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  • Publishers optimizing for search created long, unwieldy URLs Long URLs are difficult to communicate and often break in email
  • Messages move across platforms in complicated ways. At each transition point, cookies are dropped or purged
  • The bitly info page – add a + to the URL.Data includes click data, referring platform, geo-location of the user and more.
  • Visualization of 1 hr of bitly data – global scale80 million shortens/day 8 billion clicks Used by 50% of the Fortune 500 and by 75% of the world’s largest media companies
  • 20,000whitelabels –, Nyti,ms,
  • If you are promoting content, you can compare how much engagement your promotion drives to organic sharing, the traffic you get from people sharing content, traffic you are not driving.
  • Example of the specific links that are generating the most clicks. Left hand side is links created internally. Right hand side is links created from the organic audience.
  • Post, schedule and optimize your social media messages to Facebook and Twitter within the Bitly Composer.
  • Post, schedule and optimize your social media messages to Facebook and Twitter within the Bitly Composer.
  • Search the entire bitly data set for URLs about your brand, products or competitors. See results based on Social Score - based on exclusive bitly data that incorporates clicks, geography, referring platform. Get alerts when your keywords go viral.
  • At mass scale Bitly can see clear and definite patterns in user behavior.
  • Bitly Enterprise

    1. 1. working with bitly
    2. 2. Bitly was born a simple URL shortener
    3. 3. Bitly: Social Distribution Transparency
    4. 4. Bitly Reports: Social Distribution by URL
    5. 5. Bitly: Global Scale • Bitly reaches 90% of internet users/month • 90-100 Million URLs shortened each day • 9 Billion Clicks each month • New real-time click data generated every 40 milliseconds including anonymous user id, geography, referrer, time of click and browser identification
    6. 6. Bitly: Unique Window into SocialBitly’s data set is a uniqueand valuable window intoconsumers’ socialbehavior.Bitly is the only majorcross-platform sharingservice, trackingFacebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr,email and IM services.
    7. 7. 8
    8. 8. End to End Branding brands any link shortened globally from yoursite – including shortens for tens of millions of Bitlyusers.
    9. 9. Analytics
    10. 10. Analytics Insight into content from your Real time analytics for your sites that other bitly users are proactive messaging across sharing across the social web. the social web What your What your marketing audience is team is sharing. sharing.• Filter by date range, user account or domain• See referring platforms
    11. 11. AnalyticsSeeing what content is most clicked from your organic audience provides insight towhat you should be sharing based on popularity across the social web.
    12. 12. Publisher
    13. 13. Publisher• Authenticate as many social media accountsfrom Facebook and Twitter• Provision posting capabilities to specific useraccounts• Schedule posts• Publish to multiple accounts at once• View historical posts and links
    14. 14. Reputation Monitoring
    15. 15. Reputation Monitoring• Setup any search keyword using Boolean logic. Ex: “Ford Fiesta” referrer:[]-- means bitly will find the content that is most clicked about Ford Fiesta limited to URLs clicked on Facebook• Searches can be filtered by geography (country, city andstate), domain and referring platform (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)• Results are ordered based on social distribution of links –social score – which factors in total clicks, distribution acrossplatforms, and recency of the links•Receive email alerts for unexpected volume or negativesentiment around your keywords
    16. 16. User AccountsUser accounts can be used to keep track of individual (orapplication) sharing and click contributions to your aggregateanalytics. Analytics may also be filtered by user.The admin of your account can provision access access to viewreports, reputation monitoring and select which social accountsa specific user has permission to publish to.
    17. 17. Bitly Data: Clear Click Patterns
    18. 18. Bitly Lookalikes: Example1. A client like Mazda uses Bitly links, for instance, to share content across the social web. Mazda may also use Bitly to invisibly wrap display ads in order to collect data.1. Say Mazda’s landing page gets 10,000 clicks from Bitly links. Bitly can look at the sites clicked before and after that Mazda page to map the interest graph of potential Mazda customers.1. Bitly analyzes these interests, and is able to identify specific web pages and interests that have statistically been associated with clicks on Mazda ads.2. Bitly works with agencies to execute a targeted ad buy across hundreds of thousands of browsers.
    19. 19. Pricing Options Basic Standard Plus Reputation 3 25 50 Monitoring KeywordsUser Accounts 3 25 50 End to End Yes Yes Yes Branding API Access Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Pricing $995/month $2,500/month $5,000/month