Tailored solutions for superior business insurance and risk management
MMZ         , a privately held global insurance brokerage,serves the needs of companies with tailored insurance and riskma...
Zettl:                 EO Mr. Mark                                                           tes. I believe as            ...
MMZ – WHO WE ARE                                             Founded in 1985, MMZ transformed the traditional             ...
EXPERIENCE ANDSHARED VALUESTo be responsive, proactive and creativedemands a “can do” culture populated by “cando” people ...
A SOURCE OF SOLUTIONS                            MMZ’s bespoke approach to tailoring                                      ...
WHY MMZ ENJOYS                                               MMZ ADVANTAGE --SUPERIOR CLIENT                              ...
1133 Westchester Avenue • White Plains, New York 10604   T: 914.332.9000 • F: 914.332.9109 • www.mmz.net
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MMZ Introduction


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Introduction to MMZ Associates, Inc. and the various products offered.

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MMZ Introduction

  1. 1. Tailored solutions for superior business insurance and risk management
  2. 2. MMZ , a privately held global insurance brokerage,serves the needs of companies with tailored insurance and riskmanagement products and programs.MMZ’s business plan is based on exceeding discerning clients’expectations with superior business insurance programs,products and service.Serving as a client advocate in aggressively pursuing the bestsolution for each client’s individual needs, MMZ delivers addedvalue and dedicated service with a bespoke approach totailoring business insurance and risk management products.At MMZ we strive to build long-term relationships anddistinguish our offerings by supporting clients with ourprofessional staff, personalized service, superior productsand a human voice that knows your name and understandsyour concerns.We are the client’s broker.
  3. 3. Zettl: EO Mr. Mark tes. I believe as you reviewFrom MMZ C MMZ Associa and risk t yourself with ilored insurance taking the time to acquain te our effo rts to deliver taThank you for u will apprecia d our offerings yo al level of servic e.our approach an niquely person oducts with a u customer servic e. Thosemanagement pr and exceptional s is a rance products turn, our succes rive to offe r premium insu sf action and, in rior At MMZ we st customers’ sati ships and supe s find that our eat people, strong relation partner with u Z flows from gr who choose to Success at MM pride. y ways: source of great ces itself in man dustry. synergy eviden e finest in the in products. This rank among th ndors who mpanies and ve ip w ith insurance co skills and • Our partnersh ually put their ofession als that contin of insurance pr ho comprise a team programs. • Our people w g client specific to work in craftin rance brokerag e professionalism t deliverin g premium insu ree decades spen ce that co nsists of over th • Our experien ement solution s. its and risk manag s, its risks and services understandi ng your busines tive impact by to delive r a lasting posi • Our promise ive and values. ly seek innovat g with M MZ, aggressive t from partnerin long-term pers pective. ompanies that benefit mos cate risk with a C d allo s to manage an n benefit from our substantive way ur company ca of how yo d risk managem ent in the context review our capabilities d cost effect ive insurance an I invite you to g intelligent an boutique appr oach to tailorin programs. ur business. ve impact on yo how we ca n make a positi demonstrating I look forward to tion. your considera Thank you for Sincerely, NY 10604 White Plains, www.mmz.n et ster Avenue, 4.332.9109 1133 Westche .9000 Fax 91 Mark Zettl Tel 914.332
  4. 4. MMZ – WHO WE ARE Founded in 1985, MMZ transformed the traditional insurance broker model by implementing aStrong and growing, relationship-based approach to serving all segments of the marketplace.MMZ Associates boasts threedecades of experience crafting From the start, MMZ has strived to be the “Go To” resource for dynamic growing companies. MMZinnovative insurance and risk structures its offerings to provide insurancemanagement solutions. MMZ products, claims services and risk managementis recognized as a premier programs for clients seeking not only auto liabilityinsurance services and physical damage but workers’organization with global MMZ – In a few words compensation, property, generalreach. MMZ brings to • Stable liability, umbrella and othereach client relationship • Responsive coverages. • Resourcefulan insurance and risk The meaning of relationship-based, • Innovativemanagement resource • Superior client retention for MMZ, involves not onlyfeaturing a proven track • Global reach proffering a broad, tailored arrayrecord made noteworthy • Relationship focused of products and services but, as • Partnership oriented well, doing so with an unwaveringby its tailored programs commitment to ethical standards.and personalized MMZ’s business model demandsprofessional service. that it stand as a principled organization with a strong adherence to an established code ofIn serving its clients, MMZ draws ethical market conduct.upon long-term relationships withnational and global insurersrecognized for their financialstability and broad array of offerings.
