Indoor Soccer in Full Swing at Kids America


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Indoor Soccer in Full Swing at Kids America

  1. 1. Indoor Soccer in Full Swing at Kids America Basketball Clinic Features Hoops & Having Fun Kids America Sports Complex - Monthly Newsletter The 2006-2007 Indoor Soc- cer season is under way at Kids America. 48 teams are participating in 10 separate age divisions in the 1st Session. Divisions range from Shorties (ages 3 to 6) to the 30 and over Adult League. Registration for 2nd Ses- sion soccer is going on now through December 17th. 2nd Session soccer beings Saturday, January 6th. * Children from across the county participated in the Kids America Youth Basket- ball Clinic in October and November. Instruction for the clinic was led by Brent Glass, Mark Lane, and the Basket- ball Staff from the Ohio Ex- press Basketball Club. Ohio Express will also be guiding the Shorties Bas- ketball Program as well as coordinating the 2007 High School & Jr. High Basketball Shootouts in June. Also in this Issue: Final KA Corporate Chal- lenge Results 2 Indians to face Commu- nity All-Stars on Decem- ber 14th 2 Coshocton Co. Board of MR/DD Soccer Program Started at KA. 2 Warmup Before You Workout 3 Upcoming Events at KA • Hopewell Indians - Community Basketball Game is December 14th at 6pm. • 2nd Session Soccer Begins January 6th. • Adult Volleyball Leagues begin Janu- ary 8th. Kids America, Inc. * 1600 Otsego Ave * P.O. Box 1177 * Coshocton, OH * 43812 December 2006 Monthly Newsletter Carrie Bluck from West La- fayette prepares to leave the indoor soccer field fol- lowing a morning match at Kids America. CCMH, Coshocton Ro- tary, Century National Bank, & Auer Ace Hard- ware were crowned Cor- porate Challenge Champi- ons at Kids America. 25 teams participated in various skilled events (free throw shooting, corn hole, Frisbee fling, and soccer hot shot) during the two-day event held November 27-28. Each competitor attempted 10 shots/throws in each event. The event rose over $4,500.00 for Kids America from team entry fees and corporate sponsorship. Each division champion won a complimentary cor- porate outing for their busi- ness or charity of choice. Individuals with the highest overall score won Kids America memberships. Passes and t-shirts will be awarded to the individual medalists in each event. * The Auer Ace Hardware sponsored team posted the highest overall team score of 71. Team members included Zac Mills, Savanna Treas- ure, Jensen Andrews, and Jarred Renner.
  2. 2. Division: Men 1st Place - Coshocton County Memorial Hospital - 70 Points. Team Members: Rick Davis, Roger Williams, Steve Miller, & Rob Risk 2nd Place - Coshocton Implant & Family Dentistry - 65 Points Team Members: Brian Dunlap, Pat Laaper, Jason Bradford, & Lucas Dunlap Division: Women 1st Place - Coshocton Rotary - 38 Points Team Members: Sue Border, Amy Hasseman, Heather Guess, & Sandy Pyle. 2nd Place - CHS Culinary Cuties - 37 Points Team Members: Jennifer Andrews, Jeri Daw- son, Jodi Slaughter, & Cynthia Chaney. Division: Coed 1st Place - Auer Ace Hardware - 71 Points Team Members: Zac Mills, Savanna Treasure, Jensen Andrews, & Jarred Renner. 2nd Place - Given Dawson F.H. - 65 Points Team Members: Matt Miller, Ginger Miller, Valerie Miller, & Mike Beibout. Youth Division 1st Place - Century National Bank - 59 Points Team Members: John Tignor, Michael Lub- urgh, Austin Free, & Grant Hartley. 2nd Place - BryDet Development - 59 Points Team Members: Andrew Miller, Austin Bry- ant, Austin Dickerson, & Colin Stipes. Total Points Champions Men: Greg Coffman (25 Points) Women: Jeri Dawson (19 Points) Youth: Zac Mills (20 Points) Austin Free (20 Points) Free Throw Shooting Men: Bob Weir (9 of 10) Women: Valerie Miller (6 of 10) Youth: Brandon Taylor (8 of 10) Corn Hole Bean Bag Toss Men: Mike Beibout (8 of 10) Women: Savanna Treasure (8 of 10) Youth: Savanna Treasure (8 of 10) Frisbee Fling Men: Greg Coffman (7 of 10) Women: Jeri Dawson (5 of 10) Shantelle Coffman (5 of 10) Youth: Tyler Vanaman (4 of 10) Soccer Hot Shot Men: Rick Davis (10 of 10) Women: Jeri Dawson (7 of 10) Heather Guess (7 of 10) Youth: Austin Free (10 of 10) Corporate Challenge Champions Crowned Page 2Kids America Monthly Newsletter December 2006 Visit for a complete picture gallery of the Corporate Challenge Patterned after U.S. Soccer’s TOP Soccer program (The Outreach Program of Soc- cer), the Coshocton County Board of MR/ DD has