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  2. 2. MAKABAYAN- a new learning areathat integrates several subjects with thegoal of helping each Filipino todevelop healthy personal and nationalidentity.
  3. 3. What is said of MAKABAYANas a learning area? 
  4. 4.  Itis said to be a “laboratory of life” or a practice environment. It is the learning area that provides the Filipino learner the quality time to demonstrate practical knowledge and skills of empathy, vocational efficiency and problem solving in daily life.
  5. 5.  Love of country serves as the unifying principle for the diverse values in this learning area, thus it is called pagkakabayan or makabayan for short.
  6. 6.  provides the balance as it addresses primarily societal needs. This is where the learner can apply practical knowledge and life skills and demonstrate deeper appreciation of Filipino culture. Thus, it emphasizes the development of self-reliant and patriotic citizens as well as the development of critical and creative thinking.
  7. 7.  shallfeature a stronger integration of competencies and values within and across its learning area component and the tool learning areas. It shall use integrative teaching approaches where appropriate and relevant for a more holistic learning.
  8. 8. to develop the personal, social and work special skills of learners especially their interpersonal skills, empathy with other cultures, vocational efficiency, problem- solving, and decision-making in daily life, that is, to develop socio-cultural and politico-economic literacy.
  9. 9. The need to empower Filipinolearners for lifelong learning asthis would allow them to bestconfront the challenges post bythe changing social forces.
  10. 10.  develop cerebral competence and skills that are basic to literacy, productivity and entrepreneurship. nurture desirable values that help one come up with appropriate assessment and judgment.
  11. 11.  provide guidance in the development of a balanced personality. equip learners with essential training for self-empowerment, leadership, responsible citizenship and intelligent fellowship. introduce programs/activities that will develop students appreciation for and potentials in sports.
  12. 12.  provide opportunities from discovery and development of talents in arts, music and literature. guide students in the selection of their profession or vocation. help train future teachers by serving as a cooperating school for the
  13. 13. ? what isthe behindthe revision of theeducation curriculumand the introduction of
  14. 14.  Connect related subjects from the different learning areas. Improved the positive outlook towards work to increase productivity and lead to a peaceful country. Increase each individual’s ability to cope in fast changing world.
  15. 15.  Create multi-faceted basic education teachers. Reduce the congestion of subject offered in basic education. Reduce the hiring of teachers if one is able to teach different learning areas.
  16. 16.  Increase the importance of the arts, music, sports, dance and, other aspects of Philippine culture. Develop nationalism among the Filipinos and increase individual responsibility as a citizen.
  17. 17. What are the SUBJECTcomponents of MAKABAYAN???These are;-Social studies --Geography, history, and civics.-Civics and culture. -Music, arts, and physical and-Economics health education -Values education
  18. 18. . This subject covers Philippinehistory and government (firstyear), Asian studies, world history,and economics
  19. 19. Geography, history, and civics. it focuses on the geographical features of the Philippines as part of Southeast Asia and the world, use of natural resources, and the relationship of physical geography to local culture.
  20. 20. Civics and culture. Children engage in character-building activities, develop good behaviour, and are taught values such as love of country, good citizenship, respect for ones cultural heritage, and being pro-Filipino
  21. 21.  also introduced to basic health knowledge, healthy practices, and simple scientific skills such as observing, and describing interaction with, their environment.
  22. 22. Technology and home economicsand livelihood This component includes home economics, agriculture and fisheries, industrial arts, and entrepreneurship.
  23. 23. Music, and arts.
  24. 24. Physical and health education Physical education. This aims to physically and athletically develop learners through physical exercise, games, sports, and dance. Health. This develops the learners ability to attain and maintain holistic health (physical, mental, and interpersonal), and includes education on population, drugs, and safety.
  25. 25. Values education
  26. 26. TheMAKABAYAN DECALOGUE -consist of ten (10) PRINCIPLES.
  27. 27. Makabayan is a work in progress not a completed should be a community-based.-strictly speaking that there is no makabayan, but there are MAKABAYANS.
  28. 28. - There should be an integration of lessons take place.-schools designs makabayan according to the changing needs of it’s students and the community to which it belongs. Conclusion: if the community change, there should be change.
  29. 29. Makabayan is a work in progress frombelow, not from above.
  30. 30.  .Take note: The content of makabayan has tocome from the school themselves not from anycentral office.
  31. 31. Makabayan is our responsibility, not thatof Dep-Ed. Because the human beings we are educating are our own children or the children of our neighbours, we are responsible for the content of makabayan. And we know what we want our children to become
  32. 32. .
  33. 33. Makabayan has the psychomotor objective ofengaging the multiple intelligences ofstudents.
  34. 34. Makabayan has the cognitive objective ofacquainting students with the way the humanbody works in the context of human society. 
  35. 35.  All education is meant to train students to live as adults . They will become adults only in the future , not today. Students must learn how to socialize and interact in their own pace
  36. 36.
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Makabayan is the of the .   .
  39. 39. LearningsMakabayan is a learning area that;provide essential training for everyindividual to become morecompetitive being, in dealing withthe different aspects of life.shapes every Filipino to turn into,an active citizen in the community.
  40. 40. It is important for us citizen ofthe society to have deeperunderstanding about the reallife concept. To become moreresponsible to our duties. And itserve as a guide for us to bemore productive as well asequipped individual.
  41. 41. ReflectionAs a future educator it is important forme to know better the significance ofmakabayan as a learning area, becausethe course content of the subject is moreon values education and deal with liferealities, that a learner should have andlearn. It is my role and responsibility tointegrate makabayan into the differentlearning areas taught in school.
  42. 42. To inculcate to them the essentialityof the subject because it is a big helpfor them to improve their ability’s,skills and competencies. And part ofit, is to develop nationalism amongFilipinos and to prepare students tobecome adult, becauseMAKABAYAN stand to educatesstudents.
  43. 43. CREDITS/REFERENCES Cueto Donna S. About ‘millenium curriculum’ Philippine Daily Inquirer. Crisostomo, Shiela boon or bane? The Philippine Star.