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    BI insight newsletter BI insight newsletter Document Transcript

    • SAP Executive Insight PaperGeneral topic or industryInsightSUMMER 2012The moment clarity transforms business fortunesWhat’s the big idea behind big data? In This IssueFind out in the Summer 2012 issue of Insight Industry Perspective High-Resolution Management 2-3 in all manner of industries performance and uncover hidden to remove bottlenecks, rethink trends, clusters and anomalies. Is Your BI Strategy on Track? their businesses, and flip You can also learn how the SAP Get a BI Strategy Assessment traditional models to drive BusinessObjects BI OnDemand and Find Out! 4 innovative, highly differentiated solution is adept at meeting products and services. departmental or divisional analytic requirements when time Product Update You’ll also get the inside track is tight and budgets are limited. on our recently announced Predictive Analysis database strategy, which This issue’s “Partner Update” Ditch the Crystal Ball 5 provides customers with a comes from enterprise BI 4.0 Feature Pack 3 single, logical real time platform information management The Icing on the Cake 6 for all transaction and analytic consultants at ENTOTA, who workloads. It transforms unwieldy discuss why it’s vital to listen Perfect Preparation Renders IT landscapes into simplified to social media conversations Your 4.0 Migration Painless 6-7I’m delighted to introduce architectures that enable if you want to tap into valuablethe Summer 2012 issue of “big data,” cloud, and mobile customer sentiment. Analytics, Mobility, and In-Memory Insight, your authoritative applications. We also reveal how Lastly, Insight isn’t limited to A game-changing synergy 7source of news and a triumvirate of analytics, passive reading – there are ample mobility, and in-memory can SAP’s Real-Time Data information on SAP’s interactive opportunities in our accelerate business processes Platform Vision 8analytics, database and and deliver actionable insights “Get Involved” section. Need totechnology trends and gauge whether your analytics BI OnDemand in real time to any individual strategy is on track? Use our Self-service insight for all 8best practices. on any device in any location. intuitive, three-step BI strategy Going Mobile at SAP 9Analytics is a hotter priority In our “Product Update” section, assessment tool to evaluate yourthan ever, so it’s no surprise you can read advice on how to challenges by line of business Gartner Positions SAP that Richard Neale is exploring migrate to SAP® BusinessObjects™ and receive expert guidance as Leader in Magic Quadrant 9Business in the Moment in this Business Intelligence 4.0 and on best practices. Estimateedition’s “Industry Perspectives.” discover what’s new in BI feature the benefits of Business in theToday’s business decisions pack 3. We also show how Moment to your organization Partner Updateare often based on aggregates business analysts can ditch their with the SAP HANA value Listening in on the Social and estimates due to an excess crystal balls by giving you a calculator. You can also register Media Conversation 10of data, when what’s needed glimpse of the stunning new SAP for one of our highly-anticipatedis fine, granular information. Predictive Analysis software. forthcoming events or look backRichard abandons the tech Whether used on a standalone at sessions from past events using Get Involvedtalk in favor of a refreshing basis or coupled to the SAP our watch on-demand feature.look at how High-resolution HANA® platform to unleash the Big Benefits from Big Data 11 Best wishes,Management – enabled by full value of “big data,” it can help How Can I Do That? 11real time analytics – is you understand how historical Clemens Praendlempowering companies metrics translate into future VP Analytics - EMEA Upcoming Events 12
    • Industry Perspective Industry PerspectiveHigh-Resolution ManagementIt’s not about technology –it’s about business in the momentRichard Neale, Head of Business Development, SAP So I’m not going to. Because the most •  aster, more flexible data access – F Rethink Business SAP customer, T-Mobile, is transforming Proactive Analytics: significant trend I’m witnessing in 2012 Companies like Red Bull have been able the way it attracts network subscribers by FreshDirect Forward-thinking organizations are using is a perfect storm of all these advances. One to speed up and simplify their data using customer analytics to inspire hundreds analytics in new ways to change how they do that will enable companies to fundamentally warehousing environments with the SAP of discrete, highly personalized tariffs based  FreshDirect has an business. Rather than simply providing the tools rethink key business processes to provide HANA® in-memory database. The beverage on usage profiles instead of speculatively operations centre that to monitor and ultimately improve a business unprecedented opportunities for competitive maker can now load detailed data into its developing rate plans, promoting them, process, analytics are becoming a fundamental manages its fleet of differentiation – precisely what our struggling warehouse 25 times faster and eliminate and then quantifying the uptake. global economy requires. This potential has several levels of data staging. component of the business process itself. delivery trucks. In a large already been defined as “High Resolution Proactive analytics – Instead of using metropolitan area like •  ata volumes and complexity – D Management” by Swiss Professors Elgar analytics only to assess previous New York, traffic doesn’t It pays to be Fast-moving consumer goods firms Fleisch