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  • Regular hours $7.20 x 40 = 288.00 $7.20 x 1.5 = 10.80 per hour overtime x 2 hours = 21.60 21.60 (overtime) + 288 (regular hours) = 309.60 Subtract 10% 309.60 x .10 = 30.96 309.60 – 30.96 = $278.64
  • NEFE pg 17
  • Career Impact PPT

    1. 1. Ca Impa on Income reer ct
    2. 2. Quest t A er ions o nsw Howdoes the caeeryou choose a your r ffect income? Howdo educaion a tra a yoursaay? t nd ining ffect lr W tis a entrepreneur? ha n
    3. 3. Occupaiona Necessit t l ies Cla A ivity ss ct  L ’s ima foraw e t tt w l ha t st r alov . et gine hil ha he ord d o at l er Not exist butw t , l nd, tees, a l a 50peopl w hing s aer a r nimas nd e hose a r nge fr 10t 50 Tying t r att w l yourgr ges a om o . r o est r he ord, oup of50peopl ha putyou in chage ofsel ing t sev most e s r ect he en necessayoccupaions t gett w l going a in. No t a for r t o he ord ga r ining a oft occupaions is necessay. L t sev occupaions ny hese t r ist he en t a t r sons w you w d sel ea one. nd he ea hy oul ect ch
    4. 4. E r Pow aning er Eaningpoweris the a ityto ean moneyin excha for r bil r nge w k. Howmuch you ean depends on t v l ofyourskils or r he aue l in t maket a he r pl ce. A individua’s vaue a aworker– the wa orsaay n l l s ge l r r ed foraspecific j – is r aed t t skil l ela eceiv ob el t o he l ev nd educaion oft w ker t dema fort tw k in societ t he or , he nd ha or y, a t a a a it ofquaified w ker nd he v il bil y l or s.
    5. 5. E r Pow aning er G aly, in oursociety, people with higher ener l educaion a mor skils ean mor moneyon t j t nd e l r e he ob t n t w h l educaion a few skils. ha hose it ess t nd er l
    6. 6. T YIT R ! F t a er t t folow Ear ind he nsw s o he l ing ning Power pr em. obl Stev rHINTS:e eans $6.50a hour n . He w ked 25 hour in t or s heCalculate how much Steveper earnIfSt e’s empl pr ious one w pa williod. each week byoyer ev eek y evmultiplying his hourly wage ($6.50) by the number of hours w hhol 10 ofea ofSt e’s pa it ds % ch ev ychecks t pa o yhe works in one week (25). St e’s income t x. Howmuch w lSt e t ke home in ev a il ev aNow that you know how much Steve earns in 1 week, one t w pa his eek’s ycheck?way to calculate how much is withheld from his paycheckeach week is to multiply his weekly wage by 10%.Now calculate how much Steve will take home by subtractingthe amount withheld from his weekly wage.
    7. 7. E r Pow aning er J lha anewj a aca wa ma $7.20a il s ob t r sh king n hour She w ked 4 hour t w a ma t . or 2 s his eek nd kes ime a ahafforhour ov 4 . Herw hhol ae nd l s er 0 it dings r 10%. Howmuch did J lma il ke?
    8. 8. KeyE oyee Skils mpl l
    9. 9. E r eneur nt epr ship E repreneur nt  W l t t ke r iling o a isks  Aper w cr t abusiness fr son ho eaes om scr t ach.  Sel empl f oyed  Stongsense ofdiscipl r ine  Be yourow boss n  Bea t compet ion t he it
    10. 10. E r eneur nt epr ship RISKS  RE A DS WR  No guaa ees r nt  Be yourow boss n  No r a pa egul r ycheck  Keep pr s ofit  No boss  Contol r  L hour ong s  Saisfa ion t ct  Assume debtofbusiness  Pur t l a sue aent nd cr t it eaiv y