Social Media for Indian Business

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An innovative and simple way for Businesses to use Social media to promote themselves and generate a loyal following of it's customers in return

An innovative and simple way for Businesses to use Social media to promote themselves and generate a loyal following of it's customers in return

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  • 1. Social Media for I ndian ßusiness by Mayank Sharma SmsTweet
  • 2. SMS Tweet
    • Only unofficial channel to update tweets through SMS in India
    • Close to 2000 registered users in 6 months
    • Processes 50,000 Tweets a month
    • Thrives on simplicity of the idea and the fact that works on all phone without an app installed or GPRS connection
    • For more information just blog search for Sms Tweet
  • 3. Social Media for business
    • Inherent need for customer facing businesses today to turn to social media
    • What does it mean?
      • Help customers spread your brand, and you reward them with freebies/discounts
      • Listen and respond to customers in a public forum (Social media – Twitter/Facebook)
      • Reward your followers with discounts
  • 4. SMS Tweet for Businesses
    • Uses SMS as communication medium (simple) so everyone can use it while interacting with your brand (realtime)
    • Uses Twitter as social media.
    • Provides a loyal set of followers to your brand
    • Virally helps grow your brand when your follower talk/review in real time
  • 5. How does it work?
    • Lets say you own a restaurant called Bing
    • You publish the adjacent callout in your restaurant
    • Your customer start sending SMS to follow/review and the chatter now grows virally (on twitter)
    • Bing is on SmsTweet
    • SMS FOLLOW BING to know about offers, discounts and news about Bing
    • SMS REVIEW BING <Your review> and tell everyone how you liked Bing
    • Your review about Bing will be published on
    • Additionally register your twitter account by sending SMS REGISTER <twitter username> <password> and publish review as tweet.
    • All SMS to be sent to 9243000111 regular (not premium) sms charges apply
  • 6. More to come
    • Once a business has a reasonable amount of success with this simple interaction they can add a lot more features to it
      • Taking intent to order over SMS (ORDER BING), Booking a table by sending a SMS (BOOK BING 4)
    • Reach out to your followers with promotional offers/discounts on SMS
  • 7. But....
    • Is this not same as tones of review sites?
      • Need to review or provide feedback is high while you are using the service. Most of it dies down till you reach your home/office and logon to any of these review sites.
      • Hence channelizing review through SMS, and presenting them on internet and growing it over Twitter is guaranteed to motivate a lot more people
    • Is this not foursqaure?
      • Nice, so you do know about social media beyond twitter and Facebook. Yes you can call it foursquare, but the focus here is on review and simplicity (sms)
  • 8. Great !! Lets talk
    • Phone: +91 98452 54603
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Twitter: @mayanks