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The Happenings Gay Magazine (2007) Mayonn, Inc.
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The Happenings Gay Magazine (2007) Mayonn, Inc.


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  • 1. Our Youth pride chorus perfOrms sOmebOdy tO LOve - a hOLiday cOncert december 18 & 19, 2007 | Page 5 DECEMbEr 2007 • VOLUME 23, Issue 11 MAILED TO 58,000 HOUSEHOLDS EACH MONTH World aids day concert saturday, december 1 | Page 5 raising a faith-based family thursday, december 13 | Page 10 kWanzaa celebration friday, december 28 | Page 16 “the Portable Queer” tuesday, december 7 | Page 11
  • 2. center buiLdinG & prOGram hOurs December 2007 • VOLUME 23, ISSUE 11 The Lesbian, Gay, EXECUTIVE DIrECTOr EDITOr bisexual & Transgender Library book Sale: richard d. burns, esq. david henderson Community Center monday – friday: 6pm–9pm saturday: 1pm–7pm 208 West 13th Street PrESIDENT DESIGNEr (Between 7th & 8th Aves.) National History Archive: bruce anderson mayonn, inc. Walk-in hours: Phone: 212.620.7310 thursday: 6pm– 8pm or by appointment bOArD CO-CHAIrS ADVErTISING Fax: 212.924.2657 (call 212.620.7310, ext. 205) rachel Lavine, esq. COOrDINATOr Gregg h. passin clay cane Cyber Center: Subway: 1, 2, or 3 to 14th street monday–friday: 11am–9pm TrEASUrEr and 7th avenue saturday & sunday: 12 noon–6pm david ratcliffe CONTrIbUTOrS a, c, e, or L to 14th street and Terminal use: $3 per hour ector simpson 8th avenue (or any part of an hour) PrESIDENTS EMErITI Orie urami f or v to 14th street and 6th avenue irving cooperberg (in memoriam) dan Whitman path to 14th street and 6th avenue Youth Enrichment Services Program: david nimmons Jeff Klein tuesday–friday: 3:30pm–8pm steven J. powsner, esq. (in memoriam) Jim-bob Williams CENTEr bUILDING AND drop-in counseling hours: 3:30—5:30pm PrOGrAM HOUrS saturday: 12 noon–6pm Judith e. turkel, esq. building: 7 days a Week: 9am–11pm drop-in counseling hours: 12noon—2pm richard Winger Office: monday–friday: 9am-8:30pm Center CArE: bOArD OF DIrECTOrS monday-friday: 10am-6pm maria canales The Pat Parker/Vito russo Library: by appointment ivan dominguez, esq. monday–thursday: 6pm–9pm center care screening sherri eisenpress, esq. saturday: 1pm–4pm monday-friday: 12-4pm michael field call (212) 620-7310 X248 paul Gruber center happenings is Kenneth harkins, esq. published 11 times annually. Holiday Hours: r. Keith harman ©2007 Lesbian & Gay The offices and programs will be closed, but the building will open at 5 PM for regularly charles m. hurr, esq. community services center, inc. scheduled meetings on Tuesday, December 25, 2007, and Tuesday, January 1, 2008. Keith Jacobson tom Kirdahy, esq. heymi J. Kuriel h. Gwen marcus, esq. dinah nissen, esq. ana L. Oliveira Discover Ulster County, the fastest-growing christian t. palmieri, esq. LGBT community in New York State. mario J. palumbo, Jr. Woodstock, New Paltz, and more... Great for weekend homes. mary e. sculley cosy simon Diane B. Silverberg CRS, ABR Associate Broker 845-687-0232 x109 a note from the center’s Volunteer manager Hello, my name is Tim Wearne, and I am the new Volunteer Manager centerhappenings | december 2007 at the Center. I am excited to join the Center team and look forward to working with the Center’s volunteer community. Please do not hesitate to stop by and say hello. You may also reach me at 212-620-7310 or 2
  • 3. WHAT’S INSIDE: JOin the center team! advOcacy further your career and serve your community human rights day 22 all at once. visit cuLture employment today! World aids day 5 Out & faithful 10 the portable Queer 11 yoga and recovery: parallel paths dance: 208 Gay sex in the 70s 14 center bingo 14 share-a-thon! 15 conversation with assembly member daniel O’donnell 16 member and volunteer holiday reception with Jessica Kirson 18 request for submissions: community art project 18 Lesbian cinema arts’ Winter films 19 heaLth center care Groups & Workshops 17 center care training institute 17 12-step meetings 23 speciaL events and GivinG richard burns’ holiday message 4 heLp us prepare fOr youth pride chorus holiday concerts 5 Our 25th anniversary! year-end financial advice 9 In preparation for the Center’s 25th for the record: Women’s event 12 Anniversary Celebration, our National Archive of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender History will mount an exhibit, including the important december caLendar participation of the many groups that have highlights include World aids day, Women’s used the Center over the years. If you can donate or loan any materials, please contact coffeehouse, bear cafe’s “teddy bear breakout,” the Center’s Archivist Rich Wandel at dance: 208 twinkle holiday party, and more! or leave a message at (212) 620-7310. Materials can also volunteer manager’s message 2 be left at the Center marked for the Archive exhibit. center meetings directory 22 You CAN and you SHOULD..., centerhappenings | december 2007 Own a Piece of New York! I Can Help. Call me today! Kathy Hansen "Real Estate NEVER Sleeps!" Prudential Douglas Elliman 137 Waverly Place New York, NY. 10014 212-206-2813 3
  • 4. YouR GIFT CAN MAkE A WoRLD oF DIFFERENCE THIS HoLIDAY SEASoN All year long, for 24 years, the Center has provided a warm, friendly, and welcoming place for all of New York’s LGBT community. Thousands of people pass through our doors each week. They come from all five boroughs of the city, as well as all parts of the country and the globe. Some come to find support and inspiration, some come to be a part of a community, some home for our entire community. come to celebrate our experiences and creativity, and some come to be with friends or to make new ones. Whatever the case, the Center’s doors are open 365 days a year and we are ready to welcome and serve all who want to transform their lives, their communities, and$50- can buy: our entire community. Here’s what your gift- whether $500 or our world. home for As the year 2007 comes to a close, Support a teen through a summer of $1,000 workshops and a week of camp many of us will pause to reflect on our lives andprogram own fortunes. one Support a 12-week our developed by The Center to help people win the $600 thingagainst which we can be thankful is battle for crystal meth here’s what your gift—whether $500 or $50- can buy: Here’s what your gift- whether $500 or $50—can buy: that theyoung person in the Youth for all of us. Enroll one Center is here At this Services year year when we think Enrichment time Peer Education of $150 Support a teenteen through a summer support a through a summer of $1,000 Program for a whole workshops and a week a week of camp of workshops and of camp $1,000 about gifts and holiday celebrations, Support a 12-week program developed support a 12-week program developed pleaseofconsidercancer with a gift that $75 byby the centerhelphelp peoplethe the Provide a lesbian facing a special session counseling and support The Center to to people win win $600 $600 battle against crystal meth meth battle against crystal is not for one person only, but for Enroll one young person in thein the youth enroll one young person Youth our community.lending Keep New York’s largest Please make a tax Enrichment Services Peer peer education enrichment services Education $150 $150 library of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and $35 Program for a for a whole year programs whole year deductible giftopen for a day $200, or Transgender materials of $20, centerhappenings | december 2007 $2,000of theanyof thousands ofthat youcome to the Provide a lesbiancounceling and support On behalf or tens amount people who give provide a lesbian facing cancer with Center, a session of facing cancer with a $75 $75 thank you for your kindness, your compassion, and for your very muchcounseling and support session of to ensure the Center continues to be needed support. Keep new york’s largest lending the home for our entire community. Keep Newof Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, and library York’s largest lending $35 library of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and a day transgender materials open for $35 Transgender materials open for a day On behalf of the tens of thousands of people who come On to the center, tens ofyou for your kindness, your compassion, behalf of the thank thousands of people who come to the Center, Richard D. Burns, Executive Director thank you your very much needed support and forfor your kindness, your compassion, and for your very much needed support. 4
  • 5. WOrLd aids day cOncert saturday, december 1, 2007, 11am the center and downtown music Productions Presents: somebody to loVe – a holiday concert sudden sunsets tuesday, december 18, 2007, 8Pm complementary brunch 11am Wednesday, december 19, 2007, 8Pm concert noon lucille lortel theatre, 121 christopher street march at 1Pm youth Pride chorus featuring our very own lady J performed by chamber orchestra and directed by Wes Webb opera musicians, sudden sunsets is a The Center’s Youth Pride Chorus (YPC) will challenge, question, and expose the playful side of love this month with two program of works by composers who performances of somebody to love, a holiday concert, featuring died of aids, including chris deblasio, songs by Prince, Mika, outkast, special guest Lady J, and more! The concerts for the general public will be at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Lee Gannon, deolus husband, robert December 18, and Wednesday, December 19, at The Lucille Lortel savage, nicholas schaffner, and others. Theatre, 121 Christopher Street, between Bleecker and Hudson. In addition, YPC will offer a free pre-performance workshop the program continually expands its for youth between the ages 13 to 21 at 7:45 p.m. on Tuesday, repertory of music by composers who December 18, as an introduction to the regular concert. The Chorus is a joint effort of the Center and the new york were cut down far too early and should city gay men’s chorus, and membership is open to gay, lesbian, be remembered by the world. bisexual, and transgender youth. General admission ticket prices are $12. For ticket information, the concert will be performed at the visit or call (212) 344-1777 X10. Free tickets for center on World aids day and followed youth (13-21) are available by calling the YES program office at (212) 620-7310. by a march to union square. founded in 1990 downtown music centerhappenings | december 2007 productions’ benson aids series is Center Happenings • December 2007 named in honor of eric benson, an east village musician, tenor, and stage director. he died in 1988. downtown music productions director mimi stern Wolf said, “his loss inspired me to collect and perform music by composers who should not be forgotten.” 5 PHoToS: ToM SENGEL
