Advantages & disadvantages of offshore mobile app development


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Mobilepundits: Mobile app development is a booming field, touching new peaks of success each and every day. In this scenario hiring offshore mobile app developers for pocket friendly app development service is really hard. Here in this ppt we have covered some of the most important points for hiring offshore developers to make a successful Smartphone app.

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Advantages & disadvantages of offshore mobile app development

  1. 1. Offshore mobile App development @Mobilepundits Submitted by Mayuri Mehta
  2. 2. Acquaintance With advent of Smartphone, usage of mobile phone is not just bounded for communication. They have converted into hi-tech gadgets with amazing feature. Increasing demand for mobile Apps, mobile development companies develop dynamic application on different platforms . Now with the mobile apps development IOS, android, blackberry, windows etc technologies are available for App development. User and vendors wants new and creative app so developer are focusing on creation of such mesmerizing app.
  3. 3. About offshore mobile technology •Key steps for offshore development •Various platforms for mobile App development •How developers help client in development •Advantages of offshoring •Disadvantages of offshoring •Conclusion
  4. 4. Key steps for mobile development •First and foremost task is that choose popular technology for development will grow business. For particular technology of App can be related to any game, media and which should be user- friendly. •Before development process, it is essential to make a sketch of designing to align your app with brand. • one factor is security, when technology is open source than it will have chance to risk. So when developing ,you have to more focus on it
  5. 5. Various platforms for mobile technology • Android App development • Blackberry App development • IOS App development • Windows App development • Cross platform development
  6. 6. Android App development With Android revolutionary changes has made by Google. It’s an open source platform for mobile device. Announcing user friendly mobile device, android is now becoming dominant player in industry.
  7. 7. Blackberry App development Blackberry Smartphone user can now easily search and download blackberry Apps, it comes from its ability to provide instant information to user and combine with core blackberry App. blackberry expert can help you with its development and provide effective apps.
  8. 8. Windows App development with support for Microsoft Exchange, Xbox live, and Windows 8 is a powerful and fresh operating system for both customer as well as consumer. It enables enterprise to use with existing infrastructure to enhance the app.
  9. 9. Cross platform development Now a day’s developing with native application for different platform with mastering on web technology like html, java, and CSS. Many organization help people by working cross platform development.
  10. 10. How developers help client in development Professionals handle your App from start to end and they give their full contribution for growth of business. Developers are well known about multiple platforms to work on different App on browser. they are really magician while working on App.
  11. 11. Advantages of offshore mobile technology •Product and services to expand market reach and add new market segment. •Communication improved with client, customer, and partner. • Such Professionals are Hire who are really expertise in their filed. • offshoring supporting for organization to strengthen their core business process. •Reduced cost is one of prime advantage of it. outsourcing.
  12. 12. Disadvantages of offshoring •When organization does outsource payroll, recruitment. It includes a risk if exposing confidential company information to third one. • offshoring is cost-effective most of time, hidden costs include while signing a contract. •In any condition you are not able to choose right partner for offshoring, some of common problems are occurred like stretched delivery time frames , sub standard quality output most of time these things are easier inside organization beside with outsourced.
  13. 13. Conclusion Offshore mobile development is beneficial for business growth. Mobilepundits is one of the leading company providing offshore services. As a mobile App development company they deliver outstanding Application. With developing and testing capability they help their client by providing quality product.