Community Building via Social Media and Google+


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In this presentation given at the Social Media Conference 1/18/13, I evaluate real-world examples of effective community building tactics using social media, as well as took a look at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute study that highlights how poorly top brands seem to be doing at engaging with fans on Facebook (a reported 1.4% - egads!). Other highlights include current stat’s on Google+’s rapidly increasing user base and engagement metrics, as well as a look at how Google+ positively impacts search results and SERP click-thru’s (an aspect of Google+ which really can’t be ignored). To wrap everything up, I offered my two cents (inspired by Brad Feld) about Google’s long-term play with Google+ and its enormous suite of other products.

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Community Building via Social Media and Google+

  1. 1. BUILDING  A    COMMUNITY   With Social Media And Google+!   Presented by Max Thomas | January 18, 2013 Follow @ThunderMax
  2. 2. FIRST  OFF    –    Who  am  I?     Max ThomasPresident / Founder @thundermax Follow @ThunderMax
  3. 3. Mom  &  Dad  –  Newspaper  Publishers Follow @ThunderMax
  4. 4. SMALL  TOWN  NEWSPAPER Follow @ThunderMax
  5. 5. How  small  –  is  small?   18,270 Follow @ThunderMax
  6. 6. Gay  Wedding  Announcement    Dec.  29,  ‘12 Follow @ThunderMax
  7. 7. ReacGon? Follow @ThunderMax
  8. 8. Modern  Day  Wisdom  “When a politician slept with someone it used to take a week or more to blow over. Now with social media it takes less than a day…” Lovan Thomas, Publisher, The Natchitoches Times Follow @ThunderMax
  9. 9. BeJer  Make  That  2  Days… Follow @ThunderMax
  10. 10. HOW  DO  BRANDS  COMPETE? Follow @ThunderMax
  11. 11. What  is  –  Social  Media  Success?  ENGAGEMENT Follow @ThunderMax
  12. 12. Are  brands  succeeding  –  With  Facebook?   Director of Marketing for a multi-billion revenue national brand Follow @ThunderMax
  13. 13. Facebook  Engagement  –  Where’s  the  beef?   Ehrenberg-Bass Institute Study referenced in AdAge Digital, November 15, 2012 Follow @ThunderMax
  14. 14. Top  200  Brand  Pages  –  1.4%  Engagement   AdAge Digital, November 15, 2012 Follow @ThunderMax
  15. 15. What  is  going  on?  a)  Email: 1.73% conversion rateb)  Direct Mail: 1.83% - 3.42%c)  Telemarketing: 6.16%d)  Paid Search: 3.81% DMA’s Response Rate Report Trend Report, 2010 Follow @ThunderMax
  16. 16. 1.4%  IS  EMBARRASSING Follow @ThunderMax
  17. 17. What’s  missing? Follow @ThunderMax
  18. 18. What’s  missing?  “I simply don’t interact with brands throughsocial media. I interact with people. Not oneof those top 10 passion brands doesanything for me. […] They aren’t my idols orfriends. Their ‘news feeds’ aren’t aboutissues that I care about.” Vincent Ammirato quoted in “Fixing The Engagement Gap.”, Olivier Blanchard Follow @ThunderMax
  19. 19. Methodology  –  PTAT  /  Fans   AdAge Digital, November 15, 2012 Follow @ThunderMax
  20. 20. Higher  Engagement  Rates  –  It’s  possible   Thunder SEO social media campaigns for local residential apartment communities Average   Sweepstakes   MetroPointe   12.68%   12.68%   RhodeIslandRow   4.1%   5.7%   Gaslight   11%   44.89%   Halstead   7.97%   12.9%   PaleTe   9.7%   23.66% Follow @ThunderMax
  21. 21. Ad  Hoc  Facebook  Survey  –  Inspira:on   Request  for     help  yields  boom   in  comments     and  shares Follow @ThunderMax
  22. 22. Ad  Hoc  Facebook  Survey  –  Real  fan  feedback Follow @ThunderMax
  23. 23. Ad  Hoc  Facebook  Survey  –  Real  fan  feedback Follow @ThunderMax
  24. 24. Post  daily Follow @ThunderMax
  25. 25. Fun  content  that  gets  unrequested  comments 2 Follow @ThunderMax
  26. 26.        Mul:ple  user                    comments  with            no  moderator   Follow @ThunderMax
