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New Village's Apartment Tenant Retention Program

New Village's Apartment Tenant Retention Program



A new and innovative Tenant Retention / New Leasing incentive program designed to increase occupancies rates at for Apartment Management Companies at NO COST. ...

A new and innovative Tenant Retention / New Leasing incentive program designed to increase occupancies rates at for Apartment Management Companies at NO COST.
For more information Please e-mail: Andy@NewVillageHealth.com



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    New Village's Apartment Tenant Retention Program New Village's Apartment Tenant Retention Program Document Transcript

    • A f ford able Discou nt Me d ical Pla n H EA LT H Y A PA RT M EN T LI V I NG This plan is NOT insurance. This is not a Medicare prescription drug plan. The plan provides discounts at certain health care providers for medical services. The plan does not make payments directly to the providers of medical services. The plan member is obligated to pay for all health care services but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with the discount medical plan organization. The range of discounts will vary depending on the provider type and services provided. HEALTH This plan is administered by Coverdell & Company, Inc., a discount medical plan organization, at 8420 W. Bryn Mawr, Suite 700, Chicago, IL 60631, 1-800-308- To locate a provider in your area, please go to www.findbestbenefits.com 0374. You have the right to cancel this plan within 30 and enter promo code 698500. days of the effective date for a full refund of fees paid. This plan is not available in Florida or in Vermont. Discounts w w w. n e w v i l l a g e h e a l t h . c o m HEALTH on hospital services are not available in Maryland. 698500E
    • ABOuT uS New Village Health and Best Benefits are focused on providing affordable healthcare plan to American families. Currently, six million Americans see the value in enrolling in the Best Benefits Discount Medical Plan. We understand that providing healthcare for your tenants is a major concern AND a major competitive advantage. So New Village Health has teamed with Best Benefits to provide a well-balanced and affordable medical plan that makes it simple for your clients or your tenants to secure. Our discount medical plan is not insurance. Instead it’s an easy-to-use discount plan that allows you to pay discounted rates at thousands of locations and healthcare providers nationwide. Our membership card allows your tenants to start enjoying great savings. 5
    • T he Discou nt Me d ical Pla n H EA LT H Y A PA RT M EN T LI V I NG HEALTH w w w. n e w v i l l a g e h e a l t h . c o m 7
    • Ph ySiCiAN ANd hOSPi TA L P L A N Members in our discount medical plan will have access to a network of over 350,000 doctors, physicians and medical facilities nationwide. Our members are entitled to receive discounts ranging from 5% to 40% on medical services. Members who have no health benefits can save money on visits to a participating provider. Members who do have health benefits can save on services not covered, such as routine office visits and cosmetic surgery. Our members can save hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars a year. A team of professionals prior to joining the network screens participating providers. All providers are licensed and credentialed. There is no paperwork to complete and there is no limit to the number of visits a member may make to his or her provider. Members simply make an appointment with a participating provider from the list or contact a Customer Service Representative for the name of a provider in their area. Remember, this is not an insurance plan and there will be no reimbursement to you or to the participating provider. Members are responsible for paying the provider directly for services rendered. This plan is provided through one of the largest provider networks in the nation. The network is available throughout the United States and providers are continually being added to meet your member needs. ATTENTiON mAryLANd rESidENTS T he Hospit al Refer ral Plan benef it is not available i n Mar yland. Discou nts on Hospit al ser vices are not allowed u nder Mar yland law. Physician ser vices are eligible for the discou nt on the plan. 8
