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Online clinic reservation

  1. 1. Online Clinic Reservation
  2. 2. An Online Clinic Reservation offers Health Professionals a more efficient and convenient way for patients to reserve appointments in the clinic. It’s the future in appointment scheduling in clinic. Patients can book an appointment that is convenient for them, which clinic’s staffs are able to control and maintain patients’ information through a computerized process.
  3. 3. Online Clinic Reservation has web application which requires patients to register with their username and password before they can access the features. Once a patient has logged in to the account, he can already view the doctors’ profile along with their schedules and set up an appointment. The patient can request for an appointment at any time, showing real time appointments.
  4. 4. The system increases new patient traffic, saves staff time and helps reduce your cancellations as you save time and money with lower phone bills and greater efficiency. Give your customers the experience they deserve and increase return visits with Online Clinic Reservation
  5. 5. Background of the study Nowadays people are seeking for a convenient way of being reserved on their appointments. So do in clinic reservation process. In this situation therefore, Online Clinic Reservation System is a good project to ease on difficult and too time consuming manual appointment reservation processes.
  6. 6. Online Clinic reservation is a centralized web portal for health appointments where patients find and book an appointment with their health practitioner online. The system is synchronized with reservation system and saves front office staff countless interruptions during their already busy day and helps provide a more customer friendly experience to patients.
  7. 7. Statement of the problem The study intends to investigate the benefits of Online Clinic Reservation System to clinic’s staffs and patients. Specifically, the study seeks to answer the following statements:
  8. 8. • How to minimize the time and effort being spent on appointment reservation? • Who will be benefited on the implementation of online clinic reservation system? • How to easily manage and update information of patients and doctors? • How to schedule patients’ appointments conveniently?
  9. 9. General Objective The main objective of this study is to develop an Online Clinic Reservation System.
  10. 10. Specific Objective  To provide a convenient way of appointment reservation for patients.  To automated report generation.  To computerized the patients’ information review and maintenance.  To give clinic staffs an easy way in doing information maintenance and updates
  11. 11. Scope The Online Clinic Reservation System has the following scope:  The website’s account given to old patients.  The online scheduler which contains all the doctors’ available time of
  12. 12.  Information update, review, and maintenance. • For patients, only information related to their reservation will be displayed through their account website. • For clinic staffs, the information of both doctors and patients can be reviewed on system’s main server.  Report generation which will be handled by the clinic’s staffs.
  13. 13. Limitation The Online Clinic Reservation System limits itself on the following:  The receipt generation/billing statements after the patient’s appointment are done.  Other information which are not related to appointment reservation.  Patient’s medical history records and other related information
  14. 14. Software Features The following are the Online Clinic Reservation System features:  Online website and online scheduler.  Account username and password for staffs, doctors, and patients.  Database for information storage (staffs’, doctors’, and patients’ information).
  15. 15.  Security features for changing of account username and password.  Report generation.  User-interface and web application.
  16. 16. Review of Related Systems The application of modern information technology dominated so far by the use of Internet websites and online reservation systems, gives competitive advantage to other with same establishment. However, the potential competitive advantage can be transformed into real advantage if only the websites
  17. 17. As a result, the advocator conducted research on the facts related to the system that might be helpful to its development. An Online clinic reservation systems make customers’ lives easier. The use of online services nowadays becomes more necessary in the various fields
  18. 18. It is because of the advantage and useful effects to many people when it comes to online reservation because our society is facing rapid growths of need, availability and development of different commercial web-based application. Mr. Frank Bodhi of Health Centre says so simple to setup the system has been so simple to setup and create.
  19. 19. My business is new providing the tools to look and be professional to my clients. It was proven that online reservation system make a big convenient to all in need. The development of Online clinic reservation system has a wide use, can make a scheduled time for the patient in need. It has updated information like doctors in charge, time of checkups and history of the patient viewed only by the user.
  20. 20. Methodology
  21. 21. Illustrates the classic life cycle paradigm for software engineering sometimes called the "waterfall model“ the life cycle paradigm demands a systematic, sequential approach to software development that begins at the system level and progresses through analysis, design, coding, testing, and maintenance. Modeled after the conventional engineering cycle, the life cycle paradigm encompasses the following activities:
  22. 22. System engineering and analysis, because software is always part of a larger system, work begins by establishing requirements for all system elements and then allocating some subset of these requirements to software. This system view is essential when software must interface with other elements such as hardware, people, and data bases. System engineering and analysis encompass requirements gathering at the system level with a small amount of top-level design and analysis.
  23. 23. Description of the Existing System The clinic uses a traditional manual file processing, which is too time consuming. Appointments are being set based on the doctor’s available time prior to patients’ visit on clinic. Therefore, patients are not assured if their preferred schedule is still available. The clinic staff will handle patients’ on their visit and they will be given a stab which has the priority number of their
  24. 24. The patient will wait on his priority number to be called. If he is unattended (e.g. he went outside because he assumed that other appointments will last long and therefore he will wait too much), his number will be passed by and he needs to wait another available time for him to be entertained.
  25. 25. Context Diagram / Data Flow Diagram Data Flow Diagram (Context Level 0) Existing System
  26. 26. Data Flow Diagram (Context Level 1)
  27. 27. Description of the Proposed System The proposed system which is Online Clinic Reservation System will provide ease on patients’ information maintenance. It provides a web application which has scheduler to automate the appointment reservation process.
  28. 28. If the reserved patient was unable to confirm his appointment within the time based on the clinic’s policy, the clinic staff will be the one responsible for the adjustment of schedule. He could serve walk-in patients prior to the number of canceled appointments.
  29. 29. Problems and Solutions • The need for a convenient scheduling system can be solved through online and computerized processes which are included in Online Clinic Reservation System. • Unorganized and redundant schedules will be eliminated through the processes stated.
