Mobile Experience Playbook: The Fundamentals of Mobile Testing and Optimization


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The Mobile Experience Playbook provides a framework for developing the best mobile strategy for your customers. Learn the key questions to ask before developing a mobile optimization strategy and get expert advise on how to tackle them.

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Mobile Experience Playbook: The Fundamentals of Mobile Testing and Optimization

  1. 1. WHAT ROLE DOES MOBILE PLAY IN YOUR USERS’ JOURNEY? MOBILE EXPERIENCE playbook MOBILE EXPERIENCE playbook The fundamentals of mobile testing and optimization
  2. 2. WHAT ROLE DOES MOBILE PLAY IN YOUR USERS’ JOURNEY? MOBILE EXPERIENCE playbookWHY THE URGENCY? W hile the need to delve into mobile is undeniable, the task of ensuring that mobile strategies translate into meaningful results and scalable growth for the business is a real challenge facing digital marketers. “Back in 2013, only 49 percent of marketers we interviewed had a mobile analytics solution in place. Hopefully, many more will join in 2014 but this is not just about having the solution in place, this is how you connect it to your CRM and business technology systems to be able to deliver contextual services.” — Thomas Husson, Forrester Research GET ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS • What Role Does Mobile Play In Your Users’ Journey? • How And Why Does Testing Create The Best User Experience? • Do You Understand the Psychology of Your Mobile Users’ Choices? • How Should Apps Be Integrated Into Your Testing Strategy?
  3. 3. WHAT ROLE DOES MOBILE PLAY IN YOUR USERS’ JOURNEY? MOBILE EXPERIENCE playbookWHAT ROLE DOES MOBILE PLAY IN YOUR USERS’ JOURNEY? • Insufficient data and understanding of mobile’s role in users’ journey • Blinded by grand ambitions and trying to solve every problem • Lack of focus and “shiny new object” syndrome – i.e. responsive design, iOS and Android Apps MOBILE STRATEGIES OFTEN FALL FLAT DUE TO: MOBILE EMPOWERS OMNICHANNEL SALES 135 Percent year over year growth in sales via smartphones. 86 Percent year over year growth in sales via tablets.
  4. 4. WHAT ROLE DOES MOBILE PLAY IN YOUR USERS’ JOURNEY? MOBILE EXPERIENCE playbookWHAT ROLE DOES MOBILE PLAY IN YOUR USERS’ JOURNEY? Collect and analyze data coming from smartphones and tablets. WHAT OUR EXPERTS ADVISE: STEP1 During this analysis, it’s important to look at key time periods when your business has experienced significant increases in mobile traffic, click-through rates and conversions. Once you have these numbers, compare them to previous periods (month-over-month and year-over-year). Remember, how and when people use each mobile device could be related to sea- sonal trends, such as the winter holiday season, summer travel, etc. STEP2 Compare mobile and desktop trends. This will provide greater context and clarity into the unique differences between how desktop users and mobile users con- nect and engage with your brand across each device. Pay special attention to the specific types of layouts, messaging and offers that resonate differently with specific segments of mobile users, like Android vs. iOS, across the entire funnel. STEP3 Identify the under-performing elements of the mobile experience. Don’t forget to identify the customer experience elements that are under-performing and causing high rates of cart aban- donment and low conversion rates. This is your opportunity to understand which parts of the mobile customer journey are not working and need repair.
  5. 5. MOBILE EXPERIENCE playbookHOW & WHY DOES TESTING CREATE THE BEST USER EXPERIENCE? The emergence of new technologies and mobile devices has afforded consumers with a vast array of benefits, such as the convenience of 24/7 access from anywhere. AS MOBILE DEVICE ADOPTION GROWS, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE STAKES GET EVEN HIGHER. In turn, there is minimal patience and tolerance for experiences that are subpar, delayed and impersonal. This is both the challenge and opportunity that exists in optimizing for mobile. POOR, INCONSISTENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES COST $83 BILLION IN LOST SALES IN U.S. EACH YEAR Source: IBM CMO Study, May 2013
  6. 6. WHAT ROLE DOES MOBILE PLAY IN YOUR USERS’ JOURNEY? MOBILE EXPERIENCE playbook Test-and-learn about the impact of site structure and navigation. WHAT OUR EXPERTS ADVISE: STEP1 Some mobile users prefer to view mobile web pages in a scroll-down format so that they can view multiple forms of content and offers. This is in contrast to clicking to multiple, separate pages, which can lead to long page load times and a poor user experience. Don’t assume every mobile user has the same preference. Test which types of site structure and navigation drive the highest conversion rates. STEP2 Test-and-learn about the impact of increasing the size of URL links. Test the size of mobile links to minimize typical frustrations with errors caused by the ‘fat finger effect.’ Also, test the impact of increasing the size of CTA fonts and buttons. Always use data to quantify the impact of each change, either positively or negatively, on your conversions and revenue. STEP3 Test-and-learn about the optimal format for form fields. Whether it is filling out credit card information or requesting an insurance quote, the formatting of form fields can either greatly enhance or damage a mobile visitor’s experience. Form fields that are too large may require the user to scroll mak- ing the it appear to be very long. Conversely, if they are too small, the form may be difficult to complete increasing abandonment. Test to get it ‘just right’. HOW & WHY DOES TESTING CREATE THE BEST USER EXPERIENCE?