  • 6. 6 centerhappenings | december 2007 Paid Advertisement
  • 7. Full page color ad CenterHappenings • December 2007
  • 8. Ye Ar -e Nd F i N A Nc iA L p L A N Ni N G how strategic charitable giving decisions can make a difference As you review your year-end tax and/or charitable In addition, charging a donation on a credit card is deductible planning, we hope you will consider making good in the year the charge is made. Therefore, individuals may use of your income tax charitable deduction by generate a tax deduction this year but do not have to make card supporting The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender payments until next year. Therefore, you can donate by charge Community Center in your year-end giving. card, take the deduction, and then payoff the charge next year. If you itemize deductions on your 2007 1040 Tax Return, Gifts of Stock: It is typically smarter to make a charitable you can almost always contribution with an appreciated stock than take advantage of your with cash. Gifts of appreciated stock address charitable gifts to lower two tax liabilities. When a donor makes a gift your income taxes. The with appreciated stock, they avoid the capital amount of the income tax gains liability as well as generate an income tax savings will depend on deduction based upon fair market value of the your personal financial stock on the date of transfer. For example, a circumstances and your stock originally purchased for $1,000 that now tax bracket. has a value of $10,000 may be donated. The For example, if you result is avoiding the $9,000 capital gain (at 15%, are in the 33% bracket, a a $1,400 tax savings) and receiving an income $1,000 contribution can tax deduction of $10,000 (if in the 33% bracket, save you $330 in taxes that’s a $3,300 income tax for that year. Any donor who has experienced savings). a spike in income due to taking a capital gain, other reasons to consider receiving a bonus, selling a business or any a gift of stock are the other event that increases taxable income opportunity to rebalance may wish to consider generating charitable your portfolio or reduce deductions to offset this year’s tax liability. a concentrated position in You should also consider accelerating future order to minimize risk in your charitable gifts into the current year if you portfolio. Even if you like a have generated larger than normal taxable stock and wish to retain it income oR if you anticipate being in a lower in your portfolio, you may tax bracket in future years. give the appreciated stock away and then repurchase top Photo: (from left to right): gary groff, board President assets to fund charitable giving bruce anderson, board member Paul gruber. Photo: tom senegal. the stock with the cash Gifts of Cash: A donation of cash is deductible bottom Photo: (from left to right): barbara olatta, susanne you would have given to in the year the gift is made. Cash gifts may singer, Virginia moraweck. Photo: Jicky the charity anyway. This take several forms and one should understand enables you to retain your the “timing” of the gift as well. For example, a gift made by check investment in the stock but “reset” your cost is at current value. is deemed paid when the donor unconditionally delivers or mails By engaging that strategy, you remain invested in the position the check to the charity. but have effectively scrubbed your capital gains tax liability. Gifts of Tangible Personal Property: Donors may satisfy charitable gifts with art, cars, boats, jewelry or other tangible items. The main issue here is valuation. What is the item worth centerhappenings | december 2007 and how was that value determined? There are strict rules • Develop healthier connections skills for greater intimacy and reporting requirements a donor should be aware of when • Become more comfortable with your emotions making gifts of tangible personal property. • Work on Self-Esteem, Depression Anxiety Strategic timing of your charitable giving in conjunction with your other financial goals can result in significant financial Openings in Gay men's psychotherapy group of high-functioning adults benefits to you as well as enable you to foster your charitable working on expanding awareness of self in relationship to others. goals and interests. Please feel free to contact me at (212) 620- 7310 or at to discuss the many ways of Gary M. Prottas, LMSW, MPS, LP giving to the Center. Licensed Psychoanalyst / Gestalt Psychotherapy — Jeffrey Klein Contact: 212-645-1152 Free consultation Web site: for the Center Development Team with this ad 9
  • 9. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 8-10PM SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 3-5:00PM Pat Parker/Vito Russo Library Book Discussion Group The Women’s CoffeeHouse presents Chavisa Woods The Pat Parker/Vito Russo Library book discussion Chavisa Woods will discuss her new book, Love group is a friendly group, always open to new Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind, her first full members. This month’s featured book is My length book of fiction. Love Does Not Make Me Lives: A Memoir by Edmund White. Rather than Gentle or Kind is a collection of short stories a straightforward autobiography, White presents focusing on the formative moments in the lives his life as a series of essays or mediations with of two women as children as well as adults, sections such as “My Shrinks,” “My Father,” “My primarily in rural America. “Chavisa’s stories are Mother,” “My Hustlers,” “My Women,” “My Europe,” definitely written from an American outsider “My Blonds,” “My Master,” and “My Friends.” This perspective. She’s a writer who watches, waits, memoir includes much candid writing about sex. and thinks for herself, bringing us close to the For a Princeton professor, White gets around! infernal life of the ignorant and the articulate seer who lurks among them,” according to SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, Noon Jennifer Blowdryer, author of White Trash World AIDS Day Concert Debutant. There will be books for purchase. See story on page 5. Coffee and dessert are available at no charge. $6, women only. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, 5-7PM Moonfire Empowerment and Spirituality Network SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 3-6PM Come join Irene “Tiger” Clark for another “Improv “Teddy Bear Breakout” - Bear Cafe Workshop.” This class is based on Viola Spolins’ Calling all collectors! Bring your teddy bears and techniques. It will give you a chance to experience have them compete at today’s social. Prizes for drama class “games,” which will provide a great cutest, sexiest, funniest, most romantic, looks sense of freedom as you release the child (or most like owner, couple’s award, oldest (i.e. whomever else!) within you. Tiger has been acting most-used from childhood). Co-Sponsored with all her life. She has studied with Claude Samton Metrobears. $5 for Bear Cafe and Metrobear and last performed with Mare Nostrum Elements members (with card); $10 for non-members. Plus at La Mama, Etc. Leave your inhibitions at home bring a large bottle of a non-alcoholic beverage but bring your imagination! $6, all welcome. For or an appetizer/fruit/cheese/munchies/dessert information, call Amethyst (212) 222-2467. to share potluck style. We offer free Coffee and Tea. (866) 749-8180. or www. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, 8-10PM Qwik Dates: Ages 40+ night At this Speed-Dating event, meet lots of guys TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 8-10PM ages 40+ one-on-one for a series of three- Pat Parker/Vito Russo Library Book Discussion Group minute dates, then you get a free mingling period Two short novels by a superlative Southern to meet anyone else in the room. Tell us which American writer, Carson McCullers: The Member men you want a second date with, and minutes of the Wedding and The Ballad of the Sad Café. later you will find out your matches. This is a In The Member of the Wedding, an unhappy CALENDAR great opportunity to meet lots of guys for time- 12 -year-old Frankie discovers her role in the efficient face-to-face contact and see what kind wedding of her older brother as she dreams of chemistry is there. It’s a lot of fun and could of joining the happy couple in their new life lead to meeting someone special! $20, pay at together. The Ballad of the Sad Cafe is a study the door. (212) 714-3944. of longing in a love triangle between the burly Miss Amelia, the hunchbacked Cousin Lymon, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, 9-1AM and Miss Amelia’s husband Marvin Macy. The Unity Committee - A Holiday Dance A Narcotics Anonymous Standing Committee FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 7-10PM of Manhattan Area Service Committee proudly Deeper Dating for Men presents: A Holiday Dance. For your enjoyment Time out New York calls Deeper Dating “The DJ Junkman will be spinning the latest in RB, Hip New-Craze Dating Event.” our city is filled with Hop and House Classics. This is a “Don’t Miss”. quality single men trying to live their lives based DECEMBER unity continues to serve the gay and lesbian on deeper values such as personal growth, groups of Narcotics Anonymous throughout spirituality, building family and community and/ the entire region. Please help us keep the doors or recovery. The evening will be led by John open for the gay and lesbian addicts as well as Salvato. Following a brief meditation, you’ll anyone with a desire to stop using. No addict engage in a series of fun and enriching exercises seeking recovery need every die! $7 that will enable you to meet other men and share in more personal ways. Built into the evening will SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, 9PM, $10 be the opportunity to exchange phone numbers DANCE: 208 Presents Gay Sex in the 70s! with potential matches. $20 online registration centerhappenings | december 2007 Legendary DJ Johnny Dynell at or $25 at the door. Sponsored by the film Gay Sex in the 70s, a Includes refreshments. 10% of profits donated to steamy romp by Joseph Lovett! Pride For Youth. See the story on page XXXXXX. CENTER ouT FAITHFuL PRESENTS Raising a Faith-Based Family thursdAY, deceMBer 13, 7pM, $10 This program will be presented from multiple perspectives: families of choice, biological families, and also communities of faith that we create and learn to love as family. The program is accompanied by a slide presentation by photographer Amon Whipple, who 10 depicts his own family in the context of faith.
