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2006 Superside America Championship.doc.doc.doc

  1. 1. 2006 Superside America Championship Competition Guide Rounds One and Two June 3rd and 4th , 2006 Road America Elkhart Lake, WI Race Director: Mike Sharratt, SRA East Welcome to Rounds One and Two of the 2006 Superside America Championship! Overall, Superside America will keep to the SRA East format as in the past Road America events. At the same time, we will make improvements to improve our professionalism. Registration. Please complete the Registration Form and return to thaynes@superside-america.com by Friday, May 5th . Entries can be accepted late, subject to Directors’ approval. Waivers must be signed before entry. Arrival / Credentials / Parking. Typically, most teams arrive on Thursday. If you plan to arrive on Wednesday, please let us know in advance. If you plan to arrive on Friday, please insure you arrive with sufficient time to meet the Technical Inspection Sessions. Credentials will be provided at the front gate, your team must be on the Registration List to receive credentials. A Superside America staff member responsible for arrivals will have a track operations radio. Parking will be based on availability and sizing, arrival time, and Directors’ discretion. Exact parking locations TBD by a Superside America staff member. Technical Inspection. Per normal SRA East guidelines. We will have one west and one east Tech Inspector plus two assistants, please contact Mike Sharratt if you would like to volunteer. Per SRA East procedures there will be established Tech Inspection Sessions. If you miss one and the Tech Inspectors are getting ready to race or practice, you must wait until the next Tech Session. You will not be allowed on the course. Race Procedures. We will conduct a Pre-Grid in the pit, the same as at Infineon. Teams stay in position on the sighting lap, enter the grid together on the left-hand side, then across to the grid position. Round One grid positions will be determined as follows: 1. Final Results 1-6 from the 2005 Superside America Championship; 2. Final Results 1-5 from the 2005 SRA East and West seasons (East – Left Row, West – Right Row); 3. Final Results 7+ from the 2005 Superside America Championship; 4. Final Results 6+ from SRA East and West 2005 seasons (East – Left Row, West – Right Row) 5. If none of the above, Race Director’s discretion in the following order: F1, F2, Vintage Round Two grid positions will be determined from the Final Results of Round One on Saturday. Any teams not participating in Round One will be Race Director’s discretion at the back of the grid.
  2. 2. 2006 Superside America Competition Guide – Round One and Two – Page 2 Schedule. We will be subject to Road America’s and AMA’s schedule, so be prepared to be flexible. Friday, June 2nd Practice Session (30 minutes) – Time TBD. Probably Friday afternoon. Saturday, June 3rd Race Warm-up (10 minutes) - Time TBD. All teams are required to complete at least one practice lap, exceptions by the Race Director’s discretion. Saturday Round One (Five Lap Sprint or 20 Minutes, whichever comes first) Saturday Night – Barbeque and Team Meeting (Brief) Location and Time Sunday, June 4th Race Warm-up (10 minutes) – Time TBD. As for Saturday’s Warm-up. Sunday Round Two (Eight Lap Sprint or 20 Minutes, whichever comes first) – As for Round Two. 2006 Championship Points. 2006 Superside America Championship points will be awarded at six Rounds: Rounds One and Two Road America, WI USA Rounds Three and Four Shannonville, ONT CDN Rounds Five and Six Reno-Fernley, NV USA Teams will be awarded points at four of their highest scoring Rounds under the following system: First Place 36 points Fourth Place 27 Second Place 32 points Fifth Place 26 Third Place 29 points Sixth – Thirtieth Place 25 – 1 point(s) Trophies. Superside America trophies will be provided to First, Second and Third Positions overall and 1st position in F2 and Vintage, if there are more than 4 teams registered for the class. Payment. Road America, by contract, is to make payment by check. Therefore, all teams which start both Rounds will receive a check for $250 USD on Sunday. A team starting only one round will receive $125 USD. Teams not starting either round will not be paid. Starting a Round is defined as taking your spot on the starting grid. If Road America pays by cash, then the teams will receive cash based on the preceding payout. Other Procedures. Superside America and SRA East should point out, we are Road America at their request, but the AMA has the final say. Historically, the SRA East has found them fine to work with. But we do have to be organized, look like a professional organization and be ready on the grid and track at the right time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Superside America Sidecar Championship Series PO Box 531992 Indianapolis, IN 46253 USA 317.850.7700 / GSM-Mobile thaynes@supersideamerica.com http://www.superside-america.com