  27. 27. 3Encourage  user  posts,  lateral  comments  &  conversaGons Follow @ThunderMax
  28. 28.      Post  from  user  on  Taco  Bell          wall  encourages  conversa:on              among  fans. Follow @ThunderMax
  29. 29. 4Highly  responsive  to  posts  from  customers Follow @ThunderMax
  30. 30.      Chobani  responds  right          away  to  post  from          concerned  customer Follow @ThunderMax
  31. 31. 5 Post  content   from  other   sources       (non  promoGonal)   Follow @ThunderMax
  32. 32.      Brussels  Airlines  posted          link  to  Wanderwall  travel          blog.  There’s  no  reference          to  Brussels Follow @ThunderMax
  33. 33. Follow @ThunderMax
  34. 34. Fan  /  Follower  Specific  PromoGons Follow @ThunderMax
  35. 35.        Sephora  features            FanFridays  specials            available  only  through            social  media.            This  rewards  fans            and Follow @ThunderMax
  36. 36. Celebrate  fans,  followers  &  customers 7 Follow @ThunderMax
  37. 37.      Southwest  never  misses  the          chance  to  make  their          customers  feel  the Follow @ThunderMax
  38. 38. 8 Go  above  &   beyond  customer   expectaGons     –  Be  super  human Follow @ThunderMax
  39. 39. Follow @ThunderMax
  40. 40. Follow @ThunderMax
  41. 41. Be  Careful!  Avoid  common    failures Follow @ThunderMax
  42. 42. Be  Careful  –  Avoiding  posts      Taco  Bell  responds  to            posi:ve  post  but  not        challenging  post.  Looks        like  Taco  Bell  is  ignoring        fans  &  customers.  This        can  backfire. Follow @ThunderMax
  43. 43. Be  Careful  –  Ac:vity  stops          Oliver  Sweeney  shoe            company  has  ac:ve  updates            then  stops  on  September            3rd.  In  some  ways  it  looks                worse  than  having  even  a            limited  presence. Follow @ThunderMax
  44. 44. Be  Careful  –  Promo:onal  &  boring  content          Content  is  primarily  about  company            travels  or  events.  Doesn’t  provide            value  to  the  community  at  large.            Not  very  shareable  content.  Also,            no  face  for  the  company. Follow @ThunderMax
  45. 45. Building  Community  On  Google+ Follow @ThunderMax
  46. 46. Google+  a)  What’s happening nowb)  Search impactc)  Long term play Follow @ThunderMax
  47. 47. Google “is trying to build their own littleversion of Facebook.” Mark Zuckerberg, PCWorld Follow @ThunderMax
  48. 48. Google+  Surpasses  Linkedin,  Instagram  &  Tumblr Follow @ThunderMax
  49. 49. Google+  Keeps  Growing  –  135  M  ac:ve  users   Danny Sullivan: Follow @ThunderMax
  50. 50. Google+  At  a  glance Follow @ThunderMax
  51. 51. Google+  At  a  glance Follow @ThunderMax
  52. 52. Google+  At  a  glance Follow @ThunderMax
  53. 53. Timberwolves  –  They  get  Google+ Follow @ThunderMax
  54. 54. Bob  Stanke  Explains  –  Dir.  Interac:ve  Services  “Circles Are A Perfect Match For a Membership Model” •  Growing trend in sports business industry is membership model. •  Annual packages determine the experience. •  As individuals add us to their circles, we segment them into the proper circles, updating their CRM record. •  We tailor Google+ content based on membership level. Follow @ThunderMax
  55. 55. Google+  At  a  glance Follow @ThunderMax
  56. 56. Bob  Stanke  Explains  –  Dir.  Interac:ve  Services   “Bring the Experience Closer to the Fan” Follow @ThunderMax
  57. 57. Google+  Hangout  –  Fireside  Chat  /  The  White  House Whitehouse  Google+ Follow @ThunderMax
  58. 58. Google+  At  a  glance Follow @ThunderMax
  59. 59. Google+  At  a  glance Follow @ThunderMax
  60. 60.      Ford  has  built  an  ac:ve  community          around  photo  sharing          (a  hobby  interest) Follow @ThunderMax