  7. 7. MOBILE EXPERIENCE playbook O nce upon a time, there was a global apparel brand that saw its aggregrated bounce rates rising gradually over time. It looked and felt like the high bounce rates were symptomatic of both desktop and mobile users. Since the apparel giant’s goods are primarily sold in retail partner outlets, the marketing team presumed mobile users were most interested in finding a nearby store location. However, testing and segmentation told the full story: • The high bounce rates were due to mobile visitors abandoning the site due to the poor mobile user experience; • Mobile visitors were largely visiting product detail pages in-store to compare prices MOBILE SHAPES GLOBAL DIGITAL BEHAVIOR Source: GlobalWebIndex Stream | Device Report, June 2013 DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE PSYCHOLOGY OF YOUR MOBILE USERS’ CHOICES?
  8. 8. MOBILE EXPERIENCE playbook Use digital behavior to understand your users needs. WHAT OUR EXPERTS ADVISE: STEP1 Many marketers still rely on surveys and feedback cards to gauge their consumers’ interests and preferences. However, what people say they want is often very contradictory to their actions. Analytics and data cut through generalizations and inform you with statistical validity about your mobile users’ mindsets throughout their journey. STEP2 Let content be your guide. Analyze the top-performing and under-performing landing pages and customer pathways based on the metrics that matter to your business. Use this data to determine what your mobile visitors “want” while on your mobile site. See how moving up high performing content impacts things like average order values or reward member- ship sign-ups. STEP3 Don’t lump all mobile users into a single bucket. Identify all of the unique customer segments you have on your mobile site. Connect things like conversions and engage- ment to attributes like iOS vs. Android users to get to get to know your unique customers better. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE PSYCHOLOGY OF YOUR MOBILE USERS’ CHOICES?
  9. 9. MOBILE EXPERIENCE playbook OVERALLAPPUSAGEIN2013GREW115PERCENTYEAR-OVER-YEAR. MOBILE APPS LURE CUSTOMERS, SPUR LOYALTY Source: Ipsos OTX and Ipsos Global Advisor, July 2013 Source: Flurry Analytics, 2013 WHY? • Not as reliant on Internet connectivity • Integration with device features, such as camera, geo-location, address book and augmented reality • Richer, more immersive branded experiences HOW SHOULD APPS BE INTEGRATED INTO YOUR TESTING STRATEGY?
  10. 10. WHAT ROLE DOES MOBILE PLAY IN YOUR USERS’ JOURNEY? MOBILE EXPERIENCE playbook Test the optimal sign-in page layout and form field size. WHAT OUR EXPERTS ADVISE: STEP1 Downloading an app is only half the battle. To boost engagement and spur loyalty past the initial download, test the optimal Sign In page layout and form field size. This will boost app registrations and convert idle, casual app users into active users. STEP2 Test the optimal format for presenting searches and results. Design and test multiple layout options for presenting searches and results — for example, long-form scroll format versus short-form that require users to click ‘Next’ repeatedly. Also, test to determine whether your mobile users want to see more or less information presented within each result. STEP3 Test the optimal format for offers and promotions It is important to understand the impact offers and promotions have on conversions and average order values. Try testing several different layouts and designs to determine the optimal way to present them to increase conversions. HOW SHOULD APPS BE INTEGRATED INTO YOUR TESTING STRATEGY?
  11. 11. WHAT ROLE DOES MOBILE PLAY IN YOUR USERS’ JOURNEY? MOBILE EXPERIENCE playbook ABOUT MAXYMISER Maxymiser empowers brands to transform every digital interaction into seamless, relevant and engaging customer experiences with its cloud-based testing, personalization and cross-channel optimization solutions. Known for serving billions of individual experiences across every device, Maxymiser leverages customer data to dramatically boost engagement and revenue, while also driving long-term business value. Recognized by Crain’s New York Business as a 2013 Fast 50 company, Maxymiser serves nearly 10 billion experiences each month worldwide. Combined with a team of vertically focused digital experts, Maxymiser’s Customer Experience Optimization suite quickly delivers measurable results to every client through A/B and multivariate test- ing, segmentation, behavioral targeting and product recommendations for the web, mobile, social and email. Maxymiser works with some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Progressive, Office Depot, Alaska Airlines, Harry & David, LIDS, Sovereign Bank, Teleflora and Wyndham Hotel Group. Founded in 2006, Maxymiser is headquartered in New York with offices in Chicago, Edinburgh, Dusseldorf, London, Munich and San Francisco. To learn more about Maxymiser, please visit and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. ABOUT POINTMARC Pointmarc is a leading digital analytics agency that provides actionable marketing insight and analytics platform instrumentation services for Fortune 500 clients within retail, technology, financial, media and pharmaceutical industries. With offices in Seattle, Boston, San Francisco and Portland, Pointmarc’s immersive approach to analytics empowers businesses to dive deeper into their data. CONTACT US Maxymiser Jeff Soriano, Head of US Marketing P: 646.664.4561 E: Pointmarc Mike Zell, VP of Services and Strategy P: 425.242.7003 ext 113 E: CONTACT US