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  • 1. Offering a wide range of medicalequipments like Pre-FabricatedModular Operation Theatres,ICUs, Light Integrated Plan airSystems, Surgeons ControlPanels, X-ray View Panels, BedHead Panels, etc....
  • 2. Company Profile Business Type: Manufacturer , Service Provider.● Primary Competitive Advantages: 1)Supreme quality 2)Competitive prices 3)Innovative product range 4)Timely delivery No of Staff: 25. Year of Establishment: 1998. No of Production Lines:1. Production Type: Semi-automatic. No of Engineers: 6. Monthly Production Capacity: As per requirement. Services Offered: A.M.C. service maintenance of modular O.T. & I.C.U. equipments.
  • 3. We are a team of engineers having vast experience inthe medical field and are dedicated towards offeringproducts which are highly precise and wellengineered. The pre-engineered modular operationtheatre not only solves the problem of infections butalso facilitates speedy construction, high quality finishin prevention of contamination build up, longdurability, robust and flexible designs for futureexpansion, ease of maintenance, etc.We also excel in providing service support in therepair and maintenance of ICU and anaesthesiaventilators of any make. We also provide annualmaintenance contracts for modular O.T. & I.C.U.equipments. Our excellence in all spheres of ouroperations has made us a renowned name in themedical field.
  • 4. Services OfferedDevelopment and manufacturing of custommade and tailor made items as per therequirements of the clientsMaintenance and servicing of OT, ICU andMedical equipments including Anaesthesiaventilators , Anaesthesia Machines of anymake.
  • 5. Realizing the importance of hygienic living, we atCreative Engineers & Medical System have introduceda wide array of medical systems and equipments. Weare engaged as a manufacturer of Customized Pre-Fabricated Operation Theatres, Light Integrated Planair Systems, Surgeons Control Panels, X-ray ViewPanels, Bed Head Panels, Operating List Boards,Pressure Relief Dampers, Multi Movement PendantSystems, Nurse Call Systems, Automatic ScrubStations, O.T. Lights, General Lights, Sealed Doors,Anaesthesia & I.C.U. Ventilators, Scrub Sink Stations,Hermetically Sealed Sliding Doors, Hatch Boxes,Storage Units, Antistatic Conductive Floor Tiles,Pressure Module etc.
  • 6. Quality AssuranceOur products are engineered keeping in mind all thenecessary quality criteria followed internationally & asper NABH norms. Quality regulations are strictlyadhered right from the stage of procurement of rawmaterials to the final dispatch of the goods.All products, be it the pre-fabricated operationtheaters, Light integrated Planair systems, Surgeoncontrol panels, X-ray view screens, Bed head panels orPendants, etc., all are tested on stringent parametersof quality, resistance, thermal conductivity, sterility,etc. Thus, we ensure that each product fabricated byus is flawless and high on quality and performance.
  • 7. Our EdgeAn ISO 9001 :2009 & CE Certified Company.Our products meet international quality andsafety requirements .Excellent customized services.Usage of fine raw materials like stainless steel,Aluminium, Galvanised sheets etc.Innovative and hi-tech customised design forpre-fabricated operation theatres.Robust and flexible R&D department .A highly dedicated technical workforce.
  • 8. QUALITY PRODUCTSPre-Fabricated Scrub Sink Station.Modular Operation Pressure ReliefTheatre. Damper.Light Integrated Plan Hermetically Sealedair System. Sliding Door.Customised Plan air Hermetically SealedSystem. Swing Door.Operation Theatre Various type of AirControl Panel. Filtration system
  • 9. X-Ray View Panel. Hatch Boxes. Operating List Board. Medical Gas Pipeline Ceiling Pendant Systems. System. Bed Head Panel Pressure Module.Product Details & Demo follows ahead.
  • 10. 1)Pre-Fabricated Modular Operation Theatre
  • 12. Product SpecificationPre-Fabricated Modular Operation TheatreCreative Pre-fabricated modular Operating Theatre isthe state of art technology in medical environment.The pre-engineered modular Operation Theatre solvesthe problem of infections. Creative modular OT is afinished steel structure with joint less sterile coatingproviding a high quality finish. Pre-fabricated modularOT offer the advantage of speedy construction, highquality finish in prevention of contamination build up,long durability, robust and flexibility design for futureexpansion, ease of maintenance etc.