  • 10. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 8-10PM THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 8-10PM Exploring Relationships Discussion Group Gay Lesbian Reading Group No one likes to say goodbye to friends or lovers. Discussion of Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Trans Fear, anger, sadness and pain are in the mix experience through reading contemporary along with guilt, shame and self-blame. How can and classic novels, plays, poetry, and non- I end a bad relationship in a healthy way and fiction. Newcomers welcome to share or just get into new experience? Tonight, share your listen. Tonight: Fun Home by Allison Bechdel. experiences, teach, and learn with other men Phone Julio 212-945-0709. Email Jim: jclark@ and women in a safe space. The doors close, web site: soon after 8PM, so please don’t be late. $10. (718) gaybooks. 473.0702. Center Bingo SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 5-7PM FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 Moonfire Empowerment and Spirituality Network See the listing for times on page XXXXX. Moonfire invites all women to become a part of second tuesdays Presents Lesbian Herstory through art. Come prepared FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 7-10PM erin Mchugh, to either model and be the subject or create an Women’s Deeper Dating Author of The Portable Queer art expression with paper, color, canvas, video, our city is filled with quality single women trying tuesdAY, deceMBer 11 or photography. For those who want to model to live their lives based on deeper values such as 6pM reception, 7pM reading, $10 (either nude, semi-nude, clothed or costumed), personal growth, spirituality, building family and come as you want to be represented. This is your community and/or recovery. The evening will be “now here’s the required reading i was chance to become immortalized! We will provide led by kathryn Janus. After a brief meditation looking for when i was in school! i can paper for those who wish to draw or paint. You you’ll engage in a series of fun and enriching guarantee that you’ll never put this book in must bring art materials to draw or paint with, exercises that will enable you to meet other the closet.”-Judy gold, comedian and author video equipment and/or cameras. $3 for those women and share in more personal ways. Built into of 25 Questions for a Jewish mother, who wish to model, $6 for others. Women only. the evening will be the opportunity to exchange For information, call Amethyst (212) 222-2467. phone numbers with potential matches. $20 thoughts from the gays of yesteryear to online registration at, today’s “friends of queers.” the Portable SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 8-11PM $25 at the door. Includes refreshments. 10% of Queer provides observations on love and Annual Chanukah Party for the GLBT Jewish Community profits go to Sylvia’s Place. sex, politics, fashion, and more. learn about Join GLYDSA (Yeshiva Group), JQYouth, JCC in the first great gay activist, karl heinrich Manhattan, Rodeph Sholom, CBST and other FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 7:30-10:30PM ulrichs. read about the brave women co-sponsoring groups as we light the lights and Contra Dance Party and men of the matachine society. and spin like dreidels with hundreds of friends. Music, Contra Dance, traditional American folk dance to of course, the stonewall riot. and relive holiday food and fun. $10/$7 students with ID. live music, is easy to learn, friendly, aerobic and the stories of the writers and artists who Info: or (212) 780-4656. fun. No partner or experience required. Join us pushed a movement forward. it’s not all as we put a queer twist in these American roots. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 8-10PM Caller: Donna Hunt, Band: Fingerplay. $12. More wisecracks and witticisms—included are Date Bait: HIV+ event info: Brooks (347) 275-7983, Carol (718) 972-3191. some of the most scandalous remarks Meet relationship-oriented Poz guys at this fun, ever made! moving, definitively quotable, structured singles mixer. After meeting most intriguing, shocking, and ultimately hopeful. of the guys in the room, you hand us a list of SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 5-7PM erin mchugh is a longtime gay activist and the ones you want to date, and our computer Moonfire Empowerment and Spirituality Network fundraiser, former publishing executive, and will tell you your mutual matches. When Date “Creative Writing,” facilitated by Lorraine Gibney, author of several books. Bait began its singles mixers 11 years ago, the poet, artist, writer, and teacher. Have you ever HIV+ event was its first specialized theme event. had the desire to give vent to your creative At this event, you’ll be in a room full of other bent and develop your potential to write that positive guys to help you in your quest to find a monumental novel of all time, or just a few center OrientatiOn presents great guy. $20, pay at the door. (212) 971-1084 short stories? If so, let Lorraine show you how yoga and recoVery: or to get started and utilize the proper techniques to begin to turn out well-written, organized, and Parallel Paths to reneW Second Tuesdays Presents Erin McHugh, interesting text. Time will be allotted to briefly the mind, body sPirit Author of The Portable Queer write and read aloud some of your work. $6, all monday, december 17, 7Pm, free TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11 welcome. For information, call Amethyst at (212) 6PM Reception, 7PM Reading, $10 222-2467. Center orientation has provided a hearty See the story on page XXXXXX. welcome to hundreds of LGBT people who SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 8-10PM are coming out of the closet, new to New TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 8-10:30PM Compatibility Game: Ages 20s/30s night York City, or seeking to connect with their Salsa Social Club Holiday Latin Dance Party It’s speed-dating with a twist: answer four community. Nine times a year, this monthly Celebrate the holidays by joining the Salsa Social questions about your interests, values, and event hosts a health related seminar that Club for an evening of mixing, mingling and Latin lifestyle, and get assigned to four different partner dancing. Beginners welcome. $5 www. groups of men in their 20s and 30s who gave informs our community about the array centerhappenings | december 2007 answers similar to yours. Also meet guys one- of health care options and practices that on-one in a free mingling period. Finally, give us are available in New York. From traditional Center Out Faithful Presents a list of the men you want to date, and minutes to alternative, these healthcare providers Raising a Faith-Based Family later you will find out your mutual matches. and services enhance the physical and THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 7PM, $10 Compatibility Game is a fun, revolutionary way emotional well being of our community. See the story on page XXXXXX. to meet men you are compatible with, thereby Both yoga and 12-Step programs, at their increasing your odds that a relationship could best, nurture the spirit and help people to THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 6-9PM take hold. $20, pay at the door. (212) 502- restore and renew their lives. This one-hour 10 Tips To Find True Love 6664. yoga class, intended for people in recovery Don’t be alone another holiday. Angelo Pezzote but open to all, will draw on the practice is a gay therapist, author and journalist. He has appeared on Montel, and his “Ask Angelo” column and philosophy of both traditions and note regularly appears on some of the themes and tools that are (917) 673-5003. $30 at door. Continued on page 16 common to both. Participants should bring a yoga mat and expect a moderate level of physical exertion. 11
  • 11. TENTH ANNuAL WoMEN’S EVENT RAISES A RECoRD $300,000! PRESENTING SPoNSoR DIAMoND SPoNSoR PLATINUM SPoNSoR More than 500 women celebrated the PALLADIUM SPoNSoR Center’s work on November 3, 2007, at the Tenth Annual Women’s Event at Chelsea Piers. With the assistance of Presenting Sponsor IBM, the fundraiser brought in just over $300,000 CoRPoRATE FRIENDS to support many Center programs, including the Lesbian Cancer Initiative, Youth Enrichment Services, and Center kids. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of this year’s honorees. Sally Susman, Executive Vice President for Global Communications for The Estee Lauder Companies, was presented the Corporate Leader Award by actress Bonnie Somerville, who abOve: presenter plays a character inspired by Ms. marion seldes; Susman on the television series GoLD SPoNSoRS honoree cherry Jones, Outspoken Cashmere Mafia. Broadway Citi community Leader legend Marion Seldes presented FenwiCk keats Goodstein award; honoree sally the outspoken Community Leader Lehman Brothers susman, corporate Award to another of the Great merriLL LynCh Leader award; and Pride Limo presenter bonnie White Way’s finest actresses, showtime networks inC. somerville gather Cherry Jones. before the event. Thank you from the staff photo: Jicky NATIoNAL MEDIA SPoNSoR and Board of Directors to Rachel Lavine, Event Chair and abOve: Kimmi ramine Board Co-chair, for another thrilling of youth enrichment and successful Women’s Event! centerhappenings | december 2007 services riveted the ExCLUSIVE WoMEN’S audience with her story. MEDIA SPoNSoR she’s introduced here by the program’s director, Jenny debower. photo: rob Zukowski Left: sally susman and yvette c. burton of MEDIA SPoNSoRS presenting sponsor ibm. photo: Jicky riGht: rachel Lavine, right, chair of Women’s event, and partner roberta Kaplan. 12 photo: Jicky
