Cyber Laws


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Indian Cyber Laws.

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Cyber Laws

  1. 1. Cyber LawsMayur Mahajan
  2. 2. Covered TopicsIntroduction to Cyber Crime and Cyber LawTypes of Cyber CrimeVarious Laws and ProvisionsPenaltiesCareer Opportunities in Cyber Law
  3. 3. Introduction to Cyber CrimeThe term “Cybernetics” was coined by theAmerican mathematician ‘Robert Wiener ’ in1940’s to mean:“The Theory of Control and CommunicationProcesses”Cyber Crime can be defined as: Any crime with thehelp of computer and telecommunicationtechnology with the purpose of influencing thefunctioning of the computer and the computersystem.
  4. 4. Some Computer Crimes:Logic BombsTrap DoorsSpammingPiggybackingVirus, worms, Trojan HorseE-Mail abuse etc.
  5. 5. Categories of Cyber Crime 1. Against a Person: o Cyber staking o Loss of Privacy etc…. o Impersonation 2. Against Property: o Unauthorized Computer trespassing through Cyberspace. o Computer vandalism o Harmful program transfer o E-cash o Money laundering o Copy Right etc….
  6. 6. Against Government:1. Hacking2. Cyber Extortion3. NASA Website hacking4. Cyber Terrorism5. Computer Viruses6. Counterfeiting currency & industrial Espionage etc…. Mafia Boy
  7. 7. Hierarchy Law Cr.P.C: Criminal I.P.C.: Indian Procedure Penal Evidence Act Court Code I.T. Act 2000The term ‘Cyber Law’ would mean law relating to the computer andcomputer network
  8. 8. Sections 22 25 29 30 31 32 44 45 43 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 502A 419A 417A
  9. 9. Sections in Law & PenaltiesSection 43:of the act reads: “If any person without permission of the owner orany other person who in charge of the computer system or network ” 1. ACCESS OR SECUER the access to such computer 2. DOWNLOAD, COPIES, or EXTRACTS any data from such computer 3. Introduces causes to be introduced any computer contaminate or COMPUTER VIRUS into any computer 4. DEMAGES any computer network 5. DISRUPTS or CAUSES DISRUPTION of any computer system 6. DENIAL or CAUSES DENIAL of access to any person authorized to access any computer system or network 7. CONTRAVENTION (break) or violates 8. CHANGES ACCOUNT SETTINGS
  10. 10. Continued…. Section 43 PenaltyHe shall be liable to pay damages by the way of compensation notexceeding ONE CRORE to person so affected….
  11. 11. Section 66Hacking with Computer System(1) Information residing in a computer resources must beeither:• Destroyed• Deleted• Altered• Diminished in value or utility• Affected InjuriouslyPunishment:3 yrs. Or Fine up to 2 lac for hacking.The offences are tribal by any magistrate.
  12. 12. Section 67Section 67 of the Act reads: “Whoever publishesor transmitted in the electronic form anymaterial which contains sexually explicit acts orconduct shall be punished on first convictionwith imprisonment of either description for aterm which extend to ten lakh rupees and in theevent of second or subsequent conviction withimprisonment of either description for a termwhich may extend to seven years and also withfine which may extend to ten lakh rupees.”
  13. 13. Continued…. Section 67 PenaltyHe shall be liable to pay 1 lac and & or imprisonment of 2 to 5 yrs.And if same thing is repeated imprisonment of 10 yrs.
  14. 14. Section 65Tampering with computer source document:“Whoever knowingly or intentionally conceals, destroys or alteror intentionally or knowingly causes another to conceal, destroyor alter any computer source code used for a computer network,when the computer source code is required to be kept ormaintained by law for the time being in force, shall bepunishable with imprisonment up to three years, or with finewhich may extend up to two lakh rupees, or with both” • Punishments:Offences are magistrate and are punishable with imprisonmentup to 3 yrs. And / or fine up to Rs. 2 lakh
  15. 15. Section 69Deals with the Interception, monitoring ordecryption of any information in the interest ofthe sovereignty, integrity, Security or defense ofIndia, friendly relations with the with foreignstates etc.Punishment:2 lakh and /or jail not extending 5 yrs.
  16. 16. Some other Sections…Section 72:“Violation of the privacy policy”---Fine up to 5 lakh jail not extending2 yrs.Section 502A:“Publishing, Transmitting images of the private area of a personwithout his or her consent”---2yrs./2 lakh.Section 419A: “Cheating by any communication device or computer resource” ---5yrs.Section 417A: “Identity Theft”--- 2yrs.
  17. 17. Career Opportunities in Cyber LawResearch • Cyber Law Researcher • Get scholarship • Present expertiseAcademics • Cyber Trainer • Faculty MemberConsultancy • Security Policy • Cyber Crime Investigation assisting Police Dept. • Individual Cyber Crime Investigation • Conduct legal Audits
  18. 18. Career Opportunities in Cyber LawDrafting• You can draft Contracts relating to technology transfer, intellectual property, & other e-commertial documents…Litigation • Represent clients in Cyber Crime Cases • Multi core Cases • Provide expert opinion • Assist the investigation agency to detect the crime
  19. 19. Protect your Computers!Use anti-virus software and firewalls Dont share access to your computers with strangerskeep them up to date If you have a Wi-Fi network, passwordKeep your operating system up to protect itdate with critical security updatesand patches Disconnect from the Internet when not in useDont open emails or attachmentsfrom unknown sources Reevaluate your security on a regular basisUse hard-to-guess passwords. Don’tuse words found in a dictionary. Make sure your employees and familyRemember that password cracking members know this info too!tools existBack-up your computer data ondisksor CDs often