  5. 5. EXPERIENCE ANDSHARED VALUESTo be responsive, proactive and creativedemands a “can do” culture populated by “cando” people with extensive experience. Such isthe culture of MMZ.MMZ’s aggressive boutique character demandsemployees with a deep and comprehensiveunderstanding of insurance and risk The independence, flexibility and challenge that MMZ’s business model offers attractsmanagement. Only insurance professionals with accomplished people from the traditionalthe pulse of the marketplace and the acuity to providers. Thus, the level of service deliveredinnovate are equipped to create tailored by MMZ in attitude and technology, is bothsolutions that meet a client’s specific needs -- superior and more cost effective.a service MMZ has provided for three decades. MMZ’s staff enjoys a long history of working with regional, national and global carriers in developing specific needs-tailored programs TECHNOLOGY for clients. MMZ empowers clients with the innovative application of technology like internet access for Fundamental to meeting client expectations, self administration of: Claims Services at MMZ benefit from • Certificates of insurance management with over 30 years of experience in handling property and casualty claims • Claim reporting on a global scale. • Policy information • Claim detail
  6. 6. A SOURCE OF SOLUTIONS MMZ’s bespoke approach to tailoring comprehensive solutions attracts companiesMMZ’s staff of experienced and knowledgeable with specialty needs that appreciate the valueinsurance industry professionals focus their of harnessing the unique power of MMZ.expertise to plan for the sure way to transfer In tailoring a complete solution MMZ:client risk. They do so through a creative andforward-thinking perspective specific to the • Conducts a risk analysis to identify the needs,needs of each individual client. Guided by exposures, strengths and weaknesses in theMMZ’s core principle of proactive client client’s existing insurance coverage.advocacy and long-term outlook, each MMZ • Develops an insurance pricing model againstteam targets how to get the end result the which to benchmark competing programs.client desires. • Negotiates comprehensive and competitivelySolutions crafted by an MMZ team are priced insurance offerings.distinguished by more personal interaction, • Presents to the client alternative offeringstailored guidance and offerings that reflect that balance expense and assumption of risk.a keen understanding of, and appreciation for,the unique aspects that define each client’s • Offers claims services matched to the client’s needs complemented by MMZ’s ability toneeds. MMZ solutions reflect an astute “fix on manage that process.the marketplace” that differentiates the MMZoffering from that of the competition. • Undertakes periodic reviews to assess efficiency and effectiveness of coverages for the short and long-term to provide alternatives in a changing environment. As the client’s broker, MMZ’s complete insurance solutions are comprehensive, cost-effective and forward thinking. MMZ ADVANTAGE -- Homogeneous programs to industries Innovative and resourceful, MMZ provides a fleet auto insurance program (VIPP) for specific industries using its ability to group purchase product for volume discount as well as flexible coverage terms.
  7. 7. WHY MMZ ENJOYS MMZ ADVANTAGE --SUPERIOR CLIENT The clients broker MMZ’s value-added business modelRETENTION focuses on building long-term business partnerships not short-term sales targets. We are the client’s broker. With its stated goal to exceed client expectations, MMZ assigns a dedicated industry-specific claims team to each client to deliver knowledgeable and responsive claims service. Each dedicated team monitors and manages the program to ensure that the client enjoys the full protection of their coverage. Beyond superior program administration,MMZ clients value having a broker that serves an MMZ client benefits from claims serviceas their advocate and strives to maximize their that provides:premium dollars. • Analysis of trends and development of claims.Clients recognize the value of MMZ’s strong • Advice on trends and patterns.market relationships. These relationships afford • Assistance in loss control and safety services.MMZ the capability to negotiate comprehensiveand competitively priced offerings specific to the This value added package benefits the clientclient’s needs. by mitigating potential future losses. The result is a tailored insurance program benefiting fromOf significant value to clients, as well, are the greater control which translates into increasedinternal performance metrics used by MMZ to client profitability.benchmark carriers for competitive pricing.Furthermore, MMZ sets performance indicators For MMZ clients in today’s dynamic businessto which carriers must adhere. environment, it is all about service. It is about having a partner whose success will be linkedMeeting the discerning client’s expectations of to yours.excellence demands both superior products andcomprehensive and attentive professional In the end, it is MMZ’s ability to deliverservice. consistently high quality targeted offerings and superior personal service that explains why successful companies rely on and grow with MMZ.
  8. 8. 1133 Westchester Avenue • White Plains, New York 10604 T: 914.332.9000 • F: 914.332.9109 • www.mmz.net