  • 12. MassageAce deep tissue, swedish, sports and medical massage Rob Pinter, LMT 917-309-8224 ny state licensed, since 1993 2 locations: east village and union square outcalls and gift certificates available Carolyn Farhie, LCSW PHoTo: RoB FRYDLEWICz Psychotherapist LBGT Issues - Relationships Creativity - Parenting center share-a-thon! Health Concerns the center out Professionals invite you Depression – Anxiety – Trauma to find your Place in the sun a benefit for the center Presented by out Professionals, the nation’s leading gay and lesbian network. 646-413-1841 Looking for a summer share? Come to the Center Share-a-thon! Union Square Location Center Share-a-Thon 2008 is a series of four evenings benefiting The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender Community Center. Spanish Speaking/Weekend Office Hours Join us from 6-9PM on thursday, January 17, thursday, april 17, or on saturday afternoon, february 23. Register now at for any Center Share-a-Thon. offering Summer Shares? Register now to guarantee your space at any or all of 2008’s four events. Bring photos, floor plans, fliers (laptop outlets limited). Just $40 gets you table space and admission for one share offeror. Each additional offeror, $15 per event. Seeking a Summer Share? Whatever your budget, you’ll find tempting offerings in every category – quarter-share, half-share, full share. Skip the sign-in line, speed your admission, and make the most of each and every Center Share-a-Thon: Register online now. Share seeker, $15 per event. centerhappenings | december 2007 13
  • 13. gay seX in the 70’s dance: 208 Presents gay sex in the 70s! saturday, december 1, 9Pm, $10 legendary dJ Johnny dynell sponsored by the film gay sex in the 70s, a steamy romp by Joseph lovett! Go back to 70s when sex was fun and dancing was sleazy sexy! It was a time when you wandered from Badlands to the Ramrod, up the abandoned West Side Highway to the Anvil, Mineshaft, or Spike. or . . . perhaps a pit stop at the trucks or the piers. It was also an amazing time in NYC for dancing with legendary, sexy dance clubs: The Cockring, Crisco Disco, The Anvil, 12 West, Alex In Wonderland, Flamingo, and Studio 54. And what a soundtrack! Celebrate with Dance: 208 as we recreate the music and vibe of that era . . . the sleazy dancing till dawn in your levis, plaid shirt, and the hankie code. Sponsored by Joseph Lovett, it’s a valentine to that sleazy era (with giveaways!), Gay Sex in the 70s, with legendary DJ Johnny Dynell (Jackie 60, SBNY, Boy Bar, Mr Black). We’re gonna take you down down down into the disco inferno, where Sylvester will take you to heaven, or the Skatt Brothers will have you walking the night. NEW YoRk BLADE PRESENTS go Center Bin14 FRIDAY, DEC 7PM Jackpot Prize $500!!! Hosted by the amazing Trai la Trash!! Center Bingo is back! More Cash! More Prizes! Don’t miss it! uPCoMING BINGoS Friday, December 14, 2007 Friday, January 25, 2008 Friday, February 22, 2008 March, March 21, 2008 Friday, April 25, 2008 Friday, May 16, 2008 Friday, June 27, 2008 $10 advance online registration $15 at the door
  • 14. embrace human rights day on december 10 the Lesbian, Gay, bisexual transgender community center please visit our human rights table in the lobby on human rights day, is a member organization of the which is celebrated worldwide on us human rights network, a monday, december 10, to learn more. national network of social justice remember, human rights cannot organizations and individual be given to us or taken away from activists cutting across all us; they are ours, inherent by virtue progressive movements to build of our birth as human beings. it is up a powerful domestic social justice to each of us to demand that all of movement that is multi-issue our human rights, individually and oriented, intersectional in nature, communally, be protected, respected and grounded in a people-centered and promoted. - RJ Thompson, National Campaign Advocacy Manger The Public Policy vision of human rights. Government Relations Team The Helix Practitioner Referal Line Helix is a not-for-profit organization offering affordable counseling, holistic healing, and pschotherapy for individuals and couples since 1980. 212-594-4659 centerhappenings | december 2007 15
  • 15. DECEMBER CALENDAR (cont’d) awarded the New York Foundation of the Arts FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28, 8-10PM Award in Fiction and Drawing, was nominated Men of All Colors New York celebrates for a Will Eisner Award in the Graphic Novel, Kwanzaa (Ujima) at the Center! and wrote a book named one of the Top Ten All are invited. Every year MACT/NY celebrates Books of the Year by Entertainment Weekly. the seven nights of kwanzaa. Those interested Books will be available for purchase. Join us in joining us on other days should check our for this presentation of a gifted writer. Coffee website at and dessert are available at no charge. $6, women only. MONDAY, DECEMBER 31, 8-12:30AM Big Apple Roundup Sober New Year’s Eve SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16, 3-6PM Celebration MATES CoffeeHouse - Bear Cafe Come ring out the old and ring in the new with Whether you’re looking for new buddies, a your sober friends. Dancing and entertainment secOnd tuesdays presents date or a (future) spouse, we have a variety of from 8PM. $20 at the door. Also, a meeting state Assembly Member daniel o’donnell marathon all evening beginning at 7PM, all in conversation with Miriam Yeung, friendly, attractive men of all ages, races, sizes, types and interests here! Plus easy listening welcome. the center’s director of public policy music, plenty of seating for quiet conversation, and Government relations tuesday, december 11 and fun puzzles and games. Non-alcoholic January’s 6:00pm reception, 7pm program $10 beverages and snacks. We’re the inexpensive first WeeK at a GLance: way to meet new friends and socialize. So TUESDAY, JANUARY 1 “Our next steps after the recent passage check us out! $5 for Bear Cafe members new year’s day holiday, building opens at 5pm of the NY Marriage Equality Act” (with card); $10 for non-members. Plus a times squares new year’s day dance, 5-10pm, In 2002, Daniel o’Donnell was elected to large bottle of a non-alcoholic beverage or an (212) 749-4291, serve as the first openly gay man in the New appetizer/fruit/cheese/munchies/dessert to WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2 share potluck style. We offer free coffee and french social club, 6-8pm, (212) 772-3511 York State Assembly. tea. [Toll-Free] 866-749- Lesbian Gay teachers association, 6-8pm In May 2007, he was the prime sponsor 8180 or room to Write, 6-8pm, (212) 222-9884 of legislation that passed in the Assembly bisexual Women’s support Group, 6:30-8pm, to allow New York State to issue marriage WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 7-10:30PM licenses to same-sex couples. The Marriage marriage equality, 6:30-8pm, Polyamorous NYC Annual Holiday Bash! Equality Act had a record 56 sponsors and Please join us for our annual PoLYAMoRouS collected a ground-breaking 85 votes on the board stiff, 8-10:30pm, NYC Holiday Bash......we will have a live DJ, course in miracles, 8-10pm, (212) 463-8064 floor. This law represents a significant step cash bar and a potluck for food. This is one of imperial court of ny, 8-10:30pm, towards establishing equal civil rights for our best events of the year and all the money (212) 475-0838 gay and lesbian couples, granting over 1,300 goes to help PoLYAMoRouS NYC. Tickets THURSDAY, JANUARY 3 state rights and responsibilities, which same- can be purchased in advance on line at www. african ancestral Lesbians united for societal sex couples now lack in New York. for $10 or at the door for $15. change, 6-8pm, In introducing o’Donnells bill, Governor Please join us for a fantastic party and bring birequest, 6-8pm, Eliot Spitzer’s announced, “Strong, stable you polyamorous, poly-curious and/or poly- hiv support Group: positive/negative men friendly friends. (acria), 6:30-8pm, families are the cornerstones of our society. christian science Group, 8-9pm, The responsibilities inherent in the institution of marriage benefit those individuals and SATURDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1-6PM city cruisers, 8-9pm,, society as a whole.” MCC-NY/Homeless Youth Services Daniel o’Donnell will talk about about the Flea Market natural history Group, 8-10pm, Get your last-minute Christmas shopping done process leading to passage of this bill in the Queer Justice League, 8-10pm, while helping homeless LGBT youth! Come Assembly and the next steps toward passage browse our selection of live plants, baked of this important bill in the Senate, as well as goods, crafts, used books, and much, much FRIDAY, JANUARY 4 his continuing struggle for equal rights for more! All proceeds go to support MCCNY/ Less aids Lesotho, 6-8pm, LGBT citizens. Homeless Youth Services, which operates Sylvia’s Place, Sylvia’s East, and the new 24-hr. sistah, 6-8pm, Marsha P. Johnson Crisis Center for homeless support Group for single Lesbians, 6-7:30pm, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 9PM, $10 Dance: (718) 762-3473 LGBT youth. To donate items to be sold or for 208 Presents Twinkle hiv support Group: positive/negative men more information, call (718) 300-0133 or visit (acria), 6:30-8pm, Holiday Party! our web site times squares square dancing, 7:30-10pm, Music by Robbie Leslie Celebrate the holidays the Dance: 208 way with exploring relationships discussion Group, our Twinkle Holiday Party with DJ Robbie Leslie SATURDAY, DECEMBER 22, 4:30PM-7:30 PM 8-10pm, centerhappenings | december 2007 (Souvenirs, Pier Dance, Sea Tea, Splash, The Moonfire Empowerment and Spirituality Gay/bi dads Group of ny monthly meeting, Saint). Robbie makes his annual visit to Dance: Network 8-10:30pm, 208 from Florida bringing holiday cheer and Join the participants of Moonfire for a “Winter Latino Gay men of new york first friday forum, great sounds. It’s always a night to remember Solstice Ritual Celebration,” led by Amethyst 8-10:30pm, when Robbie spins! Don’t forget your flags, Nemzoff, astrologer, writer, and metaphysical men of all colors together/ny, 8-10pm, tambourines and sleigh-bells! Saint-At-Large counselor PLuS a grab-bag gift exchange. sponsors with info about their upcoming New (Bring an inexpensive wrapped gift to exchange SATURDAY, JANUARY 5 Year’s party and footage from last year’s with with others.) Potluck Dinner. Bring food or Life drawing, 10am-1pm, (201) 945-5134 Jennifer Hudson! non-alcoholic beverage to share. The Ritual irish Queers, 1-2pm, begins promptly at 5PM. $6, all welcome. For Zappalorti society, 1-4pm, (917) 286-0616 SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16, 3-5PM information, call Amethyst (212) 222-2467. philosophy forum, 3-5pm moonfire empowerment spirituality network, The Women’s CoffeeHouse presents 5-7pm, Katherine Arnoldi Lesbian Cinema Arts Presents Fingersmith identity house: Walk-in center, 6-8pm, The Women’s CoffeeHouse invites you to hear FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28 katherine Arnoldi read from her latest book. Happy Hour 6PM, Screening 7PM, $10 date bait, 8-10pm, (212) 971-1084, 16 katherine is an artist and novelist who has been See story on page XXXXXXX.