  30. 30. • Wasted time due to manual scheduling system and even human errors could be eliminated through the proposed system. • The error and lot of time being spent in updating patients’, doctors’, and staffs’ information will be eliminated through the user interface provided on the proposed system.
  31. 31. Context Diagram / Data Flow Diagram Data Flow Diagram (Context Level 0) Proposed System
  32. 32. Data Flow Diagram (Context Level 1) Proposed System
  33. 33. Data Dictionary Entity: Patient Data Element: PatientID Description: Patient’s ID Aliases: PatID Type: String Format: 99-999 Length: 6
  34. 34. Data Element: Lastname Description: Patient’s Surname Aliases: Lname Type: String Format: A-Z (a-z) Length: 20
  35. 35. Data Element: Contactnumber Description: Patient’s mobile number Aliases: Cnum Type: String Format: 99999999999 Length: 11
  36. 36. Data Element: Username Description: Patient’s username Aliases: Uname Type: String Format: A-Z (a-z) Length: 20
  37. 37. Data Element: Gender Description: Patient;s gender Aliases: Gen Type: String Format: A-Z Length: 1
  38. 38. Data Element: Address Description: Patient’s address Aliases: Add Type: String Format: A-Z (a-z) Length: 45
  39. 39. Data Element: Password Description: Patient’s unique password Aliases: Pass Type: String Format: xxxxxxxxxxxx/999999999999 Length: 12
  40. 40. Entity: Doctor Data Element: DoctorID Description: Doctor’s ID Aliases: DID Type: String Format: 99-999 Length: 6
  41. 41. Data Element: DoctorName Description: Doctor’s full name Aliases: Docname Type: String Format: A - Z (a-z) Length: 45
  42. 42. Data Element: JobTitle Description: Doctor’s job Aliases: JTitle Type: String Format: A-Z (a-z) Length: 27
  43. 43. Data Element: Username Description: Doctor’s username Aliases: Uname Type: String Format: A-Z (a-z) Length: 20
  44. 44. Data Element: Contactnumber Description: Doctor’s mobile number Aliases: Cnum Type: String Format: 99999999999 Length: 11
  45. 45. Data Element: Address Description: Doctor’s address Aliases: Add Type: String Format: A-Z (a-z) Length: 45
  46. 46. Data Element: Password Description: Doctor’s unique password Aliases: Pass Type: String Format: xxxxxxxxxxxx/999999999999 Length: 12
  47. 47. Entity: Staff Data Element: AdminID Description: Staff’s ID Aliases: SID Type: String Format: 99-999 Length: 6
  48. 48. Data Element: StaffName Description: Staff’s fullname Aliases: Sname Type: String Format: A –Z (a-z) Length: 45
  49. 49. Data Element: Position Description: Staff’s position Aliases: Spos Type: String Format: A-Z (a-z) Length: 27
  50. 50. Data Element: Gender Description: Staff’s gender Aliases: Gen Type: String Format: A-Z (a-z) Length: 1
  51. 51. Data Element: Address Description: Staff’s address Aliases: Add Type: String Format: A-Z (a-z) Length: 45
  52. 52. Data Element: Contactnumber Description: Staff’s mobile number Aliases: Cnum Type: String Format: 99999999999 Length: 11
  53. 53. Entity: Schedule Data Element: Username Description: Staff’s username Aliases: Uname Type: String Format: A-Z (a-z) Length: 20
  54. 54. Data Element: Password Description: Staff’s unique password Aliases: Pass Type: String Format: xxxxxxxxxxxx/999999999999 Length: 12
  55. 55. Data Element: ScheduleNo Description: Schedule priority number Aliases: Schednum Type: String Format: 999 Length: 3
  56. 56. Data Element: ScheduleDate Description: Date of schedule Aliases: Sdate Type: Date Format: mm-dd-yy Length:6
  57. 57. Data Element: ScheduleTime Description: Time of Schedule Aliases: Tsched Type: Datetime Format: hh:mm Length: 4
  58. 58. Entity Relationship Diagram Patient PK PatientID Lastname Firstname Middlename Contactnumber Gender Address Username Password Schedule PK ScheduleNo Scedule_Date Schedule_Time Doctor PK DoctorID DoctorName Job_Title ContactNo Address Username Password Staff PK AdminID Username Password Staff_Name Position Gender ContactNo Address HAS HAS HAS Manages
  59. 59. Form/Module Specification Login Form  Must require username and password to exactly match existing credentials in the System database.  Requires username to be exactly unique to the system for each user.  Password must meet these criteria:
  60. 60. Appointment Form  Must allow patients to reserve his desire schedule prior to the availability of the doctor’s schedule.  It requires all the available schedules of Doctors.  Requires exactly one schedule of patients (for each of his Doctors).  Must be managed by the clinic’s authorized staff.
  61. 61. Patient Account Form  Must allow patient to view his account status, manage his account settings, and view his account summary.  This page must allow patients to review and manage his appointments.  Only personal information could be changed by patients.
  62. 62. Staff Account Form  Must allow staffs to review and manage their personal information.
  63. 63. Security Form For patients: • It only allows patient to change his username and password after he logged in on the clinic’s website with his existing and verified username and password. For Staffs • It allows the change on username and password, and managing other personal information through the system’s main server
  64. 64. Report Specification Must contain all the important appointment transactions on clinic, such as: •Doctors’ schedule (weekly). •Patients’ appointment The report must also display the summary of all the approved appointments, it could be the weekly, monthly, or annually
  65. 65.  Can only be generated by the clinic’s staff for certain purpose.  Must be able to display the number of patients who had appointment on the clinic.  It must be able to display patients’ information and even doctors’ information based on the data on their respective account.