    • viSiON CA r E The Vision Benefit provides nationwide benefits for purchase of corrective eyewear, contact lenses and related sundries. Network Providers are appropriately licensed and certified or otherwise qualified under state law. The Provider network includes several nationwide retail outlets. BENEFiTS iNCLudE: diSCOuNTS 20-60% on glasses and non-disposable contact lenses; 10-40% on disposable contact lenses (available by mail order only) 10-30% on procedures including eye exams and LASIk where available. CONvENiENCE The Vision Care Network is comprised family may use the benefit during the and receive price quotes for brands and of Providers nationwide. Members year. Members simply present their other information over the telephone. simply select a Provider and present membership card at the participating The Best Benefits Program Vision the card before services are rendered, optical location and are eligible to Benefit guarantees satisfaction and the and a discount will be applied. receive the discounted price.Members lowest price. If a member is dissatisfied Over 12,000 Eye Care Professionals can select the eyewear of their choice; with a purchase at a retail location or in network including JC Penney®, almost all lenses, colors, sizes and through the mail order service within LensCrafters®, Pearle Vision®, add-ons such as ultra-violet protection, 30 days they can receive a full refund Sears® Optical and Target® Optical. scratch coating and tints are available. on the returned eye wear. If a member No Restrictions or Limitations. Replacement contact lenses can be finds a lower price on prescription eye Members are entitled to use the Vision ordered through the mail order service wear purchased through a participating Benefit to purchase as many products at 10% - 40% discounts from retail provider within 30 days, the difference as they need, as often as they desire. costs. All major brands and types of will be refunded. M a y not b e u s e d i n There are no limits on the number of contact lenses are available through the c o nju n c t io n w it h ot he r d i s c ou nt s times members and their immediate mail order service. Members can call or i n s u r a n c e. 9
    • h EA r i Ng CA r E Participating hearing providers are committed to providing the most cost competitive services in the hearing care industry. The Provider’s retail rates, even before the discount, are extremely competitive and affordable. Members receive a 10% - 20% savings from the Provider’s everyday low price. BENEFiTS iNCLudE: Basic Audiologic Testing at base prices of $49.00 ($59.00 in CA and NY) or less, including air conduction, bone conduction and word recognition tests. Hearing Aids. Members receive a 10% - 20% discount from Providers’ usual fees for hearing aids and hearing aid repairs (except batteries). An additional charge may apply for an ear mold for a behind-the-ear appliance. Members receive a10% discount on programmable hearing aids. During the first year from the date of delivery, the Provider will replace any hearing aid with the same model if the aid has been repaired three times or more through no fault of the member. Members also receive a free loaner during any repair period. Members receive an unconditional 45-day refund policy on hearing aids with the exception of a $35.00 fee the hearing Provider is entitled to retain plus the cost of a custom ear mold charge if required. The hearing Provider shall make all repairs to a defective hearing aid through the manufacturer’s warranty period. If the hearing aid needs to be shipped back to the manufacturer, a loaner will be made available at no cost. The Hearing Care Plan cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount plan or insurance. FrEE C ONS u LTAT iON ABOuT NOiSE ExPOSurE iN ThE WOr k PLACE A N d AT hOmE. m A i N TENA NCE Fr EE A N N uA L C L E A N i N g A N d C h E C k O F h E A r i N g A i d S Pu rC h A SE d T h rOugh T h E P rO gr A m. 10