  • 16. CENTER CARE GRouPS WoRkSHoPS To register or for more information, call Center CARE at 212.620.7310. Most Center CARE groups run for 10 group sessions. All Center CARE groups and services are confidential. immiGrant suppOrt masculine, trans-men, trans-male, boi, Trans Events Committee Immigrant Support Group gender-queer, AG/Aggressive, transsexual, An ongoing, monthly drop-in working group offered in English or Spanish androgynous, exploring, and so forth to explore working to organize, plan and produce Center A bi-weekly drop-in group for lesbian, gay, and discuss their feelings and concerns about events of relevance to the trans-communities bisexual transgender immigrants, regardless gender, trans-identities and their histories. and is open to transgender, gender non- of their immigrant status. Participants explore Wednesdays, 7:30-9pm—through December 11. conforming people and allies. Wednesdays, the challenges of relocating and adjusting Drop-in. No registration required. $5 suggested 6-7:30pm, Dec 12. Drop-in. No registration to the environment while building a support donation, but no one turned away. required. Free. network and developing skills to cope with those challenges. Trans Partners | Trans Amorous Sign up for the GIP newsletter at www.gaycenter. Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm | Spanish group: Dec 11 | A monthly drop-in group to provide support org/program_folders/gip English group: Dec 4 18 | Drop-in. and community for people of all genders to No registration required. Free. discuss and explore their attraction to and hiv/aids relationships with trans-identified or gender For the winter sessions of Positive Care 1 and 2, Grupo de Apoyo para Inmigrantes (en Español) non-conforming individuals. Group is open to please call the counselor on duty at any time Grupo de apoyo en Español para inmigrantes people currently or formerly in partnerships between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through gay, lesbiana, bisexual transgenero, with trans-people and those exploring their Friday to schedule an intake appointment. independiente del estatus migratorio. Los attractions.Wednesdays, 7:30-9pm. December New groups will begin in late January. participantes exploraran los desafíos que 12. Drop-in. No registration required. $5 se enfrentan al reubicarse y adaptarse a suggested donation, but no one turned away. Positive CARE I (HIV+) un nuevo espacio, mientras desarrollan A weekly group to provide emotional support estrategias para enfrentar dichos desafíos y Trans Families in order to ease anxiety, fear, and isolation and se establece una nueva red de apoyo. Es un A bi-monthly drop-in group for family to help members begin to adjust to HIV in their grupo quincenal. members of someone who is transgender, lives. Positive CARE I group is open to newly Martes, 6-7:30 pm—empieza en Dec. 11. Gratis y transsexual, gender-different or gender diagnosed HIV+ gay and bisexual men and no requiere registro previo. questioning. Come together with other men of trans-experience. Free. moms, dads, uncles, siblings, grandparents Gender identity prOJect and adult children of transgender individuals. Positive CARE II (HIV+) All Gender Identity Project groups are drop-in. Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm. December 12. A bi-weekly group to provide emotional Drop-In groups allow you to come to as many Drop-in. No registration required. $5 support for men living with HIV in order to or as few sessions as you want. However, suggested donation, but no one turned away. maintain and promote health, balance, and please come on time and leave on time. happiness and to discuss issues specific to the Yoga by for the Trans Community ongoing integration of HIV into life. The Positive Gender Drop-In: Feminine Spectrum A weekly drop-in yoga workshop for CARE II group is open to gay and bisexual men A weekly drop-in group for those assigned transgender and gender non-conforming and men of trans-experience. Free. male at birth who now identify as trans- people. Weekly attendance not required. femme, trans-women, trans-female, cross- Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm. through December 11. dresser, drag queen, transsexual, femme Drop-in. No registration required. $5 suggested center care queen, exploring, and so forth to explore and donation, but no one turned away. traininG institute discuss their feelings and concerns about gender, trans-identities and their histories. Transgender Health Initiative of New York (THINY) Trans-Care: Medical Wednesdays, 7:30-9pm—through December 11. A monthly drop-in advocacy group working Monday, December 3, 2007, 10 am - 1 pm Drop-in. No registration required. $5 suggested to create a community-based trans-access Cancer Care Basics for Lesbians, donation, but no one turned away. to healthcare movement. THINY is for Bisexual Woman and Transgender People transgender, gender non-conforming people Monday, December 10, 2007, 10am -1pm Gender Drop-In: Masculine Spectrum and allies. It is hosted by the TLDEF, the GIP, A weekly drop-in group for those assigned and NYAGRA. Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm, Dec 4, For full seminar descriptions, visit female at birth who now identify as trans- Drop-in. No registration required. Free. or call (212) 620-7310. centerhappenings | december 2007 Sally Otos Attorney at Law • Wills • Estate planning and probate • Labor Arbitration Advocacy • Domestic partner agreements • Contract review and negotiation (e.g., employment, publishing) • Second parent adoptions 250 W. 99th Street Phone 212.666.5789 Fax 212.666.5674 New York, NY 10025 17
  • 17. CenterHappenings • December 2007 19
  • 18. kelli carpenter of sponsor r family Vacations and comic Jessica kirson. Photo: Jicky member and Volunteer holiday recePtion! • Financial Planning • Estate Planning Wednesday, december 12, 2007, 6-8Pm • Wealth Management • Retirement Planning • Investments • Business Strategies NYC Comic Jessica kirson will headline the Center’s annual • Tax Planning • Planned Giving Strategies holiday reception for our members and volunteers from 6-8PM on Wednesday, December 12, 2007, at 208 West 13th Street. Catapulted to fame by “Last Comic Standing,” kirson – also of Rosie’s Cruise, Comedy Central, HBo, and VH1 - will host a bevy of entertainers, including Julie Goldman, comedy and guitar powerhouse from LoGo’s “Big Gay Sketch Show;” disabled comic Greg Walloch; and surprise celebrity guests. The evening will also include music, prizes, and all-around hilarity to ring in the holiday season. Refreshments will be served. To RSVP, please contact Tim S. Wearne, Volunteer Manager, at (212) 620-7310 X204 or CELEBRATE TOUCH reQuest for submissions Men’s Nude Massage Group community art Project Sun. Wed. 7pm - 10:30pm January, 22, 2008, through february 22, 2008 oPening recePtion tuesday, January 22, 2007 6-8Pm In January the Center will celebrate it 25th Anniversary. The year will be filled with many programs and events that reflect the 212.252.2876 diversity of our community. We kick off the year with an exhibition entitled Community Art Project. The Center invites artists of all backgrounds and disciplines to submit work that celebrates the richness, complexity, and diversity of our community. all work must be submitted by friday, January 11, 2008. Please visit for submission details. Bill Gibbons, MEd, CASAC Psychotherapy and Counseling centerhappenings | december 2007 Relationships, Addictions, ACOA, Self-Esteem, LGBT, Affirming of Diversity. 24 years in Private Practice Sliding Scale, Free Consult Union Square, NYC 919-724-0916 East Orange, NJ 973-673-5431 20
  • 19. lesbian cinema arts presents three Loves stories to Keep you Warm this Winter LESBIAN CINEMA ARTS PRESENTS fingersmith friday, december 28, 2007 happy hour 6:30Pm, screening 7:30Pm, $10 The lives of two young women collide in an engrossing Victorian thriller that alternates between the twisting back alleyways of Dickensian London and the cloistered gloom of a Gothic mansion. Raised in a den of petty thieves, or “Fingersmiths,” orphan Trinder agrees to help a con man known as “Gentleman” defraud and betray wealthy heiress Maud Lily. But Sue’s plans are turned upside down when she falls in love with Maud. Fingersmith was originally broadcast on the BBC and was written by in the dark twisting alleyways of victorian London, the stories of two very different young women award-winning author Sarah Waters, also the author collide with terrifying consequences. of Tipping the Velvet. LESBIAN CINEMA ARTS PRESENTS LESBIAN CINEMA ARTS PRESENTS desert hearts Pucinni for beginners friday, february 22, 2008 friday, January 25, 2008 happy hour 6:30Pm, screening 7:30Pm, $10 happy hour 6:30Pm, screening 7:30Pm, $10 an american lesbian classic! Allegra loves Samantha. But she won’t say so. Grace loves Philip Desert Hearts was trail-blazing in its positive depiction of a love but he won’t marry her. Samantha leaves Allegra. Allegra meets affair between two intelligent and attractive women. An uptight Philip. Philip leaves Grace. Allegra falls for Philip. Allegra meets English professor travels to Reno to get a divorce (the film is set Grace. Grace falls for Allegra. Allegra falls for Grace. Allegra in 1959), and there meets a sexy, free-spirited sculptress. Their sees Philip and Grace simultaneously and has no idea they’re attraction for each other and their budding love is played out exes. A story about chance encounters, psychoanalytic excuses, in a realistic, romantic and all-together sensuous fashion. Helen and one woman’s struggle to make a commitment, Puccini for Shaver and Patrice Charbonneau in the leads both give warm, Beginners is a sophisticated screwball sex comedy. expansive performances. centerhappenings | december 2007 21
