Best Practices in B2B Website Testing & Optimization


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This ebook showcases ideal examples of homepage layout, segmentation, value proposition, and form pages from B2B companies such as IBM, Accenture, and AT&T.

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Best Practices in B2B Website Testing & Optimization

  2. 2. Best Practices in B2B Website Testing and OptimizationTable of Contents3 Edging Out the Competition4 Lessons from B2C5 Getting Started6 Showing Off: Your Product or Service8 Making the Case: Value Proposition10 Capturing Leads: The Form12 CASE STUDY: IBM Smarter Marketing13 The Takeaway2>><<<>
  3. 3. Best Practices in B2B Website Testing and Optimization79% of B2B buyersmentioned thata vendor’s websitecontent plays adecisive role in theirpurchasing decisions.Shouldn’t it be you?So what does it take to makeyour website a destination—acenterpiece of your sales andmarketing strategy that risesabove the competition—sothat you can take your pieceof that $300 billion pie?Edging out the CompetitionAh, the Internet. There’s so much potential online for awareness,growth…and profit. Recent estimates place revenue fromonline B2B sales at $300 billion—and rising. Which means yourcustomers are out there buying from someone.3>>><<<
  4. 4. Best Practices in B2B Website Testing and OptimizationWhere to begin?Online retailers have been earlyadopters of the most game-changingtechnologies and strategies—including website testing andoptimization. They test every sitefeature, every design innovation,every offer, every detail of theirsite to learn not just what theythink might drive desired consumerbehaviors, but to get the cold, hardfacts on what actually does.But B2B companies are only justbeginning to understand thattesting and optimization solutionsand strategies can deliver thesame meaningful results for them.Because of this, there’s money tobe made for those B2B marketerswilling to get in early and staketheir claim to online territory.Lessons from B2CSmart B2B marketers are taking their cues from the B2C marketing playbook.4>>><<<
  5. 5. Best Practices in B2B Website Testing and OptimizationJust what doesall of this looklike in practice?ValueStand out from the crowd byemphasizing solutions andstrengths, client work andrelevant achievements, thoughtleadership, and any acclaim ordistinction in your field.ClarityDon’t leave visitors guessingwhat you offer. Visitorsshould be able to filter productsor services on-site accordingto their specific industry,company size or othertarget-specific filters.Move prospects along thepurchase funnel to thecrucial next step with definedcalls-to-action.SimplicityWhether your goal is leadgeneration or sales, yourobjective is to capture leadsthrough forms. These shouldbe quick, unintimidating andeasy to fill out. Only gatherinformation that you actuallyuse in your sales process.Getting StartedB2B websites must be focused on testing and optimizing content in three key ways:5>>><<<
  6. 6. Create an eye-catching mainbanner, showcasing an exampleof your product or service.Prominently featurea call-to-action, like“REGISTER NOW”, onthe homepage.Videos are a highlyeffective way to showhow your products/services relate to yourtarget customer.Best Practices in B2B Website Testing and OptimizationYour credibility is one thing, butcan you solve your prospects’toughest business problems?Present product or serviceinformation in a way that’s relevantto your audience and offer clearcalls-to-action—and that linkdirectly to lead-capturing forms.Showing Off: Your Product or ServiceThe Homepage6>>><<<
  7. 7. Best Practices in B2B Website Testing and OptimizationDepending on your business, youmight have very specific productsor services for different customersegments. Give visitors diversepaths to entry to segment outaudiences early in the onlineexperience, ensuring that shoppersreceive only relevant informationas they explore your site.Showing Off: Your Product or ServiceSegmentationPrompt users at thehomepage to pick their content bylarge vs. small business...…or let them chooseby industry.7>>><<<
  8. 8. Highlight your expertisein various ways.Best Practices in B2B Website Testing and OptimizationYour people—and their talentsand expertise—are often justas important as your products.Don’t confine them to the “About”page; instead, integrate themthroughout your site so visitorshave constant reminders ofyour authority in your industry.Making the Case: Value PropositionYour ExpertsNote that the initialtab on the mainnavigation focuses onbrand capabilities.8>>><<<
  9. 9. Best Practices in B2B Website Testing and OptimizationMaking the Case: Value PropositionCase StudiesClient names and logos areimportant, but nothing is morerevealing than actual work.Wherever possible, let prospectsexplore work you’ve done for othercompanies like theirs. And includetestimonials from satisfied clients.Use main navigation tabs to include linksto case studies or other client work.Each navigationtab includesglowingcommentaryfrom acurrent client.9>>><<<
  10. 10. Best Practices in B2B Website Testing and OptimizationDon’t confuse your prospects withtoo much extraneous materialon any given page—or you mightdistract from an opportunityto acquire essential information.Capturing Leads: The Form3-Step ProcessThe CTA is prominentlydisplayed on thehomepage—you can’tmiss it!Easy, 3-steppurchase funnel.10>>><<<
  11. 11. Best Practices in B2B Website Testing and OptimizationRemind prospects of the benefitsof your products, services orcompany on the form page. You’llreinforce your value and givethem further reason/incentive toshare their information or make apurchase from you.Capturing Leads: The FormProvide a WhyIn both examples (leadgeneration, left; sales,right), the benefits areclearly displayed on theright side of the page.11>>><<<
  12. 12. Best Practices in B2B Website Testing and OptimizationOBJECTIVETo determine the optimal wayto show users that a SmarterPlanet topic menu wasavailable for them to navigateto subsequent pages from.TEST FORMATMVT — tested 7 varyingexperiences of the menus,such as having the topicmenu overlay, having it fadeafter a certain amountof time, having it static, etc.Increasing B2B ConversionsTested the menuexperience.Moving the menu to astatic, visible piece.RESULTSThe winning variant led to219.45% uplift inSmarter Planet Topic Clicksover the control.12>>><<<
  13. 13. Business to Business. Leads to Sales.If you are interested in speaking with someone at Maxymiser, please email Practices in B2B Website Testing and OptimizationRemember, optimizing your B2Bwebsite isn’t a one-time thing:As your audience’s desires shiftand change, your site has toevolve in kind.A culture of testing, trackingand tweaking will keep your siteperpetually fresh and excitingto visitors at every stage of yoursales funnel; you’ll see the impacton lead quality, sales conversion,customer retention—and yourbottom line.The TakeawayBy testing, analyzing and optimizing your homepage, navigation bar and entry forms,you’ll have a stronger grasp on what your prospects are looking for, as well as howto make your site a destination for essential information in your industry.13>>><<<