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These are the slides taken from the Queensland Business webinar training

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  • Twitter is one big party.Imagine you’ve arrived at a party alone and the host is busy, what do you do? You might grab a beverage, look around the room, and gravitate toward a group that sounds like they’re having an interesting conversation. You listen to what they’re talking about and if there’s an opportune moment, you may wish to join in. This is the essence of Twitter - a way for you to connect with people and have great conversations (“tweets”). Some of them may turn into your customers in the future, but making money should not be your primary focus (more on that later). The conversations enable you to learn from others and to share (“retweet” RT) with others - news, blog posts, articles, pictures, and videos that interest you.
  • Twitter Name (Handle)Use a name that is meaningful to your businessProfile/BioDescribe who you are and what you do in 140 characters or lessInclude a link to your websiteMake the 140 characters compelling to readProfile PicChange the default Twitter egg to a profile picture of your choiceMake sure you picture is clear, consistent with your other Social Media applicationsCompany logos might be permitted but if you are the face of your business, use a photograph insteadDesignChange the default Twitter cloud background to a design of your choiceUse the opportuni-tea to change the background which reflects your business
  • Tweets:Familiarise yourself with the structure of the tweetsthe way that tweeps tweetTrends:Click on the Trends that you’re interested in and look at:the way tweeps tweetthe structure of the tweets
  • Style MagazineCourier MailSunday MailHerald Sun, MelbourneFeature on three websites (www.tastetrekkers.com.au / www.freestyletout.com.au / www.freestyleescape.com.au)Tea Note Speaker, Regional FlavoursTea Note Speaker, EkkaResident Tea Expert for 2 US BlogsSeveral Business Mentor clients
  • 02102012 twitter breakthrough_webinar

    1. 1. Twitter Breakthrough Session Presented by May King Tsang
    2. 2. Twitter Breakthrough
    3. 3. May King Tsang
    4. 4. May King Tea – Twitter Queen
    5. 5. What is Twitter? 5
    6. 6. How do you use Twitter? 6
    7. 7. How to use Twitter: FollowWho? Why?People in your industry Share informationCompetitors Adopt similar strategies?Individuals you know Share information; learn from othersFriends Keeping in touchBusiness Owners Promote others increase your networkComplimentary businesses Collaboration
    8. 8. How to use Twitter: EngageWho? How?Your Industry Leaders Retweets (RT)Competitors Selective RTsIndividuals you know Engage in conversation similar to FBFriends As aboveBusiness Owners RTs, conversation, skype, tweetupComplementary businesses As above
    9. 9. Twitter GlossaryTerm DescriptionTweet / Tweeps Post / People you engage withReply When you reply your response is publicMention Including @username to draw attentionRetweet (RT) Sharing tweets with your followersHashtag (#) Enables tweeps to search for termsLinks Hyperlink to articles, blog posts, picturesDirect Message Private message (similar to FB mail)(DM)
    10. 10. Mention Twitter: Glossary Hashtag LinkRetweet 10
    11. 11. Twitter: Technical – Create Twitter Account TwitterDesign Bio Name 11
    12. 12. Follow People 12
    13. 13. Listen / Observe 13
    14. 14. Engage / Tweet 14
    15. 15. Share (Retweet) 15
    16. 16. Direct Messages (DM) 16
    17. 17. Next Steps• Make Time• Always Listen• Your Personali-tea• Know your stuff• I Don’t Know What to Tweet About• Networking, Brand Awareness and Business• Get More Followers• Target Your Audience• Engage Your Audience• And Keep Going 17
    18. 18. My Twitter “Successes” 18
    19. 19. Questions?
    20. 20. Thank you! info@maykingtea.com About.me/maykingtea facebook.com/maykingt @maykingtea May King Tsang May King Tsang / maykingtea 20