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Key Factors - Mobile Internet Users Select Operators
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Key Factors - Mobile Internet Users Select Operators


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Why Mobile Internet users are very "choosy" when making decision which mobile operators they want to subscribe. Here's why...

Why Mobile Internet users are very "choosy" when making decision which mobile operators they want to subscribe. Here's why...

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. +Key Factors – Mobile Internet Users Select Operators Dr. Mazlan Abbas [Source: Unlocking Consumer Value, Ericsson, 2013]
  • 2. + Unlocking Consumer Value  The online experience is increasingly important  Target groups value different Internet features  Operators should promote areas other than price
  • 3. Today, the quality of network performance is one of the most important factors affecting customer loyalty to the operator. Therefore ensuring network speed and reliability is fundamental to a trusting, long-term relationship. PERFORMANCE SEEKERS
  • 4. The devices that operators offer can be extremely important for certain consumers. In particular, it’s important that operators carry the very latest and sought-after models. Although the device does not directly improve the relationship between the operator and consumer, it can be used to build on the relationship through device-related communications, such as offering upgrades. DEVICERS
  • 5. INTERACTION The relationship between operator and consumer is currently distant and a little unfamiliar. Most users don’t experience an overly negative relationship, but the personal touch is somewhat lacking, and the relationship is often peripheral rather than focal. The relationship could be vastly improved through offering loyalty rewards or personalized prices, which could effectively re-engage the consumer and ensure improved satisfaction.
  • 6. COST CUTTERS Cost Cutters use mobile internet in very different ways, depending on their priorities and needs. Usage can be as rich and frequent as any other user group. This group appreciates other factors such as reliable and good network performance, but they are not willing to pay extra in order to improve them – price is still the primary focus.
  • 7. CURIOUS NOVICES Curious Novices are popping up everywhere, finding their feet on digital platforms and discovering the potential of connected devices. Curious Novices want to become part of the media and communications evolution but are unsure and uninformed about their options. They look for devices that perform well and are easy to use. They need to feel supported in the technical side of things, so they appreciate friendly help and advice. The relationship with the operator should be a trusting, open and caring one.
  • 8. Staying in control of mobile internet usage and avoiding bad surprises is something Control Seekers value highly. They are headstrong users who have possibly had bad experiences concerning billing and subscriptions. As a result, they are now cautious in the way they use mobile broadband services. Some users will even use trackers to keep a closer eye on their usage, which helps to avoid financial shocks when the bill arrives, and ensures data usage is paced more effectively. CONTROL SEEKERS