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General Presentation

  1. 1. Heed, “to pay close attention to”, our name embodies the philosophy and approach that runs through the core of our organization and program. We listen, without judging, since the moment we judge we stop listening. At Heed, we assist companies in increasing their business development performance while creating sustainable improvements and driving tangible results. Our modular systems have been carefully crafted and developed with the intention of tapping into and unleashing the ocean of potential within the individuals in your organization, on the macro and the micro level. “ Success comes from Simplicity”
  2. 2. About UsHeed with might and main is a boutique consulting firm operating from a principal hub in Beirut,with a sole purpose of evolving business development personnel and organizations.Through our business development performance system, we operate in tandem with our partners,increasing your turnover and market-share while impacting the structured consultative approachin key commercial areas.Furthermore, we aim to facilitate a cultural shift throughout your entire organization. Vision: Heed envisages being the catalyst in changing the culture within the sales approach in the MENA region. Core Values: Heed strategizes to work in tandem with its clients, striving to bring a refreshingly different approach to our business; an approach where we genuinely heed to our clients’ needs, challenges, and objectives guided by a resolute commitment to quality, ethics, passion, purpose, team work and project mentality.
  3. 3. Our ApproachA t Heed we follow the buildup-breakthrough flywheel model to insure consistency and coherence until we guarantee the success of the project execution. “The way you do little things says a lot about the way you BUILD UP will do the big EXAMINE PLAN CULTURE OF EXECUTE & DEVELOP & COACH & DISCIPLINE CONSULT TRAIN FOLLOW UP things” DISCIPLINED PEOPLE DISCIPLINED THOUGHT DISCIPLINED ACTION
  4. 4. Our Solution“ In business, remarkable performers are especially good at getting to the right question, the question that speeds them to the place they need to reach”. This is the essence of our performance system in which all modules move around to orchestrate the success of this cultural change.This system increase your personnel performance by directing them, training them, coaching them, while setting up a structured process and approach leaving practical tools and MAPs they need in order to deliver their best when it really counts.This simple system is divided into different modules, founded on a scientific methodology validated through extensive research techniques coupled with industry expertise. It commences by understanding your exact needs through thorough analysis and examination of your challenges, fears and objectives.
  5. 5. ExamineFirst and foremost, Heed conducts an intensive structured audit of your commercial divisions, understanding your pain areas in detail. Thorough and rigorous assessments are applied to assist in presenting by the end of this phase a concrete recommendation in line with your strategic objectives and goals.  We will examine your sales strategy, vision, culture and people.  We will peruse your solution and target market.  We will identify the competency gap of every individual as well as his attitude, behavior, approach and intellect.  We will identify the headroom for change and the ability to adapt to new culture.  We will identify and examine the current processes and procedures.
  6. 6. PlanA ccordingly Heed will set a concrete business development plan that commences by setting a clear sales strategy, vision and culture. This plan includes but is not limited to  SWOT analysis of the department.  Clear objectives and a single significant goal.  Sales structure.  Market penetration and segmentation.  Tools and tactics to use with all relevant MAPS.  Guidelines and flowcharts for the sales cycle and potential client identification.
  7. 7. Execute and Consult “ Ideation without execution is a mere delusion.” Thus engagements begin with a tailored plan to support your business’ strategic goals, identifying who will be involved and how the program will be reinforced. Heed will formalize the key elements of a professional, individualized business development plan, and provides both the process and the guidelines to implement it in your company and will act as the key players in the cultural change.Evaluate line Set KPI Flowcharts Performance Flexibleof business and MAPS Metrics Scripts • In context to •And manage • We will design • That in turn • We will horizontal and the Key the business will assist develop, and vertical market Performance development management refine a very spaces. A Indicators for flowchart, to set reliable flexible detailed your business processes and and realistic validated prospecting development all tools and measurements structured and customer department. MAPS while keeping scripts that will profile is needed. up the motive aid your sales developed as of every people using a aiding tools to individual consultative assist in targets. approach to approaching easily the right diagnose their clients. clients’ needs.
  8. 8. Train and DevelopOur approach creates an interactive, dynamic climate, which actively encourages feedback and discussion. Heed trainings are a set philosophy rather than just sharing with our audience certain experiences or success stories that are presented from an egotistic position or related situation. Thus all training programs work on refining and developing your business people’s skills and competencies. Prospect Management Cold Calling The Psychology of Selling Questions are the Key Answers The Art of Closing Sales Management
  9. 9. Instruct and CoachThe coaching model is based on the belief that the question is the answer. Our consultants will heed to the challenges of every individual and his way of thinking and beliefs, then will work with might and main to help him unleash the potential inside him while discovering his ways and solutions. Follow up and SustainA fter the completion of the project, Heed consultants will follow up with the management and business managers for a period of time to ensure every aspect has been implemented, executed and embedded in the business team and that the new set culture and habits are synonymous with the success of your organization.