ACS Green Press January 2012


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ACS Green Press January 2012

  1. 1. Army Community Service (ACS) Fort Drum, NY January 2012Direct questions / feedbackTo: Sarah Lynch : ACS Green Press ~A tree free newsletterInside this issue: Army Community Service Has a New Chief !Need To Know - from your 2USC Happy New Year to the Fort Administration and Social The staff of ACS is lookingRegarding Resiliency: Tips, 3 Drum Community from ACS! Work. forward to helping Catherinetools and techniques forpracticing resiliency everyday achieve this goal by The ACS staff is looking When Catherine was asked continuing to provideACS Friends and Neighbors 4 forward to starting off the New what her vision was for Fort excellence in customer ser-Tis the Season Year under the leadership and Drum’s Army Community vices on a daily basis.The Benefits of a Strong 5 direction, of new ACS Chief, Service, she replied, “to de-Sponsorship Program Catherine Ferran. Catherine velop a plan to reach out to It is going to be a great New comes to Fort Drum from Fort more Soldiers and Families Year. We hope to have theEFMP Holiday Bowling 5Bash Meade, Maryland where she on and off Post.” opportunity to see you inThe Major Group-Job 6 was the ACS Director. ACS soon.Training for Spouses Her plan will include identi- While new to Fort Drum, fying at-risk populations,Appearance counts 7 Catherine is not new to ACS marketing ACS programsYour Thirty Second and Army Family program- and services and lettingCommercial ming. She brings with her 21 people know that ACS isLook Who’s on the Payroll 8 years of experience as well as here if they need us for anyFinancial Resolutions degrees in Education, Public reason!AFTB 9ACS Events and ClassesACS Contacts 10, 11 12 January Facts and Trivia Birthstone: Garnet Zodiac: Capricorn or Aquarius Flower: Carnation Fun Fact: There are thirty one days in January Famous Birthdays: Betsy Ross, Paul Revere, J Edgar Hoover, Joan of Arc, Nicholas Cage, Benjamin Franklin, Martin Luther King and Mel Gibson “If your actions inspire Holidays: others to dream more, New Years Day, Jan. 1 learn more, do more and Three Wise Men Day in Latin America , Jan 6 become more, you are a Feast of the Santo Nino in the Philippines, Third Sunday leader.” Makara Sankrnthi (Festival of Harvest), India -John Quincy Adams Burns Night in Scotland , Jan. 25 National What Month? - Eye Care Month, National Hobby Month, Hot Tea Month, National Soup Month , National Blood Donor Month, National Stay Healthy Month National
  2. 2. Page 2 ACS Green Press January 2012 What Might Need To Know from your ACS Unit Service Coordinator (USC) Army Commu- Garrison Policy Letter 11-17 states that over lease agreements prior to signing nity Service there are no local moves of household them. ACS recommends their utilizes a Unit goods unless an exception to policy is Financial Readiness Homebuyers ClassService Coordinator (USC) to reach out granted based on compelling for anyone considering purchasing ato command teams to find out the type circumstances. home.of information and referral needed to For more information regarding moves, The good news is that an additionalbest support their Soldiers and Families. contact the transportation office at 166 new 4 and 5 bedroom homes areThe USC goes directly to the unit and 772-6310. being added on post and anothercompletes a desk side needs assessment thousand rental units are expected toto determine unit specific needs. What does this mean to the Soldiers and Families PCSing to Fort Drum or those be constructed over the next two years.Recently, our USC Sarah Lynch, visited who already have housing? Stay put If you live on post and have questionswith a Battalion and the need for during your Soldier’s deployment. It concerning housing, contact your localinformation on housing and relocation would be best to not give up your Community Centers at:transportation was the hot topic. Here is housing, instead make arrangements withwhat you might need to know from your Mountain Community Homes to retain Adirondack Creek 955-6640USC. your home while you are away. Crescent Woods 955-6641Many commanders are faced with If you are in need of housing, there are Monument Ridge 955-6642questions from their Soldiers and Family some resources available to assist you. Rhicard Hills 955-6643members regarding housing and Army Community Housing, located intransportation under the following Room A2-54 Clark Hall, offers anscenarios: apartment guide and housing availability1. ) For Families who chose to leave Fort report as well as other housing options.Drum to stay with Family during their Their hours are Monday thru Friday from ARMY COMMUNITYSoldier’s deployment and gave up hous- 0730-1600. The apartment guide lists HOUSINGing to do so, the Army will not pay to available rental complexes along with the Clark Hall, Room A2-54move the Family back to Fort Drum corresponding school districts and maps.upon return of the Soldier. . The apartment availability report lists 10720 Mount Belvedere2.) If a Soldier PCSs to Fort Drum and apartment complexes, unit sizes, availabil- Boulevardchooses to take housing off post, the ity, amenities, pet policy and average Fort Drum, NY 13602-5097Army will not pay to move the Soldier rent. 315-772-6883and Family back on post when housing Housing encourages Soldiers andbecomes available. Families to utilize legal assistance to look If you are part of your unit command team and would like a visit from your Unit Service Coordinator, please contact Sarah Lynch at 772-5374
