New Product Case Study Series Part 2 D
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New Product Case Study Series Part 2 D



Part 2D of a multi-part product development case outlined from start to finish.

Part 2D of a multi-part product development case outlined from start to finish.



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    New Product Case Study Series Part 2 D New Product Case Study Series Part 2 D Presentation Transcript

    • 1 Product development part 2 d of 7 part Case Study
    • Luxury brand Case Study2
    • Notes3
    • Luxury Brand4 Business Development Case Study Part II D
    • Functional strategic requirements5 strategic business unit
    • Manufacturing strategies6
    • Manufacturing plan7 manufacturings plan to accomplish the tasks necessary to be ready to run production on schedule and within budget
    • Manufacturing plan8
    • Manufacturing plan9 prepare detailed schedule of manufacturing activities
    • Manufacturing plan10 choose manufacturing location make vs. buy analysis prepare manufacturing feasibility statement review existing components and processes
    • Manufacturing plan11 address
    • Manufacturing Plan12
    • Manufacturing Plan13
    • Manufacturing budget14 2002/03 $ 84,000 dedicated AME 2002/03 $210,000
    • Purchasing Plan15 including goals and objectives for the specific project
    • Purchasing Plan16 manufacturing plan and input from the team
    • Purchasing Plan17
    • Purchasing Plan18 make vs. buy tooling plans identification of key risk
    • Sourcing strategies19
    • Sourcing strategies20
    • Sourcing budget21 sourcing team member partnership development Initiative - sourced product mortise lock case deadbolt latch cylinders, spindles and strikes forgings and castings keys and lpps packaging
    • Sourcing budget22
    • Sourcing budget23 2002/03 sourcing budget
    • Competitive sourcing24
    • sourcing25 source bronze castings Bronze craft (new hampshire) india int’l (india) frank allert (england)
    • sourcing26 source brass forgings wah yuet (china) Waltec (canada) Amita (china)
    • sourcing27 tupai (portugal) test lab qualified as grade two tong lung (taiwan) Accurate (connecticut) high quality with great reputation volume capabilities
    • sourcing28 Tupai (Portugal) Tong Lung (Taiwan) Wah Yuet (China) ILCO (USA)
    • sourcing29
    • Mortise Case Research30
    • Mortise Case Research31
    • Mortise Case Research32
    • Mortise Case Research33
    • Bronze casting research34
    • Bronze casting research35
    • Bronze casting research36
    • Mortise handleset design guide37
    • Mortise handleset design guide38
    • Mortise handleset design guide39
    • Mortise handleset design guide40
    • Mortise handleset design guide41
    • Mortise handleset design guide42 width
    • Levers and knobs design guide43
    • Levers and knobs design guide44
    • Distribution strategies45 a significant role in both the movement of product through channels and providing the quick lead-time required to meet high service levels
    • Distribution strategies46 flow through of product can deliver an increase in sales and improve our ability to price the product 25% for higher margin returns sales increase
    • Distribution strategies47 delivery will be one of single most important factors in gaining market share
    • Competitive distribution48
    • Begin Quality plans49
    • Begin Quality plans50 the term "quality plan" includes several specific types of plans
    • Begin Quality plans51
    • Begin Quality plans52
    • Begin Quality plans53 a “unit" quality plan identifies the checks tests and required frequency to be performed on the assembly line prior to packaging
    • Begin Quality plans54
    • Begin Quality plans55 “ " . this must be successfully completed before proceeding to full production
    • Begin Quality plans56
    • Begin Quality plans57
    • Quality budget58 °
    • Quality budget59 periodical inspections of sourced components insure component compatibility for all sourced product
    • Quality budget60 issue resolution with consumer service action
    • Quality budget61
    • Quality budget62
    • Quality budget63 quality inspectors 2002/03
    • Begin Quality Plans64
    • Begin Quality Plans65
    • Begin Quality Plans66
    • Preliminary engineering test plans67 details a list of all necessary tests "to prove design" on the products overall performance, safety and reliability and is followed throughout the development phase
    • Preliminary test plans68 competitive review technical feasibility design review #1 testing includes: relevant national standards test procedures safety test field user type testing if applicable test plan finalized
    • Preliminary test plans69 one test plan to be written to cover all phases of testing test plan shall be written for all new development programs test plan also includes a time frame in order that work-load programs such as “enterprise” can be utilized, and any test equipment can be procured in a timely manner test plan will be modified based on latest inputs test plan to be agreed upon all members of project team
    • Preliminary test plans70 prelim inary test plan
    • Preliminary Product Marketing Specs71 following the preliminary research phase, preliminary product/market specs should be developed to provide input into the development of the id renderings/models and technical feasibility stage of the program
    • Preliminary Product Marketing Specs72
    • Preliminary Product Marketing Specs73
    • Preliminary Product Marketing Specs74
    • Design Review #175 an independe nt review of the concept layout is required
    • Design Review #176 an independent review of the concept layout is required
    • Design Review #177 the concept layout should contain sufficient detail to define the components
    • Design Review #178 participants in the review should include those persons outside of the project team who are highly experienced with design elements, systems and processes
    • Design Review #179
    • Design Review #180
    • Design Review #181
    • Lash UP Models82
    • Lash UP Models83
    • Lash UP Models84
    • Lash UP Models85
    • Technical Development86 define the product concepts in the form of sketches, drawings, and models test work should confirm that initial concepts are sufficient to allow layout