    • dENTA L CA r E T he De nt al Be nef it prov ide s nat ionw ide be nef it s t h roug h a net work of c rede nt ials pr a ct it ione r s. Membe r s save on rout i ne, preve nt ive ca re, a nd more ext e n sive t reat me nt s such a s f il l i ngs, c row n s, root ca nals, de nt u re s, or al su rge r y a nd or t hodont ics. Save bet we e n 10% - 50% for most de nt al se r v ice s. Network of 28,000 participating providers. NOTE: If a member has a dental insurance plan that is not a PPO or HMO and the dentist is a participating provider, then the member may be able to use his or her membership card to receive additional savings. 11
    • ChirOPr ACTiC CA r E The Chiropractic Benefit reduces costs for regular preventive maintenance care as well as for acute chronic problems. Members have access to one of the largest networks of Chiropractors in the country, and may see the Chiropractor as often as they need. Payment at the reduced fee is made to the doctor at the time of treatment. The participating chiropractic Providers adhere to nationally recognized standards for credentials and quality assurance. BENEFiTS iNCLudE: • Free initial consultation • $35.00 initial examination (an $80.00 value) • Savings of 20% to 40% on chiropractor’s usual fees. Note: There are no limits to the number of visits with this benefit. The benefit cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount program. 12 B
    • POdi AT ry CA r E The Podiatry Benefit provides members a 50% discount on the initial exam and 20% discounts on all other services and products. The network is comprised of over 3,000 podiatrists nationwide. The Podiatry Benefit provides members with the opportunity to receive savings on top quality services from America’s leading Podiatric physicians. The Podiatric physicians that members can choose from are specially trained to meet patient foot and ankle care needs at reduced rates. BENEFiTS iNCLudE: • Initial Exam and Consultation – • Vascular Exam • Ingrown Toenails Savings of 50% • Treatment Programs – Savings of 20% • Diabetes • Complete Gait Analysis • Heel Pain • Arch Pain • X-Ray • Bunions • Arthritis • Neurological Exam • Hammer Toes • Foot Orthotics • Other Foot and Ankle Problems Not e: T he B e s t B e nef it s P r og r a m c a n not b e u s e d i n c o nju n c t io n w it h a ny ot he r d i s c ou nt pl a n . 13
    • SEN iOr CA r E Our Senior Care Search Service and Discount Network provides access to a Care Advocate who will assist members in determining the appropriate level of care and selection of an appropriate care provider. Options include assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies. The quality of care, location and the member’s specific needs will be considered as the Care Advocate conducts a customized search for the member. This search includes access to a network of assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and home health care agencies who agree to provide discounts of 5% to 30% off their usual private pay rates. If a member selects a non-participating provider, the Care Advocate will contact the selected provider/facility and attempt to negotiate a discount on the member’s behalf. 14
    • PrESCriPTiONS The Prescription Drug Benefit is offered through a nationwide network of over 57,000 pharmacies including major chains and smaller independent pharmacies. This benefit provides discounts of an average of 20% on most branded and generic prescription drugs at those pharmacies. The Prescription Drug Benefit provides savings on both generic and name brand prescriptions, and allows for unlimited use by the member. Prescription drug discounts vary depending upon the formula used by each chain when establishing both retail prices and average wholesale costs for their products. An important component of the Prescription Drug Benefit is the mail order service option. The mail order service provides a discount on either brand name or generic drugs. A 90-day or greater supply of the prescription drug can be sent by mail order. The mail order pharmacy program is especially convenient for maintenance prescriptions. Members save time and money as trips to the pharmacy are reduced. BELOW iS A LiST OF rETAiL ChAiNS WiThiN Our PrOvidEr NETWOrk: Albertsons Fred’s Pharmacy Randall’s Pharmacy Vons Pharmacy Anchor Pharmacy Giant Eagle Pharmacy Rite Aid Pharmacy Walgreens Bi-Lo Pharmacy kerr Drug Safeway Wal-Mart Brookshire Pharmacy kroger Drugstore Shopko Pharmacy Winn-Dixie Costco Medicap Pharmacy Shop ‘N Save Pharmacy Cub Pharmacy Meijer Pharmacy Shoprite Pharmacy CVS Pharmacy Pathmark Pharmacy Smith’s Pharmacy Dillon Pharmacy Price Chopper Super D Drugs Dominicks Pharmacy Pharmacy Target Pharmacy Drug Emporium Publix Pharmacy Thrifty White Drug 15
