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Brand	  &	  UX:	  Toward	  a	  New	  Interpreta:on                or	  The	  False	  Dichotomy	  Between	  UX	  &	  Brand ...
Introduc:ons	  &	  Background               @roundarchisobar               @mbadger 2       Property	  of	  Roundarch	  Is...
Agency	  Overview     INTRODUCTIONS	  &	  BACKGROUND     Who	  We	  Are                        We are a modern agency of 3...
We	  work	  with	  Global	  2000	  enBBes	  and	  large	  government	  organizaBons     INTRODUCTIONS	  &	  BACKGROUND 4  ...
Mark	  Badger,	  UX/CreaBve	  Director     INTRODUCTIONS	  &	  BACKGROUND     72-­‐81	   draw     1982	                   ...
FutureM,	  2012	  –	  CreaBng	  Meaningful	  Digital	  Experiences:	  The	  SemioBcs	  of	  UX     INTRODUCTIONS	  &	  BAC...
The	  Argument:	  Why	  it	  ma^ers 7       Property	  of	  Roundarch	  Isobar.	  Privileged	  and	  confiden:al.Saturday, ...
Why	  the	  relaBonship	  between	  UX	  and	  Brand	  maPers     THE	  ARGUMENT           Connec&ons	  between	  brands	 ...
Why	  the	  relaBonship	  between	  UX	  and	  Brand	  maPers     THE	  ARGUMENT             Technology	  allows	  for	  e...
Why	  the	  relaBonship	  between	  UX	  and	  Brand	  maPers     THE	  ARGUMENT10         Property	  of	  Roundarch	  Iso...
Why	  the	  relaBonship	  between	  UX	  and	  Brand	  maPers     THE	  ARGUMENT                                          ...
Why	  the	  relaBonship	  between	  UX	  and	  Brand	  maPers     THE	  ARGUMENT                                          ...
Evolving	  Defini:ons	  (briefly,	  I	  promise)               • What	  is	  a	  brand?               • What	  is	  UX?13   ...
What	  is	  a	  brand?     EVOLVING	  DEFINITIONS                                         Identity                        ...
What	  is	  a	  brand?     EVOLVING	  DEFINITIONS                                        Identity                         ...
What	  is	  UX?     EVOLVING	  DEFINITIONS                                       Website                                  ...
What	  is	  UX?     EVOLVING	  DEFINITIONS                                                                                ...
UX	  vs.	  Brand18       Property	  of	  Roundarch	  Isobar.	  Privileged	  and	  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
Can’t	  we	  all	  just	  get	  along?     UX	  VS.	  BRAND     BRAND                                                     ...
Brand	  Strategy     UX	  VS.	  BRAND  “          A	  brand	  is	  a	  persons	  gut	  feeling	  about	  a	               ...
UX	  Strategy     UX	  VS.	  BRAND  “          User	  experience	  arises	  from	  the	  sum	  total	               of	  i...
ISO	  DefiniBon     UX	  VS.	  BRAND  “            A	  person’s	  percep&ons	  and	  responses	  that	                 resu...
Big	  QuesBon     UX	  VS.	  BRAND       Maybe...     BRAND = UX?23          Property	  of	  Roundarch	  Isobar.	  Privile...
Ad     What	  I	  le	  unsaid	  during	  the	  discussion                                                                 ...
A	  Brand	  by	  Any	  Other	  Name...     UX	  VS.	  BRAND                                                               ...
Ad     The	  Brand	  Experience	  Gap                                                                                     ...
Interpre:ng	  Experiences27       Property	  of	  Roundarch	  Isobar.	  Privileged	  and	  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12...
Another	  perspecBve	  on	  UX	  as	  a	  discipline     INTERPRETING	  EXPERIENCES                                       ...
Another	  perspecBve	  on	  UX	  as	  a	  discipline     INTERPRETING	  EXPERIENCES                                       ...
ConversaBonal	  fluency	  is	  necessary,	  but	  not	  sufficient.     INTERPRETING	  EXPERIENCES                           ...
Come	  together...right	  now,	  over	  me.     INTERPRETING	  EXPERIENCES                                                ...
Further	  Research32       Property	  of	  Roundarch	  Isobar.	  Privileged	  and	  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
At	  the	  top	  of	  the	  ever-­‐growing	  pile...     FURTHER	  RESEARCH                             Nearly	  finished. ...
Ad     ...which	  already	  includes.                                                                                     ...
Q&A35                Let’s	  talk.	  –>	  #UX	  &	  #Brand               Mark	  Badger,	  User	  Experience	  Director    ...