and Christian Flockmeier. have long had access to vast amounts performance, companies are using the new always flow predictably. capabilities to get data fast enough to make A traditional approach of detailed data about their production facilities and sales channels – but the a real difference. So, rather than simply understanding what problems occurred detail-oriented to business intelligence High-Resolution quantity of data meant that they were yesterday, organizations can now predict (BI) would be to print a unable to run full analytics in a reasonable Organizations across a diverse range of report showing the level of what issues will happen in the next few hours time frame. Now that’s changed. For industries are already combining these Management example, Danone plans to track the and fix them before customers are affected. technologies to eliminate the uncertainties on-time deliveries (OTDs)What’s the day before and then To find out more, turn to our article on carbon emissions of 35,000 individual and delays caused by data variety, volume, Predictive Analysis on page 5. Today’s management techniques are based products with new systems that collect, and access and to reinvent their business ask the transportationthe biggest on the limitations of information scarcity. Not that there’s a shortage of data – far from it measure, and analyze data from cradle to grave: from sourcing through New customer services – The UK roll-out of smart meters to monitor energy usage ushers processes by embedding real time decision- making. But the biggest incentive is the department what went wrong for the orders thattechnology – but decisions are often based on aggregated production, transport, retail, distribution, in the prospect of offering innovative services opportunities afforded by high-resolution were delivered late. estimates. That’s either because there’s simply consumption, and end of life. to customers based on the possibilities management: to gain a detailed FreshDirect uses analyticstrend of 2012? too much data across too many dimensions enabled by half-hourly readings from millions understanding of a business or market •  ew forms of data – Unstructured data N in a more impactful way. to drill down and understand what is happening of smart meters up and down the land. without limitation and to develop highly such as that from e-mails or social media in detail, or it’s simply too difficult to deliver Providers like Centrica are planning to use differentiated products and services in has traditionally been a challenge to  The company monitors the information to business users. SAP® Smart Meter Analytics powered by response to these revelations. incorporate into mainstream corporate delivery rate of every truckWell, analytics is a hotter Perhaps Gary Hamel sums the situation up analytics. Recent advances make it easier SAP HANA, to give them deep insight into Now is the time to rethink how you can and enters that data into consumption patterns. This can be used totopic than ever – according perfectly when he says “Right now your company has: for companies to access and analyze huge volumes of unstructured data, such as understand peak demand and ultimately use analytic technologies to take account of new opportunities – both at the back the BI system on an ongoingto Gartner, it has reclaimed •  st century, internet-enabled 21 customer complaints and product feedback, reduce the amount of infrastructure investment needed to meet it, by guiding end, for extreme data performance, and basis. Every hour, it uses at the front end, for granular insights. the previous hour’s data tothe top spot from cloud business processes combine it with other data sources, and present it in a meaningful and dynamic way consumers to change how and when they With increased resolution come more predict how many deliveries use energy and become part of the solution.computing on CIOs’ priority • Mid-20th century to business users. This can lead to new options to drill down, eliminate inefficiencies, will be on time in the next management processes insights that were inconceivable when Integrated risk assessments – To avoid and cut costs. It’s time to start thinkinglists – and innovations are analysis was restricted to solely numerical the cost of over-stocking, organizations can about what you want to achieve because hour. If the predicted OTD •  built atop 19 century All rate is below FreshDirect’sconverging to produce th data. Innovative companies like Medtronic use sophisticated, risk-based forecasting you’ll find High Resolution Management management principles” target, the company sends are already combining structured data rather than rely purely on static volume is ready when you are.what Gartner refers to as Real time analytic technologies are already about products with unstructured customer forecasts from sales. This offers a much out an auxiliary truck“extreme data performance” . drastically changing the way management feedback from their SAP CRM system. broader context for decisions, minimizes or trucks to help make make decisions. With access to the finest the chances of excess inventory and affords deliveries. The companyEverybody’s talking granularity of information, management •  ew interfaces and users – The days N greater production flexibility. of information consumers and executives holds 10 trucks in reserveabout in-memory, column can move freely from macro to micro views being office based are numbered, as Flip Business Models for just this purpose.” and measure, plan and act accordingly. Theredata stores, in-database are three main areas of opportunity to be more and more are working from home The really interesting opportunities for or on the road, or roaming on site. Thiscalculations, massively gained from High-Resolution Management. means embracing technologies that push businesses lie in using real time analysis to fundamentally flip the way their businessesparallel architectures, Remove Bottlenecks information out to wherever people may work: instead of analytics being part of a be, on their device of choice. That meanscomplex event processing, The new analytic platforms are rapidly leading information strategies with mobile process, it becomes the business model itself. eliminating some of the bottlenecks that“big data” and cloud have historically prevented organisations from solutions, rather than from desktops.architecture. getting value from their data. These include:2 3
