Transforming Business at the Intersection of Marketing & Technology


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My talk at the IQPC CMO Exchange, 2014

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  • Hi Siddharth, you re right. The shift isn't easy, it needs to be an incremental roadmap for it requires both a mindset and cultural change, hiring new talent and evolving existing ones. The DNA of the modern marketer itself has evolved. The bigger challenge for brands is that this isnt an option any more, it's a necessity. These are exciting disruptive times, the ones that learn to respond to the change will succeed, rest will fall behind.
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  • Interesting take Mayur, I see this struggle almost at most of the companies I work with and they are wrestling with one critical piece in driving this change 'people' which makes the consensus on such a move a bigger problem to solve.
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  • Mobile Medic – medically diagnosable mobile tool. New way to diagnose human body using smart phone. Piloted during a medical student recruiting campaign
  • Wearable technology now in clothing lines - Heapsylon’s sensor packed socks (Sensoria) is a fully instrumented sock with a virtual coach that monitors and guides you on how to improve your performance
  • “Physical” 3D QR Code to Trigger Consumer Engagement & eCommerce Transaction (Sun Dial QR Code) – Puts Korea way ahead in innovation. To boost plummeting sales during lunch hour from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, E-mart launched the E-mart Sunny Sale Campaign. To generate more sales, E-mart has created a three-dimensional QR code that acts like a sun dial. At noon, the shadow effect QR code is perfectly shaped where customers can use their smart phones to scan the code. Upon capturing the code, customers send the code and get directed to the company's homepage where they can find huge discounts and shopping deals. Purchases are then delivered straight to the doors of customers. The E-mart Sunny Sale Campaign led the company to a 58 percent increase in customer membership along with a 25 percent customer boost during the lunch hour. This is another great promotional tactic that is a story of success.
  • A sample of over 350 different companies that have built software for marketers.This is just a sample of a few hundred, from a marketing technology ecosystem of thousands of products.The possibilities and expectations of customer experience are blossoming around us — disruptive innovation that is now at the very center of marketing.And these days, more people can create software — faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before.
  • Technology as strategy & not enabler
  • Technology as strategy & not enabler
  • Technology as strategy & not enabler
  • Technology as strategy & not enabler
  • Transforming Business at the Intersection of Marketing & Technology

    1. 1. Transforming Business @ the intersection of Marketing & Technology By Mayur Gupta @inspiremartech
    2. 2. Our world today  My Daughter  Online Shopper  Age 3 Years  Montessori School  Favorite Gadget – iPhone  Favorite Mobile App - Gilt
    3. 3. @courtesy Scott Brinker;
    4. 4. We don’t believe in digital marketing. We believe in marketing in a digital world Clive Sirkin, CMO of Kimberly Clark
    5. 5. And this world is exploding with disruption
    6. 6. @courtesy
    7. 7. “You miss 100% of shots you don’t take” -Wayne Gretzky
    8. 8. @courtesy
    9. 9. New way to diagnose human body using smart phone
    10. 10. The new wearable technology now in CLOTHING lines
    11. 11. Online; Offline – difference?
    12. 12. “Sun Dial” QR Code – Redefine Experience
    13. 13. Unprecedented scale of change. @courtesy Scott Brinker; 13
    14. 14. Unprecedented speed of change. 14 @courtesy Scott Brinker;
    15. 15. The consumer is right at the center of it all
    16. 16. Era of the Brands & Advertisers BRANDS CONSUMER RETAILERS Era of the Retail Disruption RETAILERS CONSUMER BRANDS TODAY - Era of the Connected Consumer CONSUMER BRANDS RETAILERS
    17. 17. So, What Really Happened
    18. 18. The bar has been removed!!!
    19. 19. What does all this mean for the brands & marketers
    20. 20. #1 technology management is deciding which changes are adopted technology changes exponentially ? ? organizations change logarithmically @courtesy Scott Brinker;
    21. 21. #2
    22. 22. #3 Organizational silos & fragmented operating model
    23. 23. Coupons & Loyalty Finance Technology Sales Marketing eCommerce Media Mobile
    24. 24. “The problem is that too many companies are essentially showing their organizational chart to consumers” — Bob Lord & Ray Velez, Razorfish
    25. 25. Well great, now how do we fix it?
    26. 26. drive C ONVERGENCE
    27. 27. #1 Convergence in data & technology ecosystem wiring = data + API + cloud technology consolidation connected experiences marketing operating system
    28. 28. #2 Convergence in skills technology ? creative media strategy marketing finance
    29. 29. #3 Organizational Convergence Marketing Technology
    30. 30. #3 Organizational Convergence Marketing Technology
    31. 31. #3 Organizational Convergence Sales Strategy Marketing Technology Media Finance
    32. 32. #3 Organizational Convergence Sales Strategy Marketing Technology Media Finance this is where the consumer touches the brand
    33. 33. Easier said than done; but then again, WHO said Marketing was easy 
    34. 34. Thank You Mayur Gupta Global Head, Marketing Technology @ Kimberly Clark Reach me at: Email: Twitter: @inspiremartech Blog: