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ACS February Green Press

  1. 1. Army Community Service (ACS) Fort Drum, NY February 2012Direct questions / feedbackTo: Sarah Lynch : ACS Green Press ~A tree free newsletterInside this issue:Need To Know - from your 2 Town Hall MeetingsUSC A town hall meeting is an informal scheduled for 9 May 2012. YourRegarding Resilience : Tips, 3 public meeting designed so that participation as a community membertools and techniques for is encouraged. If you can not make itpracticing resiliency everyday everybody in the community is invited and encouraged to attend. to the meeting, now you can be thereACS Friends and Neighbors 4 via the internet.Tis the Season The town hall meeting is intended toSmooth Moves 5 provide a forum which allows partici- Recently, the Garrison has added theAn International spouse’s pants to voice their opinions, ask town hall meeting as a live stream to questions and hear responses from their Facebook page. Log on atSOS Candlelight 6Remembrance Garrison Chain of Command, Post Directorates and subject matter drum.10thmountain where you canSharpen Your Skills 7 experts concerning the issues that view the meeting and make commentsLook Who’s on the Payroll 8 impact day to day lifestyles of the or ask questions by clicking on UstreamNetworking Success Story people who make up the Fort Drum live.New Year and Christmas 9 Community.Debt It is up to you to make a difference by The Fort Drum Town Hall Meetings adding valuable insight and suggestionsACS Events and Classes 10, 11 on behalf of the Fort Drum Commu- are held on the second WednesdayACS Contacts 12 of every fourth month, at the nity. Don’t sit back and watch life Commons. The next meeting is happen, get involved!February Facts and TriviaBirthstone: AmethystFlower: Violet and PrimroseFun Fact: Every four years is Leap year including this The February Full Moon on theyear adding one more day to the month making a total of 29! 7th is called “Snow Moon” byZodiac: Aquarius or Pisces Native Americans of New Eng-Famous Birthdays: Sinclair Lewis, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, land and the Great Lakes .It isThomas Edison, Gertrude Stein, Rosa Parks, also called “The Hunger Moon” because of the meager huntingHolidays: Groundhog Day, February 2 ,Valentines Day, February 14, this time of year.Presidents Day, 3rd MondayNational What Month? - American Heart Month, Grapefruit Month, International Boost Self-Esteem Month,National Children’s Dental Health Month, National Bird Feeding Month, Risk Awareness Week
  2. 2. Page 2 ACS Green Press February 2012 What You Might Need To Know from your ACS Unit Service Coordinator (USC) Army Commu-  The contract deadline is 30 calendar alternate provider or local home health nity Service days out agency. These Alternate Services should utilizes a Unit be offered within three days.  Reserved spaces with child name and Service Coordinator Align Staffing has established a call age are required 15 days out(USC) to reach out to command teams center to answer questions during theto find out the type of information and  No show fee will be paid by the transition phase. The call centerreferral needed to best support their parent number is 1-866-509-5581 and it isSoldiers and Families. The USC goes  Child’s pass will be suspended until operational Monday through Fridaydirectly to the unit and completes a no show fee is paid from 9 am to 7pm Eastern Standarddesk side needs assessment to Time. If you are unable to coordinate  ACS will no longer offer freedetermine unit specific needs. with Align Staffing, please contact Army childcare for ACS classes due to lack ofRecently information was put out funding Community Service EFMP office atregarding changes to some of the 772-5488, 772-0664, 772-5476 orfamily programming and childcare  When volunteering for ACS, free 772-0819.practices you are accustomed to. Here childcare is no longer offeredis what you need to know: Changes in Respite Care for Excep- tional Family Member Program:Childcare Benefits for FRG’s, ACS If you are part of yourClasses and Volunteering: Based on regulatory guidance from the Department of Labor, Army Contracting unit command team and Childcare services will continue tobe provided for FRG Meetings at Command-national Capital Region, was would like a visit from required to modify the existing ArmyMemorial CDC from 0730-1730 pm respite care contract awarded to Align your Unit Service All children must be registered Staffing to incorporate the Servicewith CYSS Coordinator, Contract Act. FRG Night is the 2nd Thursday of The enacted changes will require respite please contacteach month from 1730-2030 with a care providers to complete backgroundrequired ten child minimum checks and an application process. Sarah Lynch at During this time, Align Staffing will offer The contract process will remain Families respite care services via an 772-5374the same through the FRSA Time Is Running Out! Please Take a Few Moments to Complete this short 15 minute survey to let leadership know the services important to you! Survey closes 31 January
  3. 3. Page 3 ACS Green Press February 2012 Regarding Resilience: Tips, tools and techniques for practicing resilience everyday! By Jenn Eichner, MRT 772-2848 Iceberg Beliefs- Fuel For Emotions Hello, hope personal space should always be re- that for me? this new spected. What are your Iceberg Beliefs? month finds You will find that you may have to take  What does that mean to me? you posi- some time to think. So, let’s do it.  What is the worst part of that for tively think- Take three minutes and write down your me? ing! Did Iceberg Beliefs. The result may surprise  Assuming that is true, what about any of you you and if nothing else – the mental ex- that is so upsetting to me?find yourself in a Thinking Trap? ercise will get you thinking!Did you have a moment when you I asked Mandy Thompson, ACS Em-had to ask yourself some of the ployment Readiness Program Manager Once you have identified your belief,critical questions to re-adjust your to share one of her Iceberg Beliefs. She ask yourself the following.thinking? If you were able to told me, “Hard work pays off”. Mobi-  Is this Iceberg helping or harmingre-adjust, that is such a positive thing lization and Deployment Specialist,– but what if asking the critical me in this situation? Amanda Garcia, shared one with me asquestions could not get your well, “All adults should clean up after  Is this Iceberg something I stillthoughts back on track? What then? themselves”. believe/value?When you find your emotions Often, negative thinking comes when  Is this Iceberg accurate in thisand/or reactions out of line over an someone else does not share your par- situation?Activating Event and you cannot ticular beliefs. Imagine if Amanda had Based on your answers, you may thenidentify a Thinking Trap, you may to share an office with a co-worker that be able to readjust your counter-have to dig a little deeper. Consider did not share her Iceberg Belief. Is productive thinking into positiveyourself with an internal radio, if you there someone in your life who you have thoughts! You may find it easier towill. Surface thoughts are fairly easily an on- going dispute with ? Could it be agree to disagree or you might just betuned in, but your Iceberg Beliefs are over an unshared Iceberg Belief? more able to see someone else’s pointthose channels that take time and How do you identify an Iceberg Belief in of view.careful attention to tune in to.Iceberg Beliefs are your deeply held times when your reactions surprise or Good luck and good thoughts!beliefs and core values that can fuel confuse you? It’s not as hard as youout-of-proportion emotion to an may think. Use “What” not “Why” “If you dont change yourevent that challenges your beliefs. questions – “why” questions lead to de- beliefs, your life will be like this fensiveness. Ask the questions below, in forever. Is that good news?”An example of an Iceberg Belief any order.might be that you feel people should -Dr. Robert Anthony Authorstart what they finish. Or that your  What is the most upsetting part of Upcoming Master Resilience Classes Date Training Plan Location/Time 6-9 February MRT Marathon-All modules covered ACS, 9:30-2:30 pm
  4. 4. ACS Green Press February 2012 Page 4ACS Friends and Neighbors-Promoting Community ACS Welcomes Janeen Michalak- February Spouse in the Spotlight Although Janeen is new to the Her friends advised her to always Army, she is already a wealth of keep mail positive. They pointed knowledge and resources. She has out that if her Soldier was having already been networking and plans a bad day when he wrote the let- on attending AFTB classes to ter, it was probably over with become an instructor for ACS. when she received it. They ad- vised her on the importance of I asked Janeen what else she plans remembering the Soldiers have on doing and she expressed a de- bad days sometimes, and that they sire to teach bible study classes on need to hear about the positive Recently the Staff at Army post. While at Fort Leonard things from home. Community Service (ACS) had the Wood, she taught for Protestant pleasure of meeting Janeen Women of the Church (PWOC). While Janeen and her Family are Michalak and her two year old Janeen’s enthusiasm for being waiting for housing, they are ex- daughter Paige when they stopped here and being an Army Wife is ploring the treasures of the North in to find out what ACS has to immediately apparent. When I Country. They have already been offer new comers to Fort Drum. pointed it out she replied “I have site seeing and cannot wait to ski! She and her husband recently found that while separation is dif- ficult, it also allows a married cou- ACS would like to welcome the PCSd to Fort Drum with their Michalak family to Fort Drum. three daughters, Paige (pictured), ple to grow.” Janeen explained that she had strong Military Wives We are looking forward to Janeen eight year old Shelby and five year becoming and AFTB Volunteer. old Skylar. as friends, that gave her great ad- vice. She reminisced about when Janeen’s husband Peter is a 2LT her husband was away at boot “We cannot live only for with 1-10 AVN. The Michalak camp. She explained that they family, originally from Belleville, could only communicate via mail. ourselves. A thousand IL, arrived here December 28th “Snail mail” as it is sometimes fibers connect us with on orders from Fort Leonard called, can create a communica- our fellow men.” Wood, Mo. tion gap and therefore problems. ~Herman Melville If you would like to be an AFTB Volunteer, Contact the Kim Hill AFTB Program Assistant or Allison Hill AFTB Volunteer Coordinator at 772-6710 or 772-9229 to find out how!