    • Industry Perspective Product Update INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVE Predictive Analysis Ditch the crystal ball Businesses rely on today’s information to make choices for tomorrow. The key is to learn not only what has happened, but also understand why it happened, what might happen and what the best course of action may be. SAP® Predictive Analysis software is a SAP Predictive Analysis is available on a user-friendly, graphically stunning tool stand-alone basis, but when coupled with theIs Your BI Strategy on Track? for predictive modeling and advanced SAP HANA platform, the software can unleash visualization that aims to improve decision- the full value of big data – internal or external, making by predicting future outcomes. structured or unstructured – by allowingGet a BI Strategy Assessment and find out! Predictive modeling has traditionally been the domain of statisticians and data businesses to reveal and act upon untapped opportunities and hidden risks. scientists. However, the intuitive interface Insights can be delivered to dashboards, of SAP Predictive Analysis is designed to alerts and mobile devices, or accessed bring predictive insight to an under-served by other analytics solutions, such as the user community – the business analyst SAP BusinessObjects™ Business IntelligenceBusiness intelligence (BI) has been a top CIO priority for a number of years. The return – who can now: platform, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer®on BI investments can be substantial, yet some organizations fail to capitalize on •  nderstand how historical sales, U software and SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence® software, as well as Microsoftthe full potential of their BI initiatives through lack of a cohesive analytics strategy. costs, and other key metrics translate Office applications. That means more people into future performance in the business can explore, visualize, andBI and analytics technology is never an •  ollow key recommendations to achieve F •  ee how predicted results compare S share insights from exploding volumes andend in itself. The technology, people, and high-level executive sponsorship that To use the BI strategy assessment with goals varieties of data.processes exist to provide support to decision can help mandate change and organise Tool for yourself, visit www. sapbusinessinthemoment.com/ •  eveal the causes of customer satisfaction R Our analytics solutions are sparking amakers or to automate certain decision- cross-functionally for an enterprise-wide or employee turnover decision-making revolution for businessesmaking processes. These in turn must lead approach and outcome. emea/analytics that recognise the future starts secondsto actions based on insight and augmented •  how how past and emerging trends S •  uild a repeatable framework that engages B from now, not weeks or years from now.with experience. Therefore, it is imperative to impact the bottom line and brings together the priorities of bothhave a strategy that guides the organisation CIOs and business executives to address •  ind correlations in data for cross-sell Ftoward effective and pervasive use of BI and organizational challenges that a BI strategy and up-sell opportunities Ready to join the evolution? Visitanalytics resources. Such a strategy needs can resolve www.sapbusinessinthemoment.to take into account the broad spectrum •  ocate anomalies and clusters for Lof decision makers and decision-making The tool uses a intuitive three-step process to com/emea/predictiveanalytics targeted analysisprocesses that exist in any organization.  help you identify and rate your key business challenges by line of business, and assessOur BI strategy assessment tool the impact of addressing them. Your personalhas been developed to enable you to: BI assessment guide will then be created to•  nderstand the importance of a clear, U help you meet your most pressing challenges well-articulated BI strategy and prioritize your BI investments. In brief, it contains:•  ind out how an effective BI approach F benefits IT and line of business teams •  roven best practices to serve P alike, from aligning business partners the information needs of your and formalizing business needs, to entire organisation removing limits of a departmental focus •  visual summary of your business A•  xplore critical success factors for E challenges by priority and line of business developing and delivering a comprehensive •  olutions and anticipated benefits S BI strategy that identifies a shared set to your biggest business challenges of goals and delivers planned results by area and line of business•  earn best practice approaches to L • Next steps executing this plan enterprise-wide, including guidelines to define and run a successful BI competency center4 5