    • A LT E r NAT i v E WE L L N E S S Complementary / Alternative Medicine Benefit provides referral to qualified, credentials alternative medicine practitioners including acupuncturists, Herbologist, massage therapists, nutritionists, who provide discounts of 20% off of their usual fees. SOmE OF ThE COmPLEmENTAry / A LTErNATivE CArE mOdALiTiES: • Acupuncture • Health Clubs • Magnetic Therapy • Naturopathy • Shiatsu • Biofeedback • Herbology • Massage Therapy • Nutraceuticals • Spa Treatment • Chealation Therapy • Holistic Medicine • Meditation • Nutrition • Stress Management • Chiropractic • Homeopathy • Mind-Body Therapy • Phychotherapy • Tai Chi • Colonic Irrigation • Hypnotherapy • Natural Foods • Qi Gong • Therapeutic Touch • Fitness Training •Kinesiology • Natural Pharmacy • Reiki • Yoga 16
    • vi TA m i NS A N d FiTNESS PLAN/ NuTriTiONAL FiT NESS CLuB SuPPLEmENTS diSCOu NTS The Vitamin and Nut r itional Supplements Lose Weight & Save up to 60% off at Fitness Clubs Nationwide. Benef it is of fe red nat ionw ide t h roug h a on l i ne Getting fit — and staying fit — can do wonders for you. Join & mail orde r se r v ice at sav i ngs of 20% - 50% a fitness club through GlobalFit, and you can save up to 60% below suggested cat alog pr ices on Vit am i n on monthly dues at nearly 8,000 clubs nationwide with month- & Minerals, non-prescr iption medications, to-month membership options. You can even get a online Diet beaut y supplies, nut r itional supplements, Bath Programs, Health Coaching for 1-on-1 Weight Loss & Smoking & Pe r sonal Ca re, a nd Healt hy Pet s product s. Cessation, and much more. T he r e a r e 19 0 0 p r o d u c t s ava i l a ble o n t hei r we b Some of t he f it ne s s clu b s i n clu d e: BA LLY Tot a l sit e. Mo s t v it a m i n s a r e ava i l a ble t o sh ip w it h i n Fit ne s s® & C u r ve s® 24 hou r s. m EmBErS CAN ALSO SAvE uP TO 30% OFF CATALOg PriCES! 17
    • mEdiCAL rECOrdS PLAN Our members are provided with a virtual (on-line) document and image management system where they can securely and confidentially store and access their personal health and other information in a simple and easy to use manner. Users then can access their important medical and personal health information, 24/7 from any Internet-connected computer anywhere in the world. My Medical Records Plan is like having a virtual safe deposit box for important documents. W hat’s more, your tenants can also get helpf ul tools that let them better manage their family’s health: • A dat abase where they can keep thei r family’s medical histor y, including allergies and su rger ies. • A place to list all of their prescr iptions which could help them avoid potentially dangerous side effects. • Calendars where members can set up reminders for prescr iption ref ills and doctor appoint ments, so they never lose t rack. 18
    • PA T i E N T A d v O C A C y The Patient Advocacy program is designed to provide personalized attention for our members, to ensure your experience with Best Benefits exceeds your expectations. Our Provider Relations Team will serve as a member’s Patient Advocate, guiding him or her through the process of selecting a participating healthcare provider. Committed to excellence, our Patient Advocates strive to deliver unparalleled service to each Best Benefits member they assist. When a member is ready to select a provider, they can call our toll-free to speak to a Provider Relations Representative. A member will then simply provide their Patient Advocate with the zip code or city in which he or she wishes to visit a provider, and they will help that member find a participating provider. Once a provider has been selected, the Patient Advocate will personally contact the provider office. They will verify that the provider participates in the Best Benefits program and introduce the member to the staff responsible for appointment scheduling. In addition, the Patient Advocate will help educate the provider’s office staff of the appropriate discount the member’s services. The goal of the Patient Advocacy program is to ensure that the member receives the appropriate discount for services rendered and experiences a satisfying visit with our providers. We look forward to helping members when they need it. ThiS BENEFiT iS NOT AvAiLABLE iN CALiFOrNiA 19