  • 20. Center Meetings Groups may require admission fees; for details contact the organizers. To find out about other groups, click the NYC Resources link at A and assorted goodies. See web site for admission prices. 3rd Sat 8pm- E who love to sing. It embodies a sup- port group and integrates music love and kinship of the leather/kink lifestyle. Male, female, transgender, Sun in Dec. MASTERS SLAVES TOGETHER A COMMON BOND Support group 12M. 800.838.6990 www.bigmens- EMPIRE CITY MOTORCYCLE CLUB with meditation. Everyone welcome! young or old, or just plain curious, all (MAsT) Support group for individuals for ex-Jehovahs Witnesses who are Founded in 1964 as men’s owner/ $20. 1st/3rd Tue 8-10:30pm. Rob are welcome! 3rd Thu 8-10pm. www. involved or interested in the Master/ LGBT. 4th Sat 4-6pm. www.acbnyc. BISEXUAL WOMEN’S SUPPORT rider club. Membership Meeting 1st 917.992.7728 www.healingsinging. slave lifestyle. Discuss issues of con- com GROUP (1/3/5) Support and discus- Wed 8-10pm. com LEATHER PRIDE NIGHT COMMIT- cern, share knowledge, support each ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash sion group for bisexual and bi-curious EXPLORING RELATIONSHIPS HEALTH-EDUCATION-AIDS LIAI- TEE General planning committee for other. 4th Sun 3-6pm. 732.897.1835 Power) Individuals united in anger and women only. 1st/3rd/5th Wed 6:30- Group Dissatisfied with gay life as it SON (HEAL) Information and sup- annual charity auction in June that MEDITATION CLASS Learn practical committment to direct action to end 8pm. 212.330.9319 is? Grow with other men and women. port group for alternative and holistic raises money for Heritage of Pride techniques in meditation and mindful- the AIDS crisis. General meeting Mon BOARD STIFF Exotic and unusual 1st Fri 8-10pm. $5. 718.473.0702. approaches to AIDS-related condi- and other LGBT and s/m-leather- ness. Led by woman Buddhist monk. 8pm. 212.966.4873 card and board games. Beginners tions. Last Wednesday. 212-873-0780 fetish beneficiaries. 1st Thu 8-10pm. Tue 6-8pm (newcomers welcome AFRICAN ANCESTRAL LESBIANS happily taught. $5/$3 for students. 1st/3rd Wed 8-10:30pm. www.board- F HERITAGE OF PRIDE Organizers of NYC’s LGBT pride events (Rally, 718.497.4994 www.leatherpridenight. org 1st Tue). Free. 212.978.4136 woman_ UNITED FOR SOCIETAL CHANGE FIRE-FLAG, INC. Peer support for March, Dance on the Pier, Pridefest). LEGAL CLINIC OF THE LESBIAN MEN OF ALL AGES (21+) Informal (AALUSC) Political and social group gay firefighters, EMS and related pro- BUTCH/FEMME SOCIETY 3rd Wed Everyone’s help is needed to make GAY LAW ASSOCIATION OF and friendly atmosphere in which for lesbians of African ancestry. Thu 6- fessionals. 2nd Tue 6-8pm, followed by 6:30-8pm. 212.388.2736 bfsnyc@ pride happen! Monthly meeting 2nd GREATER NY Free legal consultations. adult men of all ages can mix, mingle, 8pm. Call number listed for detailed social at Tys. Tom 888.763.0479 www. Mon 8-10pm. 212.80PRIDE www. Drop-in. Tue sign-up 6-6:30pm, con- and exchange ideas. Each month a information. 212.741.9110, x18 info@ sultations 6-8pm. 212.353.9118 www. new topic selected to interest and AMERICAN VETERANS FOR EQUAL C FRENCH LANGUAGE CLUB Round- table discussions, readings and social HIV SUPPORT GROUP: POSI- engage participants. Refreshments CHRISTIAN GAY, LESBIAN, BISEX- TIVE/NEGATIVE MEN (ACRIA) Thu LESBIAN GAY TEACHERS AS- served. Small donation requested to RIGHTS NEW YORK (AVERNY) As- UAL, TRANSGENDERED OTH- events for those who wish to improve 6:30-8pm; Fri 6:30-8pm (Ages 18- SOCIATION General Meeting first cover room rental. 4th Thu 8-9:30pm. sociation of GLBT American armed ERS FELLOWSHIP GROUP Singing, their French. No English spoken. $5. 39). Formerly run by Body Positive. Wednesdays (except July and August) 516.249.3261 hollingerbob@yahoo. forces veterans. VA medical benefits prayer, bible study and discussion. 1st/3rd Wed 6-8pm. 212.772.3511 212.924.3934 6-8pm. 646-660-3303 or 212-933- com assistance, parade marching, oral his- tory project, rights advocacy, commu- 2nd/4th Tue 8pm. 212.529.2365 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE GROUP A G I 4544 LESBIAN AVENGERS For women MEN OF ALL COLORS TOGETHER (MACT) Striving to create multi- nity projects, social events and dinners. GAY LESBIAN BIBLE STUDY study and discussion group offering IDENTITY HOUSE HOMO IM- interested in direct actions for, by, and cultural community. General Meet- 2nd Sun 2-3:30pm. 718.849.5665 Study of the books of the Bible one a safe space to explore sexuality, and PROVEMENT Do it yourself? You about queer women.This group is be- ing 1st/3rd/4th/5th Fri 8-10pm. glbtvetsnyc@ by one. Mon 8-10pm. gerig@colum- all life’s issues, in a spiritual context. don’t have to! Renovate your life in ing resurrected after a 10-year hiatus! Board Meeting 2nd Fri 8-10pm. Thu 8-9pm. 212.532.8379 our facilitated discussion environment, 1st/3rd Tue 8-9:30pm. lesbianavenger- 212.330.7678 secre- ARMENIAN GAY LESBIAN AS- GAY LESBIAN INDEPENDENT where gay men learn to use and share SOCIATION Networking and meet- DEMOCRATS (GLID) Progressive CIRCLE OF YOUTH (for foster the tools we each posses for creating LESBIAN DATING CIRCLES Fun, METRO GAY WRESTLING ALLI- ing of gay and lesbian Armenians and open political club meets to parents) Co-sponsored with NYC successful, happy gay lives. Get past structured singles events, created by ANCE Amateur freestyle wrestling in the tri-state area. 1st Tue 7-8pm. discuss events, endorse candidates Administration for Children’s Ser- living and lingering in our problems a psychologist. Discover the women practices. All welcome regardless of 917.402.9571 and promote education on lesbian vices (ACS). Support group for LGBT and move into living in our solutions. who share your interests, values gender or sexual orientation, especial- ART GROUP for Gay and Lesbian and gay issues. 2nd Wed 8-10:30pm. foster parents or those planning to Sun 7-9pm. 212.243.8181 www.iden- lifestyle, then find out your mutual ly beginners. Proud participants rep- Artists 1st Tue 8-10pm, no Jun/Jul/ 917.593.4232 become foster parents, and for foster matches. 212-502-6664. www.dat- resenting NYC in 2006 Gay Games. Aug. GAY LESBIAN READING GROUP parents of LGBT kids. 3rd Thu 6-8pm. IMPERIAL COURT OF NY Social drag Sun 2-5pm. ASIAN PACIFIC ALLIANCE OF NEW Discussion of LGBT experience organization promoting self-respect LESBIAN DEEPER DATING Deeper YORK (APANY) Social, cultural and through reading novels, plays, po- CITY CRUISERS, NYC Motorcycle and positive awareness while rais- Dating combines fast-dating tech- MOONFIRE EMPOWERMENT friendship group for Asians, Pacific etry, and non-fiction. Newcomers Club Riding club for gay male motor- ing funds for community and AIDS nologies with a richer more humane SPIRITUALITY NETWORK Diverse Islanders and their non-Asian/Pa- welcome. 2nd Thu 8-9:30pm. Jim cyclists. 1st Thu 8-9pm. www.citycruis- service organizations. 1st Wed 8- approach to meeting, attracting large workshops and discussions on em- cific friends. Call for dates/times. John 212.945.0709 10:30pm. 212.475.0838 numbers of women to each event. powerement, healing, spirituality, 718.966.4010, books COMPATIBILITY GAME Fun, revo- INDOOR GARDENING SOCIETY OF Check website for schedule. www. metaphysics, creativity and entertain- ny/index.html,, PO Box GAY LESBIAN YESHIVA DAY lutionary singles events, created by a AMERICA Learn the joys of house- ment. Sat 5-7pm. $6. All welcome. 580073, Flushing, NY 11358-0073 SCHOOL ALUMNI Safe space to psychologist. Discover the guys who plant horticulture with the Metropoli- LESBIAN SEX MAFIA (LSM) Fetish Amethyst 212.222.2467 earthan- integrate Jewish and lesbian/gay iden- B share your interests, values lifestyle, then find out your mutual matches. tities in self-affirming, positive direc- tan Chapter. 4th Tue 6-9pm, 3rd Tue Dec, no Jul/Aug. 212.877.9010 social group for women only. 3rd Fri 8-10pm. 212.726.3844 www.lesbian- MUSIC SALON Sunday afternoon BEAR CAFÉ / MATES COFFEE tion through discussion, socializing 212-502-6664. www.compatgame. IRISH QUEERS Irish Queers are cul- recital and tea party. Open jam ses- HOUSE Alcohol-free social gather- and activism. 4th Thu 8:30-10:30pm. com. tural and political activists, organizing LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL AND sion. Suggested donation $15. 5-6 ings for all men. Bring large bottle of 212.780.4656 CONTRA DANCE American folk on issues in Ireland and Irish America. TRANSGENDER SOCIAL WORK- salons during the season (Sep-Jun). non-alcoholic beverage, or appetizer, gayjews dance in a friendly atmosphere where They also put on social events and ERS (NASW/NYC) General meeting For schedule visit web site or call. fruit, cheese, munchies or dessert to GAY ASIAN PACIFIC ISLANDER everyone is welcome. The music amusements. 2nd Saturday 1PM. and networking 4th Mon 6:30-8pm André Ilya share. $5 members with card; $10 MEN OF NY (GAPIMNY) Safe space is live and the dances are easy to 212.289.1101 Sep-May. 212.668.0050 lgbtnasw@ 917.743.0838. non-members. 1st/3rd Sun 3-6pm. for gay, bisexual and questioning men learn. 2nd Fri 7:30-10:30pm. Brooks sicsalon PO Box 20043, West Village Station, and transgender people of Asian and 347.275.7983; Carol 718.972.3194. ITALIAN LANGUAGE CLUB Round- LESS AIDS LESOTHO A forum for New York, NY 10014. 866.749.8180 Pacific Islander heritage. GAPIMNY seeks to empower GBT A/PI’s through table discussions, readings and social African LGBT people, their friends N COURSE IN MIRACLES Study group events for those who wish to upgrade and supporters.The forum is both ed- NATURAL HISTORY GROUP Les- BETTER THAN EVER! Better than social, educational, cultural, and politi- for students and teachers of this their ability to speak, read and write ucational and entertaining: discussions bian and Gay Naturalists of NY. Field Ever! is a closed, small, confidential cal activities. General Meeting 3rd Fri transformative path. Wed 8-10pm. Italian. No English spoken. $5. 2nd/4th of issues affecting the African LGBT trips, programs. Monthly Meeting 1st support group focusing on how 8-10pm. Steering Committee 1st Fri 212.463.8064 Mon 6-8pm. 212.772.3511 community, sharing of resource infor- Thu 8-10pm. 646.469.4149 co-dependency and internalized ho- 8-9:30pm. 212.802.7423 www.gapim- mation, and watching films portray- NETWORK FOR THE REALIZATION mophobia shape our lives and how we can come out better than ever. This is D GAY MALE S/M ACTIVISTS Orga- J ing African LGBT lives and concerns. OF THE GODDESS (NRG) Women’s DATE BAIT Fun, structured, results- JUST COUPLES Discussion of top- 1st/3rd Fri 6-8pm. Kele 646.361.0891 Dianic Wicca Spirituality Circle. Open a closed group. Call or email for infor- oriented singles mixers. Events for nization for men seriously interested ics relevant to couples. Occasional to all women. Come once or when- mation on how to join. 646.651.4982 professionals, for creative men, and in safe, sane, and consensual s/m. outside activities. 