initiated an indoor youth soccer program for the students of Hopewell School. Nikki Markel, a P.E. teacher at Hopewell and assistant girls varsity soccer coach at River View High School, is the leader of the soccer program for special needs children. Markel hopes to eventually take the pro- gram outdoors at KA in the spring officially be recognized as a TOP Soccer Program. Activities take place between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday’s at Kids America. The program continues through Decem- ber 16th. The Hopewell Indians will face a com- munity team of all-star on Thursday, De- cember 14th at Kids America. Tip-off is scheduled for 6pm. Donations will be accepted at the door with proceeds will benefiting the Hope- well Indians basketball program. The event is being sponsored by Kids America and the Coshocton Tribune. Hopewell Indians to Face Community All- Stars on December 14 Nikki Markel, Ashley Fulks, & Colin Hayes. Colin Stipes falls to the turf after miss- ing the goal in the Soccer Hot Shot event as Austin Bryant looks on. Coshocton Co. Board of MR/DD Starts Soccer Program at KA Team CCMH with Steve Miller, Roger Wil- liams, Rick Davis, and Rob Risk (not pic- tured) claimed the Men’s Division title at the Kids America Corporate Challenge.
  3. 3. your physician before beginning an ex- ercise program. Do you have a fitness question you would like answered? Email me at Amy Duncan, BS ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor References Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. 1997. Aerobics and Fitness The- ory and Practice: The Comprehensive Resource for Fitness Instruction. 2nd ed. Sherman Oaks CA: AFAA. American Council on Exercise. 2000. Group Fitness Instructor Manual: ACE’s Guide for Fitness Professionals. San Diego, CA: ACE. Are you in a hurry? Just like your car needs time to warm up on these cold mornings so does your body. Fitting in 5 to 10 minutes of a warm-up before you workout is important for many reasons: Warming up lubes you up. A lubricat- ing liquid called synovial fluid (hyaluronic acid) is excreted from thin membranes in some joints in your body such as your knees. This fluid helps to reduce friction. Giving this slippery sub- stance time to do its job can make your workout much more comfortable, espe- cially for those who suffer from arthritis. Warming up helps you reach your maximum potential during your work- out. Giving blood vessels time to dilate allows for more oxygen and glucose from the blood stream to reach those tired muscles so you can get that extra rep or minute on the treadmill. Don’t blow a gasket! Warming up gives your heart and lungs time to get used to the increased need for oxygen. Without time for your blood vessels to widen your blood pressure may reach inappropriate levels and your heart mus- cle may not be receiving the oxygen it needs to cope with the increased work load. What is a good warm-up? I recom- mend doing some form of cardiovascular activity for 5 to 10 minutes at no more than 50% of normal workout intensity (AFAA and ACE 2000). Afterwards, I suggest controlled rhythmic stretching that takes your joints through a full range of motion. Remember that extended warm-ups are recommended for certain individuals and it is best to consult with Warm Up Before You Workout By Amy J. Duncan ACE-certified Personal Trainer Kids America, Inc. Mission Statement The mission of Kids America is to provide the essential services, facilities, and programs necessary for the positive development and well being of the Coshocton community. The goal of Kids America is to: • Give children from Coshocton County, and the surrounding area, a quality indoor sports complex in which to play sports year-round, to maintain their fitness, improve their skills and keep them constructively occupied. • Provide adults of all ages with a quality fitness venue. • Further enhance the quality of life in Coshocton County. Kids America Sports Complex 1600 Otsego Ave. P.O. Box 1177 Coshocton, OH 43812 Phone: 740.622.6657 Fax: 740.623.0500 Website: Casey Claxon Executive Director, Newsletter Editor Sue Renner Activity Director, Membership Coordinator Kids America Executive Board of Directors Paul Bryant Dave Kridler Karen Brown President Vice President Secretary Julie Pepper Paul Prater Dan Truett Treasurer Board Member Board Member Fred Williams Board Member Available online at Kids America, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.