  5. 5. Smooth Moves by Relocation Readiness Moving is a part of Army 4. Track expenses. Know where your paperwork that you will need to take life. Moving your home money is going and what you are with you. and family is never purchasing. Consider using only one 9. Hand-carry important documents. easy, but preparation specific credit card so you can easily Organize family records in a travelcan go a long way toward easing the monitor for your moving expenses. records kit. It is a good a good ideatransition. Below are tips to help you as 5. Get a sponsor. Sponsors help units to hand-carry and keep in youryou prepare to move on to your next welcome and prepare Soldiers and possession any documents with youradventure! Families for their new duty station in name, social security number and1. Visit your Relocation Program at advance of the actual arrival. birth date. This is all an identity ACS! They can offer individualized thief needs to steal your identity. 6. Inventory and evaluate your personal guidance and support. They also property. There may be items you no 10.Research BAH and housing at your have a free Lending Closet of basic longer want or need. Read your new installation. It is critical to household items. renters or homeowners insurance know what your allowance will be to2. Visit policy to make sure you have coverage make wise housing choices. for any damage in transit. Let us help you make your next move a This website can tell you everything 7. Research hotels to use in transit. If smooth one! For assistance please call, you need to know about your new you are traveling with pets it is (315) 772-6556. installation. important to know in advance which3. Create a budget. Take a hard look at hotels will and won’t take pets. Also, what the move will cost and what the consider a hotel chain that offers re- government will pay for. Consider ward points for staying with them. using the services of the ACS Finan- 8. Get organized! Create an accordion cial Readiness Program. folder or binder for all of your movingAn International Spouse’s Perspective by Cam Ngo-CheungMy name is Cam-Ngo-Cheung. I have new friends and adjust to the life as an become involved. Spouse groupsbeen married to my magnificent hus- Army Wife. I have the following advice such as International Spouses andband, Harold Cheung, for almost 13 to offer other Spouses in my position: Hearts Apart as well as other Armyyears. We have two wonderful boys First, volunteer! It is not easy to find Community Service (ACS) programsnamed Jaden and Kody. I am Chinese, friends when you dont know the area and hosted events. I became activeborn in Vietnam and raised in Montreal, or anyone. Volunteering gives you the with the International Spouse GroupCanada. Now I am residing at Fort opportunity to meet people and it also hosted by Relocation Readiness.Drum, NY. provides you with work experience. A Every other month, foreign bornThe first U.S. City I lived in was Fort plus for Foreign Spouses is you don’t Spouses gather together to eat, talk, have to be a U.S. citizen to volunteer. play games, exchange recipes andPolk, Louisiana. I remember feeling learn about one another. I never missexcited and anxious. I grew up in an While at Fort Polk, I volunteered as aurban city, got married and then moved a meeting because we always have a Dental Assistant for the Red Cross. I fantastic time. Diane, Amy, Kristato a rural area thousands of miles away made many friends and learned a lotfrom my family and friends. I didn’t have and Scarlett are the amazing people about dental assistant work and Army who work at Relocation Readinessanyone except my husband and I was life from the people I worked with. Ireally lonely and homesick. Program. If you need any help with a loved my volunteer work and remain move, immigration assistance orIt took some time but after many years very proud of it! making friends, stop by and see themliving in the U.S. and being an interna- My second piece of advice is to look for at ACS. They are always happy totional Army Wife, I learned how to make local community events and classes to help!
