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Business communication part three
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Business communication part three



MBA English Online Business Communications course, part three.

MBA English Online Business Communications course, part three.



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Business communication part three Business communication part three Presentation Transcript

  • MBA English Online Welocalize: Business Communication Skills Course Part Three
  • Objective:Making a Life and Death Decision! Further practice for interruption techniques The following material is adapted from “The Non-Stop Discussion Workbook.” Second Edition, by George Brooks. Published by Heinle & Heinle Publishers
  • Who Gets the Heart? A life and death decision!
  • Who Gets the Heart? A life and death decision!• You are members of the Heart Transplant Surgery team at University Hospital at Kings College Hospital, London.• Currently, there are five patients desperately awaiting a heart transplant. All patients are “critical” and could die at any time.• You have just received news that a 20 year old male was killed in a car accident and that his heart is available for transfer.• Speed is of the essence as you decide which patient will receive the heart: not only might one of them die, but the donor heart will soon begin to deteriorate.
  • Who Gets the Heart?Consider:1. The age and sex of the donor has no relationship to that of the recipient.2. Decide which patient is the number one priority.3. After that, rank the others in order of preference.
  • Who Gets the Heart?Patient One: Angelina Jolie, female, age 37Movie actress, director and UN Humanitarian, married with sixchildrenAn inspiration throughout the world for her charity workespecially with children, she is an acclaimed actress and winnerof an academy award, two screen actors guild awards, and threegolden globe awards.Because of her work, and famed looks, she gets a lot of mediaattention, which has increased considerably since her admissionto this hospital.
  • Who Gets the Heart?Patient Two: Soohan Kim, male, age 12A junior high school student from South Korea, born with acongenital heart defectDoctors had originally wanted to wait until he was in his teensbefore replacing his heart, but his condition has worseneddramatically. He is being kept alive on a heart and lung machine.He has flown over from South Korea to receive treatment at thishospital, and has also garnered a lot of media interest in bothcountries.
  • Who Gets the Heart?Patient Three: , Golshifteh Farahani, female, age 28A single Iranian woman, who defected to the UK and now worksfor MI6, the British spy agency.She is considered to be the UK’s foremost Iran expert and isresponsible for obtaining countless Top Secret informationabout the Iranian nuclear missile program. Due to the nature ofher work, her true identity is not know outside this hospital andMI6.
  • Who Gets the Heart?Patient Four: Sharon Watts, female, age 23Single mother of four children, ages 8, 6, 5, 1Ms. Watt’s problems with Heart Disease originated from a boutof scarlet fever when she was young, growing up in the welfaresystem.Currently unemployed and living off benefits, while she is inhospital, her children are being looked after by the state, inseparate homes.
  • Who Gets the Heart?Patient Five: Sir Tim Berners-Lee , male, age 57Sir Berners-Lee is one of the worlds leading Computer Scientists,and inventor of the Word Wide Web.He is currently director of the W3C (World Wide WebConsortium) which monitors the web’s continued development.He is also the founder of the world Wide Web Foundation, and isa senior researcher and the MIT Computer Science and ArtificialIntelligence Laboratory.Due to his high standing in the world of IT, there is also a lot ofmedia interest surrounding his treatment at this hospital.
  • Who Gets the Heart?Remember the interruption techniques:Listen to the verbal signals:• When they have made their key point• Slowing down• Pausing to think• Unsure, needs encouragementLook for the non verbal signals:• Raise an or both eye brows• Look at you• Gesture with their hands• Change from closed body language to open
  • Reminder:• Interrupt to agree/disagree• Interrupt to clarify and paraphrase• Interrupt to encourage continuation• Interrupt to bring in another person/other people• Ask permission to interrupt• Yes, but…• Yes, and…
  • The Chair Person:During the meeting• Open the meeting – why we are here, what we need to achieve• Ensure discussion is confined to the item(s) on the agenda and to see that it is dealt with and settled before passing on to the next• Allow free and, if necessary, formal debate• Ensure all attendees have the opportunity to speak and be heard• Say who is to speak, if two people should speak at the same time• Close the meeting when all matters are attended to.
  • Who Gets the Heart?Summary:1. Patient One: Angelina Jolie, female, age 372. Patient Two: Soohan Kim, male, age 123. Patient Three: , Golshifteh Farahani, female, age 284. Patient Four: Sharon Watts, female, age 235. Patient Five: Sir Tim Berners-Lee , male, age 57
  • Thank You. The EndHave a Great Week!