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Rawroot(Indesign Draft)2

  1. 1. Curtis Ross
  2. 2. Raw Roots Private Cooking Session Curtis Ross Chef/ Practitioner, founder As a native of Trinidad, West Indies, Curtis Ross grew up along palm-lined beaches and rolling hills with a year-round bounty of fruits, vegetables, and spices. This setting served as a rich environment and laid a foundation for his pursuits as a chef, culinary consultant and lifestyle specialist. He has been named the ‘Chef of Choice’ by an array of prominent clients with sophisticated culinary tastes nationwide. His unusual marriage of dishes from the Americas through the Far East was an innovation that led Chef Ross to develop his unique Africala cooking style, best described as an elegant fusion of the cuisines of Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Raised in a family of herbalists, Chef Ross began learning his craft as a child. His parents encouraged his natural gift to blend spices and create enticing dishes with fresh, organic ingredients. Today, Chef Ross blends his own distinctive spice mixtures, which adds a signature flavor to every dish in his ever-expanding collection. Ross refined his craft while traveling to villages and cities around the world. He journeyed throughout Costa Rica, Panama, and El Salvador, sampling the rich traditional foods of these regions. Then it was on to Africa, where Ross voyaged from Johannesburg to Cape Town; where he studied Cape Malay cuisine. He then ventured through Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal. Working alongside the people of the local marketplaces, he learned firsthand the intricacies of native cooking techniques. In each new place, Ross immersed himself in the culture, establishing ties to the customs and histories that bred these rich, vibrant cuisines. What he found was a magnificent collection of virtually underexposed cuisine, which he has infused into his menus. Chef Ross believes that a meal cannot be fully enjoyed without acknowledging the traditions it represents.
  3. 3. Concept The Raw Root cooking program provides specialized health education. Raw Root clients learn to achieve optimal nutrition through the preparation of unique, seasonally appropriate dishes accented by the use of herbs and spices that enhance flavor as well as provide nutritional value. Special attention is given to nutritional requirements that have been ascertained by each client’s healthcare provider. Chef Ross’ plates are bountiful and beautiful, full of fresh dark greens and rare items such as goji berries and creating a amazing sauce .Each chosen with its particular health benefit in mind. Chef Ross believes that food is nature’s first medicine. He also reveres food as a source of beauty, pleasure and joy that can help transform lives. An example of one of Chef Ross’ meals might include a mixed greens and watercress salad with garlic- cilantro dressing; zucchini and sprouted chickpea lasagna with a basil-tomato sauce and very berry raw pie on a sprouted almond crust. Clients begin with three private cooking sessions and can take advanced courses as desired. Clients are referred by a nutritionist, MD or other healthcare professional who ascertain certain dietary needs. Clients are encouraged to observe their relationship to food throughout the course and to address their challenges to healthy eating. They are asked to keep a journal of their experiences throughout the course as a means of recording noticeable changes in concentration and overall health as well as personal growth.
  4. 4. Raw Root Private Cooking Sessions Session One (3 hours) Reintroduction to your kitchen. We will look at your pots, pans, knives, etc. to see if you have the necessary tools to prepare your meals. We will make a shopping list to purchase whatever might be needed. Discussion of dietary needs and a menu. A shopping list for the necessary foods, herbs, etc. will be organized. Exploration of local farmer’s markets, community gardens or supermarkets in your community where organic produce is sold. Discussion of how to pick produce and store for freshness. Purchase of herbs, spices, etc. to help make foods flavorful ... Southwestern, Indian, Caribbean, southern, etc. - introduction to new flavors and culinary styles. Washing, preparing, and storing foods for next class. Discussion throughout session to help you to examine your core beliefs about your relationship to foods. Session Two (2 hours) Experience Africala* and learn to integrate healthy and organic foods into your daily life. Explanation of traditional and medicinal uses of herbs, spices as well as produce and staples. Learn to build a foundation of staple seasonings and sauces to use in your own dishes. Demonstration of several dishes using these seasonings and sauces. Participation in preparation with some basic knife skills.
  5. 5. Reflect on the significance of each culinary dish to its cultural ancestry and use of certain herbs, spices, vegetables, etc. Take notes to help in designing your own menu for next class. Enjoy dishes prepared and store leftovers and sauces. *Africala creates a new contemporary cuisine that traces Caribbean dishes back to Africa .As a style of cuisine that merges two cultures, Africas the historical impact those certain regions of Africa had on the Caribbean. These traditionally complex recipes have been updated into simple to prepare, healthy alternatives with a deep sense of flavor and tradition. Session Three (3 hours) Incorporate new ideas learned in Session 2 into a balanced meal of protein, grain and vegetables. Use sauces prepared in Session 2 or create your own. Enhance your self-awareness and be willing to explore challenges to changing old eating habits. Honor and appreciate your growth in the kitchen and your ability to nurture yourself in a better way. Come away with a profound appreciation of new foods and customs. Bring new foods to yourself, friends and family table ... invite someone to join you in the meal you have created!
  6. 6. Chef For Hire Menu (Tap As Cuisines From Around The World) •Sample Menu• Oysters’ (Blue Points) With Salsa Verdé Pan Fried Cornish Hen With Mole Sauce Grilled Prawn With Cape Maley Sauce Fresh Grilled Temple With Mole African Favor Mix Grilled Seasonal Vegetables With Fusion Blend Spice Sautéd Chinese Bok Choy With Caramelized Garlic And Cinnamon Stix Moroccan Lamb Shanks With Sautéd Garlic And Onions In A Coconut Ginger Sauce Desert South African Chocolate Bread Pudding With Vanilla Cream Sauce Velvet Cake With Butter Madagascar Vanilla Cream
  7. 7. Raw Root Private Cooking Sessions Investment Breakdown Consultant Fees $ 125.00 Preparing The Health History Nutrition Consult $ 275.00 (2 Hr. Session With Nutritionist To Discuss Your Medical) Situation And Nutritional Needs. Three Private Cooking Session Module Eight-hour Total Sessions Fee Per Person In Private Home: $675.00 Family Rate Up To Four Persons: Extension Private Cooking Session Sixteen-hour Total Session Fee Per Person In Private Home $ 1475.00 Family Rate Up To Four Persons