    • 24-hOur NurSE hELP-LiNE In an effort to assist our members in becoming more informed about their healthcare, we are pleased to offer a telephone service that allows members to ask questions and receive information about their health, illnesses and medications. Members have unlimited access to registered nurses via a toll-free number 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These nurses are specially trained to offer prompt, confidential medical counseling to help members make informed decisions about their health and the medical care they receive. However, our nurses do not diagnose or provide treatment. BENEFiTS iNCLudE: • Toll-free, confidential availability to registered nurses 24 hours a day. • Information about self-care techniques for common symptoms. • Explanations on what to expect during a medical test. • Help from a registered nurse who can answer questions regarding. - Diagnostic and surgical procedures. - A recently diagnosed medical condition. - Prescription and over the counter medication information. 20
    • P E r S O N A L h E A LT h i m P r O v E m E N T Tr A i N i N g BENEFiTS iNCLudE: • Personalized workout programs for all ages and fitness levels. • Unbiased health information from a professional staff. • Daily health tips on nutrition, weight-loss, exercise and disease prevention. • Over 4500 current health and wellness related articles. • Health calculators for easy tracking and self assessments. • Additional resources pulled together for members' benefit. 21
    • Posit ion i ng & Ma rket i ng H EA LT H Y A PA RT M EN T LI V I NG HEALTH w w w. n e w v i l l a g e h e a l t h . c o m 23
    • BENEFiTS T O T h E A PA rT m E N T Many Apartment Management Companies are holding vacant units, or are forced to rent these properties for much less than they had hoped. dON’T LOWEr yOur rENT iNCrEASE yOur APArTmENT’S vALuE. The time has come for a new and innovative marketing approach to secure new customers and retain your current customer base. Offering leasing incentives are commonplace. Renters have come to expect aggressive leasing incentives to win their business. An innovative and smart strategy for filling vacancies begins with addressing more than one of your customer’s primary needs. In America, Health Care and quality affordable housing are just two of the major concerns that your customers are faced with today. Apartment Management Companies can now provide a solution to these major concerns just by including New Village Health Best Benefits discount medical plan into the cost of the rent. By i NC Lu di Ng Ou r di S C Ou N T m E di A L PL A N i N T O T h E C O ST O F T h E A PA rT m E N T yOu m Ay BE A BL E T O : • Increase your tenant retention • Create a greater leasing incentive for new customers • Reduce your vacancy rate • Become more competitive in your market place • Increase the perceived value of your apartment • Offer up this discount medial plan as a free amenity • Position and market all of your apartment complexes as including a “Discount Medical Plan” for all of your tenants 24
    • Th E Nu m BE r S Cost to Apartment Complex per member:: FirST mONTh: $14.60 EACh mONTh AFTEr: $11.65 A LL NumBErS ArE BASEd ON A TyPiCAL 200-uNiT APArTmENT COmPLEx FigurES ArE BASEd ON ASSumPTiONS AS CALCuLATEd By NEW viLLAgE h EALTh - 2009 Rent Vacancy rate $500 90% 92% 94% 96% 98% 100% # of leased units 180 184 188 192 196 200 # of leased units increase 2 4 8 12 16 20 Increase in Monthly Revenue $1,000 $2,000 $4,000 $6,000 $8,000 $10,000 Increase in Yearly Revenue $12,000 $24,000 $48,000 $72,000 $96,000 $120,000 Rent Vacancy rate $650 90% 92% 94% 96% 98% 100% # of leased units 180 184 188 192 196 200 # of leased units increase 2 4 8 12 16 20 Increase in Monthly Revenue $1,300 $2,600 $5,200 $7,800 $10,400 $13,000 Increase in Yearly Revenue $15,600 $31,200 $62,400 $93,600 $124,800 $156,000 Rent Vacancy rate $800 90% 92% 94% 96% 98% 100% # of leased units 180 184 188 192 196 200 # of leased units increase 2 4 8 12 16 20 Increase in Monthly Revenue $1,600 $3,200 $6,400 $9,600 $12,800 $16,000 Increase in Yearly Revenue $19,200 $38,400 $76,800 $115,200 $153,600 $192,000 Rent Vacancy rate $950 90% 92% 94% 96% 98% 100% # of leased units 180 184 188 192 196 200 # of leased units increase 2 4 8 12 16 20 Increase in Monthly Revenue $1,900 $3,800 $7,600 $11,400 $15,200 $19,000 Increase in Yearly Revenue $22,800 $45,600 $91,200 $136,800 $182,400 $228,000 25
