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  • 1. Honors English this year has been quite challenging but I have learned morethan I can think of. My writing has seriously improved throughout the year in preparation for thewriting test. I must use examples, whether they are true or not, to explain my writingsone step further. Not only must i use examples, but I must explain my examples andhow they relate to the topic. Imagery is key in writing a well written essay. I havelearned that I can create images in readers heads with my choice of words and anygreat writer can make their story come alive. Overall, my writing has dramaticallyimproved and will continue to build upon my now solid foundation. Understanding the text of a story or book is more than just reading words on apage. Mrs. Higgins has taught us that in order to understand a book you need to readbetween the lines and analyze what the author is trying to portray. Historical facts wereplaced throughout every story we read, and in order to understand what is written wehad to research the history behind the story. What events occurred during the bookstime frame that may have influenced the authors words? Questions like that helped me,as a reader, thoroughly understand the text. Along with learning how to write better papers and understanding what an authoris trying to say, I learned new, and greater ways to improve my vocabulary. The firstsemester seemed to be the toughest, with all the new vocab words and weekly vocabquizzes. I thought I would never use those words ever again, but I have found myselfusing, or thinking of those words on a daily basis. Mrs. Higgins promised to us that wewould one day be grateful for learning new and greater vocabulary and I already am.Our quizzes used different forms of a word or different words that mean the same thingto help us choose the correct word. Not only did it help us find the right answer, butusing synonyms for a word widened our vocabularies even more. Overall, I am grateful for my time in English with Mrs. Higgins and my peers. I ampositive that my knowledge gained from this class will improve my future.