The Generator & The Influencer: How Customers Are Using Your Brand's Mobile Channel

The Generator & The Influencer: How Customers Are Using Your Brand's Mobile Channel



We’ve put together this Slideshare presentation to help marketers (that’s you!) grasp the basic analytics behind how customers are engaging with your brand’s mobile site or app. Once you know ...

We’ve put together this Slideshare presentation to help marketers (that’s you!) grasp the basic analytics behind how customers are engaging with your brand’s mobile site or app. Once you know whether your mobile channel is a Revenue Influencer or a Revenue Generator, check out our testing suggestions to help optimize mobile as a part of your broader omni-channel strategy.

A good digital strategy is customer-centric. When you’re reaching for a better understanding of your mobile channel or navigating through your brand’s digital transformation, we can help. From optimizing your sales funnel to increase conversions, to improving product detail pages to encourage in-store research, mobile optimization will help you make the most of a key component in your digital strategy.

As long as you’re building on an understanding of customer engagement, you can optimize your mobile channel thereby improving your brand’s omni-channel strategy for a more seamless, integrated customer experience.



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The Generator & The Influencer: How Customers Are Using Your Brand's Mobile Channel The Generator & The Influencer: How Customers Are Using Your Brand's Mobile Channel Document Transcript

  • The Most Powerful Solution for Optimizing the Online Customer Experience (212) 201-2359 Your Digital Channels’ Traffic & Conversion Rates Side-by-Side An in-depth comparison of your digital channels will demonstrate that if any one channel converts 50% less than your highest-converting channel, it is likely that channel is an Influencer. By contrast, the channel is a Generator if it converts 50% more than your highest-converting channel. Is your current conversion rate on mobile less than 1%? If so, it is likely that for your brand, mobile is not the preferred means of transacting. Instead, customers are visiting your mobile site to engage with your brand and its products, but will leverage a different channel for purchases. Conversion Rate Traffic Increase vs. Conversion Rate Variation Over Time: If your mobile channel’s conversion rate decreases as traffic increases, it is likely a Revenue Influencer (RI). All else being equal, when mobile traffic increases, conversion should remain constant (or increase). If conversion decreases as traffic increases, your channel is probably a RI. But if conversion is constant or increasing, your channel is most likely a Revenue Generator. Do you know the role of your brand’s mobile channel? The way customers choose to engage with your mobile app or site speaks volumes. Is your brand listening? It’s time to figure out if your mobile channel is a Revenue Generator or a Revenue Influencer and how to optimize with your new insights. How Customers Are Using Your Brand’s Mobile Channel The Generator & The Influencer Mobilize: Start Optimizing for Your Customers A powerful customer experience optimization (CXO) strategy requires a mean- ingful understanding of how your customers use a particular device, in this case, mobile. Only then can you guarantee impactful engagement. For insight that surpasses the ever-popular educated guess, begin with these basic analytics. Determine whether your brand’s mobile channel is a Revenue Generator or a Revenue Influencer. Intelligent testing starts here.
  • Your Mobile Channel is a Revenue Generator As a Revenue Generator, your mobile channel is promoting a path-to-purchase over 50% of the time. Consequently, you must perform tests with a sharp focus on your mobile site’s checkout process and related areas. Find out what works so you can continue to improve the path-to-purchase. Test the efficacy of “Call-to-Action” buttons by choosing alternative sizes, colors and orientations. Copy is also important. Test different labels for your button such as “Buy Now,” “Get the Look!” or “Add to Cart.” Maybe return visitors prefer a bar at the bottom of the page showing the products they viewed during their last login, whereas first-time visitors enjoy a centered graphic recommending products they might like. Simple changes like these will help you recognize who your customers are and engage with them. Checkout: Optimizing Final Steps on the Path-to-Purchase Checkout is an essential and often disorienting experience, especially for mobile shoppers. To make effective determinations about your current sales funnel, test the following: (212) 201-2359 Your checkout button on category pages, where possible. Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 When a consumer “Adds to Bag,” test a “Shop More” pop-up as opposed to directing them to check out. A variety of paths and layouts to gather information. Different checkout progress bars. Deploying A/B and multivariate testing on mobile devices is proven to increase conversion rates and make mobile more customer-centric than ever. Ê Your mobile channel can be a fierce Revenue Generator. The retail revenue generated via mobile channels increased 70.0% in 2013, a trend that is estimated to increase another 37.5% in 2014 (eMarketer) Get the Look! ADD TO CARTADD TO CART BUY NOWBUY NOW 2012 2013
  • Your Mobile Channel is a Revenue Influencer Rather than making purchases on your mobile channel, consumers are engaging differently. Identify how visitors engage with the channel and make improvements to the layout, flow, and usability of those areas. By calculating the percent of visitors who engage with the various experiences on your mobile site, it’s easy to prioritize improvements. Testing will determine if your visitors engage with the store locater, sign up for your brand’s newsletter, download coupons, add products to their cart without checking out, visit product pages or engage with video or customer reviews. Conclusion: Mobile & Your Omni-Channel Strategy Operate and understand your brand’s digital channels holistically. Only then are you ensuring a cohesive customer experience across channels and optimizing your digital strategy from every angle. Once you’ve determined whether your brand’s mobile site is a Revenue Generator or a Revenue Influencer, increasing its CXO potency and conversion will be a calculable effort. Now you can create a beautiful, person- alized customer experience, ultimately optimizing the role of mobile in your overall omni-channel strategy as consumer adoption of mobile continues to trend upward. Learn more about optimizing your mobile channel to control your influence and avoiding common conversion mistakes on our blog. (212) 201-2359 Ê Don’t make the mistake of undervaluing a Revenue Influencer. Did you know mobile channels that are Revenue Influencers drive not only in-store conversion, but also in-store order size? Your brand’s revenue influencing mobile channel needs your attention, too. If engagement percentage is high for… Store Locator and/or Newsletter Test a pop-up for store locator or “Join Now,” for newsletter subscribers. You should also test a pin-down bar for either element--the bar will remain at the bottom of the user’s screen as they scroll. Coupons Find out the results of adding this option to the global navigation, test a pin-down bar with the option to view coupons and test offering coupons on specific product-detail pages. Product Detail Pages Test different listing styles for the product’s features and benefits such as bulleted lists in lieu of full sentences, larger product photos, improved access to customer reviews, and product demo videos or video testimonials.