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Brand & UX: Toward a New Interpretation


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Note: This deck was presented on January 5th, 2013 as part of UXCamp DC. These slides contain some early thinking around the relationship between Brand and UX, as well as the idea that user experience design and strategy involves aspects of interpretation and translation. I want to thank those who joined the discussion for reinforcing the idea that the relationship between Brand and UX matters.

Abstract: It's not that those charged with overseeing the brand and those responsible for creating user experiences can’t, don’t, or have not collaborated. But it is fair to say that the relationship has often been...contentious. And yet, strategic thinkers from both camps seem to be zeroing in on the same target. Whether one calls it "user experience" or "brand experience," the relationship between brands and consumers is one both UX practitioners and Brand marketers care about deeply. Along those lines, does an investigation into the meaning of those relationships begin to suggest a new role for the UX practitioner, that of interpreter and translator?

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Transcript of "Brand & UX: Toward a New Interpretation"

  1. 1. Brand  &  UX:  Toward  a  New  Interpreta:on or  The  False  Dichotomy  Between  UX  &  Brand January  5,  2013 Edited  1.12.13 Mark  Badger,  User  Experience  Director Roundarch  Isobar Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
  2. 2. Introduc:ons  &  Background @roundarchisobar @mbadger 2 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
  3. 3. Agency  Overview INTRODUCTIONS  &  BACKGROUND Who  We  Are We are a modern agency of 3,000 creatives and creators with digital at its core. Where  We  Are Located in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, New York, San Francisco, and 34 countries around the world. What  We  Do Roundarch Isobar conceives, designs, and builds digital experiences for the world’s largest organizations. We create integrated marketing campaigns, enterprise web applications, and digital products. 3 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013Roundarch  Isobar  is  the  North  American  incarna:on  of  what  is  known  globally  as  Isobar.
  4. 4. We  work  with  Global  2000  enBBes  and  large  government  organizaBons INTRODUCTIONS  &  BACKGROUND 4 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
  5. 5. Mark  Badger,  UX/CreaBve  Director INTRODUCTIONS  &  BACKGROUND 72-­‐81   draw 1982   program 1987   design 1995   web 1997   apps 2001   solo 2004   ia/ux 2011   direct 5 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013My  background  ma^ers  only  insofar  as  you  know  that—like  many  UX  prac::oners  of  my  genera:on—I  did  not  enter  UX  via  HCI,  LibSci,  or  CogSci.  I  have  a  design  background  (architecture,  by  educa:on)  and  evolved  from  visual  designer  to  web  designer  and  eventually  into  our  so-­‐called  “user  experience”  discipline.  My  interests  have  always  revolved  around  design,  theory,  and  the  intersec:on  of  brand,  UX,  and  media  studies  is  a  good  focus  for  me.
  6. 6. FutureM,  2012  –  CreaBng  Meaningful  Digital  Experiences:  The  SemioBcs  of  UX INTRODUCTIONS  &  BACKGROUND Usable Intuitive Meaning Valuable Meaningful Object Symbol Memorable 6 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013A  semio:c  view  of  user  experience  is  not  new,  but  it  is  not  ogen  discussed.  Don  Norman  popularized  the  idea  with  his  use  of  “affordances”  in  his  1988  book  “The  Design  of  Everyday  Things”  -­‐  At  the  level  of  tac:cs  and  implementa:on,  the  greatest  aspira:on  for  any  user  experience  is  usually  “value.”For  both  brands  and  users/consumers,  aspiring  to  have  merely  usable  experiences  is  sejng  the  bar  low.  Consumers  may  not  ask  for  meaningful  and  memorable  experiences  explicitly,  but  they  do  appreciate  them.  For  brands,  providing  memorable  experiences  is  cri:cal  to  standing  out  from  the  compe::on  and  for  engendering  long-­‐las:ng  rela:onships  with  their  customers.
  7. 7. The  Argument:  Why  it  ma^ers 7 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
  8. 8. Why  the  relaBonship  between  UX  and  Brand  maPers THE  ARGUMENT Connec&ons  between  brands  and  individuals   are  increasingly  mediated,  facilitated,  and   enabled  by  digital  experiences. 8 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
  9. 9. Why  the  relaBonship  between  UX  and  Brand  maPers THE  ARGUMENT Technology  allows  for  ever  more  in&mate   connec&ons  between  brands  and  individuals   and  intensifies  those  rela&onships. 9 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013And  by  “in:mate”  I  mean  both  in  terms  of  proximity  and  personal.
  10. 10. Why  the  relaBonship  between  UX  and  Brand  maPers THE  ARGUMENT10 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013Advances  in  the  development  of  so-­‐called  natural  user  interfaces  (NUIs)  have  and  will  con:nue  to  accelerate  this  process.