  3. 3. Page 3 ACS Green Press January 2012 Regarding Resiliency: Tips, tools and techniques for practicing resiliency everyday! By Jenn Eichner, MRT 772-2848 Identify and Avoid Thinking TrapsHello, hope this new month finds thinking, or expecting another person to express myself? Did I ask foryou positively thinking! Did any of know what you are thinking information?you recognize an Activating Event? Me, Me, Me - Believing that you are the Me, Me, Me: Look outward: HowDid you have a moment when you sole cause of every problem you did others and/or circumstancesthought: What was that reaction all encounter contribute?about? It happens to us all – every-day adversity is alive and well, but it Them, Them, Them - Believing that Them, Them, Them: How did Idoes not have turn into unproductive other people or circumstances are the contribute?thinking and reacting! sole cause of every problem you Always, Always, Always: Grab encounter control: What’s changeable? What can IAll to often the reasons why we reactin a puzzling way to an Activating Always, Always, Always - Believing control?Event are not immediately clear. that negative events are unchangeable Everything, Everything, Every-This is largely due to the fact that we and that you have little or no control thing: Look at behavior: What is theall tend to think in the same manner over them specific behavior that explains theday in and day out, so we rarely think Everything, Everything, Everything- situation?about how we think. Believing that you can judge a person’s or your own worth, motivation, or Thinking Traps are common. And it isCould you be stuck in a Thinking common to fall into a Thinking Trap,Trap? Thinking Traps are overly ability on the basis of a single situation particularly when stressed. But theyrigid patterns in thinking that can (character assassination) tend to be counterproductive as theycause us to miss critical information Does your thinking typically tend to fall narrow our field of vision and lead usabout a situation or individual. into any of these traps? If you answered to miss important information. Take yes, you may need to develop some some time and work on noticing theLet’s take a look at some of the most patterns that you tend to fall into.common traps: mental agility and work your way out of the trap. For each trap there is a Then use the critical questions to helpJumping to Conclusions -Believing broaden your awareness of important critical question that you can askone is certain about a situation information. This practice will help yourself to free your thinking: you build your mental agility anddespite having little or no evidence tosupport it. Jumping to Conclusions: What is the become able to pull yourself out of evidence for and against my thoughts? counterproductive thought.Mind Reading - Assuming that youknow what another person is Mind Reading: Speak up: Did I Good luck and good thoughts!Upcoming Master Resiliency Classes Date Training Plan Location/Time9 January Assertive Communication ACS, 9:30-12:00 pm Active Constructive Response (ACR) Praise6-9 February MRT Marathon-All modules covered ACS, 9:30-2:30 pm
  4. 4. ACS Green Press January 2012 Page 4 ACS Friends and Neighbors-Promoting April LaPlant– Spouse in the Spotlight This month’s Spouse in the spotlight is April Force Telecommunications April is currently pursuing a LaPlant. April and her family arrived at Fort Specialist for eight years. degree in business while Ryan is Drum on November 3 from Fort Polk. working on his Master’s of April’s husband Ryan is a helicopter pilot with April is a go getter. Three days Business Administration in Task Force Phoenix 3-10. They have three after arriving, she had a job Aviation. children. Two sons, Tristan age 7, Micah age 2 with Thistle Head Salon in Wa- and one tertown. For nearly five years daughter April has had a successful cos- Loen who metology career. is 9 months old. April and her husband are ex- cited to be at Fort Drum as she April is no is from Maine and Ryan is origi- novice to nally from Idaho. The snow Military life, does not scare them, in fact in fact she they are looking forward to the was an active winter season and the hunting duty Air seasons to come. Meet Carolina Burgos Martinez Another Fort Drum Spouse in the Spotlight! Carolina loves seven year old Winston, six Christmas and is quite a year old Antwon, and four talented for decorator. year old Hugo. Carolina and her Before coming to Fort Drum, Carolina owned a ―We cannot husband Hugo have been at Fort Drum since business called Coverall, live only for which is a cleaning fran- last November. The chise . Carolina, plans to es- ourselves. A Martinez Family came from Kissimmee, tablish her business here in thousand fibers Florida where Hugo the North Country. connect us was previously stationed Right now, Carolina plans to with our fellow with the Navy for six volunteer for ACS while she men.‖ years. Fort Drum is waits her husband’s return their first Army duty from Afghanistan. ~Herman Melville station. Hugo is now a If you see Carolina and her welder for 710 BSB. Family, please welcome her Carolina and Hugo have to the Fort Drum three beautiful children: Community.
