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In January 2013, Thunder SEO launched an “internal cause” of productivity evangelism back in January that we’re just now starting to see the impact of, including what we’ve learned about how Thunder operates and how we plan to implement this new knowledge company wide. As part of the process, we looked at areas where we loose value and time, and where improvements could be made -- including monthly reporting, campaign management and execution, client communication and others.

We used this presentation to kick off the meeting. It goes into more detail of what we looked at, uncovered and decided. There's also much more detail on our blog -

If you're interested, I encourage you to check it out.

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Productivity At Thunder - Kick Off Meeting

  1. 1. Producvity  At  Thunder   Kick Off Meeting   Presented by Max Thomas | January 23, 2013 Follow @ThunderMax
  2. 2. Ever  feel  like  this?  Sisyphus Follow @ThunderMax
  3. 3. How  can  we  all  feel  like  THIS! Follow @ThunderMax
  4. 4. What  is  –  The  Secret?  PRODUCTIVITY Follow @ThunderMax
  5. 5. Let’s  look  at  –  Produc2vity   Is this it? Follow @ThunderMax
  6. 6. Let’s  look  at  –  Produc2vity   Is this it? Follow @ThunderMax
  7. 7. Let’s  look  at  –  Produc2vity Follow @ThunderMax
  8. 8. What  is  producvity  –  for  Thunder   Sense of Accomplishment YES!!!!! Follow @ThunderMax
  9. 9. What  is  producvity  –  for  Thunder   Work-Life Balance Follow @ThunderMax
  10. 10. What  is  producvity  –  for  Thunder   Expansion Follow @ThunderMax
  11. 11. What  is  producvity  –  for  Thunder   New Products & Services Follow @ThunderMax
  12. 12. What  is  producvity  –  for  Thunder   Mo’ Money Follow @ThunderMax
  13. 13. What  is  producvity  –  for  Thunder   Support Thunder’s Vision Inspire passion for interactive marketing through true innovation and results. Follow @ThunderMax
  14. 14. What  is  producvity  –  for  Thunder   JOY Follow @ThunderMax
  15. 15. How  Do  We  Get  There? Follow @ThunderMax
  16. 16. Current  producvity  drains    1.  Monthly reports2.  Switching gears between campaigns3.  Knowing what’s happening4.  Optimal use of talent & resources5.  Client communication6.  Standards & existing knowledge base7.  ______ Follow @ThunderMax
  17. 17. Soluons  –  Monthly  reports   Automated KPI’s via Google APIPhase 1:•  Analytics-related charts can be populatedautomatically by day•  These can be pulled into current reportPhase 2:•  Charts & data can auto-populate secure Googlewebsites which clients can access to view report•  Manual charts can also be added to Googlewebsites Follow @ThunderMax
  18. 18. Soluons  –  Switching  gears  /  What’s  happening   Centralize Account Info & Messaging Create central location for campaign updates, tasks, communications, strategy, logins, etc. •  Look at Basecamp example Follow @ThunderMax
  19. 19. Soluons  –  Switching  gears  /  What’s  happening   Maximize Internal Management Consider: Single system for managing internal tasks and operations OR Team-specific system •  Look at Trello example Follow @ThunderMax
  20. 20. Soluons  –  Switching  gears  /  What’s  happening   Campaign & Internal Management •  Client / Campaign >> Basecamp •  Internal Ops >> Trello •  Other considerations: •  __________ •  __________ Follow @ThunderMax
  21. 21. Soluons  –  Talent  &  resources  Optimize use of talent & resourcesGoal: Optimize in-house talent forhighest value tasks & operationswithout losing intimate knowledge ofcampaign/client and hands-onknowledge of what we do. Follow @ThunderMax
  22. 22. Soluons  –  Talent  &  resources  Optimize use of talent & resources•  Considerations: •  Writers / Blog posts •  ______•  Interns: •  Blog posts (e.g., regional specific, research-related, etc.) •  Photos for posts, etc. •  Social media updates •  Blog research for outreach •  Local search / citations •  On-site keyword optimization •  ___________ •  ___________ Follow @ThunderMax
  23. 23. Soluons  –  Client  communica2ons  Rule of Thumb #1:•  “Your inbox is NOT your priority list.”Rule of Thumb #2:•  “Inbox zero”Rule of Thumb #3:• “ Respond to a client email within 24 hours.” Follow @ThunderMax
  24. 24. Soluons  –  Client  communica2ons   Suggestions for managing client emails, communications, etc.Considerations:•  Turn off inner “auto responder”: Respond toclient emails once during the day.•  Consolidate responses: Respond to clients withone email that addresses their questions (multipleemails)•  No Client Communication Day: Make one day aweek “Emergency Email Only Day” and leteveryone know in advance. Follow @ThunderMax
  25. 25. Soluons  –  Client  communica2ons   Suggestions for managing client emails, communications, etc.Other considerations:•  Email “what I’ve done”, NOT what “I’m going todo” (more proactive & cuts down on back-forthemails)• __________ Follow @ThunderMax
  26. 26. Potenal  drain  –  Graphics  scheduling   Goal: Develop system that shows: 1.  How long to create a graphic (e.g., banner, thumbnail, infographic, ebook, etc.) 2.  When to expect the graphic will be ready (e.g., “scheduling”) 3.  Work schedule for Graphics so can work with a system Follow @ThunderMax
  27. 27. Know  thyself  –  Internal  2me  audit  When: February 2013How: BasecampTrack: Everything (including emailing, biz dev, mgt, etc.)Goals:•  Know how long it takes to execute on specific tasks•  Confirm time spent matches with what we charge•  Determine profitability of existing campaigns•  Determine “true” costs of how we operate•  Identify areas for increased productivity, valuemaximizing & growth opportunities•  Understand our business better Follow @ThunderMax
  28. 28. Wrap-­‐Up  a)  Roll-out of NEW automated KPIsb)  Managing campaigns in basecampc)  Managing internal op’s using Trellod)  Determine best mix of talente)  Client communication ideasf)  February: Internal Time Audit Follow @ThunderMax
  29. 29. Next  Steps  a)  Determine which campaigns to start using automated KPIsb)  Schedule Basecamp training sessionc)  Schedule Trello training sessiond)  Implement any client comm idease)  Setup campaigns in Basecamp for auditf)  Prioritize & create templates / best practices Follow @ThunderMax