  • 13. 2) Light Integrated Planair System
  • 14. Product SpecificationLight Integrated Plan air SystemWe offer a wide range of plan air system to reduce airbornebacteria in an operation theatre. The unidirectional laminar flowsystem delivers the clean filtered optimum sir into the area inwhich the operation to be performed and sterile equipmentsare exposed. Creative range of ceiling systems reduces the riskof post-operative infection. The system is designed to allow theclient to select from a variety of lighting and diffuserarrangements to suit the specific requirements of the operatingteam.The ceiling consist of a plenum box supplied with conditionedair from the central system via S class HEPA filters mounted onthe inlet to the supply ceiling. All ceiling incorporate supports tosecure them to the main structural frame of the modularoperating theatre, or structural slab. Integral lighting providesan illumination level in excess of 1500-lux at the patient siteand having electronic dimming system without flicker.
  • 15. 4) Operation Theatre Control Panel
  • 16. Modular OT Walls
  • 17. Control Panel in Theatre
  • 18. Product SpecificationOperation Theatre Control Panel All the controls for the modular operation theatre are provided on a membrane type, microcontroller based electronic control mounted in the theatre wall panel. Control panel meet the electrical safety codes for high and low voltage systems. The control panel is user friendly and case of operating and maintenance purpose. The fascia is made with superior quality UV resistance membrane with sterilization feature. The control panel may consist 6 Tiles or 9 Tiles. We can develop the product as per requirement of customer. These tiles as below. Time of Days Clock Elapsed Time Clock Temperature Display / Control Humidity Display / Control Lighting Control / Dimming Medical Gas Alarm Systems Hands Free Telephone HEPA Filter Status Indicator OT Pressure IndicatorAll high voltage equipment will be installed in a separate enclosure can be positioned up to 250 meter away, allowing maintenance to be carried out with minimum disturbance. The remote cabinet consists of operating lamp transformers, remote relay card, electrical distribution equipment and circuit protection equipment for all circuits within the operating theatre.
  • 19. X Ray View Panel
  • 20. 4 Plate X-Ray View Panel
  • 21. 2 Plate X-Ray View Panel
  • 22. Product SpecificationCreative Engineers provides a range of x-ray viewing screens(any size) meet the electrical safety codes for high and lowvoltage system. The theatre is to be equipped with a 2-plate X-ray viewing screen, incorporating high efficiency electronicballasts, and electronic digital dimming control (100% to 10%)circuit to provide flicker free luminance for the film viewingpurpose. it can be installed flushed with theatre wall forhygienic and ease of cleaning purpose or desktop model. TheX-Ray viewing screen is designed for the purpose of frontaccess.Creative x-ray viewing screens provides high levels of luminousdensity from 4000 to 5400 cd/sqm. The Creative range of X-rayviewing screens is ideally suited for general, surgical and dentaluse in modern hospitals. The flush and wall mounted modelsare supplied with 2 meters of heat resistant cable, with plug,available in one, two, three, four, six and nine plate models.The glare free diffuser has spring loaded white clips to securethe x-ray.
  • 23. 6) Scrub Sink Station
  • 24. Product SpecificationScrub Sink StationCompact surgical scrub sink is designed for use in OT complexproviding Surgeons with a convenient sink for pre OT scrub up.The scrub station is made of high grade stainless steel andseamless welded construction, polished to a stain finish. Thescrub sinks to be provided with a front access panel whichincludes infrared sensor (hands free operation) built-in withtimer setting of 1 to 10 minutes depending on customerrequirement.The system is fully assembled with Thermostatic mixing valveto maintain constant water temperature of cold and hot water,solenoid valve control, foot operated manual operation andsoap dispenser. The scrub sink station may be 1-Bay, 2-Bay,and 3-Bay as per requirement.
  • 25. 7) Pressure Relief Damper
  • 26. Product SpecificationPressure Relief DamperPressure Relief Dampers will be provided in each theatre toprevent contamination of air from clean and dirty area. Suitablysized air pressure relief damper will be strategically placed,enabling differential room pressure to be maintained andensure that when doors are opened between clean and dirtyareas. Counter- weight balancing system will be provided in thePRD toThe PRD will remain closed at pressure below the set pressureonly fractionally above the threshold pressure. Allied PRD hasFirst class electrolyzed steel plate for body and high gradeSS304 stainless steel blades, which pivot upon sealed for lifetime maintenance free bearing assemblies.