  5. 5. Page 5 Newsletter Title January 2012The Benefits of a Strong Sponsorship ProgramRelocation is one of the most stressful welfare of arriving Families. The sponsor retention by positively effecting howaspects of military life. As warm as the begins to build a relationship with their Soldiers, Families members andpeople of Fort Drum and the North incoming, Soldier, Family or civilian em- Civilians view their gainingCountry are, the negative perception ployee before their arrival. This relation- organization and the Army as a whole.of cold and snow can be difficult for a ship, eases the anxiety of leaving what isBeing a good sponsor doesn’t have toSoldier and the Family to overcome. familiar to someplace unknown. be hard! The Relocation ReadinessThere is an easy way to conquer this First impressions are lasting ones. By Program at Army Community Servicepessimistic view: Sponsorship. When fostering a sense of belonging and caring, is here to help. Make the differencedone right, this one initiative can have a sponsor can help to create a positive for an arriving Soldiera tremendously positive impact on the experience and improve teamwork within or civilian: be a sponsor!attitude of Soldiers, Family members units and organizations. The gaining For more informationand Civilian employees. installation reaps the benefits of having a on SponsorshipThe Total Army Sponsorship Program good sponsorship program. Because the Training call 772-6566.offers the opportunity for the gaining Soldier or Civilian Employee gets settledunit or directorate assigned sponsor, in more quickly, he or she is able toto demonstrate their concern for the concentrate on their new duties more quickly. Sponsorship further enhances EFMP Holiday Bowling Bash 2011
  6. 6. Page 6 Newsletter Title January 2012The Major Group-Providing Job TrainingCertification Programs for Spouses Eligible Spouses may choose from rewarding careers because of continued over 20 career fields available PCS moves. In the past, employers have through The Major Group. The often been reluctant to hire Military current career programs are Spouses, regardless of their qualifications focused primarily in Healthcare, simply because of their inability to fulfill Business Administration, and the position for more than a few years. Paralegal, although new courses are Recent awareness from the White House being added based on the demand and other Military Spouse support of interested students. Students networks have helped to create a enrolling through The Major Group nationwide awareness of this issue and have access to their online courses employers are pledging their commitment 24x7 and are provided with access to Military Spouses. The Major Group has to subject matter experts, carefully selected career fields with technological support, and a Career promising projected growth and demand toThe Major Group has partnered with Development Specialist to help assist the Military Spouse in fulfilling careerFlorida Gulf Coast University, them along the way. No virtual goals.Mississippi State University and student will feel alone in their MyCAA is a Department of DefenseLamar Institute of Technology to courses while completing their initiative aimed at assisting Military Spousesoffer the ultimate package of virtual, schooling. in obtaining portable career training. Theportable, self-paced certification Career programs can be completed assistance comes in the form of a $4000.00programs for Military Spouses. The in 3-12 months from home allowing grant available to Souses of active servicecourses are all MyCAA Approved you to set your own learning members in the ranks E1-E5, O1-O2, andand qualify for 100% tuition coverage schedule and pace depending on W1-W2 as well as the Guard and Reservefor eligible Spouses. The cost of the your specific needs and career goals components in those ranks while thecertification exams is included and the and provide the necessary skills to service member is on Title 10 orders.schools have created a loaner system earn nationally recognizedfor books. Are you interested in If you are interested in enrolling you may certification, in high-demand areas.obtaining online career training? contact Tasha Hollingsworth, your local Enrollment is easily completed Career Development Specialist, atThe Major Group is largely comprised online and everything you’ll need to 727.365.6678 orof Military Spouses, both active and be successful will be shipped to, who understand the demands