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  • 1. Hitler’s Lightning War Ch16s1
  • 2. Germany Sparks War in Europe
    • Germany attacks Poland, takes western half
      • Britain and France declare war – too late for Poland
      • First use of blitzkrieg – “lightning war”
    • Soviet Union invades Poland, takes Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland
    • Hitler takes Denmark, Norway
  • 3.  
  • 4. Battle for France
    • Germans sweep around Maginot Line into France
      • Push Allies back to the sea
    • Italy enters the war on German side as France surrenders
      • Vichy gov’t set up in south (puppet gov’t)
      • Charles De Gaulle flees to Britain, sets up gov’t-in-exile
  • 5. Battle for Britain
    • Britain stands alone against Nazis
      • Devastating air raids, bombed London
      • Britain has radar and code breaking machine – Enigma
      • Britain never surrenders, Hitler calls off attacks
  • 6.  
  • 7. Eastern Front
    • Italy needs to fight, tries to take Egypt from British
      • Germany had to send troops to help Italy
    • Hitler invades Balkans to set up invasion of Soviet Union
    • Germany sweeps into unprepared Soviet Union, but stops near Moscow
      • Bogged down in Russian winter, just like Napoleon
  • 8.  
  • 9. US Aids Its Allies
    • Congress made it illegal to sell arms to nations at war
      • Wanted to stay out of war
    • FDR pushed for Lend-Lease Act – US could lend or lease arms to allies (Britain)
    • Atlantic Charter issued by Churchill and FDR – free trade among nations and right to choose own gov’t
    • US closer to war when German U-boat sinks naval destroyer