1st Sun 3-6pm. LIFE DRAWING Male models, all ever you can make it. Safe CR-like others. Meet most of the guys in the General Meeting 2nd Wed. Doors 212.252.3154 skill levels welcome, congenial atmo- setting to learn and practice Goddess BI PERSPECTIVE SOCIAL, discus- room, then our computer tabulates open 7:30pm, meeting 8-10pm. Board sphere, no instruction. Last Saturday and Mother Nature-based rituals. 2nd sion and support group for bisexual, your matches. 212-971-1084. www. of Directors 3rd Wed 7:30-9:30pm. Thu 8-10pm. 212.348.5738 bi-friendly and questioning men, 212.727.9878 info@ L of the month is long poses. $10. 201.945.5134 NEW YORK PRIME TIMERS So- women and couples who live, work DEEPER DATING Unique dating LANGUAGE CLASSES FOR BEGIN- cial club for mature men. General or play in NYC. 1st Sun 3-4:30pm. Michael 908.355.4051; Bi Info Line experience for men committed to GAY MEN’S OPERA CLUB Listen to and discuss recordings. 2nd Fri 8- NERS Ten sessions on Sat: Italian 12- 1:15pm; French 1:30-2:45pm; Spanish M Meeting 2nd Sat 2-4pm. Board of spirituality and personal growth. En- MALES AU NATUREL (M.A.N.) Gay Directors 2nd Wed 5-6pm. New York 212.459.4784 ables you to meet a large number 10:30pm. Charles 212.691.5993 3-4:15pm. Call for details and enroll- bisexual men’s nudist/naturist group Prime Timers, POB 1185, Lenox Hill spective of other participants and exchange GAY OFFICERS ACTION LEAGUE ment. 212.772.3511 for New York. MAN sponsors mem- Station, New York, NY 10021-1185. BI REQUEST Bisexual discussion numbers. Refreshments served. No (GOAL) Group for lesbian and gay LAS BUENAS AMIGAS LESBIANAS bers-only, non-sexual, nude social group. Discussions are topic focused reservations required. Usually 1st Sat criminal justice professionals. Mem- LATINAS EN NUEVA YORK Formed events and parties, including monthly NORTHEAST TWO-SPIRIT SO- and moderated, followed by optional 7-10pm; confirm date on website. bership Meeting 2nd Tue 8-10pm. in 1986 as group of US-born Latinas, catered events, and smaller byo~ CIETY Social, recreational, cultural dinner near the Center. Other ad hoc 212.691.4625 goal- immigrants from Latin America, work- “house” parties. Annual membership group serving the LGBT and Native social activities hosted throughout the DIGNITY NEW YORK Celebrating ing-class women, mothers, students, required for continued invites dis- American-identified community of year. 1st/3rd Thu 6-8pm. birequest@ the Eucharist and working for a time GAY/BI DAD’S GROUP OF NEW professionals, artists and activists. 1st counted admission to events. Nude NYC. General Meeting 3rd Wed 8- when LGBT people are affirmed and YORK Support and social group Sun 2-4pm. 718.596.0342 x44 www. events held at the Center and other 9:30pm. Harlan Pruden 646.351.7360 BI WOMEN OF ALL COLORS TO- experience dignity through the inte- for gay and bisexual fathers and lba@lasbuena- locations. Non-nude “Information centerhappenings | december 2007 GETHER A social discussion group gration of their spirituality and sexual- others in child-nurturing situations. Sessions” are held at the Center, 1st NY ASSOCIATION FOR GENDER for bisexual, bi-curious or question- ity and participate fully in all aspects of General Meeting 1st Fri 8-10:30pm. LATINO GAY MEN OF NEW YORK Tuesdays, 7pm. 212-898-0383 www. RIGHTS ADVOCACY (NYAGRA) ing women (including transgender bi life within the Roman Catholic Church 917.488.3369 General meeting for Latino gay, bisex- Advocates at state and local level for women) as well as bi-friendly women and society. Steering Committee 2nd ual and transgender men to explore MANHATTAN STUTTERING GROUP self-determination in gender expres- who identify as lesbian, same-gender- Tue 8-10pm. Liturgy Committee 4th GRAND SLAM BRIDGE GROUP their total beings without closeting Self help support group for persons sion and identity for transgender, loving or straight. A safe space for Tue 8-10pm. 646.418.7039 www.dig- This relaxed game of duplicate bridge their sexuality or feeling discrimi- who stutter. 2nd/4th Wed 6-8pm. transsexual, and gender non-con- women of all cultures and diversities promotes social ties. You don’t need nated against because of their cultural 201.823.1465 forming GLB and hetero individuals to exchange information and discuss DISABLED QUEERS OF NEW YORK a partner; everybody who arrives heritage. 1st Fri 8-10:30pm, no Aug. MARRIAGE EQUALITY NY Coalition who experience discrimination and thought-provoking topics, followed by (DQNY) New social and support on time gets to play. 2nd/4th Sun 212.367.0342 info@ of lesbian, gay and non-gay individu- violence because of the ways they dinner at a local restaurant. 2nd Thu group for disabled gay men and gay 2-5pm, no Jul/Aug. 914.665.8862, als and organizations committed to choose to express their gender. 3rd 6:30-8:00 212.459.4784 Bi_Wom- men with chronic illnesses, provid- 516.671.2095 LAVENDER GREEN ALLIANCE ending discrimination against same- Sat 3-5pm odd-numbered months. en_of_All_Colors_Together-owner@ ing discussions on topics of interest, GREATER NEW YORK GESNERIAD Irish and Irish-American gay men sex couples in civil marriage. 1st Wed 212.675.3288 x266, 212.645.8111 as well as organized outings. Being a SOCIETY Learn about the miracle and lesbians creating an environ- 6:30-8pm. 877-772-0089 www.mar- x174 careful- BIG APPLE SOFTBALL LEAGUE NY’s minority within a minority isn’t easy, houseplants in the African Violet ment where our lives are shared and info@marriage- only gay and lesbian softball league. but DQNY will help you to feel and Florist Gloxinia families. 3rd Sat celebrated. Social, cultural, political NY PANTHERS LEATHER CLUB 2nd Wed 6-8pm. 212.726.1518 www. good about yourself. 1st Sun 6-8pm. 11am-2pm. 212.666.2395 www.ny- activities. Monthly Meeting 2nd Sun MAST METRO NY Community in- Founded in 1999. Social, educational 718.389.8180 4-6pm. Brendan 718.721.2780 www. clusive support group for those who and informational forum/brother- BIG MEN’S CLUB OF NY (formerly G M NY) Social organization where DISCLOSURE NETWORK/NEW YORK (DNNY) UFO to Paranormal H inquiries@lav- identify as owner/master/mistress or property/slave. Open to people of hood organization for men of color interested/involved in leather-re- the bear, chub, cub, chaser, leather and HEALING SINGING GROUP Sup- LEATHER INVASION Leather/rubber/ topics. Speakers plus QA. All wel- all genders and orientations who are lated activities. 3rd Sat 8-11pm, unless levi communities enjoy entertainment, port group + healing circle + music. fetish enthusiasts in the tri-state area come. 1st Sun 2-5pm. $8. Call for res- interested in this lifestyle, regardless of otherwise noted on voice mailbox. including DJ dances and shows at cer- Live music workshop providing safe create fun, friendly social and cultural ervations/information. 917.701.9033 22 tain events. Open bar, snacks, and healing environment for those activities for those interested in the relationship status. 1st Sun 2-5pm, 2nd Call or check website for updates.
  • 21. 866.841.9139 x2863 (toll free) www. QWIK DATES Speed-dating events ists, comedians,... All welcome. $5. 2nd for gay men. Each night is age-spe- Fri 8-9pm. NYC LATINO PFLAG, PARTE DE cific: 20s/ 30s/ 40+. Get assigned to cumbmag PFLAG FCA, NYC Todos son bien- one-on-one dates, then find out your SUNDANCE OUTDOOR ADVEN- venidos, incluyendo padres, amigos, mutual matches that night. 212-714- TURE SOCIETY NY area gay out- familiares y personas gays, lesbianas, 3944. doors club open to men and women bisexuales y transgéneras con o of all ages and abilities. Over 500 sin sus familias. se reune el primer R members enjoy outdoor non-com- domingo 1-3pm. Contáctese con RADICAL FAERIES Lesbian, gay, bi- petitive activities: backpacking, biking, las coordinadoras: Nila Marrone sexual, transgender activists with a boating, hiking, horseback riding, so- 914.787.8738,; spiritual twist. 2nd Sun 6-9pm. www. cial outings, skating, skiing and more. Migdalia Santiago 718.749.8562, flo- All-volunteer Sundance is run by the ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS INCEST SEXUAL ABUSE SURVIVORS (MEN) ROOM TO WRITE Writing group members. Quarterly mixers at Cen- Sat: Struggle for Intimacy 11AM-12:30PM Fri: 6:15 - 8PM NYC MARRIED MEN’S GROUP open to all, whether novice or sea- ter. Support group for men who identify soned writer, who wish to put pen to SUPPORT GROUP FOR SINGLE ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS MARIJUANA ANONYMOUS as bi or gay and are, or have been, paper to express thoughts and feel- LESBIANS Support and social group Intergroup: 212.647.1680; Hotline: 212.459.4423, in a mixed orientation marriage. For ings. All styles of writing, some feed- for single lesbians meeting in a caring information and guidelines, please back offered. 1st/3rd/5th Wed 6-8pm. and safe space. Fri 6-7:30pm. Pauline Tue: Women Now 6 - 7:15PM Wed: 9:15 - 10:45PM; District 8 (2nd Wed) contact the facilitator, Jeremy Lees. 212.222.9884. 718.762.3473 Westwingers 7:30 - 8:45PM 8 - 9:15PM In your message, include your basic information as it relates to this sup- S T Wed: Women Together Step Meeting port group. Please contact Jeremy SAL BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP TIMES SQUARES Educational, rec- 6 - 7:15PM NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS before attending a meeting. jlees@ Lesbian-only book group discusses reational, and social opportunities contemporary and classic lesbian within the framework of Modern Grupo Identidad 7:30-9PM Helpline: 212.929.6262. Area Service Committee: literature. Newcomers welcome. Western square dancing for the gay Thu: Agnostics at Noon 12 - 1PM O 3rd Sun 1-2:30pm. salbookgroup@ and lesbian community. Square Danc- Westwingers 9 - 10PM Tue: 5:45 - 7:15PM OUT FOR PROFIT Socially-conscious ing 2nd/4th Fri 7:30-10pm; call first investment club with a queer bent, SALSA SOCIAL CLUB NY/NJ Latin if non-member. 