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Art of mind control v14 feb09
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Art of mind control v14 feb09


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  • 2. ART OF MIND CONTROL Dedicated to: HDGA.C. BhaktivedantaSwami Prabhupada Founder Acharya, ISKCON FOLK
  • 3. ART OF MIND CONTROL Agenda• Need for controlling the mind• Understanding mechanism of the mind• Mind - Friend or Enemy?• Methods of Mind Control FOLK
  • 4. ART OF MIND CONTROLNeed for mind andthought control FOLK
  • 5. ART OF MIND CONTROLWhy is it necessary? FOLK
  • 6. ART OF MIND CONTROL Thousands of thoughts breeze through our minds every dayNeed for mind and thought control FOLK
  • 7. ART OF MIND CONTROLWatch your thoughts .. ..they become words. FOLK
  • 8. ART OF MIND CONTROLWatch your words.. ..they become actions. FOLK
  • 9. ART OF MIND CONTROLWatch your actions.. ..they become habits. FOLK
  • 10. ART OF MIND CONTROLWatch your habits.. ..they become character. FOLK
  • 11. ART OF MIND CONTROLWatch your character… … it becomes your destiny. FOLK
  • 12. ART OF MIND CONTROL Benjamin Franklin said:“The greatest discovery of ourgeneration is that by changingour thoughts, we can alter our life.” FOLK
  • 13. ART OF MIND CONTROL 21st Century Science and TechnologyNeed for mind and thought control FOLK
  • 14. ART OF MIND CONTROL Quality of life in ‘advanced’ nationsNeed for mind and thought control FOLK
  • 15. ART OF MIND CONTROL Uncontrolled mind is the root cause of many evilsNeed for mind and thought control FOLK
  • 16. ART OF MIND CONTROL Some revealing facts about IndiaNeed for mind and thought control FOLK
  • 17. ART OF MIND CONTROLSource: India Today- April 14th ,2008. Survey- NIMHANS FOLK
  • 18. ART OF MIND CONTROLAround 13% teens are constantly understrain and go through depressionSource: India Today, April 28, 2008 About 48% teens plan to commit suicide or actually commit one Source: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic, AIIMS BuildFOLK India
  • 19. ART OF MIND CONTROLMore than 31% women between the age of 15and 49 use tobacco in some form or the otherSource: National Family Health Survey 32% of urban teens have alcohol and 25% smoke Source: NIMHAS BuildFOLK India
  • 20. ART OF MIND CONTROL 20% increase inteenage patients withhypertension inthe past five yearsSource:Cardiologist Brian Pinto of Nanavati Hosp. About 80% of all internet traffic and 60% of revenues are adult content and gambling related Source: Internet and Mobile Association of India BuildFOLK India
  • 21. ART OF MIND CONTROLAlmost 10% of India’s GDP contribution is from alcohol,gambling, tobacco and erotica industries Of all Indians: • 33% consume porn • 50% consume tobacco • 33% consume alcohol • 3 million are commercial sex workers Source: Business World, June 9, 2008 BuildFOLK India
  • 22. ART OF MIND CONTROL A reality check…Need for mind and thought control FOLK
  • 23. ART OF MIND CONTROL • Do you often feel nervous or anxious? • Do you frequently worry about insignificant things? • Do you constantly feel tired and short of energy?Need for mind and thought control FOLK
  • 24. ART OF MIND CONTROL • Do you ever feel an almost irresistible urge to run away from everything? • Do you ever feel a complete sense of despair about the future?Need for mind and thought control FOLK
  • 25. ART OF MIND CONTROL If the answer is YES…Need for mind and thought control FOLK
  • 26. ART OF MIND CONTROL …there is scope of controlling our minds better!Need for mind and thought control FOLK
  • 27. ART OF MIND CONTROLUnderstanding the mechanism of the mind FOLK
  • 28. ART OF MIND CONTROL MindFriend or Enemy? FOLK
  • 29. ART OF MIND CONTROL A sharpened knifeMind - friend or enemy? FOLK
  • 30. ART OF MIND CONTROL Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gitaMind - friend or enemy? FOLK
  • 31. ART OF MIND CONTROL bandhur atmatmanas tasya yenatmaivatmana jitah anatmanas tu satrutve vartetatmaiva satruvatMind - friend or enemy? FOLK
  • 32. ART OF MIND CONTROL "For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his very mind will be the greatest enemy." Bhagavad Gita, 6.6Mind - friend or enemy? FOLK
  • 33. ART OF MIND CONTROLLet us go back to the fundamentals FOLK
  • 35. ART OF MIND CONTROLTo control the To control the Chariot Mind Tame the Regulate the horses sensesTrain the driver Strengthen the intelligence FOLK
  • 36. ART OF MIND CONTROLOne who thinks that he hasmany enemies is an ignorant man. A person in knowledge, knows that there are no enemies but those within oneself—the uncontrolled mind and senses. FOLK
  • 37. ART OF MIND CONTROLMethods of Mind Control FOLK
