--data management

    1. 1. DATA MANAGEMENT: WHERE’D MY FILES GO?Presented by Miles - January 2013
    2. 2. Agenda What do I mean Data Mgmt? 4 Points 1. Develop consistent naming system 2. Use Logic Tests to decide location 3. Search tips + folder views 4. Synchronizing and archiving Discussion
    3. 3. What do I mean Data Management?
    4. 4. System+Apps vs Data  Folders  Files
    5. 5. Point 1: Develop a Consistent Naming System
    6. 6. Naming Strategy: Folders Create Consistent Buckets on all machines Windows Libraries are a great start
    7. 7. Naming Strategy: Folders Departments Date Related (eases archiving) Tags Unique Use hyphens, no spaces or underscores,2817,2385612,00.asp
    8. 8. Naming Strategy: Files Use YYYY-MM-DD for dates Include versions in file name keywords Unique Indicative of what the file contains Scannable (with the human eye) Naturally ordered alphabetically Consistent! Finding files will often come down to search
    9. 9. Naming Strategy: conventions to avoid! File type in folder (“PDFs” “DOCs”) Generic Words (“data” “files” “follow up”) Misspellings (will hurt search results later) Referring to containing folder (“abstracting- department-checklist-2013-02-03.xls”)
    10. 10. Miles’ example Naming System
    11. 11. My Example System: Top LevelAudioDocumentsImagesInstallersVideoWeb
    12. 12. My Example System: Next LevelDocuments Realogic Dept – Marketing Dept – Sales Dept – Abstract Dept – Analysis Dept – Human Resources (HR) Personnel Non-Work Personal Finance Wellness Entertainment TutorialsImages Photos Graphics
    13. 13. My Example System: Next Next Level Documents Realogic Dept – Marketing Collateral Reports Receipts Proposals Presentations Dept – Abstract Dept – Analysis Dept – Human Resources (HR) Personnel
    14. 14. Point 2: Use Logic Tests to Determine Location
    15. 15. Where – Lots of options Local Drives (C:, partitions, Internal data drives) Removable Drives  USB Sticks  CD/DVD/Blu-ray  External drives Network Shared (H:, J:, I:) Network (personal U: drive) Web Cloud Storage
    16. 16. Logic Tests1. Is this a final version or a draft?2. Will this file need to be shared?3. Is this a template from which other data files will be made?4. Is this associated with a department?5. Will you need to work on this from multiple locations and computers?6. Does this file need to remain confidential?
    17. 17. Logic Tests: Will this file need to be shared?If Yes: consider a shared network drive or in cloud storageIf No: Local drive or removable storage
    18. 18. Logic Tests: Is this a final version or draft?If Final: consider converting to PDF and store on a shared network drive or in cloud storageIf Draft: Local drive or removable storage
    19. 19. Logic Tests: Is this a templateIf Template: Consider the Intranet, a shared network drive or in cloud storageIf Draft: Local drive or removable storage
    20. 20. Point 3: Search Tips and Windows Views
    21. 21. Search Tips If you’ve stuck to your folder + file naming conventions, you should only need to know the general area Use the Window Explorer Search Box
    22. 22. Windows Views Details view vs. Thumbnails view Sortable columns To set current Windows View for all folders:  InWindows Explorer (Alt +T for Tools) -> Folder Options…  View Tab ->”Apply to Folders”
    23. 23. Point 4: Synchronizing and Archiving
    24. 24. Pure Storage Cloud Apps
    25. 25. Local File Synchronization
    26. 26. Department-Specific Apps Intranet with
    27. 27. Extra Point: Consider whether you need a doc or not?
    28. 28. Notes & Brainstorm Apps
    29. 29. Content Saving Apps
    30. 30. Project Management Applications
    31. 31. That’s it Discussion