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  • 1. This book was created because Katherine’s son’s childhood friend had been struck by lightning on a beach and had died. Katherine made the book to help her son with his grief.
  • 2. The main characters are  Leslie Burke Jesse Oliver Aarons Jr.  May Belle Aarons  Ellie Aarons  Joyce Aarons  Brenda Aarons  Prince Terrien
  • 3. Leslie Burke is an adventurous girl who goes to Jesse’s school in the book. She makes friends with him afterwinning a race he thought he was going to win. Leslie, along with Jess, discovered Terabithia. However nearthe ending of the book, the rope swing snapped while Leslie was on it and she drowned in the river below. But she will always remain Queen of Terabithia.
  • 4. Jesse Aarons is Leslie’s best friend in the book. He became her friend when she beat him in an all-boys race. He discovered Terabithia with his new friend inthe book. Along with Leslie being Queen, he became King. He gave a gift to Leslie – a puppy called Prince Terrien. When Leslie died he was struck with grief. Heregretted going to the Art Gallery with his Teacher, for then he would’ve been with her.
  • 5. The Bridge to Terabithia is the only way to get into the land, other than theEnchanted Rope, which snaps at the end of the book.
  • 6. Positives – Overall, I liked the imaginative part of the book. Things that couldn’t happen, happened.Minuses – It was a bit long, and one of the main characters was lost along the way.Interesting – The fact that monsters were based on people the pair knew.