Photography assignment 2


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Photography assignment 2

  1. 1. Photography Assignment2May Frimpong.
  2. 2. Health and Safety inPhotography. As a photographer you must always be aware of health and safetyin your environment whether this is in a studio or in a naturalsetting to ensure you are safe at all times. Here are someexamples of safety precautions you must be aware of before youbegin to photograph to prevent any accidents from happening. Tripping- Camera stands, tripods and props are very easy to tripon. Ensure the fittings are secure on the stands and that there issufficient space for everyone to move around without tripping. Electricity- All cables should be wired upwards without anyexplosion to prevent electrocution. Light- Flashlights are very strong and can damage the eyes.Unnecessary exposure to flashlight must be avoided.
  3. 3. Composition: Rule Of SpaceThe rule of Space states that ifthe subject is not lookingdirectly to the camera, orlooks out of the frame, thereshould be enough space forthe subject to look into. Ichose this image to displaythe rule of space because notonly does it display the ruleof thirds but the subject wascaptured at the right timewith no use of shutter speed.The image also displays ruleof space as the subject is inthe frame with enough spacebeneath him to complete theshot.
  4. 4. Composition: Depth Of FieldDepth of field is the amount ofdistance between the nearest andfarthest objects that appear inacceptably sharp focus in aphotograph. I photographed thisimage is as an example of depth offield because of the differentcolours and textures involved inthe image. The focus in this pictureis the pasta, the reason for thisbeing the different colours of thepasta brings/adds more detailthereby putting it focus, thepicture will be more detailed. Ialso manipulated this image onInstagram by adding the “rise”filter to make the image lookricher.
  5. 5. Depth of fieldevaluationThis is my favourite example of Depth OfField named “Happy hunting” by Enggula Portrait and Depth of Fieldphotographer from the Philippines. I likethis particular imageAs it displays depth of field and alsobecause there is a message behind thispicture, making you think hard aboutwhat this message could be. There isadded tension and drama within thispicture. The subject of this image which isin focus (the egg) seems stunned andterrified creating tension as the killer (Enggul) holding the gun is out of focuscreating drama and suspense to what thisimage is all about. The message behindthis particular image is, think before youkill. I think he used the egg as the mainsubject in this shot as eggs are fragiletherefore the message will be easier forpeople to understand whilst displayingcreativity at the same time.
  6. 6. Hard Light.This image I photographed ofleaves displays an example ofhard light. The flash light usedfrom the camera creates shadowswith a sharp or negligibletransition from light to darkleaving the image with a sharpvibrant tone.Example.This example of Hard light displays thatshadows can create unexpected patternslike this image. With the patternsuperimposed, the picture drawsattention.
  7. 7. Soft light.This is an image Icaptured on agloomy day todisplay soft light.This example of softlight shows noevidence of hardlight beingproduced as thelight has beendiffused.Example.This is an example of Soft Light using a ring light byportrait photographer Melisa Ann Barrett. Thisparticular portrait is photographed using a ringlight, the ring light flash acts as a diffuser, which hasno light source of their own, instead mount in front ofa conventional flash unit and transmits the light to aring-shaped diffuser at the front of the lens (producing a spiral light on the subjects iris).
  8. 8. Rule Of ThirdsThe rule of thirds is a basic principle where you have to imaginebreaking an image down to thirds, both horizontally and verticallyso that you have 9 parts. This image captured at Southsea Commondisplays the rule of the thirds. The subjects in this image fit perfectlyin the frame displaying the rule of thirds and the rule of space onthe bottom right hand side of the frame. The image is also wellexposed as the white balance was set correctly due to the directsunlight producing hard light, due to this there was no need forflash when the image was taken.
  9. 9. Image Manipulation.This picture ia of pancakes that Iphotographed and thenmanipulated. This image wasmanipulated on Instgram usingthe Lo-Fi filter. I chose this filter asit makes the details stand out andthe light drizzle of thesyrup, sugar and bananas add afinishing touch to the picture.
  10. 10. Image manipulation.This is a picture that I took of the popular Pyramids leisure centre inPortsmouth. I manipulated this image by using the iPhone app “camera 360”.I set the image to the bright HDR setting. By doing this I have enhanced theimage by making making it brighter and detailed e.g. the cirrus cloud whichis now more visible to the naked eye.
  11. 11. Landscape. Landscape photography isintended to show differentspaces within theworld, sometimes vastunending, but other timesmicroscopic. Landscapephotography typicallycapture the presence ofnature and are often free ofman-made obstructions. Ihave broken this rule byphotographing a man madeobstruction. This obstructionbeing a Ferris wheel. ThisFerris wheel is adisplay/example ofLandscape Photography thatI photographed whilst atWinter wonderland. Thelights on the Ferris wheelmakes the object exciting andstand out from the busy dullcrowd that surround it.
  12. 12. Landscape.This another example of landscape photography I took at south sea seafrontover looking the Isle of Wight. I like this particular image as it shows youdon’t need an expensive camera or lens to take good photograph. Anotherreason why I like this image is because its not over exposed as the whitebalance was set to auto and you can easily pick out the details such as thefort, boat and the Isle of Wight over the horizon.
  13. 13. Portrait .Portrait photography is the capture of thelikeness of a person or small group inwhich the face and expression ispredominant. The object is to display thelikeness, personality, and even the mood ofthe subject. The key subject in this imagethat I have captured is Kim. This is one ofmy favourite portrait photography that Ihave captured. The reason for this being thepersonality and likeliness of the key subjectis well highlighted and detailed. Thepersonality being her love for The Beatlesand likeliness being her favourite drinkwhich is Pepsi. I also added depth of fieldto this image by focussing on the colour ofher nails and the can of Pepsi to instantlydraw people’s attention when they see theimage and also add more detail to it.
  14. 14. PortraitThis is another example of portrait photography Itook of my 6year old cousin. This particularphotograph captures her likeliness and personalitywhich is happy, bubbly, outgoing and funny. Thisimage was set on auto focus, due to this there is aslight blur (depth of field) to the image.
  15. 15. Levels in PhotoshopI changed the levels of this image that Icaptured whilst I was at WinterWonderland in Hyde Park London. Ihave manipulated the image inPhotoshop. I changed the levels bychanging the preset to custom andincreasing the input levels to 15, 0.22, 220and an output of 255.AfterBeforeBefore the Levels were changed, thisimage was rather dull and the contrastof the lights were too high creating aslight blur. After changing thelevels, the image became or cleanerand clear making the lights stand outeliminating the dullness of the imageas a whole.
  16. 16. Symmetry.Symmetry is all around us and has always been associated with beauty. Symmetryrefers to a line that’s split in half and, if both sides of the object are an exact mirrorimage of each other, then the this object is said to be symmetric. This is an example ofsymmetry displaying natures beauty of snowfall at tinkers creek Gorge Scenic overlooking the Cleveland National parks of Northeast Ohio. The Symmetry in thisparticular image lies between the fences and the scenery. This image is symmetric onboth sides due to the fences which are the main focus in this shot. The snow on thefences and trees add detail to this picture which almost takes your breath away andmakes you feel as you were in a winter wonderland or even the famous film Narnia.For this reason, I chose this image as an example to reflect the beauty of symmetry inphotography.