    • Technical Development87
    • Technical Development88
    • Technical Development89
    • Parts Sketches90 sketches of each key component, enabling functions to cost parts and assemblies
    • Parts Sketches91
    • Parts Sketches92 develop sketches of parts list of parts cost
    • Parts Sketches93
    • Exterior 3D model94
    • Exterior 3D model95
    • Exterior 3D model96
    • Exterior 3D model97
    • Define Suppliers98 selection of the most appropriate suppliers to ensure product and program success
    • Define Suppliers99 preliminary parts list design principle and concept drawings volume and timing requirements
    • Define Suppliers10 0 review potential sources evaluate new or better sources commodity agreement a must confirm supplier commitment to support program compile overall sourcing plan project team approval
    • Define Suppliers10 1 authorized sourcing plan
    • Concept FMEA10 2 early failure mode and effect analysis using concept models, pans sketches, etc. to predict probable product and/or process failure modes and the effect on product quality/customer satisfaction
    • Concept FMEA103
    • Concept FMEA104
    • Concept FMEA105
    • Preliminary Costs106 first attempt at determining product cost, tooling investment and capital estimate from supplier input
    • Preliminary Costs107 concept sketches preliminary parts list preliminary purchasing plan preliminary manufacturing plan preliminary marketing specs preliminary quality plan
    • Preliminary Costs108
    • Preliminary Costs109
    • Preliminary parts list110 initial parts lists and structure for development of a bill of material (BOM) system
    • Preliminary parts list111
    • Preliminary parts list112
    • Preliminary parts list113
    • Safety hazard assessment114
    • Safety hazard assessment115 team
    • Safety hazard assessment116
    • Safety hazard assessment117
    • Safety hazard assessment118
    • Level #2 research119 confirms the proposed products will deliver/exceed requirements
    • Level #2 research120 research should be undertaken in a representative sample of markets to ensure completion prior to milestone 3
    • Level #2 research121
    • Level #2 research122
    • Level #2 research123
    • Level #2 research124
    • Level #2 research125
    • Industrial design model126 finished" appearance model, properly weighted and balanced, containing surface details and appropriate color and graphic treatments
    • Industrial design model127 function, application, features similar B&D or competitive products mechanical components and method of assembly, level 1 end user research results latest customer input product range (lf known or applicable)
    • Industrial design model128
    • Industrial design model129
    • Product proposal130 communicate to the organization the products in detail as it evolved from the original trigger document and preliminary product/market specs
    • Product proposal131 latest marketing, manufacturing, and design information arising from the original trigger document
    • Product proposal132
    • Product proposal133 planned launch date planned volumes latest estimated manufacturing costs latest estimated capital investment required, projected sales, profits and IRR (including cannibalization) statement whether advance CAR is required and estimated sum involved propose product differentiation opportunities and requirements
    • Product proposal134 completed proposal with signed approvals by program manger, team members and functional heads
    • Finance strategies135 will be important in the future, management of a new business unit reporting and budgeting required will be key to managing the business to financial success
    • Finance budget136 P&L °
    • Finance budget137
    • Research & development strategies138
    • Research & development strategies139
    • research & development140 milestone project support industrial design group support field and manufacturing travel packaging design engineering support operating assembly design engineering support finish testing/component testing first article inspections/quality assessments
    • Logistics strategies141
    • Logistics strategies142
    • Logistics strategies143
    • Five year proforma144
    • Five year proforma145
    • Five year proforma146
    • Five year proforma147
    • Five year proforma148
    • Five year proforma149
    • Preliminary budget150
    • Preliminary budget151
    • Preliminary budget152
    • Preliminary budget153
    • Capital requirements154
    • Capital requirements155
    • Capital requirements156
    • Capital requirements157
    • products 158/..-...--.....! ! highest quality product components
    • products 159/..-...--..... design standards! ! mortise lock case tubular and deadbolt la tch cylinders /keys forgings and castings Finishes packaging
    • products 160/..-...--.....! !
    • products 161/..-...--.....! ! product research 2002/03 $200,000
    • Budget requirements phase 1162
    • Channel marketing programs163
    • Channel marketing programs164
    • Marketing communications budget165
    • Channel marketing launch requirements166
    • Brand communications budget167 launch $560,000 channel programs $200,000 Merchandiser / literature $680,000
    • Brand communications budget168 $1,602,000
    • Customer / consumer service budget169 $125,000
    • Customer / consumer service budget170 $75,000
    • Customer / consumer service budget171 $5,000
    • Customer / consumer service budget172 $205,000
    • Channel marketing programs173
    • Sales budget174 regional trend and performance update
    • Sales budget175 monthly forecast sales, service and product training this team will be responsible for the future outlook and will provide a three month m oving window
    • Sales budget176
    • Sales & consumer service budget177 sales customer service consumer service
    • Next steps178 develop SBU for 2002
    • Next steps179
    • Next steps180 budget plan for 2003
    • Next steps181 separate business unit 2003
    • Next steps182 Phase II implement communications plan develop second product offering
    • Luxury Brand183 Business Development Case Study Part II D