    • Product Update Product UpdateBI 4.0 Feature Pack 3 Analytics, Mobility, and In-MemoryThe icing on the cake A game-changing synergyRichard Neale, Head of Business Development, SAPFeature pack 3 for SAP BusinessObjects Business Inteligence enables you to benefit from Previously, companies typically evaluated and appraised analytics, mobility, andnew and enhanced innovations on your existing BI 4.0 deployment as a straightforward in-memory as distinct areas of innovation. However, visionary leaders across multipleinstallation rather than a major upgrade. industries are now seeing the game-changing synergies enabled by a “holy trinity.” The advances characterising feature pack 3 Mobile Deployed together, these three technology •  nstant visibility – Mobile analytics I fall under four key categories: strands not only accelerate business enable business decision-makers to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence support processes but drive actionable insights in track the performance of their companies Deeper integration has been improved and integration enabled with real time to any device, at any location, and by dimensions such as volume, value, SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand. The home Universal support is significantly expanded to any individual. This enables organisations and profitability at a glance, on the move. screen now employs thumbnails to make locating by enabling direct access to the SAP ERP to run smarter and faster than their Deliver event-based alerts (for example information simpler. SAP BusinessObjects application. This aims to reduce complexity competitors and create processes that when thresholds are breached or reports mobile solutions will now be pre-wired for the and total cost of ownership with consistent offer true competitive differentiation. are published or updated), and put SAP Afaria® mobile device management solution SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse revealing metrics at product, customer, and security controls from Sybase Unwired •  arnessing the power of “big data” – H component across all clients. Support is region, or contract level straight into Platform. The iPad version of SAP By taking advantage of columnar data also provided for Hive, the data warehouse executives’ hands to support confident, BusinessObjects Explorer will be able to access stores and the ability to manage data system for Hadoop, to facilitate data decisive action wherever and and analyse data offline and exploration views sets in the terabytes the SAP’ HANA® summarization, ad hoc queries, and the whenever needed. enable powerful new data viewing capabilities. platform lets business users query analysis of large datasets. “big data” with sub-second response Imagine how unleashing the “power of three” Social Richer insight times to provide unprecedented access could prepare your business to deliver Integration is now provided between SAP to and subsequent iterations on data. insights from terabytes of data faster and Feature pack 3 contains further StreamWork and SAP BusinessObjects BI further afield – and what that might mean enhancements to the user experience, •  cost-effective solution – Market A content for improved collaboration. While for your competitors. with SAP Crystal Reports® software, dynamics have reduced the cost of viewing a report, for example, someone can SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence® memory and processing power, while initiate a threaded discussion or action within software and SAP BusinessObjects Analysis® secure mobile device management SAP StreamWork. software, edition for OLAP all benefiting , solutions in response to consumerization from richer data access and numerous Additionally, feature pack 3 will support Internet have enabled the “bring your own device” For inspiration on how the improvements in functionality. SAP Explorer 9, which more and more businesses will movement to go mainstream. These two combination of analytics, mobility BusinessObjects Explorer® software now welcome as they adopt Windows 7. events have correspondingly brought the and in-memory can aid you in turning supports Hadoop and gains time- and three-ply scenario within affordable reach Watch Richard Neale and Martin Barrett data into a strategic asset, visit location-awareness as well as auto-correction of more businesses and more users. in the search feature. demonstrate the new features at www.sapbusinessinthemoment. www.sap.com/uk/techforum com/emea Perfect While upgrading to SAP BusinessObjects •  onsider your hardware requirements – C • Take advantage of the Upgrade  thorough testing is a must to detect and Business Intelligence version 4.0 should be SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Management Tool – Replacing the avoid problems before they scupper your Preparation a straightforward exercise, we recommend 4.0 runs on 64 bit platforms only. Don’t Import Wizard, with its sequential upgrade. To avoid running into already- that you don’t simply wade in and launch assume the kit used for your old SAP content migration and long runtimes, fixed problems, install the latest patches. Renders Your the installer. Instead, you should treat BusinessObjects software system will still is the vastly accelerated Upgrade Don’t be afraid to reach out for assistance your upgrade as a project in its own right. be up to the job. Management Tool, specifically designed – our field services team is highly experienced for upgrades from a previous version 4.0 Migration Here’s why: •  ime for a spring clean – A tidy system T and on hand to support you through rather than lifecycle management. is much easier to upgrade and maintain, your migration. •  et to know your new platform – G Painless so this is a