  • 27. 8) Hermetically Sealed Sliding Door
  • 28. Swing Door
  • 29. Hermetically Sealed Sliding Door
  • 30. Product SpecificationHermetically Sealed Sliding DoorCreative uses hermetically sealed sliding doors, to maintain satirically and the correct airpressure in the room, which requires less valyuable space than hinged doors. The door can beoperated manually or automatically with microprocessor based electronic automation system.Meets international quality and safety requirements.Motor : Brush less DC MotorNoise level of movement : Less then 60 decibel.Controller : Microprocessor Based.The Track : Single piece extruded aluminium.Vision Window : 300mm x 300mmEnvironment Temperature : -20°C to +55°C.Starting time will be able to regulate from 5 second to 20 second and starting speed will be600mm per second.Electrical safety codes for high and low voltage systemThe door frame is made out of high quality anodized aluminium extrusion and the door panel ismade out of compact laminated board that can withstand high abrasions. The door will run onrubber rollers and guided with nylon runner guides which are fixed to the door in such a waythat they do not obstruct trolley movement through the door.The controller will be capable of either being operated by elbow switches/foot Switches, radarswitch (touch less sensor). All doors will be able to be operated manually easily in the event offailure power supply or the automation unit.
  • 31. 10) Hatch Boxes
  • 32. Product SpecificationHatch BoxesA Hatch will be provided in each Operationtheater to remove waste materials from Theaterto Dirty linen area just adjacent to OperationTheater. Each hatch will be equipped with twodoors and electronic operated interlocking andlight indication system. The Hatch will bedesigned in such a way that only one door willbe opened at one time.
  • 33. 11) Operating List Board
  • 34. Product SpecificationOperating List BoardOne operating list board will be providedin each operating theater. It will be madeof ceramic having Magnetic properties andwill be flushed to the wall of the operatingroom. it can be any size as perrequirement of.
  • 35. 12) Ceiling Pendant System
  • 36. Swivel type Rotating Pendant
  • 37. Product SpecificationCeiling Pendent SystemsCreative provides the range of quality ceiling pendants for anesthetic,surgery and monitoring purpose in Operation Theatre and Intensive Careunit, I.e. Fixed pendants, Fixed retractable pendant, single Arm movablependant, Double arm multi-movement pendant etc.Creative pendant is a compact modular unit, which can be supplied invarious configurations to meet exact requirement of hospital. The pendantconsists of a ceiling support, upon which a wide selection of arms can bemounted. it has the greatest advantage to accommodate all Medical gas,Electrical services, Data communication services and facilitating equipmentmanagement. incoming gas and electrical services are from ceiling toreduce cable clutter and result in a safer and neater workplace for themedical team. The movable arm system allows it to be positioned atprecisely where it is most convenient for the anesthetist. Double armalternatives offer flexibility to accommodate the need of the operatingteams for multiple work configurations.
  • 39. Bed Head Panel
  • 40. Product SpecificationBed Head PanelCreative has a range of Bed Head units I.e. Horizontal Bed headunits, Vertical Bed head units, are designed to provide. Nursingservices, eith the capability to mount medical gas pipeline, electricalservices, data communication and lighting system for many hospitalareas. it has a compact design, which complies fully with theinternational codes and standards. As a standard package, thepanels have been powder coating to standard colours with the highquality epoxy powder paint. Special colour is also available as percustomer requirement.In addition, we have a variety of types such as a concealed modelwith little exposure of equipment so as to ease the patients senseof oppression, a panel type with built-in treatment lamps, and atype to create a comfortable space by indirect lighting. by theseunits, we offer a ward with.
  • 44. View Window with Blinds
  • 45. List Of Customers/InstallationsIn a very short period, we has some reputed customers by supplying supreme quality products , timely delivery, timely installation and good after sales service. These are as given below :- Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi. Metro Multispeciality Hospital & Research Centre, Sector-11, Noida. USK Healthcare Pvt Ltd ( Sarvodaya Multispeciality Hospital),Delhi Road, Hisar, Haryana AIMS Hospital, Delhi. Max Healthcare Ltd, New Delhi. Orchid Hospital, Janakpuri, New Delhi. Jain ENT Hospital, Jaipur , Rajasthan Dr G S Kulkarni Hospital, Miraj, Maharashtra P B M Hospital, Bikaner , Rajasthan Indo Gulf Diagnostics & Hospitals, Noida, UP Park Hospital, New Delhi Recorders & Medicare System Pvt Ltd, Chandigarh Saviour Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Aashirwad Hospital, Raipur, Chattishgarh Ravi Hospital, Agra, UP
  • 46. Contact Details :SURGEONS HOME, 43, Mahesh Nagar, JalnaRoad, AURANGABAD 431 001.Contact No: 0240 2330754.Cell No: 93251 60844.Email id : hospitalneeds@gmail.comWebsite : Under construction.Contact Persons :1) Mr Deepak Baheti. ( 93251 60844)2) Mr Sunil Dutta. ( 98113 39989)
  • 47. Branch Details:Noida Branch for Northern region.Kolkatta Branch for Eastern Region.Aurangabad Branch for Western Region.All branches are have 24 hours back aftersales services.