your home. Upon completion of Tasha is a fellow Military Spouse who isand benefits of the Military lifestyle, the program, each student will take here to help you succeed. Detailed courseand have combined them to create the a final exam to determine their information is also available at:ultimate job training packages for My- preparedness to sit for the national www.tmgmajorgroup.comCAA eligible Spouses. Each program certification exam. Student Servicesis priced at or below the $4,000.00 will help arrange the certificationMyCAA cap and the schools have exams and provide study materialsagreed to include the cost of the to ensure that the studentcertification exam so each student approaches their exam withtruly has the ability to prepare for confidence and the necessaryentering the workforce. All of these qualifications to be successful.unique courses are online, self-paced,flexible and portable to suit the needs Many educated, experiencedof the Military Spouses as they Military Spouses have experiencedsupport their service member. great difficulty in obtaining
  7. 7. Newsletter Title January 2012 Page 7Appearance Counts; Dressing for a Job FairThe January Army Career Wear a confidence building Tips for Men: Use makeup sparinglyAlumni Program (ACAP) outfit, try it on a few days Tailored navy, gray or beige Low-heeled pumpsCareer Fair is fast approaching. before the interview, and make suiteTaking steps to prepare before sure it is clean, ironed and fits Always put your bestattending a career fair makes a well. White or light shirt look forward whenbig difference on whether Natural, wrinkle-resistant attending a job fair! Insure your nails and hair arelanding a job is a feasible well groomed; skip the cologne fabricsoutcome after the event is over. or perfumes, less is more. Dress shoes with over-the-In preparation for the event, Wear minimal jewelry and calf dark socksdetermined job seekers research makeup. Carry a nice briefcase, ACAP CAREER Conservative tie with low-the companies on the list to portfolio or bag with you for key colors/patterns FAIRattend, look over their resume your resumes and any informa-and make copies to hand out to tion you will be collecting from Tips for Women: January 24the recruiters. However, one big the representatives. But do A simple, tailored suite, 1000-1400step in preparation that is to not carry too much again less dress or dress/jacket com-often ignored is choosing the is more. bination At Theright clothing for the career fair. Here are a few examples of Natural wrinkle-resistant CommonsFirst impressions are lasting appropriate attire for attending fabricsimpressions; make sure you dress a career fair.for success! Wear Conservative colors30 Second Commercial—Make the Right ImpressionWhat do you do when you are asked A well planned commercial will sell you, Here is an example:what you do for a living? Do you the product, effortlessly and prevent Did you know that small business whopanic and string a few sentences awkward, embarrassing attempts at utilize social networking can expect antogether and hope they make sense? finding the right words when put on the increase in profit with very littleDo you walk away, shake your head spot. capital investment? I help businessand feel like you blew it? Use this simple exercise to prepare your owners create effortless marketingWe have all at one time in our lives commercial: that maximizes their income andbeen at a loss for words. Believe it or 1. With a notebook and pen write down increases their sales through utilizingnot, most people feel uncomfortable what you do. Really dig for details. social networking. My clients learntalking about themselves. Unfortu- how to draw new business to them bynately, thirty seconds is about how 2. Describe you talents. You want your optimizing their websites, and increas-long we get to make a first impression. listeners to understand who you work ing their search engine optimizationIn the job market, when we fumble with. You want them to understand resulting in first page ranking onthat opportunity, it may cost us the how they can benefit from your popular search engines like Googlejob, the promotion or valuable busi- talents and Yahoo.ness connection. 3. Create your hook. Your hook is the 5. Practice, practice, practice until youThe thirty second commercial, first thing you say. It is what makes can recite it without it soundingsometimes referred to as an elevator you memorable. Be interesting, memorizedspeech, is a planned, rehearsed tool to consider asking a question about your field as a hook After successfully using your thirtyprepare you for the thirty seconds second commercial remember toyour stuck on the elevator with your 4. List the projects you have done and follow up with your contacts withinboss or your response when the the results they produced. If you twenty-four hours to solidify theirrecruiter at the job fair asks you about implemented a procedure that saved positive impression of you.yourself. money, use that detail
