Why WiFI Offload?

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Talk on - Why do we need a Data Offload strategy?

Talk on - Why do we need a Data Offload strategy?

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  • 1. Why WiFi Offload? Dr. Mazlan Abbas MIMOS Berhad
  • 2. Agenda• When developing a WiFi offload strategy, what are the necessary components?• How much WiFi is out there?
  • 3. Why Offload? Retain control? Increase network capacity? Reduce churn? Give customers the best network?Get visibility? Improve performance? Seamless connectivity? Improve network reach? Postpone capital investments? Improve network coverage? Give Customer extra benefits?
  • 4. So Lets Offload! What? Where? How?
  • 5. What to Offload?• Typically we see up to 45% of data is already offloaded by ‘casual offload’ at home, work and public WiFi• Difficult to assess how much can be offloaded as you can’t count what would have never been on cellular Home WiFi 20% Cellular Work WiFi Network 20% 55% Public WiFi 5% 5
  • 6. Where to Offload To? Home/Work Known SSID CarrierWiFi Unknown SSID Partner WiFi Public WiFi (Portal) Intentional Click through Unintentional Pre-register free Pre-register paid Open WiFi (No Portal)
  • 7. Where to Offload To? Public WiFi Open WiFi Partner WiFi CarrierWiFi Home/Work 1k 10k 100k 1M 10M 100M Number of Access Points
  • 8. How to Offload - NecessaryComponents of WiFi Offload
  • 9. CONTEXT Explosion of mobile data traffic : x10 from 2011 to 2016To ensure a good user experience, mobile operators are obliged to invest strongly in their network.
  • 10. CUSTOMERS’ EXPECTATIONS Fair Use LTE Wi-Fi 3GWhat do 2G DSL Fibercustomershear ? 4G HSPA GSM BandwithWhat docustomers Easy to Lowwant? use cost
  • 11. Conclusion A successful WiFi offload strategy can only be achieved by deploying a successful WiFi management solution
  • 12. References• “Devicescape – The WiFi Offload Company””, Paul Dansey, WiFi World Summit, Sept. 2012, Barcelona
  • 13. Contact Dr. Mazlan Abbas @mazlan_abbasEmail: mazlan.abbas@mimos.my