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  • Online atmosphere = Phones via text message, social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Vining maybe)Bullies know who they are going to target and usually have a motive for targeting them. Sometimes it is to gain an edge, sometimes there just isn’t a reason.Males are more aggressive and will try to settle it with their fists. Also common are two individuals bringing their friends for backup, creating a larger scene.Females talk behind someone's back, hoping to emotionally hurt someone’s feelings.Both are equally effective.
  • Self esteem – May not believe in yourself. Person may question whether the bully is right…Maybe what they are saying about me IS true! (Not good)Change in interests – May be really good at a sport, but you would rather avoid your bully at all cost rather than play.Depression – If no one knows, no one can help. Being alone could drive one crazy and make irrational decisions.Grades – If a class mate, this will always be on your mind causing concentration to drop. Also could cause lack of sleep since you will not be able to get away from the bully (more on that later)Anxiety – Constantly being paranoid about what will be waiting for you in the future. Thinking about how you are going to avoid your bully next time you cross paths.Loneliness – Feel like you are on an island going through this by yourself. Feel like everyone is against you but you cannot figure out why.
  • Cell Phones – Most common form of Cyber bully. Instantaneous and now a days, people think their phone is attached to their hand permanently.Text Message – Quick, Easy, and punctual. Makes a statement.Facebook – Inbox messages, threats, negative comments on posts not directed to your bully. Facebook is fair game and could create a “gang” like atmosphere when other people start knowing your business.Twitter – Class opinions? Have not heard much about bullying on here but it can certainly happen.Email – Again, a private message sent to only you. Pictures can easily be attached. Words and language could be threatening.Instant Messaging – Computer, Old School AOL. Chat rooms/Forums – Online Games, Xbox, Playstation, Computer MMORPGs (WOW)Common Factor? None of this involves actual face to face contact. Can happen anywhere, at anytime 24/7
  • Time - 2:20
  • Speak up – Tell people what you are going through so they can be a support system for you. Don’t try going on this journey alone. Reassurance and people who believe in you is the best thing you could have.Confident – Make sure to hold your head high. Prove that you are stronger than what people say. Continue to live your life and don’t skip out on the things you enjoy because of it. Prove to others you are confident and the bullies will see they are not getting anything out of their efforts.
  • "How has technology changed bullying behavior?" (I think you have some of this) and "What, if anything, should policy makers do about cyberbullying?"  (Policy makers could be school administration, state/federal laws, etc.)
  • Cyber bullying power point

    1. 1. Cyber BullyingBy: Mike ThomasCSIS – 200Society in the Information Age
    2. 2. What is Cyber Bullying?• Bullying of another individual through anonline atmosphere.• Bully knows the victim personally most times.• Classmates usually, but could be anonymousindividuals online .• Different styles for each gender– Male: Sexual nature, physical harm– Female: Spread rumors, mock, exclude individual
    3. 3. Affects of Cyber Bullying• Low self esteem.– Drop in confidence.• Change in interests to avoid bullies in school.• Depression.– Possible harm to one’s body or life.• Drop in grades.• Anxiety• Loneliness
    4. 4. Affects of Cyber Bullying Con’t• Emotional– Shy/Withdrawn from peers– Moody– Stressed• Academic– Gets in trouble at school– Skips classes• Social Behavior– Stops using computer/cell-phone– Change in Friend group
    5. 5. Methods of Cyber Bullying• Cell Phones– Text Message• Facebook• Twitter?• Email• Instant Messaging• Chat rooms/ForumsCommon Factor?
    6. 6. Mean Vs. Cyber Bullied• seeing the video, explain where the line iscrossed between being Mean and being CyberBullying?Would you intervene if you witnessed Cyberbullying?
    7. 7. Prevention• Tell a parent/professor/someone you trust.– Tell trusted friends only, to ensure it doesn’tcontinue to get worse!• Hang out with true friends and stay away fromthe internet.– Take your mind off of it.• Turn off your social networking device.– Only turn phone on when you need to make calls.– Block/ignore bullies on internet devices.
    8. 8. SolutionsWhat should policy makers do in order toprevent Cyber Bullying?
    9. 9. SolutionsSPEAK UP!Be Confident about yourself.
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