  11. 11. Why  the  relaBonship  between  UX  and  Brand  maPers THE  ARGUMENT Copyright  ©  1977  Columbia  Pictures11 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013“This  is  important...this  *means*  something.”If  “the  medium  is  the  message,”  shouldn’t  we  strive  to  understand  what  meaning  digital  experiences  convey?
  12. 12. Why  the  relaBonship  between  UX  and  Brand  maPers THE  ARGUMENT h>p:// Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013Not  only  is  the  digital  barrier  between  brands  and  people  eroding,  the  age  at  which  individuals  begin  to  interact  with  brands  gets  younger  and  younger.
  13. 13. Evolving  Defini:ons  (briefly,  I  promise) • What  is  a  brand? • What  is  UX?13 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
  14. 14. What  is  a  brand? EVOLVING  DEFINITIONS Identity Utility Service Experience14 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013A  brand  iden:ty  is  necessary  for  the  focusing  the  amalgama:on  of  a  brand  experience,  but  it  is  not  sufficient.  As  long  as  we  think  of  a  brand  *only*  as  its  iden:ty  –  its  logo,  its  brand  pale^e,  its  style  guide  –  we  miss  everything  about  the  brand  that  defines  its  rela:onship  and  meaning  to  consumers.  Over  :me,  the  defini:on  of  brand  has  expanded  to  include  the  very  products  and  services  delivered  by  a  company/organiza:on,  leading  finally  to  the  idea  of  a  “brand  experience.”
  15. 15. What  is  a  brand? EVOLVING  DEFINITIONS Identity Utility Service Experience15 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013That  said,  the  brand  iden:ty  does  bear  a  rela:onship  to  the  experiences  engendered  by  a  brand  and  its  products.  The  brand  iden:ty  is  simply  the  signal  of  and  the  representa:on  for  the  company  which  provides  the  hook  in  the  consumers  mind  from  which  all  interac:ons  with  that  brand  hang.
  16. 16. What  is  UX? EVOLVING  DEFINITIONS Website IA UI Design Usability Research16 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013As  with  the  idea  of  a  brand,  what  we  ogen  refer  to  as  UX  is  the  result  of  an  evolu:on.  And  similar  to  the  way  our  concept  of  a  brand  has  grown  to  encompass  the  consumers’  percep:on  of  a  company  and  its  products  and  services,  the  term  “user  experience”  has  been  expanding  well  beyond  the  confines  of  any  given  screen  or  digital  interface.
  17. 17. What  is  UX? EVOLVING  DEFINITIONS h>ps:// Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013In  an  conversa:on  at  adap:ve  path’s  UX  Week  2008,  Peter  Merholz  and  Don  Norman  discuss  the  defini:on  of  “user  experience”  (coined  by  Norman)  and  the  role  of  UX  prac::oners  within  the  organiza:on.  Though  almost  5  years  old,  the  video  remains  relevant  today  as  the  defini:on  of  and  methods  around  UXD  con:nue  to  evolve.  You  can  find  the  video  at  h^ps://  
  18. 18. UX  vs.  Brand18 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
  19. 19. Can’t  we  all  just  get  along? UX  VS.  BRAND BRAND UX Spy  vs.  Spy,  Copyright  ©  Time  Warner19 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013I  don’t  mean  to  suggest  that  those  charged  with  overseeing  the  brand  and  those  responsible  for  crea:ng  “user  experiences”  can’t,  don’t,  or  have  not  collaborated.  But  I  think  it  is  fair  to  say  that  the  rela:onship  is  ogen...fraught  and  conten:ous.  And  yet...strategic  thinkers  from  both  camps  seem  to  be  zeroing  in  on  the  same  target.
  20. 20. Brand  Strategy UX  VS.  BRAND “ A  brand  is  a  persons  gut  feeling  about  a   product,  service,  or  organiza&on.”   BRAND   —  Marty  Neumeier,  The  Brand  Gap  (2003)20 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
  21. 21. UX  Strategy UX  VS.  BRAND “ User  experience  arises  from  the  sum  total   of  interac&ons  with  an  organiza&ons   products  and  services.”   UX —  Peter  Merholz,  UX  Week  201221 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
  22. 22. ISO  DefiniBon UX  VS.  BRAND “ A  person’s  percep&ons  and  responses  that   result  from  the  use  or  anBcipated  use  of  a   product,  system  or  service.” BRAND or UX   —  ISO  9241-­‐210  (2009)22 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013But  who  is  delivering  these  products,  systems,  and  services?  Companies,  organiza:ons,  and  governments.  To  the  degree  that  we  focus  on  companies,  this  means  brands.  It  is  easy  to  imagine  that  an  individual’s  “an:cipated  use”  of  a  product  or  service  may  equate  to  their  feelings  about  the  brand.  From  what  other  basis  would  this  an:cipa:on  arise?