212.749.4291 www. Sat: Women Together Closed Discussion Thu: 5:45 - 7:15PM 10-year track record, and monthly partner dancing 2nd/4th Tue 8-10pm. 6 - 7:30PM Fri: Recovery @ Dusk 5:45 - 7:15PM meetings focused on doubling money salsascny@yahoo. TWENTYSOMETHING Social group com Promises by Candlelight 8:45 - 10PM Sun: Serenity Sunday 2:15 - 3:45PM every five years. Currently consid- for LGBT New Yorkers in and ering new members for induction. SCRABBLERS All levels. Bring around their twenties (ages 18-33). S/M Sober Miracles 9:30 - 10:30PM boards. Play in English, Spanish, French, OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS E-mail for more details. www.outfor- Semi-monthly meetins to social- Sun: High Noon 12 - 1:30PM Italian. 2nd/4th Mon 8-10:45pm. ize and discuss important LGBT Intergroup: OUT PROFESSIONALS Gay and les- 212.362.5889 topics. $5. 1st/3rd Tue 8-10pm. Village Agnostics 4 - 5:15PM Mon: Just for Today Discussion 1 - 2PM bian professionals organization with SIRENS MOTORCYCLE CLUB The Village Agnostics Step Meeting (last Sun) a membership of more than 1,000. Sirens are the tri-state areas premier Tue: Discussion 12:15 - 1:15PM V 5:30 - 6:30PM Workshops, lectures, seminars and women’s motorcycle club dedicated Wed: Format varies 12:15 - 1:15PM; socializing for anyone seeking social to promoting motorcycling as a sport VEG-OUT Vegetarian potluck (no Living Today 6:45-7:45pm meat/eggs/dairy) for LGBT and West Side Qualifications/Discussion and networking contacts in NYC. 3rd among woman emphasizing skill, safe- Living Today Discussion 8 - 9PM Wed 6:30, and more--check website. ty, solidarity, support and friendship. queer-friendly vegetarians and wan- 5:45 - 7:15PM 212.462.9255 www.outprofession- 3rd Tue 8-10pm. nabees. Everyone asked to bring AL-ANON Thu: Big Book 12:15 - 1:15PM a vegan dish to share (no meat, SISTAHS IN SEARCH OF TRUTH, poultry, fish, eggs or dairy) and $5 Intergroup: 212.941.0094 Fri: 12-Step 12:15 - 1:15PM P ALLIANCE AND HARMONY (SiS- to help with VegOut expenses/$12 Thu: Gay Men’s Round Robin Sat: Word of Mouth Open LGBT Meeting PHILOSOPHY FORUM Inquire TAH) Support organization that if not bringing food. Check website into the teaching of thinkers past addresses the needs of bisexual, les- for monthly outings to restaurants. 5:45 - 7:15PM 6 - 7:30PM and present, East and West. 2nd/4th bian, transgender and same-sex lov- 4th Sun 5-7pm. 212.802.8655 www. Fri: Gay Men Beginners Regular Sun: Gay Men 7:30 - 9PM Saturday 3-5. Call before attending. ing womyn of colour with a special 7:30 - 10PM Frederick 212.675.8443, Warren focus on health, wellness, social and VILLAGE DIVE CLUB Gay and les- SEXUAL COMPULSIVES ANONYMOUS 212.477.2827. educational issues. SiSTAH’s nurturing bian scuba club. Dive trips locally, Sat: GLAD Gay Lesbian Discussion Intergroup: 212.439.1123, PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Amateurs space affirms, rejoices and sanctions in the Caribbean, and around the 7:45 - 9:15PM and professionals meet to share womyn of colour in all of our diverse world. Meeting schedule varies, call cities/newyork and critique work. Other activities or check website for dates. Michael Sun: Sundays at the Center 5:45 - 7:15PM communities. 1st/3rd/4th/5th Fri 6- Mon: Topic meeting 9:30AM; include guest speakers, technical 8pm. 212.479.7886, 917.623.7889 646.638.2826 www.villagediveclub. workshops, member-led gallery visits, SOULFORCENYC Movement com- org COCAINE ANONYMOUS 4th Step Writing Workshop 12 - 1:30PM; and an annual exhibit of members’ mitted to ending spiritual violence VILLAGE PLAYWRIGHTS Gay and Intergroup: 212.929.7300 Living Sober 4:15 - 5:30PM; work at the Center. 3rd Thu 6-8pm. perpetuated by religious policies and lesbian playwrights invited to present Sat: CA Centered on Sobriety 6 - 7:30PM Unsafe Sex 5:45-7:15pm; 212.674.4132, www.nycphotoclub. teachings against GLBT people. Net- scripts for informal critiques leading com, work of volunteers and staff commit- to staged readings. 4th Tue 6-8pm. Sun: Serenity Sunday 10:45am - 12:15PM Big Book 7:30 - 9PM; PLAYTIME WORKSHOP Day Camp ted to researching, teaching, and ap- 212.645.1514 Sharing Towards Recovery 9:15 - 10:15PM for Grown-Ups. Have more fun in plying the principles of nonviolence as CO-DEPENDENTS ANONYMOUS your life as Marilyn Galfin takes you taught and lived by Gandhi and King W Intergroup: POB 1509, NY, NY 10159-1509, Tue: Tuesday Round Robin 12 - 1:30PM; into a world of free expression and on behalf of sexual and gender mi- WEST VILLAGE TRANS-LEGAL Third Column 4:15 - 5:30PM; joy. Theatre games, improvisation, norities. All welcome. Last Tue 6:30- CLINIC NAME CHANGE PROJECT Free information and assistance to Wed: Round Robin 12 - 1:30PM; mime, movement, etc. Recapture 8pm. 212.777.8444 www.soulforce. Mon: CODA 9:05 - 10:35PM childhood spontaneity, unblock cre- org transgender identified people inter- Creativity 7:30 - 9PM; ested in obtaining legal name changes. Fri: Gay Men’s Issues 9:15 - 10:45PM ativity, overcome shyness, reduce SOUTH ASIAN LESBIAN GAY Porn/Internet/Phone Sex 9:15 - 10:15PM stress. Safe environment. No experi- ASSOCIATION (SALGA) Social and Drop in. 1st Mon sign-up 6-6:30pm. ence necessary. Monthly, call for date 212.353.9118 CRYSTAL METH ANONYMOUS Thu: Round Robin 12 - 1:30PM; political group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and time. 212.989.8549 and transgender people who trace WOMEN ABOUT, THE ADVENTURE Intergroup: NYCMA, POB 1517, Old Chelsea Step Tradition 7:30 - 9PM; POLYAMOROUS NYC Discussion SOCIAL CLUB FOR LESBIANS their descent from South Asia. 2nd Station, NY, NY 10011, 212.642.5029, Fri: Round Robin 12 - 1:30PM; for individuals, couples and groups Sat 4-6pm. POB 1491, Old Chelsea Women About is a New York-based of all orientations and genders who Station, NYC 10113. 212.358.5132 network for lesbians, generating Beginners 5:45 - 7:15PM; have an interest in long-term, roman- salganyc@hotmail. social, cultural, and athletic activi- Mon: Relapse Prevention 6 - 7PM Healthy Sexuality 7:30 - 9PM tically committed, multiple-partner com ties in the tri-state area since 1976. Quarterly meetings to plan events Tue: Beginners 7:30 - 9PM Sat: Recovery HIV 12:45 - 2:15PM; relationships. 3rd Wed 8-10pm. Just- SPANISH FOR BEGINNERS For be- en 212.543.9494 ginners and intermediates who wish and do the newsletter mailing. Yearly Sat: Meditation Meeting 8 - 9PM; Committed Relationships 2:30 - 4PM; to upgrade their ability to speak but dues: $15 singles, $25 couples. PO First Step Meeting 6 - 7:30PM; Box 146, New York, NY 10011-0146. Saturday Solutions 9:15 - 10:15AM; lack the opportunity to practice. Not Q a class but a roundtable discussion 212.642.5257 Relationships, Intimacy, Sex and Sobriety Characteristics 7:45 - 9:15PM centerhappenings | december 2007 QUEER BLACK CINEMA New where you get to speak without fear 9:30 - 10:30PM Sun: Intimacy Workshop 12:30 - 2PM; York’s first and only Black lesbian, of unsolicited criticism. Congenial and WOMEN’S COFFEE HOUSE Events gay, bisexual, transgender and queer for women including political in- Sun: CMA Sunday Step Meeting Intergroup (2nd Sun) 3 - 5PM; non-threatening. 1st/3rd Mon 6-8pm. monthly film series. QBC Film Series $5. 212.772.3511 formation, women’s history, guest 6 - 7:15PM; Higher Power Workshop 5:45 - 7:15PM; is dedicated to featuring shorts, docu- STONEWALL DEMOCRATIC CLUB speakers, poetry slams, authors, al- Sex, Drugs Alcohol 5:45 - 7:15PM; Beginners 7:30 - 8:30PM mentaries and narrative films by Black Special events and discussion on ternative viewpoints on current fic- LGBTQ filmmakers. QBC screens tion and non-fiction books, reader’s How It Works 7:30 - 9PM LGBT issues and candidate endorse- DEBTORS ANONYMOUS and promotes all artists of color by ments. Monthly Meeting 4th Wed theatre, and women’s place in male screening trailers and showcasing 8-10pm. Tom Smith 212.330.6572 culture and religion. Door is usually Hotline: 212.969.8111, SURVIVORS OF INCEST ANONYMOUS original music. All are welcome to at- $5 depending on subject and guest. Mon: Lesbian Gay Step Meeting Fri: SIA (Women) 6 - 8PM tend regardless of their sexual orien- STONEWALL VETERANS’ ASSO- Coffee, tea and dessert offered at all tation, gender or ethnicity. QBC Film events. 1st/3rd Sun 3-5pm. roby2@ 7:30 - 9PM Sat: Double Winners 4:15 - 5:45PM CIATION Participants in legendary Series is an Our Stories Productions, 5-night 1969 Stonewall Rebellion Wed: Step Writing to Abundance LLC project. Tickets $6 online and $8 SEXUAL RECOVERY ANONYMOUS at the door. 4th week of every month. eligible for membership. Friends of SVA last Sun 4:15-6:15pm, no Dec. Z 11:45AM - 1PM Intergroup: 212.340.4650; 347.789.1070 www.queerblackcin- 212.627.1969, 212.889.4262. www. ZAPPALORTI SOCIETY Lesbian, gay, Thu: Recovering from Underearning, transgender psychiatric survivors Mon: Intergroup (1st Mon) 6 - 8PM sva@stone- 7:30 - 9PM blackcinema organized for peer support, self-help Sat: Step Meeting 11PM - 12:30PM QUEER STORIES FOR BOYS Gay and mental health advocacy. Sat 2- Sat: Writers Group 11AM - 12:30PM; SUCCUMB MAGAZINE OPEN men’s storytelling workshop recount- MIKE NIGHT Hosted by Yohana Mas, 4pm. 917.286.0616 Visions Group 4:15 - 5:45PM ing gay histories and traditions while publisher of SUCCUMB Magazine. Sun: Creating Your Vision12:30 - 2PM developing stories for performance. $5. 2nd/4th Sat Noon-2pm. Feaatured readers plus open mike with spoken word performers, vocal- 212.620.7310 23
  • 22. NON-PrOFIT OrG. U.S. POSTAGE P A I D PERMIT NO. 664 S. HACKENSACK NJ 208 West 13th street new york, ny 10011 Please join us in 2008 for our 25th anniversary when every event will be a birthday bash. broadway backwards 3, monday, february 4, 2008 | center dinner, tuesday, march 4, 2008 | Garden party, monday, June 23, 2008 | bay dance, fire island, July 2008 | dancing on the beach, the hamptons, July 2008 braking the cycle, september 26-28, 2008 | Women’s event 11, saturday, november 1, 2008