perfect opportunity to clear •  ay goodbye to “Deski” – SAP S It’s amazing what our customers can do your source system of old instances, events BusinessObjects Desktop Intelligence with our software by developing tricks to and reports that are no longer in active use. has reached its end of life, so these To find out more, read our get the best out of the products. However, Roland Hoeller reports will need to be converted to SAP there are lots of new features in the SAP •  hoose your upgrade strategy – C BI4 Upgrade Wiki at Senior Support Engineer, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence®software BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 While a complete upgrade is simpler, www.sap.com/uk/bi4upgrade reports before your upgrade. There is release, so check if one of them means you it will invariably mean longer downtime. Watch Matthew Shaw share his a handy report conversion tool for that can simplify reports or a workflow, in which In some instances, it may not be possible, very purpose. advice on how to upgrade to SAP case you may not need those workarounds in which case an incremental approach Business Objects BI 4.0 at any more. (department by department) is preferable •  est, test and test again – To minimize T to reduce risk. risk associated with your migration project, www.sap.com/uk/techforum6 7
    • Product Update Product UpdateSAP’s Real-Time Data Platform Vision Going Mobile at SAPA big change in the world of big data Mobile technology is impacting every Mobility: Its Impact, Opportunities business, transforming experiences for employees, partners and customers.SAP’s focus is on enabling a paradigm shift Extending our vision to provide customers within data management – transformingenterprise IT departments from complex and one logical, real time platform for all transaction and analytics workloads, is the evolutionary and With more than 40,000 mobile devices in use, SAP is realizing significant business benefits and Challenges from making employees mobile worldwide. Ourslow landscapes that struggle to deliver on non-disruptive integration of SAP® software with early and aggressive adoption of new Mobility is transforming how companiesorganizational objectives to simplified SAP Sybase® Adaptive Server® Enterprise and technologies and sound mobile strategy are are run today. Game-changing mobilityarchitectures that enable new classes of “big SAP Sybase® IQ server. This will give customers critical to this success. Learn how we have technology promises to revolutionizedata,” cloud, and mobile applications. Recent unprecedented capability to transact, move, made our own workforce mobile, driving business in the future.advances in process, memory and networking store, process, and analyze data in real time, growth and revenue by increasing collaboration How has mobility evolved, and what liestechnologies are making this a reality. while reducing costs with common design and internally and with our global customers. ahead for its technology? How will mobility landscape management.In April, SAP’s CTO Vishal Sikka announced our impact businesses and their consumers?innovation roadmap to help transform the SAP’s real time data platform will help simplify What are the key challenges that CIOs mustdatabase and mobile markets. He highlighted layers of complexity and enable unmatched consider when adopting mobile technology?the full integration of Sybase and unveiled our capabilities in next-generation “big data”vision for a real time data platform, comprising applications and analytics, plus enhancedthe SAP HANA platform, Sybase base data support for cloud and mobile applications Read the whitepaper at Download this SAP Executive Insightmanagement offerings, and SAP solutions for — all with minimal upheaval for the customer. www.sap.com/uk/goingmobile in which we examine the impact,enterprise information management. or watch the video featuring opportunities and challenges of In addition, delivering on our promise ofAt the heart of our strategy is the now proven game-changing innovation, we have launched Oliver Bussmann, CIO, at the mobile revolutionin-memory SAP HANA database, which is a US$ 337 million “SAP HANA Adoption Program” www.sap.com/uk/goingmobilevideo www.sap.com/uk/executiveinsightalready helping customers access and deliver dedicated to customer adoption of SAP HANAinformation at unprecedented speeds – up to and the real time data platform. For new Download the key takeouts from100,000 times faster than before – enabling customers transitioning from legacy databases, our Big Data Forum atthem to envision fundamentally new ways we will provide SAP Consulting services to www.sapevent.co.uk/bigdataforum Gartner Positions SAP as Leader in Magic Quadrantof running their businesses. facilitate adoption and implementation.SAP® Business Objects™ BI OnDemand In its new “Magic Quadrant for Mobile integrate, test, publish and manage business-Self-service insight for all Application Development Platforms” report 1, Gartner recently recognized SAP as a market to-consumer (B2C), B2B and business-to- enterprise (B2E) mobile applications.” leader for our ability to execute and Gartner, “Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application completeness of vision our mobile platform. Development Platforms”, William Clark, Ian Finley, The positioning is based on evaluation of the Song Chuang, April 26 2012 SAP mobile platform, which includes Sybase®If a specific team, department or division of How it works Why SAP Business Objects BI OnDemand? About the Magic Quadrant Unwired Platform, SAP® Afaria® mobile deviceyour business is being hampered by a losing SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand