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Presentation 20%11 Presentation 20%11 Presentation Transcript

  • Global Childcare System FranceBy: Nicole, Fang, May, Ripple, Sybel, Yijing
  • Agenda Introduction –May History –May Underlying philosophy –Sybel Types of childcare setting –Nicole Teacher’s training –Fang ECE’s roles –Fang Availability and accessibility –Ripple Program structure –Yijing Conclusion -Yijing
  • Introduction To have a deeper understanding of thedifferences between French and Canadianchildcare system.
  • The history/ evolution of service  Click to edit Master text styles ◦ Second level ◦ Third level  Fourth level  Fifth level
  • Comparison to Ontario France Ontario 1920:  1883: The first public The first public school kindergarten school kindergarten  1946: The Day 1966: The Day Nurseries Act was built Nurseries Act was built  1950: Increased in 1969: Increased in cooperative nursery cooperative nursery schools schools  1960-1980: Canada 1970-1980: Assistance Assistance Plan Plan
  • Underlying philosophyBoth the state and the families have theresponsibilities of childcare Respect of childcare “Liberty of choice”Balance between life and work Time to care for work Time to care for children.Day care is the right of every child
  • Comparison to OntarioFrance Ontario Child care is seen as  Optional. Unnecessary as public responsibilities public responsibilities  Not necessarily generous Generous offer for parental  Not emphasizing readiness as leave & child care benefits much as France and different Emphasize school kind of educationally oriented model are also readiness based on Model preferred “écoles maternelles” is highly structured
  • Types of childcare setting France La crèche d’enterprise La crèche familial (the nursery company) (the family nursery) La école maternelleLa crèche parentale (the parental nursery) 3 months (nursery school/kindergarten) to 5 years old
  • Child Care Setting Ontario  licensed, Child Care Center -For infants, toddlers, pre-school and school-age children. Include nursery schools, full day care, extended daycare and before and after school programs  Regulated Family Child Care -From newborn to twelve years old  Preschool/nursery school -Two to six years old  Early Childhood intervention -For infants, toddlers pre-school and school-aged children who have developmental challenges or who are atrisk of developmental delays  Kindergarten -Pre-Kindergarten , Junior Kindergarten , Senior Kindergarten For 3, 4, 5 years olds
  • Teacher’s trainningEarly Childhood Educator’s Qualification Bachelor’s Degree One year of study Several months of fieldwork Master’s Degree Professional Oral Examination
  • Comparison to OntarioEarly Childhood Educator’s Qualification College Early Childhood Educator Diploma Proof of registration with the Ontario College of Early childhood Educators Experience Basic skills Requirement
  • ECE’s rolesFocused areas Oral language and introduction to writing Learning to work together Acting and expressing emotions and thoughts with one’s body Discovering the world Imagining feeling and creating
  • Comparison to OntarioFocused areasFrance Ontario Oral language and  The write stuff introduction to writing  Talk to me (Teacher) Learning to work  Physical gains together Acting and expressing  Count on it emotions and thoughts  Ill help myself, thanks with one’s body  See Spot run Discovering the world  Class rules Imagining feeling and  Playing it up creating
  • Availability and accessibilityFrench National Curriculum Starts at age 2 , continues through primary and secondary education experience.Rate of access to regulated services Accredited daycare providers - 18% of children 0-3 years old. Crèche services - 8% école maternelle - 35% 2 to 3-year-olds (6-12 years are not available.)
  • Availability and accessibilityChildren with diverse need France child poverty-8% Public crèche system and écoles maternellesRate of provision 0-3 years: parents(64%), licensed childcare(18%), rèches(8%),etc. 3-6 years: almost 100%
  • Comparison to OntarioCanadian National Curriculum At the bottom of the heap of all OECD countries.Access to regulated services * NegligibleProvision Only 20% of lone parents and 5% of disadvantaged groups are covered.
  • Program structureAverage ratios Children 0-2 years: 5:1 Children 2-3 years: 8:1 Children 3-6 years: 25.5:1 Children 6-12 years: not availableMajor service types Centre-based, public options Individual options The provider’s home on a regular basis
  • Comparison to OntarioRatio France Ontario Children 0-2 years: 5:1  Children 0-1.5 years: 3:1 Children 2-3 years : 8:1  Children 1.5-2.5 years: 5:1 Children 3-6 years:  Children 2.5-5 years: 8:1 25.5:1 Children 6-12 years: not  Children 6-12 years: available 12~15:1
  • Video
  • What did you learn today?
  • Conclusion Based on comparisons, we should rememberand work on the differences. At the same time,remember the mistakes weve had in order tolearn from it and improve ourselves.
  • Bibliography Starting Strong II : Early Childhood Education and Care. Paris: OECD, 2006. Print. "France child allowances are so generous!." Promote Your Websites by Submitting your Unique Articles - Articles Submission. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Oct. 2012. < allowances-are-so-generous.html>. "I Need: child care assistance -" Government of Ontario, Canada / Gouvernement de lOntario, Canada. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Oct. 2012. "What Your Child Should Learn in Preschool." Parents - Pregnancy, Babies, Baby Names, Pregnancy Calendar, Ovulation, Birth & More.. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Oct. 2012. < preschoolers/starting-preschool/curriculum/what-your-child-should-learn-in-preschool/>. France Flag. [Online image] Available May, 1991. Canada Flag. [Online image] Available March 17, 2008. Children playground. [Online image] Available April 6, 2009. 5 France banknote. [Online image] Available October 6, 2011. Children reading. [Online image] Available January 28, 2006. Agenda. [Online image] Available June 11, 2010.
  • Thank you for watching and participation!