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customer relatinship management
customer relatinship management
customer relatinship management
customer relatinship management
customer relatinship management
customer relatinship management
customer relatinship management
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customer relatinship management


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  • 1. Customer Relationship Management CRM
  • 2. Meaning
    • It is a process implemented by a company to handle its contact with its customers.
    • CRM software support the processes of storing information of current and potential customers
    • This information can be accessed and entered by employees in different departments like sales, marketing, customer service , training, performance management and HRD policies related to compensation.
  • 3. Contd…
    • Details about the customers are stored in databases in system.
    • The objective behind storing information is to improve quality of product and services and making strategies for targeting potential markets and increasing sales.
    • CRM software require proper implementation by employee so they require proper learning and training of s/w
  • 4. Objective of CRM
    • Through CRM specific strategy of company is studied and the customer’s need and expectations are analyzed .
    • Information gathered through CRM s/w is used to develop market by developing organization’s knowledge about the area like segmentation , customer retention, improving features in product & services and identifying profitable segment of customers.
  • 5. Overview
    • For customers company act as a single entity although they interact with different employee and departments so information giver to them by various employees or department should be same.
    • CRM helps in framing same policies, processes and strategies to maintain similarity in information and provide a mechanism for tracking customer information.
  • 6. ASpects
    • Front office operation: Direct interaction, face to face meetings ,phone calls, e-mails online conversations.
    • Back office operations: Operations that affects activities of front office like billing, maintenance, planning, marketing, advertising, finance .
    • Business relationships: Interaction with other companies and partners like suppliers , retail outlets , distributors , industry networks like trade associations
    • Analysis: Key CRM data is analyzed to plan target marketing campaigns, framing business strategies, evaluation of framed strategies like market share, number and type of customers, revenue, profitability
  • 7. Types of CRM
    • Operational CRM
    • Sales force automation
    • Analytical CRM
    • Sales intelligence CRM
    • Campaign management
    • Collaborative CRM
    • Geographic CRM