  • 38. ART OF MIND CONTROL Mind control methods can be categorized into: • Physical methods • Mental methods • Spiritual methodsMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 39. ART OF MIND CONTROL PHYSICAL METHODSMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 40. ART OF MIND CONTROL Physical methods:• Yogasanas• Pranayama (breathing exercises)• Kriyas (purificatory techniques)• Sitting posturesMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 41. ART OF MIND CONTROL Findings by Dr. Harry GoldblattMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 42. ART OF MIND CONTROL Why do we feel sleepy after lunch?Methods of mind control FOLK
  • 43. ART OF MIND CONTROL Oxygenating the bloodMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 44. ART OF MIND CONTROL Deep BreathingMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 45. ART OF MIND CONTROL MENTAL METHODSMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 46. ART OF MIND CONTROL Mental Methods: • Relaxation • Affirmations and self-talk • Positive thinking • Change of mental attitudesMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 47. ART OF MIND CONTROL Our mind is a “thought factory”Methods of mind control FOLK
  • 48. ART OF MIND CONTROL Activity Hear the mind speakingMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 49. ART OF MIND CONTROL On an average, about 60,000 thoughts run through ourMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 50. ART OF MIND CONTROL As much as 77% of everything we think is negative and works against usMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 51. ART OF MIND CONTROL Activity Beaker with WaterMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 52. ART OF MIND CONTROL Mental Relaxation reduces the frequency of brain wavesMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 53. ART OF MIND CONTROLBETA 15 - 30 HzAwake and very alert ALPHA 9 - 14 Hz Relaxed & Calm THETA 4 - 8 Hz Deep Relaxation DELTA 1 - 3 Hz Deep sleep FOLK
  • 55. ART OF MIND CONTROL Weak spiritual intelligence has resulted in uncontrolled mindsMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 56. ART OF MIND CONTROL Weak intelligence Poor discrimination Faulty desires & actions Agitated minds &Methods of mind control thoughts FOLK
  • 57. ART OF MIND CONTROL Very powerful spiritual method to strengthen intelligence is …Methods of mind control FOLK
  • 58. ART OF MIND CONTROL Read thought provoking & good booksMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 59. ART OF MIND CONTROL“ When doubts haunt me, when disappointments stare me in the face, and I see not one ray of hope on the horizon, I turn to Bhagavad-gita FOLK
  • 60. ART OF MIND CONTROL and find a verse to comfort me; and Iimmediately begin to smile in the midst of “ Overwhelming sorrow. Mahatma Gandhi FOLK
  • 61. ART OF MIND CONTROL Good spiritual instructions purify the mind and strengthen the intelligenceMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 62. ART OF MIND CONTROL“The man who doesnot read good books has no advantage “ over the man who can not read them. MARK TWAIN FOLK
  • 63. ART OF MIND CONTROL Another very powerful spiritual method isMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 65. ART OF MIND CONTROL Activity Beaker with Water HOW TO MAKE THE WATER PEMANENTLY PURE?Methods of mind control FOLK
  • 66. ART OF MIND CONTROL Scientific EvidenceThe Effect of Sound Vibration on Mind and Body FOLK
  • 67. ART OF MIND CONTROLPhysioacoustic (PA) Therapy In PA therapy, sound stimulation is transmitted through sensory nerves to the brain FOLK
  • 68. ART OF MIND CONTROLPA-stimulation was found to be effective in reducing anxiety controlling depression curing insomnia FOLK
  • 69. ART OF MIND CONTROL “In one study a simple sound meditation technique used for 20 minutes a day caused profound changes in blood pressure, stress handling ability, immune response and feelings of well being” - Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. Center for Neuroacoustic ResearchSOMETHING INDIA KNEW LONG, LONG AGO! FOLK
  • 71. ART OF MIND CONTROL Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare HareMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 72. ART OF MIND CONTROL Benefit of Mind control • Positive changes in your life • Development of excellent memory and creativity • Good health and strong immune systemMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 73. ART OF MIND CONTROL Benefit of Mind control • Improved personal relationships • Increased self-confidence • High self-esteemMethods of mind control FOLK
  • 74. ART OF MIND CONTROLSummary The problems we face today are mainly due to our uncontrolled minds. FOLK
  • 75. ART OF MIND CONTROLSummary There are various methods to control the mind – physical, mental and spiritual. FOLK
  • 76. ART OF MIND CONTROLSummary Spiritual methods are the best as they results in permanent purification of the mind. FOLK
  • 77. ART OF MIND CONTROLQuestions? FOLK