Sales promotion & publicity


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Sales promotion & publicity

  1. 1. SALES PROMOTION &PUBLICITY 73 Explain public relations 74 Identify public relations tools 75 Explain the internal and external aspects of public relations 76 Explain sales promotion as related to the SER industries 77 Describe the elements of an SER sales promotion campaign
  2. 2. A. Trade PromotionActivities designed to gain manufacturers and retailers support for a product1. Slotting allowances - Cash paid by the manufacturer to a retailer for all costs involved in placing a new on its shelves2. Buying allowances - A price discount given by manufacturers to retailers to encourage buying a new product or a larger quantity of a new products3. Trade shows/conventions - Shows to demonstrate and introduce new products and increase sales of existing products4. Sales incentives - Awards given to managers and employees who successfully meet or exceed a set sales quota
  3. 3. B. Consumer SalesPromotionActivities designed to encourage customers to buy products1. Licensing - License a logo, trademark, trade character, names, likenesses and personal endorsements to another business2. Promotional tie-in - When 2 companies combine resources to share the costs of promoting (ex. Disney and Toys R Us)3. Visual merchandising & displays - Coordination of all physical elements (window, floor, counter, shelves, ceiling, etc.) to project an image to customers
  4. 4. Consumer Sales Promotioncont.4. Premium - Low cost items given away free to consumers as a condition of purchasea. Coupon - Certificates entitling customers to cash discountsb. Factory pack - Free gifts placed in product packagesc. Traffic builder - Pens, key chains, calendars etc., given away free for visiting store or special eventd. Coupon plan - Ongoing programs offering a variety of premiums (ex. MVP cards, Koolaid points)
  5. 5. Consumer Sales Promotioncont.5. Product sample - A free trial size of a product6. Incentive - Use to create excitement and interest about products and therefore increase salesa. Contest - Games or activities that require participant to demonstrate a skill (ex. Essay, name a new product, picture, collect pieces – like Monopoly etc.)b. Sweepstakes - Games of chance (ex. Scratch off tickets, peel off tickets)c. Rebate - Discounts offered when purchasing during a given time period (ex. Printer at Xmas)
  6. 6. PublicityInvolves placing newsworthy information about a company, product, or person in the mediaPublic Relations - Activity designed to create goodwill toward a businessAudiences - Different targets for public relations Employees - Newsletters, employee suggestion programs, recognition programs Customers - Customer advisory boards, customer feedback forms, sponsor special events , provide: In-store restaurants, child care, gift wrap, fax, copy, free delivery Community - Sponsoring teams, awarding scholarships, donating to charities, encouraging employees to join civic organizations
  7. 7. Publicity cont. News release - A pre-written story about a company that is sent to various media Press kit - A folder containing articles, news releases, feature stories, and photographs about a company – often given to media to assist in writing a story Press conference - A meeting in which media members are invited to hear an announcement about a newsworthy event