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Generic Format for any Marketing Plan

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Marketing plan format 2013

  1. 1. Format for the Marketing Plan1. Executive Summary A. Summary of Situation Analysis (one A4 page) B. Summary of Marketing Objectives. ( ¼ A4 page) C. Summary of Marketing Strategies. ( one A4 page) D. Summary of Financial Projections.( one A4 page)2. Vision and Mission ( 1/4 A4 page)3 The Company 3.1. Brief history( one A4 page) 3.2. Current size, the areas where the company is operating, growth and profitability etc. ( one A4 page) 3.3. Internal Environment a. Staff Relations( one A4 page) b. Resource Constraints ( one A4 page) c. Corporate Structure and Culture ( two A 4 page)4. The Product / Service 4.1. General Product Story a. Development, introduction and history.( one A4 page) b. Product category and characteristics ( ½ A4 page) c. Stage of Product Life Cycle. ( one A4 page)
  2. 2. d. Product uses ( 1/4 A 4 page)5. The overall Market ( customers) 5.2. Market size estimates a. Current ( 1/2 A4 page) b. Trends and Future growth ( ½ A4 page) c. Expected market ( demand estimates) ( ½ A4 page) 5.2. Market Segments a. Geographic( ½ A4 page) b. Demographic( ½ A4 page) c. Psychographic( 1/2 A4 page) d. Behavioral( ½ A4 page) 5.3. Description of the characteristics of target customers a. Needs and benefits sought( ½ A4 page) b. Product usage( ½ A4 page) who is using, why they use, when do they use, how it is used d. Attitudes of the customers i. As to product category, ( ½ A4 page) ii. As to company’s product( ½ A4 page) ( if it is a new product, support with specific research done with your product) (iii. Why they like our product or not, ( ½ A4 page)( If it is a new product, support with specific research done with your product) iv. Any unique character of our customers( ½ A4 page) 5.4. Description of the purchasing process a. Buying decision making process( one A4 page)
  3. 3. b. What sources of information is sought( ½ A4 page) c. Who makes the purchase? ( 1/4 A4 page) d. Is purchaser the consumer? ( 1/4 A4 page) e. Who or what may influence the purchase? ( ½ A4 page) 6. Competition and Market share. 6.1. Identification of competitors a. List of Primary competitors( ½ A4 page) b. List of Secondary competitors( ¼ A4 page) c. Possible new competitors( ¼ A4 page) 6.2 Market Share a. Total industry sale by market( 1/2 A4 page) b. Comparative analysis of Market share held by the company and competitors (½ A4 page) c. Market share potential for the company( ½ A4 page) 6.2 Describe following details of top three players in the market and any other competitor that would pose a threat to you or that you would be fighting with in order to enter into the market- a. Background of competitors ( use one A4 page per competitor) i. Company and its size/type ii. Reputation iii. Sales force and their expertise iv. Financial strength v. Technology used vi. Research and development capabilities vii. Any other important aspect
  4. 4. b. Current Product Strategy of competitors ( use one A4 page per competitor)Comparative analysis of competitors product strategyi. Product Mixii. Branding and packagingiii. Positioningiv. Image and reputation of brandv . Product Strengths and weaknessesc. Current distribution strategy of competitors ( use one A4 page per competitor)Comparative Analysis about the competitors distribution strategy i. Type of distribution network usedii. Evaluation of how distribution targets accomplishediii. Relationship with channel membersiv. Strength of the channel membersd. Current Pricing Strategy ( use one A4 page per competitor)v. Comparative analysis of Competitors prices i. Pricing objectivesii. Pricing strategiesiii. Buyers attitude about the company pricesiv. Channel attitude of about the company’s pricese. Current Promotional Strategy ( use one A4 page per competitor) Comparative Analysis of Competitor promo tools and campaigns
  5. 5. i. Promotional Objectives ii. Strategies and themes used iii. Promotional Budgets and methods of allocation iv. Promotional tools used a. Advertising b. Sales Promotions c. Public Relations d. Direct marketing e. Personal Selling vi. Success and failures of promo campaigns 6.3 Summary of the competition7. External Environmental factors7.1 PESTEEL Factors ( use only ¼ A4 page per sub topic) 1. Political 2. Economical 3. Social 4. Technological 5. Ecological 6. Environmental 7. Legal8. SWOT Analysis( use ¼ A 4 page per sub topic) 3.G.1. Strengths 3.G.2. Weaknesses 3.G.3 Opportunities
  6. 6. 3.G. 4 Threats9. Sales Objectives: ( ½ A4 page)It represents projected level of sales to be achieved. This is the most important element because itcreates the direction for entire marketing plan. It should be SMART. Everything that follows in the plandesigned to meet the sales objectives.10. Marketing Objectives ( one A4 page)Marketing Objectives: Clearly defines what need of the market that you serve and what behavior youwant from the market. It should be SMART. Objectives would be for retaining existing customers,increasing sales from existing customers, developing new customers, increasing usage of the productetc.11.Overall Marketing Strategies11. 1 Targeting and Positioning 11.1.1. Targeting ( ½ A4 page) 11.1.2. Positioning ( ½ A4 page)11.2 Tactical Marketing Mix Strategy Development ( 7 ps) 11.2.1 Product Strategy( one A4 page) 11.2.2 Pricing Strategy( one A4 page) 11.2.3 Promotional Strategy( upto four A4 pages) 11.2.4 Distribution Strategy ( one A4 page) 11.2.5 Physical Evidence Strategy ( one A4 page) 11.2.6 Process Strategy ( one A4 page) 11.2.7 People Strategy ( one A4 page)13. Budgets and financial Analysis ( one A4 page)You should strictly adhere to the given format. If deviations take place, a comparative evaluation cannotbe done. Therefore any analysis that does not conform to given format will be rejected.
  7. 7. Projected profit and Loss statement should be on one A 4 pages as provided. You have to explain indetail the income and expenditure in notes to the budget.14. Marketing Strategy Implementation (Action plans) ( three A 4 pages)A Gnat chart should be given in one or two A4 pages. If needed you may explain it on notes.15. Monitoring and Evaluation ( 2 A4 pages)Graphical illustration plus a detailed explanation should be given and maximum of 2 A 4 pagescan be used.List of References( Harvard Format)Appendix(Relevant data, research questionnaire, rate cards or any other material that wouldsubstantiate your arguments or information in the assignment)( The body of the Marketing Plan other than the appendixes would contain about 55 to 60 A 4pages or in other words around 12000 to 13500 words)General format to be used • All pages should be A4 sheets on one side • Text font to be “Times New Roman” • Font size of the text should be 12 pt. • Main Headings 14 pt. ( Bold) • Sub headings 12 pt. • Line spacing should be 1.5 lines • Margins on Top and Bottom 1 inch • Margins on right 1 inch • Margins on left 1.25 inch • Text justified
  8. 8. • Beginning of each Para 4 spaces indented • All reports should be spiral bound and should be handed over to SLIM before the deadline.(Please read the Program Handbook for general guidelines in writing assignments)