  8. 8. Page 8 ACS Green Press January 2012 Look Who’s on the Payroll: Employment Readiness Success Stories! Congratulations to the following Employment Readiness clients who have recently landed a job! Amber Kalford Payless Allison Hill Carthage Central School District Daisy Shimkus CYSS Kimberly Carter Dr. Dean M. Christman, DMD PC How About a Financial Resolution This New Year? The New Year is a time of reflection debt is gone. Think of the satisfac- on the past year as well as a time to tion of watching the debt melt make resolutions to improve ourselves away. for the year to come. For many, these 4. Order your free credit reports. resolutions will be health based, This is an easy resolution and can whether it is exercising more to trim be completed through the waistline or kicking a bad habit. Orientation Date: Why not make 2012 the year to get fi- Order one credit report from a 7 & 14 February 2012 nancially healthy and to improve your different credit reporting agency financial waistline and save more every 4 months. First Class Date: money? Whatever the financial resolution 28 February 2012 Some easy financial resolutions are: may be, make sure it is clear and concise and has a specific goal. 1.Save more and Spend Less. Set a goal Setting a goal not only gives you Place: and feed savings each month. This can be done through an automatic deposit something to work toward, but Family Life & Spiritual or transfer. Limit mindless spending. rewards you with a feeling of Fitness Center accomplishment and satisfaction 2. Make a monthly budget. Imple- when the goal is attained. (Po Valley Chapel) menting a monthly budget will allow for a black and white snapshot of what This year, make a resolution to Time: your financial health with help is actually being spent throughout the from the Financial Readiness 6:30 PM month and can be an eye opener as to where a household’s money is actually Program at ACS! going. For More Information 3. Pay off debt. Start with the smallest Contact: Family Life debt and once paid off, snowball that monthly payment into the next debt Center @ 772-5540 and continue with process until all
  9. 9. Page 9 ACS Green Press January 2012 Whats YOUR New Year’s Resolution? How about Volunteering with Army Family Team Building (AFTB) Happy New Year all Chain of Command and basic Military the resources available to you My name is Kim benefits and entitlements. All of this will and your Family. Hill and I am the give you a better understanding of the Army Family Team Building is a new AFTB Program Army and help you communicate with great way to meet new people Support Assistant. your Soldier. and learn about what’s going on I am getting settled Maybe you want to work on personal in the Fort Drum community. and looking forward growth or leadership skills? Start 2012 off In addition, Soldiers did you to working with our right with our Level II training that is know in taking our AFTB classes wonderful AFTB designed to develop your communication you can earn promotion points? Volunteers and to skills, enhance personal relationships and recruiting a few introduction you to being a leader in your Our classes can be taken in any more of you! I Army community. order so take a look at your Kim Hill, AFTB schedule and determine which Program Assistant want to suggest that Or maybe you would like to take some maybe AFTB could class will fit for you. self development classes to beef up yourbe part of your New Year resolutions. Here’s resume or plan to be more involved with Come join us for a day ofhow… your Family Readiness Group or even empowerment and kick the newWe all have different goals and many of us become an FRG Leader. Our Level III year off right!use the New Year as a time to set them and training curriculum focuses on AFTB is located at the ACSkick them off. communication skills for leaders, building in the Pine Plains Plaza,Maybe your resolution this year is to be more meeting management, and