is The software is free to try, and its affordable Gartner does not endorse any vendor, management solution and Sybase 365. SAPbattle with data and lack of timely insight, designed with the business user in mind. subscription-based pricing and scalable model product, or service depicted in its research is recognized as a market leader for our abilityyou may be looking for a more nimble, tactical It’s simplicity itself to: flexes to every need and budget. Offered as a publications, and does not advise technology to execute and completeness of vision.approach to introducing business intelligence SaaS solution, it can be treated as operational users to select only those vendors with the •  pload a spreadsheet and integrate Ucapabilities than traditional on-premise rather than capital expenditure – there’s no The Gartner report highlights, “Mobile highest ratings. Gartner research publications different data sources into a complete view.deployments typically allow. software or hardware to buy and maintain. application development has become a top consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research •  xplore the data with the unique E And the instinctively navigable interface concern for enterprises and their CIOs. organization and should not be construedSAP® BusinessObjects™ BI OnDemand is a search-and-browse functionality. means a short ramp-up to full productivity According to the 2012 Gartner CIO Survey as statements of fact. Gartner disclaimsself-service BI solution that allows business for non-technical users, so you can expect (see ‘Amplifying the Enterprise: The 2012 CIO all warranties, expressed or implied, withusers to intuitively explore data and share •  reate accurate, timely dashboards C to start realizing value sooner. Agenda), 61 percent of respondents plan to respect to this research, including anytheir findings, enabling you to meet demands and reports without having to manually enhance their mobility capability during the warranties of merchantability or fitnessfor analytical insight where technical resources produce pivot tables, charts, and graphs. next three years, and 48 percent believe they for a particular purpose.and budgets are limited. It’s delivered in a •  erform ad hoc “what-if” analyses P will become leaders in their industries by fullysoftware as a service (SaaS) model, so you Visit www.biondemand.com/ to model the outcome of decisions. adopting innovative mobility solutions. Thiscan get everyone up and running in a matter businessintelligence to register Magic Quadrant assesses the major vendors ofof minutes. •  hare and distribute information safely S for a completely free, unlimited trial application development platforms that enable Download a copy of the full online with colleagues, customers or of SAP BusinessObjects BI enterprise developers to design, code, Gartner report by visiting partners thanks to folder-level security – OnDemand personal edition. www.sap.com/uk/gartner/em no need to e-mail spreadsheets and reports.8 9
    • Partner Update Get Involved Listening in on the Big Benefits from Big Data Social Media Conversation Quantify the value of in-memory analytics In a recent study, the McKinsey Global Institute development of much more precisely with the SAP HANA Value Calculator evaluates how the use of big data will become a tailored products or services. key basis of competition and growth. The Top tips from the Enterprise Information Management Articles abound on the topic of explosive report indicates that the U.S. healthcare Calculate the benefits growth in data – fuelled by the volume and experts at ENTOTA. detail of information captured by organizations, industry could generate US$300 billion per The SAP HANA value calculator has been year by reducing healthcare costs by 8% and designed to enable you to quickly and easily the rise of social media and the Internet of While most organizations acknowledge that the explosive Things – and its implications to the global driving efficiency and quality improvements. quantify the benefits of harnessing your Retail provisionally stands to increase net organization’s big data with use cases that you growth in the influence and power of social media is driving economy. While this phenomenon might once margin by 60%, while manufacturing could can implement today. Based on your inputs have been solely of interest to data-oriented opinion and influencing buying patterns, many have yet to experts, advances in in-memory computing lower product development and assembly and predefined assumptions, it provides you costs by half. But, several benefits are with an instant analysis of the potential value define their own social media strategy. technology and analytics are now prompting universal across all industries: to your business of deploying SAP HANA. leaders of enterprise to reframe big data as a significant source of business value. •  ig data can unlock significant value B 1McKinsey Global Institute – “Big data: the next A number of recent surveys have shown Andy Brasier, head of social media practice frontier for innovation, competition and productivity” by making information transparent and that a significant proportion of businesses at ENTOTA, comments: “Gaining real-time In our experience, in-memory analytics (May 2011) usable at a much higher frequency. have still to build a legitimate social media [social media] insight is critical for any technology has already earned its stripes presence. Although they appreciate the business that wants to effectively engage across multiple industries and lines of business. •  s organizations create and store more A opportunity social media offers to