    • ThE h EA LThCA r E m A r k ET NiChE By i n clu d i ng a d i s c ou nt me d ic a l pl a n i n t o t he c o s t of t he a p a r t me nt r e nt w i l l a p p e a l t o a hu ge g r ou p of A me r ic a n s. Mo s t A me r ic a n s h ave he a lt h b e nef it s t h r ou g h t hei r e m ploye r s. But , e m ploy me nt i s no lo nge r a g u a r a nt e e of he a lt h b e nef it s. • Nearly 46 million Americans, or 18 percent of the population under the age of 65, were without health benefits. • The large majority of those people without health benefits (80 percent) are native or naturalized citizens. • Over 8 in 10 people without health benefit plans come from working families – almost 70 percent from families with one or more full-time workers and 11 percent from families with part-time workers. • 37 million workers do not have health benefits because not all businesses offer them benefits, not all workers qualify and many employees cannot afford their share of the health benefit plan even when employers offer benefits. • Nearly two-fifths (38 percent) of all workers are employed in smaller businesses, where less than two-thirds of firms now offer health benefits to their employees. It is estimated that 266,000 companies dropped their health benefit plans between 2000-2005 and 90 percent of those firms have less than 25 employees. • Losing a job, or quitting voluntarily, can mean losing affordable health benefits – not only for the worker but also for their entire family. A ll i n for m At ion A n d s tAt is t ic s w er e gAt h er ed f rom th e n At ionA l c oA lit ion on h e A lt hcA r e w eb sit e At w w w. nc hc . org (s ep t 2009) 26
    • W hat t o do next H EA LT H Y A PA RT M EN T LI V I NG HEALTH w w w. n e w v i l l a g e h e a l t h . c o m 27
    • 5 EASy STEPS TO gET STA rTEd 1 SET uP: Set up New Village Health as a new vendor for your company. We will provide you with all of the needed paperwork. A NNOuNCEmENT: At your next company wide meeting, make an announcement that your company will 2 now start providing our discount medical plan to all new customers and current tenants that sign a new lease. A representative from our company would be available to attend this meeting to answer any questions about the program and how it will launch. 3 diSTriBuTiON OF mATEriALS: Disseminate the discount medical plan marketing brochure to all of the complex managers in the PDF format. This will be printed as needed for inclusion with current information about the apartment. m ArkETiNg ThE PrOgrAm: Create a press release indicating that your complexes will now be offering this discount medical program. A representative from our company will assist you with the creation of this press release. Reach out to all of your current-marketing partners like apartment Finders and other on-line and print media with news about this program. 4 OrdEriNg: Create a ongoing file of new, current and tenants to be removed from the plan. Submit the file along with the agreed form of payment. The initial new membership enrollment for the first month will be $14.60 with the following memberships dues of $11.65 there after for as long as the tenant is on the plan. The new membership fulfillment package will arrive 7-10 working days after 5 receipt of payment. 28
    • Millions of AMericAns Are without he A lth benefits. We can position your company to capitalize on one of the hottest topics in a merica right noW - health care . I nclu d e D i s c ou nt Me d ic a l t o m a ke you r a p a r t me nt s i n c r e d ible. 31
    • HEALTH w w w. n e w v i l l a g e h e a l t h . c o m HEALTH