  6. 6. Page 6 Newsletter Title February 2012 Remembering and Honoring Heroes-Survivor Outreach Services S Survivor Out- grandparents and children of the Fallen reach Services Soldier. Official representation at this (SOS) is an years event included, 10th Mountain Army-wide Division Commander Major General program Mark A. Milley, USAG Fort Drum designed to Commander Colonel Noel T. Niccolleprovide dedicated and comprehen- and Command Sergeant Major Marksive support to survivors of H. Oldroyde.deceased Soldiers. Chaplain Thomsen led the attendees inFort Drum Survivor Outreach prayer for the friends and FamilyServices recently held their annual members of the fallen Soldiers. In ad- Those Remembered include:candlelight remembrance ceremony dition, Tom Clegg, SOS Program Co- ordinator, performed an original song PFC Jack T. Sweetand pot luck dinner at the FortDrum Family Life and Spiritual in tribute to a Fallen Friend. PFC George J. HowellFitness Center. SPC Jeremy J. LaClaireThe Candlelight Remembrance “To live in the hearts we leave SGT Erick KlusacekCeremony is an opportunity for theloved ones of fallen Soldiers to behind is not to die” PV2 James G. Gardnercome together and honor the ~ Thomas Campbell SPC Chad E. Fullermemory of their loved one.This year, attendees includedSpouses, parents, siblings,
  7. 7. Page 7 Newsletter Title February 2012Sharpen Your Skills for 2012 Have you Computer, Electronics, or Now that you know the skill sets been Telecommunications: Jefferson County employers are searching  Ability to use common software looking for as well as the projected for such as Word and Explorer new job growth, combined with fast- employ- est growing occupations for 2012, it is ment with  Network and LAN administra- time to start planning your career skills you tion and maintenance moves for the New Year! acquired  Computer software teaching and If you would like to attend any careerfrom grade school, high school or training development seminars and/ormaybe even college? While those Sales and Media: employment workshops to sharpenskill sets are still valuable, a new set your skills or refresh your careerof skills are shaping “hot jobs” for  Direct sales outlook, please contact Employmentthe New Year in 2012. With the  Customer service Readiness at Army Communityoccupation outlook ever changing, it  Public relations or journalism Service on Fort Drum ERP atis best advised to reshape some of (315) 772-9611.your skill sets to stay competitive for Health Care Skills:the New Year.  Direct patient care (activities You can also view our live job bank that have a direct influence on with career tips on facebook at:According to a study conducted by the care of a specific patient orThe Center for Community Studies Jefferson Community College, client)Employers in Jefferson County, are In the U.S., one million new jobs areseeking the following skill sets projected to be created by 2018.amongst candidates in the respective Some of the fastest growingfields: occupations include Accountants, ITManufacturing: professionals, Massage Therapists, Sharpen Your Career Skills With Special Education Teachers, Employment Readiness! Assembly Forensic Psychologists, Software Next Career Development Seminar: Maintenance and equipment re- Developers, Registered Nurses, pair Environmental Engineers, Network Career and Life Portfolio Workshop Administrators, Web Designers, and February 22, 2012 Inspection and quality control Criminal Investigators. Among from 9:30am-11:30pm at ACSConstruction and Building: these fast growing occupations are Great workshop to categorize skills! Electrical, plumbing also emerging jobs which require less extensive training such as Social Portfolios are provided by ERP. Carpentry and cabinetry Media Strategists and Caregivers for Masonry and concrete work seniors.