coaching and right next to the Monti Fitnessconnected with your Soldier by developing a mentoring. Center and the Post Library.better understand of his everyday work life. If you really want to start the year off Happy New Year from AFTB!If so, Army Family Team Building can help right become a Volunteer Instructor foryou achieve that goal. AFTB by taking the Instructor TrainingSign yourself up for the Level I training along with Levels I, II and III.where you can get a better understanding of Whatever your personal resolution maythe Military lifestyle. The topics covered be, we will help you decipher all theinclude topics, such as Military acronyms, the information so you can make use of all TO SIGN UP FOR 2012 ATFB classes Please call 315-772-6710 Level I (0900-1600) Level II (0900-1600) Level III (0900-1600) January 11 & 12 January 24 & 25 February 15 & 16 February 1 & 2 March 20 & 21 March 9 & 10
  10. 10. ACS Green Press January 2012 Page 10 ACS Classes and Events for the First Two Weeks in JanuaryDATE Class Time Location/DetailsMonday Jan 2: ACS Closed Federal Holiday Happy New Year!Tuesday Jan 3: ESOL Class 0900-1200 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-A6Wednesday Jan 4: 1st Term Financial Readiness 0830-1600 Call for locationThursday Jan 5: ESOL Class 0900-1200 ACS Thrift Savings Plan Class 1400-1530 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-A6Friday Jan 6: Hearts Apart 0930-1200 ACSMonday Jan 9: Newcomers Orientation 0900-1130 ACS Master Resiliency 0930-1200 ACSTuesday Jan 10: ESOL 0900-1200 ACS Drum Family Welcome Tour 0930-1400 Departs ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-A6 Key Caller Class 1400-1500/1700-1800 ACSWednesday Jan 11: 1st Term Financial Readiness 0830-1600 Call for locationThursday Jan 12: ESOL Class 0900-1200 ACS AFTB Level I 0900-1600 ACS Employment 101` 0930-1130 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-A6Friday Jan 13: No Scheduled Classes Regular Business hours 0730-1700 In her Shoes Simulation Class 0930-1130 ACS Living with Domestic ViolenceMonday Jan 16: Closed Martin Luther King Holiday
  11. 11. ACS Green Press January 2012 Page 11 ACS Classes and Events for the Last Two Weeks in JanuaryDATE Class Time Location/DetailsTuesday Jan 17: ESOL Class 0900-1200 ACS FRG Leader Training 0900-1300 ACS Drum Family Welcome Tour 0930-1400 Departs ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-A6 Informal Funds 1400-1500/1700-1800 ACSWednesday Jan 18: 1st Term Financial Readiness 0830-1600 Call for location Job Club-Career Fair Prep 0930-1130 ACSThursday Jan 19: CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-A6 ESOL Class 0900-1200 ACS Overseas PCS Brief 0930-1100 ACS Credit Repair Workshop 0930-1130 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-A6Friday Jan 20: No Classes SchedulesMonday Jan 23: Budget Management 0900-1200 ACS Advanced Key Caller 1300-1430 ACS In Her Shoes Simulation Class 0930-1130 ACS Living with Domestic ViolenceTuesday Jan 24: CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-A6 AFTB Level II 0900-1600 ACS ESOL Class 0930-1200 ACS Drum Family Welcome Tour 0930-1400 Departs ACSWednesday Jan 25: AFTB Level II 0900-1600 ACS 1st Term Financial Readiness 0830-1600 Call for LocationThursday Jan 26: ESOL class 0900-1200 ACS Federal Employment Workshop 0930-1130 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1630-1400 Clark Hall, A2-A6Friday/Monday Jan 27/30 No Scheduled ClassesTuesday Jan 31: ESOL Class 0900-1200 ACS Drum Family Welcome Tour 0930-1400 Departs ACS *NEW* Family Wellness Support Group 1000-1100 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall, A2-86
  12. 12. Army Community Service P4330 Conway Road Fort Drum, New York 13602Army Emergency Relief 772-6560, 772-8873 or 772-2855Army Family Team Building 772-6710, 772-9229 Volunteer Program Coordinator 772-2899 Family Member Program 772-5488, 772-0819 /104951319542718Employment Readiness Program 772-9611, 772-2737!/fortdrumemploymentFamily Advocacy Program 772-4244, 772-6929, 772-2279(New Parent Support Program)SAPRP 772-0596, 772-4070, 772-0748 772-5605, 772-5914Financial Readiness Program 772-0050, 772-5196, 772-8526 and Referral 772-6556, 772-6557Military & Family Life Consultants 212-6919Mobilization and Deployment 772-2848, 772-0470, 772-2919 772-5374 Readiness 772-5475, 772-6553, 772-6902http:// -Drum -Relocation -ReadinessProgram/171335822906429 772-6566Soldier Family Assistance Center 772-7781 Outreach Services 772-6357