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This is the slidedeck I prepared for the Social Media Basics+ webinar I led on behalf of ICCFA (

The objective of the webinar was to highlight some of the most recent tools, helpful trends and insights into how funeral homes, cemeteries and death care providers can improve their presence, interaction and engagement across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

If anyone has any questions about the material covered in this webinar, I can be contacted directly at or via Twitter at @mayraruiz.

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  • social media continues to offer many upsides but the primary one is: You can reach large audience for a relatively low cost//////////////////////////2. Second, most marketers haven’t even begun to experiment or optimize social paid advertising yet, so a good deal of potential remains.
  • Social Media Basics+

    1. 1. by Brand Journalist & Digital Strategist Mayra Ruiz-McPherson of Ruiz McPherson Communications, LLC | | | 703.798.2619
    2. 2. Webinar Objective This webinar will uncover numerous features, engagement approaches, tools & trends to ensure you are maximizing your participation on the most-used social media platforms. @mayraruiz Brand Journalist Digital Strategist Content Director What we’ll be covering today … LinkedIn Twitter • • • • • • Company Pages Your Profile Profile vs. Pages Approaches Tools & Help Advertising Facebook • • • News Feed & Engagement Profile vs. Pages Calls to Action
    3. 3. LinkedIn
    4. 4. Much More Than For Job Search • Professional Networking • Market & Industry Research • Lead Generation • Advertise
    5. 5. Tool: LinkedIn Intro (only available for Apple iPhone) Intro gives you everything you need to put faces to names, establish rapport and write the most effective emails.
    6. 6. Feature Enhancements: Company Pages
    7. 7. Tool: “How You’re Connected” (new tool, *just launched yesterday* … January 29, 2014) Aims to make the connecting and collaborating process much easier by helping you find the best path or strongest commonalities shared between you and the individual that could be the key to obtaining your next success.
    8. 8. Twitter
    9. 9. Tool:
    10. 10. Tip 1: Embed Tweets Into Your Content Tip 2: Organized / Categorize Your Tweets • • • • • Links Images Quotes Retweets Questions or comments of your own
    11. 11. Tip 3: If You Tweet Your Facebook Statuses…
    12. 12. State of the Affairs on
    13. 13. Source: Social
    14. 14. State of the Affairs on 1 Be a bit more personable with your “page like” requests; pictures of urns and caskets aren’t very warm photos to use for “page like invites” 2 3 Engage! Comment! Create and respond to conversations to build relationships. Old posts show families you are “not around” … be mindful to keep your Facebook page active and current
    15. 15. State of the Affairs on 4 Using your Facebook news feed to publish only obituaries is not a form of conversation or engagement. This is a “broadcast message” focused activity and can be viewed as anti-conversational.
    16. 16. State of the Affairs on 5 When someone from your community takes the time to take many photos, post and share them AND tag your funeral home, at the very least thank them, leave a comment and share photos with others.
    17. 17. State of the Affairs on 6 Use cover photos as opportunities to showcase your grounds, property upgrades or highlight a recent community event. To leave your cover photo area like this is a lost visual opportunity. 7 Don’t use personal Facebook profiles for your funeral or death care business. Not only is it against Facebook’s terms of use but you can’t benefit from the many Facebook Pages features intended to help you market your business.
    18. 18. State of the Affairs on 8 Interesting use of a press release. There are some good intentions here but execution could have been improved in the following ways: 1. The complete release should have been posted on the funeral home’s site or blog, not on Facebook as a status update 2. The update on Facebook should have been used to drive the traffic to the funeral home web site or blog so users could view full release 3. Despite the many comments shared and posted on Facebook with this news, the funeral home itself did not comment
    19. 19. State of the Affairs on 9 While not always an easy thing to do, cemeteries, funeral homes and death care service providers MUST respond to Facebook users who leave positive or unfavorable reviews. Leaving a review unattended gives a bad impression; it makes your operation looks as if it doesn’t care to respond, is incapable of providing service or follow through.
    20. 20. State of the Affairs on 10 1. When posting events to Facebook, upload a “cover photo” for your event listing. 2. Upload additional photos related to the event if available and provide more detail about the event. 3. Include links to your site where event details can/should also be available. 4. If and when appropriate, consider Inviting your fanbase to the event.
    21. 21. “Building up a Facebook fanbase just for the sake of it is often just a waste of time and money!” • Ask yourselves … – Why is building a Facebook fanbase important to our business? – What content will we post? And how often? – Have we already made good use of all the existing Facebook features and functions before enhance our Page with additional bells and whistles? – Are we prepared to invest in Facebook advertising to help our content reach critical mass?
    22. 22. Any Questions?
    23. 23. Thanks for attending this webinar by Brand Journalist & Digital Strategist Mayra Ruiz-McPherson of Ruiz McPherson Communications, LLC | | | 703.798.2619
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