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  1. 1. Consulting and advisory body under the auspices of the Governor of St. Petersburgon the issues pertaining to the realization of government policy in the sphere of small business development and support
  2. 2. Public Council on Small Business Development under the auspices of the Governor of St. Petersburg MAIN TASKS Rendering assistance to executive authorities in the implementation of government policy inthe sphere of small business development and support; Developing recommendations on protection of rights and interests of small businesses in thecourse of development and implementation of economic, proprietary, city planning and socialpolicy; Informing the Governor of St. Petersburg, Government and other executive authorities on themost acute problems of small business development;
  3. 3. Public Council Structure The union of leaders of the most important public organizations in St. PetersburgPublic Council includes the leaders of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of St.Petersburg, St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, OPORA RUSSIA, St.Petersburg Union of Entrepreneurs, St. Petersburg branch of «Business Russia»,Merchant Club of St. Petersburg, Association of the Banks of North-West Russia,Association of small hotels and others.A total of 81 associations are presented in the Council.
  4. 4. Public Council’s activities Consulting - legal assistance, seminars, conferences,"round tables"; Analytical and expert work;Issue of periodical “Entrepreneur’s Newsletter";Release of TV series "Small Business of a big city";Website promotion
  5. 5. Legal service Legal advisorConsiders appeals and complaints of entrepreneurs pertaining to the actions of authorities inthe fields of state property renting, formation of targeted program for temporary trade facilitiesplacement, access to energy resources and many other issues.Legal advisor assists in solving a conflict situation and, if required, makes requests to therelevant competent authorities to address the problem. Legal advisor sees by appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11.00 till 18.00 Registration by phone: (812) 576-25-66
  6. 6. Legal service Analysis of the regional and federal business regulating legislationIn 2011 11 regional laws were amended with the participation of the Public Council, including:St. Petersburg Law dated 03.12.2008 № 748-137 «Ongranting state-owned or municipal property of St. St. Petersburg Law dated 19.01.2011 № 741-6Petersburg to small and medium enterprises in St. deferred payment term extended from 2 to 3 yearsPetersburg"Decree of the Government of St. Petersburg Tacit extension of contracts with fair tenantsdated 12.07.2011 № 939 " On interaction procedure ofSt. Petersburg executive authorities while managingstate-owned property". St. Petersburg Law dated 19.01.2011 № 741-6 St. Petersburg Law dated 02.04.2008 № 194-32 " On Article 6 paragraph 2 amended: facilities located small and medium business development in St. within the premises of main city highways (with Petersburg" equipped entrance from adjoining streets) may be bought out.
  7. 7. Legal service «Operational service»Consulting on the following issues:-business establishment, choice of tax system;- carrying out of supervisory activities in enterprises performed by state agencies Business hours: 10.00 - 18.00 (10 am till 6 pm) weekdays Hotline: (812) 576-25-66
  8. 8. Center for out-of-court business conflict resolution Business conflict resolution through mediationThe advantages of mediation include:- Reduction of financial and psychological costs of conflict resolution;- Preservation of business relationships Specialist - conflictologist - Anna Boyko Admission by appointment on Wednesdays from 14.00 to 18.00 Registration by phone : (812) 576-25-66
  9. 9. Public Council Committees Charity Commission Commission on Taxation Commission on Property Relations Commission on Housing Maintenance and Utilities Commission on Development of Youth Entrepreneurship Commission on SME Staff Training and Professional Development Commissionon Coordination of International and Interregional Programs Commission on Ethics and Business Social Responsibility Commission on Consumer Market Commission on Female Entrepreneurship Commission on Development of Small Businesses in Tourism, HotelManagement and Hospitality Industries Commission on Microfinancing Commission on Industrial Clusters
  10. 10. Public Council Competitions“Best entrepreneur of St. Petersburg""Mass media about small business""Young. Bold. Ambitious"“Business lady of St. Petersburg”
  11. 11. Forum “Small business of St. Petersburg” OBJECTIVES Small business image promotion; Identification of findings aimed at solving the problems and developing priority areas of St.Petersburg’s economyInforming consumers and the public about products, works, services produced by smallbusinesses in St. Petersburg; Promotion of activities performed by the Public Council on Small Business Developmentunder the auspices of the Governor of St. Petersburg, District Public Councils, Government ofSt. Petersburg aimed at facilitation of development and state support of small business in St.Petersburg.
  12. 12. Public Council on Small BusinessDevelopment under the auspices of the Governor of St. Petersburg “Entrepreneurs House” Office 201, 203, 204 46/5 Mayakovskogo Street St. Petersburg,Tel: (812) 576-25-66, (812) 576-25-59 Fax: 273-58-45