  61. 61.        Moderators  are  Ford  Motor  Company            (Page),  Robert  Wallis  (Social  Media  for            Ford  /  Europe)  and  ScoT  Monty  (Global            Social  Media  Lead  for  Ford).              It’s  a  Public/Public  community  with  lots            of  posts,  comments  and  +1’s  without            moderator  encouragement. Follow @ThunderMax
  62. 62.      Foodies  Online  is  a  very  ac:ve          Community  built  around  the          interest  of  food.  It  is  Public/ Follow @ThunderMax
  63. 63.      Foodies  Online  was  created  by  Bridget          Davis  (The  Internet  Chef)  which  is  a  Page.          There  are  two  moderators.          Bridget  does  not  ac:vely  moderate  the          Community  but  there  are  lots  of  shares,          posts  and  +1’s  by  members. Follow @ThunderMax
  64. 64.      Bridget  Davis  -­‐  The  Internet  Chef          Page  has  over  622,000  +1’s!          Bridget  ac:vely  moderates  posts          and  comments  frequently. Follow @ThunderMax
  65. 65.  Turns  out  she  has  3  Communi:es  –      all  pertain  to  different  aspects  of  food      and  support  sharing  and  engagement      around  food. Follow @ThunderMax
  66. 66.        Example  of  industry-­‐specific            Community  that  is  not  :ed            directly  to  a  brand  but  an            individual  who’s  passionate            about Follow @ThunderMax
  67. 67.    Used  Google+  Profile  to  setup        Community  THEN  selected        strong  moderators. Follow @ThunderMax
  68. 68.      Mark’s  Profile  is  in  over          28,000  Circles Follow @ThunderMax
  69. 69. Google+  Engagement  1.  Post daily2.  Create content that gets unrequested comments3.  Encourage user posts, lateral comments & conversations4.  Be responsive to posts from customers5.  Post content from other sources (non promotional)6.  Feature fan / follower specific promotions7.  Celebrate fans, followers & customers8.  Go above & beyond customer expectations Follow @ThunderMax
  70. 70. Google+  Specific  9.  Build your own Communities owned by your brand Page (ex., Ford Photo)10. Post regularly both your own & curated content to your Communities11. Build a strong moderator team12. Participate as your brand in other Communities13. Invite the outside world to your Community (e.g., Facebook, Blog, Twitter, etc.)14. Use Communities for customer service Thanks to Mark Traphagen Source: Follow @ThunderMax
  71. 71. Google+  Engagement  Grows  –  News  study   Adam Sherk: Follow @ThunderMax
  72. 72. Search  Benefit Follow @ThunderMax
  73. 73. Social  Media  –  Google  cares   ?Source: SMX West 2012, SEOmoz Follow @ThunderMax
  74. 74. Google+  Impacts  click  thru’s      Page’s  profile        Friend’s  profile Follow @ThunderMax
  75. 75. Google+  Impacts  search  results  +1s  from  friends  and  contacts  can  be  a  useful  signal  to  Google  when  determining  the  relevance  of  your  page  to  a  user’s  query.  This  is  just  one  of  many  signals  Google  may  use  to  determine  a  page’s  relevance  and  ranking… Follow @ThunderMax
  76. 76. Google+  Gets  the  traffic  Websites that use Googles +1 buttongenerated 3.5 times more traffic from Google+ than websites that dont have the buttoninstalled. 3x Source: Hubspot study of 5,000 business websites Follow @ThunderMax
  77. 77. Long  Term Follow @ThunderMax
  78. 78. Google+  A  long  term  play  •  Google is about organizing data and making it easy for us to access that data.•  Google+ applies same “data organization” to how we discover and digest content from the people and sites we care about.•  Google+ is to social media what Gmail was to email. Follow @ThunderMax
  79. 79. Google+  A  long  term  play  Now, Google offers the long term prospect of combining all of these together: Inspired by Brad Feld. See or follow @Bfeld Follow @ThunderMax
  80. 80. Q  &  A   DOWNLOAD this @thundermax @ThunderSEO MAX THOMAS Founder & President Thunder SEO Follow @ThunderMax