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Art of mind control v14 feb09

  2. 2. ART OF MIND CONTROL Dedicated to: HDGA.C. BhaktivedantaSwami Prabhupada Founder Acharya, ISKCON FOLK
  3. 3. ART OF MIND CONTROL Agenda• Need for controlling the mind• Understanding mechanism of the mind• Mind - Friend or Enemy?• Methods of Mind Control FOLK
  4. 4. ART OF MIND CONTROLNeed for mind andthought control FOLK
  5. 5. ART OF MIND CONTROLWhy is it necessary? FOLK
  6. 6. ART OF MIND CONTROL Thousands of thoughts breeze through our minds every dayNeed for mind and thought control FOLK
  7. 7. ART OF MIND CONTROLWatch your thoughts .. ..they become words. FOLK
  8. 8. ART OF MIND CONTROLWatch your words.. ..they become actions. FOLK
  9. 9. ART OF MIND CONTROLWatch your actions.. ..they become habits. FOLK
  10. 10. ART OF MIND CONTROLWatch your habits.. ..they become character. FOLK
  11. 11. ART OF MIND CONTROLWatch your character… … it becomes your destiny. FOLK
  12. 12. ART OF MIND CONTROL Benjamin Franklin said:“The greatest discovery of ourgeneration is that by changingour thoughts, we can alter our life.” FOLK
  13. 13. ART OF MIND CONTROL 21st Century Science and TechnologyNeed for mind and thought control FOLK
  14. 14. ART OF MIND CONTROL Quality of life in ‘advanced’ nationsNeed for mind and thought control FOLK
  15. 15. ART OF MIND CONTROL Uncontrolled mind is the root cause of many evilsNeed for mind and thought control FOLK
  16. 16. ART OF MIND CONTROL Some revealing facts about IndiaNeed for mind and thought control FOLK
  17. 17. ART OF MIND CONTROLSource: India Today- April 14th ,2008. Survey- NIMHANS FOLK
  18. 18. ART OF MIND CONTROLAround 13% teens are constantly understrain and go through depressionSource: India Today, April 28, 2008 About 48% teens plan to commit suicide or actually commit one Source: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic, AIIMS BuildFOLK India
  19. 19. ART OF MIND CONTROLMore than 31% women between the age of 15and 49 use tobacco in some form or the otherSource: National Family Health Survey 32% of urban teens have alcohol and 25% smoke Source: NIMHAS BuildFOLK India
  20. 20. ART OF MIND CONTROL 20% increase inteenage patients withhypertension inthe past five yearsSource:Cardiologist Brian Pinto of Nanavati Hosp. About 80% of all internet traffic and 60% of revenues are adult content and gambling related Source: Internet and Mobile Association of India BuildFOLK India
  21. 21. ART OF MIND CONTROLAlmost 10% of India’s GDP contribution is from alcohol,gambling, tobacco and erotica industries Of all Indians: • 33% consume porn • 50% consume tobacco • 33% consume alcohol • 3 million are commercial sex workers Source: Business World, June 9, 2008 BuildFOLK India
  22. 22. ART OF MIND CONTROL A reality check…Need for mind and thought control FOLK
  23. 23. ART OF MIND CONTROL • Do you often feel nervous or anxious? • Do you frequently worry about insignificant things? • Do you constantly feel tired and short of energy?Need for mind and thought control FOLK
  24. 24. ART OF MIND CONTROL • Do you ever feel an almost irresistible urge to run away from everything? • Do you ever feel a complete sense of despair about the future?Need for mind and thought control FOLK
  25. 25. ART OF MIND CONTROL If the answer is YES…Need for mind and thought control FOLK
  26. 26. ART OF MIND CONTROL …there is scope of controlling our minds better!Need for mind and thought control FOLK
  27. 27. ART OF MIND CONTROLUnderstanding the mechanism of the mind FOLK
  28. 28. ART OF MIND CONTROL MindFriend or Enemy? FOLK
  29. 29. ART OF MIND CONTROL A sharpened knifeMind - friend or enemy? FOLK
  30. 30. ART OF MIND CONTROL Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gitaMind - friend or enemy? FOLK
  31. 31. ART OF MIND CONTROL bandhur atmatmanas tasya yenatmaivatmana jitah anatmanas tu satrutve vartetatmaiva satruvatMind - friend or enemy? FOLK
  32. 32. ART OF MIND CONTROL "For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his very mind will be the greatest enemy." Bhagavad Gita, 6.6Mind - friend or enemy? FOLK
  33. 33. ART OF MIND CONTROLLet us go back to the fundamentals FOLK
  35. 35. ART OF MIND CONTROLTo control the To control the Chariot Mind Tame the Regulate the horses sensesTrain the driver Strengthen the intelligence FOLK
  36. 36. ART OF MIND CONTROLOne who thinks that he hasmany enemies is an ignorant man. A person in knowledge, knows that there are no enemies but those within oneself—the uncontrolled mind and senses. FOLK
  37. 37. ART OF MIND CONTROLMethods of Mind Control FOLK
  38. 38. ART OF MIND CONTROL Mind control methods can be categorized into: • Physical methods • Mental methods • Spiritual methodsMethods of mind control FOLK