  23. 23. Big  QuesBon UX  VS.  BRAND Maybe... BRAND = UX?23 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013As  long  as  brand  =  corporate  iden:ty  and  UX  =  UI,  then  maybe  not.  If  so,  though...what  does  that  mean  for  our  role  in  organiza:ons  (and  in  culture)?
  24. 24. Ad What  I  le  unsaid  during  the  discussion d ed UX  VS.  BRAND24 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
  25. 25. A  Brand  by  Any  Other  Name... UX  VS.  BRAND Brand Experience Customer Experience Service Design User Experience25 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013When  you  consider  all  the  phrases  used  by  various  folks  responsible  for  a  brand’s  rela:onship  to  its  consumers,  you  no:ce  that  they  all  seem  to  mean  the  same  thing,  regardless  of  whether  they  originate  with  marke:ng,  strategy,  or  design.
  26. 26. Ad The  Brand  Experience  Gap d ed UX  VS.  BRAND h>p:// Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013UK  experience  strategy  group  Foolproof  have  a  terrific  video  that  explores  the  idea  of  the  gap  between  the  brand  promise  and  the  consumers’  experience  of  that  brand.  Tim  Loo,  Strategy  Director,  discusses  how  UX  methods  can  help  bridge  that  gap.  Check  out  the  webinar  video  at  h^p://
  27. 27. Interpre:ng  Experiences27 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
  28. 28. Another  perspecBve  on  UX  as  a  discipline INTERPRETING  EXPERIENCES UX as interpreting.28 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013The  “users”  for  whom  you  are  designing  experiences  include  the  stakeholders  of  the  business  and  the  brand.  Your  job  is  not  to  be  an  advocate  for  the  user  or  a  paladin,  your  job  is  to  facilitate  the  rela:onship  between  the  brand  and  the  customer.  That’s  easy  to  say,  of  course.  As  UX  prac::oners,  we  should  not  stereotype  our  business  stakeholders  as  somehow  having  interests  antagonis:c  to  their  customers,  though,  in  some  cases,  we  may  s:ll  have  to  act  as  nego:ators  as  well  as  interpreters.
  29. 29. Another  perspecBve  on  UX  as  a  discipline INTERPRETING  EXPERIENCES UX as translation.29 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013To  suggest  that  we  prac:ce  a  form  of  transla:on  implies  that  we  have  fluency  and  expert  knowledge  of  one  or  more  languages.  What  are  they?  With  interac:on  design,  there  needs  to  be  a  corresponding  fluency  and  understanding  of  the  vocabulary,  grammar,  and  syntax  used  by  both  the  brand  and  the  consumer.
  30. 30. ConversaBonal  fluency  is  necessary,  but  not  sufficient. INTERPRETING  EXPERIENCES h>p:// Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013This  sign  is  a  great  example  of  how  basic  competency  in  two  languages  is  not  sufficient.  Even  if  the  translator  had  a  deep  enough  vocabulary  to  properly  translate  “agricoles,”  they  s:ll  would  have  missed  a  cri:cal  piece  of  informa:on.  What  *is*  the  weight  limit  over  which  farm  equipment  may  not  cross?
  31. 31. Come  together...right  now,  over  me. INTERPRETING  EXPERIENCES Person Brand User31 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013As  “UX”  prac::oners,  we  create  the  playorms  and  environments  by  means  of  which  these  interac:ons  occur.  We  facilitate  the  conversa:on,  but  more  accurately...we  act  as  translators  or  interpreters.  Our  goal  is  to  interpret  and  then  represent  the  inten:ons  of  both  par:es  without  loss  or  distor:on  of  meaning.  We  are  intensely  interested  in  being  disinterested  par:es  to  this  dialogue.  
  32. 32. Further  Research32 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
  33. 33. At  the  top  of  the  ever-­‐growing  pile... FURTHER  RESEARCH Nearly  finished. At  the  beginning. Purchased. Wishlisted.33 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
  34. 34. Ad ...which  already  includes. d ed FURTHER  RESEARCH Read.  Again. In  progress. Near  top  of  pile. Won  at  #UXDC!34 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013
  35. 35. Q&A35 Let’s  talk.  –>  #UX  &  #Brand Mark  Badger,  User  Experience  Director Roundarch  Isobar @roundarchisobar    |    @mbadger Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Saturday, January 12, 2013