improve and influence its customers. And to deliver Our customer testimonials (available at transactional data in digital form about consumer relationships and sales, they are genuine return on investment, it’s important www.sap.com/hana) exemplify how best-run everything from inventory to sick days, they also conscious that programs require that you integrate your social media data into businesses are benefiting from SAP HANA® as can expose variability, support informed investment, time – and most importantly workflows, so your business can leverage this the real time platform of choice – accelerating decision-making and boost performance. To download the value calculator, go – commitment if they are to be effective. information to reduce costs and improve innovation to drive ambitious growth, pushing •  ig data allows ever-narrower segmentation B to www.sapbusinessinthemoment. customer insight.” the frontiers of competitiveness and achieving Even if your business has yet to fully embrace of customers and therefore drives the com/emea/inmemory new levels of productivity. this burgeoning medium, you can be sure that To achieve this integrated approach, you people will be “chatting” about your products need to deploy a solution in a standard and and services online. To stay ahead, you need reusable manner. The solution needs to be to be aware of what users are saying, how highly scalable and easy to customize so they feel about your brand (and your you can build your own in-house capability How Can I Do That? competitors), and which social media sites without having to use specialized consultants are generating the most comments about and developers. you. This requires a proactive approach to It should be quick to deploy and use advanced monitoring and managing the way your Dean Farrow, lead presales consultant at SAP answers your questions. , text analysis functionality so that projects can business is presented and reviewed online. start delivering value from day one. You also However, analyzing the volumes of need flexible reporting capabilities and clear unstructured social media data can be a dashboards with layers of data easily Q.  use SAP® BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence® software to create operational reports for I costly, highly complex, and time-consuming accessible for deeper drill-downs. The option my team. I frequently get asked how the data can be filtered easily. Is there functionality process. In a long list of investment priorities, to “try before you buy” with a proof of concept building a case for social media analytics can will also help you to assess suitability and inside SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence to make filtering easier for my users? prove to be challenging. build your business case. But perhaps the Past approaches have tended to be as most important feature is to ensure that you A. SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence has writers and end users. a constant value, and then assign an input own your solution and can reuse it across always included functionality enabling end control (for example a slider), to the variable. unstructured as the data itself, with These controls can be associated with the business to continually track whatever is users to filter their data. By pressing the filter If the variable is part of a formula, the slider companies employing a variety of tools to report elements such as tables or section relevant to your current business priorities button at the top of SAP BusinessObjects control can be used to examine different track and measure diverse performance headers, and used to filter the data in the and plans. Web Intelligence, users can define how the formula results based on the variable value. indicators across multiple departments. report elements. When values are selected data can be filtered, for example, select region Input controls are report-specific and are Unsurprisingly, the output rarely added ENTOTA is the largest consultancy for in the input control, SAP BusinessObjects and choose the regions to be filtered. grouped on the “Input Controls” tab. any real value to supporting decision making SAP® solutions for enterprise information Web Intelligence filters the values in the or shaping business direction. With so many management, offering ideas, solutions, and However, in version XI 3.1 service pack 2, associated report elements. Tables and tools and services currently available on the practices that help solve the complex issues we introduced functionality called input charts can also be defined as input controls. market – and new entrants joining almost associated with managing and exploiting controls that made filtering much easier for The screenshot to the right illustrates daily – what should you consider when business data. end users and also enabled report writers to a variety of input controls on the report – selecting an appropriate solution for create predefined filters. a text list for multiple values, radio buttons your business? For more information, Input controls provide a convenient, for single values and a slider to filter the visit www.entota.com, more easily accessible method for filtering data according to specific parameters. and analysing report data. They’re defined e-mail info@entota.com, Input controls can be used to analyze different using standard Windows controls such as call 0845 003 8304, scenarios (“what if?” analyses) by changing sliders, check boxes, text boxes and radio or follow @entota on Twitter. the value of variables. Define a variable with buttons and can be created by both report10 11
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