  8. 8. Newsletter Title February 2012 Page 8 Look Who’s on the Payroll: Employment Readiness Success Stories! Congratulations to the following Employment Readiness clients who have recently landed a job! Laura Rowland- Key Bank Brittany Rushing- Jefferson County SPCA If you are one of our clients who has recently become employed, we want to hear about it! Give us a call so we can highlight your accomplishment and inspire others!Finding Employment through Networking– a Success StoryNetworking is one of the most contact the people on your list to let ing at the shoes I was having aimportant things job seekers can do them know you are looking for a job. hilarious conversation with thisto find a position. Recent studies Ask them if they know of any older woman. We eventually got toindicate that 65% of people who are opportunities, provide them with your talking about how my husband wasemployed found a job that was resume and contact information. deployed and when she asked me,never publicly advertised. In fact, "Well what are you looking to dostudies have found that less than Remember, you can also network with with your free time?” I told her Ihalf of all available jobs are ever people you don’t know. Contact was actually looking for a job. Toadvertised. companies and ask them if they could my surprise, she said "well it turnsThe first step to networking use anyone with your skills, and if not, out I am hiring!”involves creating a contact list to do they know anyone who could.include: Turns out I was talking to the big Friends, family members and A client of the Employment boss the whole time! So I went and relatives who are employed Readiness program recently shared applied, and as I was waiting on a Your friends, parents friends, the following networking success call back, she made it seem like the neighbors and casual acquaint- story with us; We would like to offer a job was mine for sure. She told me ances big congratulations to Amber Kalford how impressed she was and that People with whom you have for her recent success in landing when I returned to Watertown business relationships with employment through networking. from vacation, to come see her and (bankers, insurance agents, etc. When job searching, everywhere you she would put me on the schedule. People from professional affilia- go and everyone you meet is an tions, alumni associations and opportunity to network. Here is If I didnt meet with Employment clubs you belong to. (If you Amber’s impressive networking story Readiness (ERP) I wouldnt have dont belong to any, join some) on how she landed her current job. been looking for a job at all, but Present and past co-workers while looking one just fell in my Your teachers, professors and “I was applying at one place and lap! Thanks ERP!” instructors decided I was going to go get a pair of People you know through your boots while I was out. So, I walked place of worship over to Payless and while I was look-The second step to networking is to
  9. 9. Page 9 ACS Green Press February 2012Don’t Spend the New Year Paying OffChristmas DebtHoliday overspending is common for Pick up a part time job or have amany people. Paying off Christmas garage sale?Debt is a dismal consequence for Use unexpected money: If youmany people entering the new year. A receive a tax return inheritance,survey by Consumer Reports found bonus check, or an extra paycheckthat shoppers planned to charge an in a long month dont be tempted toaverage of $756 for Christmas in 2011. blow it, pay off the debt!If you are one of the shoppers whocharged Christmas and are paying for Reward yourself when you areit now, Here are a few tips for debt free: Keep your eye on theresolving your debt quickly: prize by planning on rewarding yourself with something you want Orientation Date:Assess your debt: Even if adding up when you eliminate the debt.your debt to find out the grand total 7 & 14 February 2012 Remember to spend cash onyou owe is not a task you are eager to whatever it is you will be rewardingcomplete, you need to know how bad yourself with. First Class Date:it is before you can fix it. Subtract Start out the new year with a new 28 February 2012from the debt, how much you canafford to put toward this bill after philosophy: Plan for the upcomingpaying for essentials, and you can Christmas by budgeting and Place:figure how long it will take to pay off purchasing ahead. Kiplinger puts Family Life & Spiritualthe debt. out a guide to getting the best deals Fitness Center on things we buy. For instance, ifSet your payoff date: By setting a you plan on purchasing someone on (Po Valley Chapel)goal to pay your debt off at a certain your Christmas list a new camera,date, you will stay motivated. you should buy it the January or Time:Remember your date will depend onyour total debt how much money you February before Christmas because 6:30 PM this is when the Consumerhave left after paying for your Electronics Show and Photo Mar-necessities. keting Association showcases the For More InformationFind Extra Money: Look at your new year. New models arrive in Contact: Family Lifebudget to determine if there is an area stores and deep discounts can beyou can adjust to find extra money to found on the previous year’s Center @ 772-5540put toward your debt. For instance, merchandise.can you cancel premium cable For more ideas on how to savechannels, downgrade your internet, or money by shopping for the besttake lunches and dine in? Consider deals all year long, check go toways to bring in extra money. Is itpossible to put in overtime? Can you and look for the best time to buy link.