  39. 39. ART OF MIND CONTROL PHYSICAL METHODSMethods of mind control FOLK
  40. 40. ART OF MIND CONTROL Physical methods:• Yogasanas• Pranayama (breathing exercises)• Kriyas (purificatory techniques)• Sitting posturesMethods of mind control FOLK
  41. 41. ART OF MIND CONTROL Findings by Dr. Harry GoldblattMethods of mind control FOLK
  42. 42. ART OF MIND CONTROL Why do we feel sleepy after lunch?Methods of mind control FOLK
  43. 43. ART OF MIND CONTROL Oxygenating the bloodMethods of mind control FOLK
  44. 44. ART OF MIND CONTROL Deep BreathingMethods of mind control FOLK
  45. 45. ART OF MIND CONTROL MENTAL METHODSMethods of mind control FOLK
  46. 46. ART OF MIND CONTROL Mental Methods: • Relaxation • Affirmations and self-talk • Positive thinking • Change of mental attitudesMethods of mind control FOLK
  47. 47. ART OF MIND CONTROL Our mind is a “thought factory”Methods of mind control FOLK
  48. 48. ART OF MIND CONTROL Activity Hear the mind speakingMethods of mind control FOLK
  49. 49. ART OF MIND CONTROL On an average, about 60,000 thoughts run through ourMethods of mind control FOLK
  50. 50. ART OF MIND CONTROL As much as 77% of everything we think is negative and works against usMethods of mind control FOLK
  51. 51. ART OF MIND CONTROL Activity Beaker with WaterMethods of mind control FOLK
  52. 52. ART OF MIND CONTROL Mental Relaxation reduces the frequency of brain wavesMethods of mind control FOLK
  53. 53. ART OF MIND CONTROLBETA 15 - 30 HzAwake and very alert ALPHA 9 - 14 Hz Relaxed & Calm THETA 4 - 8 Hz Deep Relaxation DELTA 1 - 3 Hz Deep sleep FOLK
  54. 54. ART OF MIND CONTROL SPIRITUAL METHODSMethods of mind control FOLK
  55. 55. ART OF MIND CONTROL Weak spiritual intelligence has resulted in uncontrolled mindsMethods of mind control FOLK
  56. 56. ART OF MIND CONTROL Weak intelligence Poor discrimination Faulty desires & actions Agitated minds &Methods of mind control thoughts FOLK
  57. 57. ART OF MIND CONTROL Very powerful spiritual method to strengthen intelligence is …Methods of mind control FOLK
  58. 58. ART OF MIND CONTROL Read thought provoking & good booksMethods of mind control FOLK
  59. 59. ART OF MIND CONTROL“ When doubts haunt me, when disappointments stare me in the face, and I see not one ray of hope on the horizon, I turn to Bhagavad-gita FOLK
  60. 60. ART OF MIND CONTROL and find a verse to comfort me; and Iimmediately begin to smile in the midst of “ Overwhelming sorrow. Mahatma Gandhi FOLK
  61. 61. ART OF MIND CONTROL Good spiritual instructions purify the mind and strengthen the intelligenceMethods of mind control FOLK
  62. 62. ART OF MIND CONTROL“The man who doesnot read good books has no advantage “ over the man who can not read them. MARK TWAIN FOLK
  63. 63. ART OF MIND CONTROL Another very powerful spiritual method isMethods of mind control FOLK
  65. 65. ART OF MIND CONTROL Activity Beaker with Water HOW TO MAKE THE WATER PEMANENTLY PURE?Methods of mind control FOLK
  66. 66. ART OF MIND CONTROL Scientific EvidenceThe Effect of Sound Vibration on Mind and Body FOLK
  67. 67. ART OF MIND CONTROLPhysioacoustic (PA) Therapy In PA therapy, sound stimulation is transmitted through sensory nerves to the brain FOLK
  68. 68. ART OF MIND CONTROLPA-stimulation was found to be effective in reducing anxiety controlling depression curing insomnia FOLK
  69. 69. ART OF MIND CONTROL “In one study a simple sound meditation technique used for 20 minutes a day caused profound changes in blood pressure, stress handling ability, immune response and feelings of well being” - Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. Center for Neuroacoustic ResearchSOMETHING INDIA KNEW LONG, LONG AGO! FOLK
  71. 71. ART OF MIND CONTROL Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare HareMethods of mind control FOLK
  72. 72. ART OF MIND CONTROL Benefit of Mind control • Positive changes in your life • Development of excellent memory and creativity • Good health and strong immune systemMethods of mind control FOLK
  73. 73. ART OF MIND CONTROL Benefit of Mind control • Improved personal relationships • Increased self-confidence • High self-esteemMethods of mind control FOLK
  74. 74. ART OF MIND CONTROLSummary The problems we face today are mainly due to our uncontrolled minds. FOLK
  75. 75. ART OF MIND CONTROLSummary There are various methods to control the mind – physical, mental and spiritual. FOLK
  76. 76. ART OF MIND CONTROLSummary Spiritual methods are the best as they results in permanent purification of the mind. FOLK
  77. 77. ART OF MIND CONTROLQuestions? FOLK
  78. 78. ART OF MIND CONTROLThank You! FOLK