  10. 10. ACS Green Press February 2012 Page 10 ACS Classes and Events for the First Two Weeks in FebruaryDATE Class Time Location/DetailsWednesday Feb 1: 1st Term Financial Readiness 0830-1600 Call for location AFTB Level I 0900-1600 ACSThursday Feb 2: ESOL Class 0900-1200 ACS AFTB Level I 0900-1600 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-A6Friday Feb 3 : Hearts Apart 0930-1200 ACSMonday Feb 6: Newcomers Orientation 0900-1130 ACS Master Resiliency Marathon 0930-1430 ACS Survivor Outreach Support Meeting 1800-2000 ACSTuesday Feb 7: ESOL 0900-1200 ACS Drum Family Welcome Tour 0930-1400 Departs ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-A6 Master Resiliency Marathon 0930-1430 ACS Victim to Survivor Educational Group 1130-1300 ACS Stress Management 1330-1530 ACSWednesday Feb 8: 1st Term Financial Readiness 0830-1600 Call for location Master Resiliency Marathon 0930-1430 ACS Autism Support Group 1000-1200 ACSThursday Feb 9: ESOL Class 0900-1200 ACS Employment 101` 0930-1130 ACS Master Resiliency Marathon 0930-1430 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-A6Friday Feb 10: Couples Communication 0900-1200 ACS In her Shoes: 0930-1130 ACS Living with Domestic ViolenceSaturday Feb 11: EFMP FAMILY VALENTINE’S PARTY 10:00-1400 ACSMonday Feb 13: Budget Management 0900-1200 ACS Resume Writing Computer Lab 0930-1030 ACSTuesday Feb 14: ESOL Class 0900-1200 ACS Key Caller 1400-1530 ACS Key Caller 1700-1830 ACS Drum Family Welcome Tour 0930-1400 Departs ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-A6 EFMP Support Group 1100-1300 ACS From Victim to Survivor Ed Group 1130-1300 ACS
  11. 11. ACS Green Press February 2012 Page 11ACS Classes and Events for the Last Two Weeks in FebruaryDATE Class Time Location/DetailsWednesday Feb 15: 1st Term Financial Readiness 0830-1600 Call for location Build Your Own Business 0930-1130 ACS AFTB Level III 0900-1600 ACSThursday Feb 16: CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-86 ESOL Class 0900-1200 ACS Overseas PCS Brief 1330-1530 ACS Home Buyers Course 0930-1130 ACSFriday Feb 17 International Spouses Group 1000-1200 ACSMonday Feb 20: President’s Day ACS is ClosedTuesday Feb 21: CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-86 Care Team Training 0900-1230 ACS ESOL Class 0930-1200 ACS Anger Management 1330-1530 ACS 1130-1330 Victim to Survivor Group 1130-1300 ACSWednesday Feb 22: Scream Free Parenting 0900-1500 ACS 1st Term Financial Readiness 0830-1600 Call for Location Job Club Career and Life Portfolio 0930-1130 ACSThursday Feb 23: ESOL class 0900-1200 ACS Federal Employment Workshop 0930-1130 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1630-1400 Clark Hall, A2-86 Scream Free Parenting 0900-1500 ACSFriday Feb 24: In her Shoes- 0930-1130 ACS living with domestic violenceMonday Feb 27: Event Planning 1030-1200 ACS OPSEC for Families 1300-1430 ACSTuesday Feb 28: ESOL Class 0900-1200 ACS Investing 101 0930-1200 ACS Basic Excell for Job Seekers 0930-1130 ACS Drum Family Welcome Tour 0930-1400 ACS From Victim to Survivor Ed Group 1130-1300 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-86AER Scholarships applications are available through April 2nd 2012 at
  12. 12. Army Community Service P4330 Conway Road Fort Drum, New York 13602Army Emergency Relief 772-6560, 772-8873 or 772-2855Army Family Team Building 772-6710, 772-9229 Volunteer Program Coordinator 772-2899 Family Member Program 772-5488, 772-0819 /104951319542718Employment Readiness Program 772-9611, 772-2737!/fortdrumemploymentFamily Advocacy Program 772-4244, 772-6929, 772-2279(New Parent Support Program)SAPRP 772-0596, 772-4070, 772-0748 772-5605, 772-5914Financial Readiness Program 772-0050, 772-5196, 772-8526 and Referral 772-6556, 772-6557Military & Family Life Consultants 212-6919Mobilization and Deployment 772-2848, 772-0470, 772-2919 772-5374 Readiness 772-5475, 772-6553, 772-6902http:// -Drum -Relocation -ReadinessProgram/171335822906429 772-6566Soldier Family Assistance Center 772-7781 Outreach Services 772-6357